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So, Lugh was released in FEH, and this fic happened. Luckily, I pulled him in just two stones! \o\ Lugh was one of my ultimate favorites before Soren even existed, so I suppose Lugh could be said to predate Soren, haha. I loved the twins in FE6~. (Now, if Erk ever gets released, all of my old favorites would be in the game) I was pretty sure Soren was popular enough to show up in FEH, but Lugh? So happy that he's here now. :D Writing this fic was quite the trap, as I found myself down the rabbit hole, reading support conversation after support conversation from both FE6 and FE7. Whoops. I never really did write any fic about Lugh or Raigh in the past though, as I didn't feel I knew them well enough (there wasn't even any consistency with Raigh's name, from Lleu to Rei to Ray, and I only knew the game in Japanese), but hey, more people know about them now, and there's more for me to work with too. ;) Anyway, I finally wrote fic about the twins, whoot. (Even though a certain blond monk hijacks the fic halfway through...)

Title: A Taste of Home
Fandom: Fire Emblem Binding Blade/Fire Emblem Heroes
Words: 4,165
Summary: They were serving Lugh's favorite food again—baked tarts. He couldn't resist grabbing some to share with others. It was a taste of home he hadn't thought he would find here, an entire world away from all that he knew. But here, Lugh was sure he would find his wayward brother, which he does, and he even finds someone else he hadn't thought he would ever meet again—Father.
Notes: background Raven/Lucius

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In celebration of both Ike and Soren receiving alts (Valentine's ones, no less), fic happened! \o\ Especially because I finally managed to pull both of them, despite starting with no orbs.

Title: Basket of Irises
Fandom: Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Fire Emblem Heroes
Words: 1,422
Summary: A quiet moment after the festival, a basket of irises that love a tactician's hair too much, an end to a long day. Ike is weary, but Soren is there.
Notes: The Greil's Devoted paralogue chapters made me feel so much. :')

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I got to Tier 21 in Aether Raids~ \o\ (Now, I'll probably sit back and... relax more with this mode now ahaha)

So, I forgot to upgrade my Aether Amphorae to 250 capacity before the season started. Began the season with 200 aether and hoped that the extra match the 50 aether could have gotten me wouldn't matter. It probably wouldn't, since I doubted I could get to Tier 21. (One single extra match isn't going to matter, I thought. Oh, how naive I was) So, I played pretty recklessly on my first two matches and lost several units, whoops. Also got a -80 in defense right off the bat. Oh dear.

I played a bit more carefully after that, and also got some -40 in defense lift loss instead of -80. So, things were looking up~

By Saturday, after I finished playing my matches, I was at 10,280 lift, while I needed to be at 11,000 lift to reach Tier 21. I was still quite a ways off, but I decided to do some math. The most I could get from winning each match was 140 lift, with one Eir and 4 light blessed heroes. I would have 180 aether with the next reset, while the reset after would give me another 70 aether, with a total of 250 aether over the final 2 days of the season. That would net me 5 more matches, as it costs 50 aether per match. If I won every single one of those 5 matches with no units lost, I could get 700 lift max. That'd bring me to 10,980 lift at the most, a mere 20 lift away from Tier 21. At that moment, I went, omg, I think I can reach Tier 21? But no, no way, I can't lose a single unit... and somehow I need to get a final, 6th match. Can I really do that? After all, I'd been losing units left and right and also missing the aether structures.

In order to get that final match, I would need to successfully destroy the aether fountains and amphorae in each of those 5 matches, to get 10 aether back per match for a total of 50 aether over 5 matches. A highly difficult task, as I'd often skip destroying the aether structures to guarantee survival of my team instead. If I got the 6th match, I could get 140 lift max from it, bringing me to 11,120 lift at the maximum. There were still two more times I could lose in defense, with a total of -160 lift possible. So, I would not be able to remain in Tier 21 if I got double -80 defense losses.

So my winning conditions were:
*Win all 5 matches with no units lost
*Destroy both aether structures in all matches to regain 50 aether for a 6th match
*Win the 6th match with no units lost (no aether structures needed anymore)
*Get no more than -120 in defense lift loss over two matches, meaning my defense team had to kill at least two units.

The rest of the journey )
I'm about 2k in with writing this 5+1 Fukigen na Mononokean fic, which is about 2/5 of the way through, so uh... maybe another 2k will wrap this story up. The writing is so stilted though, ahhhh.

