Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

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In the blink of an eye, several years have passed since I wrote summaries for 39. In the meantime, I actually finished translating 39 volume 1 but never finished writing the summaries. Now that the translations of these chapters are being posted at Prince Revolution!, summaries probably aren’t needed anymore. :’D

I had finished the summary of Chapter 4 Part/Section 1, so I guess I’ll post it here. I have just posted the actual translation of the chapter over at Prince Revolution. So, feel free to go over there to read the chapter and then come back to read my thoughts/summary if you’re interested. Don’t know if there’s any interest for summaries/thoughts of the rest of the chapters since translations will be up soon anyway.

Yu Wo has yet to release 39 volume 2 (4 year wait ahhhh), but I hope it’ll happen this year. She’s been working on it and posting teasers, so it might actually happen soon. So far, the teasers are about Elaro and a bandit group. Adair’s involved as well. ;)

Past summaries can be found through this tag.

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Oct. 4th, 2015 03:23 pm
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There are even more differences between the old version and the new version than I thought. I thought I'd be able to translate from the online texts floating around, at least for the beginning chapters before the major revisions, and then compare with the new version for any discrepancies and added text. But seeing how many revisions Yu Wo made, I think I'll just translate straight from the new version.

Yu Wo wasn't kidding when she said she revised GOD. This isn't even dealing with the revised scenes yet.

a comparison of the differences in just the first two paragraphs )
I finished translating 39. :D All of V1! Now that that's done, I'll (finally) work on the last summary of 39 V1 again. :3;; I'm about 1/3 of the way through the summary.

It really makes it much easier to translate when there's an online version of the text because then I don't have to flip back and forth, and I can also easily use online dictionaries. But online versions often have really silly mistakes, and there might be missing text too. I always check my translations against the book versions for accuracy. (The end lesson is, please take the online versions with a grain of salt XD;;)

Here are just a few of the silly typos I've come across in one of the online versions of 39.

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J.U. has a new batch of LSK key chains. Featuring the 39th gen. Too bad they're only available in capsule machines. There's one secret key chain, which is blurred out. I think Lesus mixed himself in together with the kids? XD

J.U. has also been posting some of her progress pics for V6.
Charlotte's design
Grisia giving Charlotte a lollipop (aw, they were such cute kids. Grisia actually looks kind of charming here? Maybe he won't be mistaken for a girl like this!)
Charlotte hiding behind Stephen
The wrong choice/right choice scene! (!!!!)

Whenever J.U. gets stuck, she doodles Neo/Adrizzt pics, haha. She ships them very strongly.
Pic 1 / Pic 2

Yu Wo made a fun post for the Mid Autumn Festival featuring most of her main characters. (link)

quick translation )

Last of all, an update on the LSK cell phone game. A screenshot of it was posted here near the bottom of the post. The game was premiered at the Tokyo Game Show from September 17 to September 20, with a playable demo. (Which is why the banner has Japanese on it) Sounds like there are plans for the oversea market. The game will likely be made available in Japan.

So strange to see Legend of Sun Knight spelled out in katakana. XD The tagline says, "Fate smiles down on the hero." Supposedly, the game will involve the plot from V1-8 and 39 LSK. The art is done by a Korean artist.

(Also, new Human Doll Contract manhua chapter~~. Check out Tongli's ebook site HDC is on chapter 5 now. New chapter on the 25th of each month)
Happy Valentine's Day~. To celebrate, I decided to translate this cute short comic about how Ecilan became the Ice Knight. Obviously, a comic about our precious baker fits Valentine's, right...? Enjoy. XD (I'm several hours late, but here it is~~)

This comic is drawn by Ya Sha and comes bundled with the Legend of Sun Knight novel, V5. The binding is very stiff, so it doesn't make for very good scans. This was the best I could do! If you enjoyed this, short comics come bundled with V4, V5, and V6. They might eventually go out of stock now that LSK has a new edition, so if you're considering buying yourself a copy, sooner is probably better!

Please do not repost these scans anywhere else.