Got up to around 11k (12k? I don't even know anymore) for That Person Now Returned and am still not done OTL. When will I ever finish this story and why is it so long. I should learn to write short, sweet scenes again. What happened to my cute, succinct, 1k oneshots. They're now a thing of the past... I'll be separating this story into parts when I post, to make it easier to revise. -__-

Pfft, as I was writing this post, I went to pull on the Valentine's banner and got Soren!! (*goes to delete the whole paragraph I wrote about not getting Soren.* Just Ike left now ahhh. Gonna train this Soren up right away and feed him tons of dragonflowers~) I've been loving the cute art and fic that have come out of this banner!! ♥ Am also itching to write a fic about Soren but no plunnies have hopped over.

I randomly saw that Astra Lost in Space is getting an anime! Er, I hadn't read or even heard about the series before that news announcement, but when I saw that it's by the author of Sket Dance, I had to check it out. So, I took the plunge and signed up for the Shounen Jump app~, with it's monthly subscription of $1.99 to access older chapters for SJ series. So far, I like the app and definitely feel it's a great idea to have an official source for Shounen Jump series. But after I finish reading all the old chapters, there's probably no reason to continue the subscription if all I'm doing is following the new releases. I've already read through most of the ones I'm interested in... also hit the daily limit of 100 chapters. (Why is there a limit ;__;) We'll see... Anyway.

Astra Lost in Space
I was worried the series was axed, as it's only 5 volumes long, but it was a solid ending, and the plot was well paced. The twists and turns kept coming, and several plot points packed a heavy punch. Shinohara Kenta's story telling has really leveled up since Sket Dance! Astra Lost in Space deals with some heavy themes, yet the overall story is still optimistic with a touch of humor. I love it. :) Looking forward to the anime!

Black Clover
I hit the 100 chapter limit on the SJ app because of this, pfft, so yeah, stuck at chapter 100. The art is really nice, and some characters are less annoying in their manga incarnations. The anime kind of drags things out and overuses certain characters' quirks, but I do like how the anime fills in the blanks with certain things and also gives Yuno some more development. So far, Yuno's been pretty absent in the manga. Am looking forward to reading past where the anime is at. :3
Ultimate Fanfic Trope Showdown from ellimists. (Thanks [personal profile] suzume!)

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Now for some recent anime I caught up with.

Black Clover, Run with the Wind, The Morose Mononokean, My Roommate is a Cat )

Also! SEASONAL SOREN ALT. VALENTINE SOREN ALT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I never thought this would happen? I mean, I thought that Ike might be the person on the right in this teaser silhouette, or maybe it'd be his father Greil. But even though it wasn't Ike on the right, it was still Ike on the banner. With Soren!!! Seasonal Tellius banner with Soren, ahhhhhh. I had a bunch of orbs saved up to pull for more Legendary Ike merges from January's Legendary/Mythic banner, but I ended up spending them all on the Radiant Dawn Laguz banner, since I really wanted Reyson (who I never got from that banner, but did get later on as a 4* that I promoted right away). I figured I'd only go all in with my orbs with characters that I really liked, and Reyson was one of them. Even though there was a high chance he would be demoted, I still wanted a copy just in case. Anyway, now that he has been demoted to 4*, he's definitely a +10 project.

I also figured that there was very little chance that someone I liked would be on the next seasonal, as IS seems to keep releasing Fate seasonals, who I could do without, and I hoped that we'd get plenty of orbs for the anniversary, which we kind of didn't. So now here we are, with the seasonal I want most of all from this game, and I have no orbs left. OTL I'm sorry, I have failed you Soren. Hoping that orbs from the Tempest Trials will be enough to pull either Soren, or Ike, or both... I'll have to give up on Greil and Mist. ;__; I really wanted to collect all the Tellius seasonals (so far, I've succeeded with having 1 copy each of bridal Sanaki, Halloween Mia, Festival Elincia, and Festival Micaiah). But with a whole banner of Tellius seasonals and no orbs, this is an unlikely feat, haha. So far, my pulls have given me an Adrift Camilla (why, Camilla, you're on plenty of seasonals already. You don't need to show up here!) and a Ninian, who has been merged into my previous Ninian to remove her -atk bane. But eh, her attack is still low even with the merge, so pretty pointless.

This is when I wish Soren were a Tempest Trial unit so I could +10 him with grails, but I feel like ever since the grail system started, they're only putting units they think will be the most enticing as the Tempest Trial rewards, for more incentive to play Aether Raids, I bet. So I doubt we'll be seeing very many guys as the rewards now. Who am I supposed to spend the grails on now?? Eh, for now, I'm probably going with Naesala unless someone else I like better comes along.

I'm also still in disbelief that Soren and Ike showed up together on a Valentine seasonal banner, of all banners. XDDDD

I'll probably cosplay this outfit of Soren's too. :3
Look what showed up more than three years after Part 1? :'D I was revising a DE chapter for PR! and felt in the mood to tidy up Part 2 of this fic.

Title: Dàgē's Illegitimate Child Part 2
Fandom: Dominion's End
Words: 1,370
Summary: When Shuyu finally reunites with his family, he is accompanied by a new member—Jiang Xiaotian. AU.
Notes: This was the scene that made me want to write the story in the first place. :'D

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2018 in fic

Jan. 1st, 2019 05:14 pm
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Here's 2018's year in fic!

(Previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)

fic written in 2018 )

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Hey, I wrote FEH fic~. I've entertained writing about Soren (and various events he shows up in, like the hair gauntlet) but the timing has already passed for each, so that never happened. Timely writing, what's that? But hey look, a different FEH fic happened, the last fic I finished in 2018.

Title: The Narrow View Through the Mask
Fandom: Fire Emblem Heroes
Words: 2,530
Summary: Alfonse runs across Bruno, but it's not the Bruno he knows.
Notes: A treat for zynnser for [community profile] yuletide 2018, who requested Alfonse meeting Brave Veronica's brother. I also had fun having Alfonse wear Bruno's mask, just like what I have him doing in game. 8D

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I reread all of World Trigger from the beginning and finished watching the last part of the anime in my canon review. Have to say I still adore the series a lot, and I'm glad it's back from hiatus! Wishing the mangaka the best of health.

Title: Doorway
Fandom: World Trigger
Words: 3,511
Summary: Everyone thinks Arashiyama Jun has a dog. But he doesn't. Not really.
Notes: Written for Puimoo for [community profile] yuletide 2018. Tachikawa/Arashiyama. Petshop of Horrors!AU, but explained using World Trigger terms. Contains self harm typical of Petshop of Horrors for contract violation.

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Looks like this will be my final post of 2018! I was hoping to finish up a fic to post before 2018 ended, but the story kind of exploded on me, so it's going to take me longer to finish. I might have to separate it into a few parts to post once I'm done. It's yet another addition to the New Horizons collection, this time an AU of Grisia reuniting with Roland before v1 events. :3 I've finished a good chunk of the fic (including the ending) but not the climax, ahahah.

I commissioned a Soren plushie from Kitty Cay (so talented)! I asked for the Radiant Dawn version, along with a tome. :3 He was made in the style of Fire Emblem Hero sprites, haha. So adorable. You can even pose him~. He's also very soft. I really hope that Soren will get some sort of alt in FEH. Radiant Dawn version please! I like his RD outfit a lot more than his Path of Radiance one that features sandals and too many layers. I'd love an RD alt, or a seasonal alt... Dagger throwing Soren please. Or a dragon Soren.

I also finally unlocked his spirit in Smash Brothers!

It's just too bad that he's only a novice spirit. I'm still going to use him anyway. The main spirits I'm using right now are Lilina, Ashnard, and Soren. :3

Also randomly checked out this series called Voice of Fox on Crunchyroll. It's adapted from a Chinese webcomic, and the content and style of humor really makes it evident. I feel that several webcomics have a similar style of humor that can sometimes be too over the top. :') Still, it's a fun series. Not very high quality, but the singing is nice (if only Hu Li had more than one song. At least he sings a new song in the last episode, haha). Man, this show reminds me of all the idol series in the past that I liked, like Full Moon wo Sagashite, Shoujo Shounen, and Charisma Doll. All of them feature the main character having to keep something a secret. :'D (Oh dear, reminds me of that Shaman King idol fic I started but never finished.) Anyway, I've always liked idol shows, so this was definitely a fun guilty pleasure despite the poor quality. It's full of drama. Like, seriously full of drama. It's like watching a trainwreck sometimes. I went to read the webcomic after this, and it's actually pretty different. I feel the anime dialed up the drama, hahaha, but both are dramatic, and Hu Li has pretty bad luck all the time. The anime has a more centralized plot though.