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For Yu Wo's birthday this year, J.U. and Neko Kreuz both drew pictures for her~. J.U. drew Shuis and Hungri (Oh gosh, Hungri looks like he grew up a bit? XD;) and Neko Kreuz drew Grisia and Lesus (naked) in the hot springs, HAHAHHAHAHA.

Yu Wo's post <- She posted the pictures here along with the last part of Book Writer, the side story to Human Doll Contract.

I'm super amused. Two weeks ago, Yu Wo plurked:

Today's small question: If a course for sketching the human body were to be held, who would you most want as the model?
Yu Wo's example:
If I ask for Charles, hm... He doesn't have much muscle. His body isn't my type.
Gong Hua...Sorry, crossdressers are even more not my type (covers face).
Jiang Ziya...I can't think of any reason why I would ask for you (currently getting beaten up by Ziya).
Oh! I should definitely ask for the ideal man who has the three qualities of a good personality, a good body, and a good strength -- Lesus Judgment (points), I choose you to draw!
Judgment, hurry and strip your clothes, then come over and pose!
--Actually, Jiang Shutian-dàgē might be a good choice too?
Who would you choose as the model?

Answers varied, but Lesus was the predominant answer, hahaha. Then, Neko Kreuz popped up in the comments.
Neko Kreuz: So this means I should draw a naked Lesus for your birthday! (really, can I do that)
Yu Wo: If you publicly announce it like this and don't have anything to show later, there will be a huge uproar!
Neko Kreuz: I'll capture it at an angle...=_=+ (runs)
Yu Wo: I'll wait for it!


Last day of the month, just finished publishing all of the chapters for Prince Revolution! Now to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. XDDD;;;

On the fic writing front, I finished writing a chapter for My Friend, the Pope (in-training) but I feel like I should push this chapter back and write a few chapters in-between. Guuuuh, I don't feel up to it though. So much work. XD;; I'm currently poking at A Vice-Captain's Tale and A Rose for Your Hair... so hopefully I'll finish something for those this week (dang, I have many stories starting with "A"... *looks at A Slice of Wedding Cake* There's another one...)
Commentary/Translation of LSK Rule 20. :D

Rule 15/16 commentary
Rule 17, Rule 18, Rule 19 commentary & translation.

(Haha, and I figured out why the images weren't as clear in Rule 19. I forgot to make it grayscale... So, Rule 20 should be crisper~)

Rule 20 covers V2C10. Wow, 20 chapters for 2 novels? This is nearly 1 chapter of the manhua for every chapter of the novel then? (Though we do also have prologues and the extra chapters in the novels, so a bit less than 1 chapter of manhua for each chapter of the novel then). Still, maybe this means there will be around 80 chapters in all by the end. Maybe more, if it takes more for V8. V8, unlike the other volumes which all have 10 chapters + prologue + extra, has 12 chapters instead (+ prologue + extra). Thick volume. XD;;

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Translation of Rule 19 from the Legend of Sun Knight manhua. Scattered with my commentary! This is not a scanlation, nor is it a replacement for buying the actual manhua. I cleaned the images but not very well. =P

Rule 19 covers V2C8-V2C9 from the novel.

Rule 17 and Rule 18 translations.

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Mar. 2nd, 2014 09:38 pm
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I'm kind of feeling a little down, so I amused myself by translating some more of Legend of Sun Knight. All of volume 7 has been translated and is awaiting proofreading (it'll take a long time...), so PR! is starting on the translations for volume 8 now. I'm kind of jumping around though, since I want to translate all the Adair sections first. XD; But omg, Adair is so, so, so, awesome in volume 8.

snippets from v8c4 )
Apparently, today was a day of updating translations for me. ;) Finally posted the monthly update post over at Prince Revolution and LSK V6C8 (Boy, do I love the chapter title and where the title comes from in the chapter~). I also finished QC for Kimi to Boku V7C29 for Chocobanana Scanlations. It involved a lot of re-cleaning of scans... Some of the pages were too blurry, or the gutter was still visible. I almost gave up. :'D

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Welp, there goes my one day vacation. :'D

I really wanted to scanlate Kill No More, but it looks like it has been picked up by EasyGoingScans! Ahhhh, both the novel and the manhua now have takers. Well, probably a good thing, and they're in good hands. (Even though I moped around for quite some time after I found out, and my motivation for my current translations really plummeted, whoops...) Less work for me, haha... but now I don't know what to do with my two copies of volume 1. (Thankfully, I haven't damaged my extra copy to scan it yet.) I can just play in the writing side instead of the translation side then, as I would like to write a KNM fic or two sometime. Maybe. XD;; Truthfully, the reason I joined PR was for fic purposes because I really wanted more people to know later events so I could have more content to work with. :'D (It has also helped me with characterization and detail. Never have I studied a series as closely as I have LSK, haha. Side benefit from having to read chapters at least 3~4 times and pouring over every single sentence.)