My next posts will be my Yuletide fics~.
Some manga I bought over the past few months (not all pictured...uh, need to find the rest). I also need to find room for everything. :') I have other miscellaneous stuff I bought over 2018 that I'll be organizing over the next few days.

Zero got his own spinoff. :'D Also that spinoff for those criminals (always pictured as a silhouette) from Detective Conan is pretty funny. Now they will be known as Hanzawa-san, hahaha. I also picked up Pinpon Rush by Minami Maki, since I did enjoy Seiyuu Ka except for the ending. Though this series ended pretty early so it might not be all that developed. Kind of curious to see La Corda d'Oro return with a college story. It's been so many years. :') (I feel like a lot of old series are returning with continuations...) Akatsuki no Yona fanbook! Happy to see that it's larger than normal manga. I finally bought the last two volumes of Usotsuki no Lily. I liked it a lot in the beginning (especially the humor) but didn't care for some of the stuff near the middle. But I did enjoy her next series, Kamisama no Ekohiiki. Might be time for a reread to get the most out of the ending. I also picked up volume 1 of the pocket edition of Kara no Teikoku, to go along with v2 and 3. Still one of my favorite series. Great to complete my Japanese collection of it some more (I already have it in Chinese and English).

Also got two guidebooks for Fire Emblem Cipher since I've been curious about those cipher cards. Since it's hard to buy the actual cards, I thought an artbook or guidebook would be nice since I'm not actually going to play the card game. I just want the cards. The artbooks are super limited though... so guidebooks it is for now. I picked up volume 3 and 5 because they have some Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn stuff in them.

some pics of the guidebooks )
Happy holidays everyone!

Yuletide fics are live~. I managed to finish the treat I was working on super last minute (it doubled in length) and posted it right around when the fics were about to go live. I realized I didn't even have a title so came up with one just as I was about to post. The result was a title that's very similar to another fic of mine, whoops, when these stories aren't even from the same fandom. Interesting what my mind defaults to.

I stayed up to read my gift but haven't gotten about to reading any other fics yet. I received a lovely story about Azazel and Mugaro~

Vow So Deep (1170 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 神撃のバハムート | Shingeki no Bahamut | Rage of Bahamut (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Azazel (Shingeki no Bahamut), Rita (Shingeki no Bahamut), Mugaro | El

I vow these boughs will never break.
Azazel discovers himself attached.

The other day, I wrote up some rambling thoughts about some anime I'm currently watching, but like everything I do lately, I just let that sit around... Now I have to update it given the new episodes that have already happened since, pft.

Thunderbolt Fantasy, Slime anime, Bunny-sempai, Ace Attorney s3, SAO, Tsurune, Honda-san )


Dec. 16th, 2018 10:15 pm
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Yay, I managed to turn in my Yuletide fic, and it's not the deadline yet! And while I'd like to revise it some more, I can live with the current state it's in, too. Phew, I almost thought I wouldn't manage to write anything. Canon took forever to review (I have... 21k of notes now, pfft) and I came up with eight different ideas for my assignment, but I couldn't get past 500 words for any of them. All these stories going nowhere... One of them is sitting at around 450 words.

In the end? I wrote a completely different story that doesn't exactly follow any of the ideas, pffft. (It does take some tidbits from two of them, I guess). If I'm not buried by work next week, maybe I'll try to write a treat from one of those other ideas. =x I also marked some other letters I might like to try my hand at. Though I should also go and edit some of those LSK fics I have sitting around instead, as I'd like to be able to post them before 2018 ends, haha.

I'm so used to writing LSK fic (1st person too) that changing gears was hard. But I think I'll play in this sandbox some more while canon is still fresh in my mind.

Oh oh, and my writer has turned in their assignment too! \o\ I have a gift! :DDD

Also, Chihayafuru 205. ljas;dfsa;dfa; That hug killed me. I teared up a bit... :'D

Now, in Fire Emblem Aether Raids news, I'm definitely in the faction of not liking the boosts that the mystic heroes provide. If a mythic hero shows up that I like, maybe I'll add a mythic hero to my AR team then, but for now, I'm going without because I don't want to change the blessings on my core team. (I use this team for arena too!) But ahhhh, I was only missing 20 lift to make it to the next Tier. OTL So close, but so far... I just had to lose one unit fewer in my 2nd to last match to make it. Time to try again this week. :')

I am surprised that I'm actually doing pretty well in Aether Raids! :3 Top 3k this time! Got myself a throne of each color! \o\ I got lucky last week that I (just barely) made it to the next tier, which allowed me to start a tier above a lot of other players this week, since the points reset to the beginning of the tier each time.