But yeah, go read Kill No More. :D Liola is amaaaaazing, and the plot is crazy. XD I need to reread it, as I don't nearly know it as well as LSK.

Review Responses
Some review responses for anon/non-signed in reviews for Long Live the Sun Knight! I'm not too sure if these will be seen, but from what people have been saying, many people seem to check both here and also at ffnet!

Aria: I'm so, so tempted to write more of this verse, but... probably not a smart idea! Too many projects going on already, so best to leave this "complete." But, if this were to continue, it'd be a series of Grisia visiting dream!Lesus each night, not understanding why it's happening, and it doesn't stop until Grisia helps dream!Lesus connect with the rest. We'd see more of Judgment!Roland and how he turned out, and the fic would probably end with Grisia managing to get Lesus, Roland, and Ceo to bond over hair-dyeing in the Judge's Complex. XD; Along the way, we'd see the "good, warm-hearted" faction's response to their Grisia's death, and their reaction to having Lesus become their Sun Knight instead of Grisia. Well damn, now I'm even more tempted to write this. -____-;
someone: Well, there's always the other two candidates! Especially the third candidate!
Feng: What, short? XD; I thought it was quite long for such a weird idea... XD;;; I was aiming for 1k or so, but it turned out to be more than 3k, and I had to wrestle it into a oneshot. Haha, thanks for speaking up! It's always great to hear from people who have been following my works and/or my blog! Talking with me is probably the best way to get me writing because it makes me excited, and when I'm excited, I'm more motivated, aaand the ideas come more easily. XD;; Oh gosh, you're right. With Lesus as the leader of the Holy Temple, it must be sparkling clean! Ceo would have less paperwork... But if he never learned how to wink... Oh dear. And now you've made me want to explore all this, ahhhhh.

November stuff

Dec. 1st, 2013 12:17 am
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Congratulations, [ profile] absolutehymn007, [personal profile] darkicedragon, [ profile] slashed_dream, [ profile] nitaspitas, [ profile] seta_suzume, [ profile] yoshikochan, [ profile] oriaon, and [ profile] flonnebonne (did I miss anyone?? so many of you finished ♥) for surviving through November and reaching over 50k! Amazing!! *____* And for everyone who attempted NaNo, give yourself a pat on the back. ;) I am just super impressed. ^____^

November really went by in a flash for me. I haven't gotten much writing done. I was quite late with translations this month too (I finally managed to plow through all of PR's chapters for the month last weekend, phew). I also released two chapters of Kimi to Boku over at Chocobanana Scanlations this month, but things are still going at quite a slow pace. Hopefully it'll be picking up now that I've roped someone else into being our task manager. ;) (I am really no good at keeping track of more than one translation group, haha...)

On the game front, I finished Ace Attorney 5! (But not the DLC case yet). I'll blab more about the game after I finish the DLC. :3;; But for now, my thoughts are mostly that it felt really short! I also already knew who the main culprit was going to be (spoiled myself with the artbook), so that took a little of the excitement out of the last case. ^^;; Blackquill really grew on me. I ended up liking him quite a lot. So far, the DLC case has been fun, but I wish I could've played it before Case 4. It would've made more sense chronologically.

On the movie front, I watched Catching Fire and Frozen this month. Both made me cry. Yeah, both of them. T___T Read more... )

On the writing front, I don't think I'm going to get any writing done for my WIPs until I exorcise this plunny I have for the Pope (LSK, yet again). So, yeah. Hopefully I can actually finish writing this "oneshot" (please let it stay a nice, short, oneshot) about the Pope's younger years. It'll be named Fifteen Going on Sixty. Or maybe... Sixty Going on Fifteen... I haven't decided the order yet. XD Or maybe I'll just mush it together and say, "Fifteen Going on Sixty Going on Fifteen." XD;; That'll solve my naming problems...
I wish I had more time to write. ;___; Work is slaying me. I'm feeling very unsuccessful and overwhelmed at the moment. Guh.

Heads up to anyone looking into buying LSK - Manhua bundle 9 is now in stock at Kingstone. Bundle 9 includes Rule 17 and Rule 18, a short story about Metal called "Knife Blade," a card of chibi Storm, and a clear orange envelope.

Yu Wo held a Halloween contest where people post pictures of her novels and state who their favorite character is, followed by a short reason (I chose Adair and wasn't the only one~). The winners receive a copy of Book Writer. Unfortunately, I didn't win, haha, but it was really fun seeing all the answers.

Here are translations of two new plurks from the Neo & Aldrizzt side story.

Read more... )

I finished Case 2 of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. On Case 3 now! The cases feel very disjointed so far, especially since I've played as 3 different characters, a different lawyer per case. Athena actually feels like the main character to me as opposed to either Phoenix or Apollo. I am quite happy to see Klavier again. I was going to turn my game off and rest when he showed up, and of course I had to keep on playing, haha. I'm somewhat amused that he has just become a helpful prosecutor (well, not like he wasn't already helping out in Apollo Justice, but it seems that helping out during investigations might be his only role in this game). I guess we won't be going against him in court. ): Though, I feel that many characters have been reduced to a small role, such as Trucy too... Welp, can't have everything. I'll see what I think after I actually finish the game. Things usually come together later. XD; (I am loving Apollo's hints about a friend of his from school. Yay for possible background on Apollo! And, and, Klavier talking about his mentor in pursuing truth. *___* Also, the genderbending in case 3, hahahaha. Wow)
I got myself Pokemon Y (it's really cute), but I haven't gotten very far in the game. Now that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is out, I'll be setting Pokemon aside for a bit, haha.

So far, I've finished the first case. I'm on the second case! Oh gods, the music. <3333 I'm really in love with it, even more so after hearing these tunes live at Japan Expo. The anime cutscenes are really awesome. The voices seem pretty cool.

Read more... )

Yu Wo has been plurking some sneak peeks at something she's writing! I wonder what this is from?!!! A new side story, maybe? Wait, don't tell me this is one of the promised side stories from the end of the year prompt gathering thing... XD;; (It's only been 10 months, haha!) I will be happy if it is. The second place winner was indeed about Neo and Aldrizzt's adventures, the "We are not the Dark Human Squad" one, hahahaha, so I think these excerpts are from that side story! Third place was... Emperor, I think? About Liaula from Kill No More. *___* Post series. I am reaaally hoping "Flying Daggers" (about Fox from 1/2 Prince) will get written too, but I doubt it will get written... with it being 4th... ;__;

translation of the plurks )

XDDD!! Oh, I can't wait to read this. (Just reading these excerpts make me want to work on Invincible again...)
Here's the translation for Rule 18~. Again, scattered with my commentary. Not a replacement for a scanlation or buying an actual copy. Please squeal over this with me? ♥

Read more... )
Pics and translation of LSK manhua bundle 9. Enjoy. :) (Scattered with my commentary! Because that was what I was mainly doing this for) This illustrates part of volume 2 of the novels (V2c6-v2c8), is volume 4~5 or so of the manhua. Chapter 17. This is in no way a replacement for a scanlation or for buying the actual volume.

As always, rough translation, no proofreading except a quick glance from myself. =P Rule 17 only for now. Rule 18... to come? :'D;;

Read more... ) is closing their services at the end of 2013! That means Yu Wo's blog will be moving, since the entire site where she's hosting her blog will be closing down. T___T; (I would hate for that to happen to me, ahhhhh)

Here's her new blog. I hope she'll be able to import her old posts or something... All of those stories and comments...!!!