Still, I find that I always leave the AR matches until right before the daily reset, so I guess I'm not liking the mode that much. Too much pressure. :'D And people get to watch replays of my team against theirs!! OTL It feels so terrible when I let my offense team get wiped out... and my defense team needs a lot of work. I'm just going to focus on offense for now...

3.0 is dropping tomorrow. It'll probably bring some changes to AR? No idea. But hey, I got my thrones, I'm good even if I never make it to top 3k again, haha. Before this new mode, I was very focused on Arena, but now not so much because it's been a hassle switching my units' skills back and forth for AR and Arena. Now they're just stuck with their Aether Raids skills. I'll probably try again for a better ranking in Arena when I have easier bonus units to use. At least, I got several crowns already~

I also currently have no orbs. I am not ready for new Tellius banners. (But please, do give us a another Soren!!) I guess I still have my emergency stash with all the maps I haven't beaten yet for whenever a unit I really want shows up. :'D

As for Smash, my progress in unlocking new characters is slow going. I'm dying so much. XD; But hey, I got several Fire Emblem spirits already~, including Lilina, Julius, and Navarre. I'm hoping I'll run into Soren soon! World of Light has been hard since I'm limited to a small roster still. Haven't unlocked my main (Ness) in that mode yet.

Time to Smash

Dec. 7th, 2018 06:56 pm
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Got myself a Switch. So far, I only have Mario Kart. Just picked up Smash today. o/ I'm looking forward to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but there's barely any news about it yet. (I should finish Fates and Echoes first)

So, I did write every day in November, but some days it was only just until the 444 word count goal that 4thewords sets. So nope, didn't manage 1k a day. I did make good progress on some oneshots to various completion levels, but they're all in a messy state. Closest to completion is That Power Forever Gone and That Person Now Returned, both at around 6k....aaaand I can't really say they're all that close to completion. Just closer than the other fics. I'll be taking a break from them to focus on my Yuletide fic though.
Title: New Horizons -That Lollipop's Lingering Taste-
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 6172
Summary: Grisia accepts Charlotte's lunch invitation. A certain kidnapping is avoided. Even after all these years, Charlotte hasn't ever forgotten the taste of that blueberry lollipop they shared by the fountain side. AU of V6C5.
Notes: For the [community profile] whole_new_world Alternate Reality/Changing Canon prompt "Alternate Showdown." Prompt table over here. This was actually the first of the New Horizons AU oneshots I started, even before That Day Back Then, but it sure took me a long time to finish. :') This story is basically an imagining of what a lunch between Grisia and Charlotte might've gone if he had actually accepted the invitation.

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On writing p3

Oct. 31st, 2018 10:59 pm
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I've been working on two oneshots for the New Horizons AU collection. They're progressing along well~. The one for the prompt "Alternate Showdown" is around 5k so far, and the one for the prompt "Power Loss" is around 3k. Neither are finished. I expect them to grow a lot more in length. :')

NaNoWriMo is around the corner~. I'm looking forward to the new monsters and quests on 4thewords for it. I won't be doing NaNo entirely, but I'll be aiming for a slightly higher word count than what I've been doing in October. I've done around 450 words per day. Might aim for 1k per day in November. :3 I'm playing wild catch up with my yearly word count. XD I should be able to make it to 30k with no problems! (In fact, I do have more than 30k written, just not published) 50k will be harder but not impossible.
Title: so my captain shrank... now what? (9/9)
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 2,370
Summary: The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their duties would include looking after their deaged captains. They've really been missing out.
Notes: And that's a wrap! Thanks for joining me on this rambling journey. The final word count for this story is 12.5k. :) Because Tyler's captain does not shrink, I felt it would be strange to have that as a separate chapter, so I've included it here as a sort of ending after Lesus and Grisia's part. Enjoy!

Part Nine: Judgment, Sun, and Hell )
Title: so my captain shrank... now what? (8/9)
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 1,340
Summary: The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their duties would include looking after their deaged captains. They've really been missing out.
Notes: Ah, forgot to post. :3 Here it is~. Both of these characters had short sections, so I'm posting them together.

Part Eight: Stone and Earth )
Title: so my captain shrank... now what? (7/9)
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 1,066
Summary: The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their duties would include looking after their deaged captains. They've really been missing out.
Notes: Here's Part 7~

Part Seven: Metal )


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