Also of interest: First teaser for Gong Hua volume 4, Second teaser for Gong Hua volume 4. First one features Yin Qie Zi (Silver Violet)... Present time, I believe. Second one features Kasi, backtracking to right after he parted from Gong Hua during his youth. This novel backtracks a lot! I wonder when this will be released.

Book Writer (Human Doll Contract side story) autograph session. I guess all of these links will stop working at the end of the year. T___T;

Book Writer was a pretty cool side story! It details how Yu Shu from Human Doll Contract came to have two dolls, whose identities are Charles from No Hero and Grisia from the Legend of Sun Knight. I bet Yu Wo is having a blast with mixing her series like this. :3 While not exactly a crossover and not the actual characters from the series, it was still pretty cool seeing Charles and Grisia duke it out. Aaaand, I laughed so hard at the omake. (Translated in full under the LJ-cut~)

Summary )

translation of the omake/extra )

scans of the pics included )
Why look, what do we have here? Here's the summary of the third part of LSK 39. Gotta get this done sometime, right? Needless to say, spoilers abound. Read at your own risk. Like previous parts, I use lots of paraphrasing.

Please do not spoil others about anything. ♥

Chapter 3 Summary )
Another fic translation!
Apuntes del Diario de un Caballero Sagrado
¿Creen conocer a la 38ª Generación de Caballeros Sagrados? Sí, claro. Primer Apunte: "Para Mantener Feliz al Caballero Sol, Atibórralo de Dulces". Segundo Apunte: "Para Salvar la Vista del Caballero Tormenta, Róbale sus Mujeres". Cada capítulo gira alrededor de dos caballeros diferentes.

LSK stuff! \o\ These arrived in two shipments. Very happy I received these before the year ended.

Legend of Sun Knight manhua v4 + poster of Cloud, J.U./Rippleless artbook (she draws doujinshi of LSK and is also the artist for some of the official merchandize), 3 LSK doujinshi, and 3 volumes of Key of the Sunken Moon by Shui Quan. These three volumes are part of the spin-off. I've yet to read the main series though. I hope I end up liking the series!

ramblings about the doujinshi )

translation of a cute Q&A from the back of LSK manhua v4 )

Happy new years everyone. ♥

By the way, the translation of the Half Prince novels has finally been completed, wow! If you've never read 1/2 Prince before, or you think you might give it a try, now is a good time since the whole thing has been completed! :D Translations can be found over here. Cold Fox has awesome screen time in the ending chapters. 8D

(As for Lucathia spending money, I also bought Oresama Teacher v15, Kimi to Boku v12, Junai Labyrinth v7, Akatsuki no Yona v10, and Bokura no Kiseki v7 last week. *watches money go down the drain*)
Some translations of Yu Wo's plurks!

Read more... )

I actually disappeared off the face of LJ for three days on a family trip. Now I'm back! Though I'll be disappearing over the weekend again to visit relatives, so my presence on LJ will be scarce.

Bought Legend of Sun Knight volume 4 (manhua) before I left on my trip. It arrived today while I was away. Or well, yesterday now. Missed the package. =/ Hopefully I'll be home when it gets redelivered. Can't wait~. I read somewhere that the manhua will be 20+ volumes (which was what I got when I calculated myself. If each volume of the novels gets adapted into 3 volumes of manhua, then 8 novels would mean 24 volumes of manhua!! Supposedly, next year, manhua releases will be faster. I hope that comes true. XD

Also, congratulations to Yu Wo for being the top-selling author (with LSK selling the most books) at for 2012. For fiction. :D The rest of the list looks like a great way for me to check out new authors.

Writing-wise, I'm still polishing my fic for [ profile] yuletide. It's already turned in (the deadline has already passed), but I'm still giving my fic a thorough makeover. Not going to stop until I'm completely satisfied! The first scene can stand-alone, but then my mind supplied all these follow-up scenes...kaldjf;as. All these ideas. *flails* I wish I hadn't been away for so long right before the deadline! No time for treats this year, sadly. ):

I have a mysterious gift waiting for me already~ (thank you, author!). I can't wait to find out what fandom I'll be getting, though I have checked the fandoms page, so I have a good idea what fandom it'll be. Still, last time I thought I was getting a certain fandom but still got it wrong in the end, haha.


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