For the first two weeks of August, I went off to Taiwan~. Been back from the trip for around a week (busy busy trying to settle in with work and catch up with stuff). It's been 17 years since I've traveled there. Boy, do I remember very little of Taiwan. Some things haven't changed though, while some stuff has changed a lot. But what's different about this trip is that I had places and events I wanted to cram in, with a shorter stay than any of my previous trips to Taiwan, so it was a trip with a super full itinerary. Went out bright and early every day and didn't get home until around 11 pm every night. Walked my feet off. XD There was no rest at all. I became very familiar with the public transit. I also got to see my relatives who I haven't seen in just as long as I haven't been back to Taiwan. 17 years!! (I was so tiny back then.)

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So, I went to Anime Expo and am back already, with a Yosemite trip thrown in right after~. Now I feel like my summer is truly starting. XD But, it looks like pictures from Photobucket got broken while I was away. They've changed their service to make linking on third-party sites prohibited unless you upgrade. I thought, maybe I will upgrade my account if it doesn't cost too much.

...Turns out, it costs $300 per year to make third-party linking available. OTL

So yeah. I've uploaded my photos somewhere else, but only the 2016-2017 photos when I started using photobucket again. For a good period before that, I was using Picasa, and then before before that, it was photobucket, but I don't think I'll be reuploading all those photos. I hope Dreamwidth's own image service will be upgraded in the future for better utility and storage. It'd sure make things easier!

Some Spring 2017 anime I finished watching:

Shingeki no Kyojin season 2, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Yowamushi Pedal New Generation, Kenka Banchou Otome Girl Beats Boys, Starmyu 2nd season, Kado The Right Answer )

Man, I have a backlog of conventions to post about. I've fallen out of the habit of timely blogging, pfft. Anyway, hoping I'll get around to posting about these cons. I'm very much hoping it'll happen.

♥ Anime Expo 2016 (a retrospective by now XDD)
♥ Anime Revolution 2016 (also a retrospective by now haha)
Fanime 2017 (the events and some more cosplay pics)
♥ Anime Expo 2017

I might attend a day or two of Crunchyroll Expo next month. Hope they announce more guests~~. Also, Dominion's End v5 was released! I've ordered my copy, but I won't get it until August.

Fall anime

Dec. 26th, 2016 02:15 am
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Fall anime I recently finished watching (or am almost done watching). Haha, 5 out of 7 of these series have exclamation points in the title.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go
I love that more Natsume is getting adapted, despite the gap between season 4 and this new season. It makes me hopeful that there will keep being more Natsume anime. Also, it's just really touching seeing how far Natsume has come since season 1. My favorite episode was the one with Touko. The Fujiwaras are just great~. Getting to see Natori's past was also a pleasant surprise. Sometimes though, the episodes with the ayakashi and fleeting human lives were a bit heavy for me, so I didn't watch the episodes right away.

Haikyuu!! Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa
Even though the entire season was focused on a single match, it was beautifully done and kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, Tsukki. ;asdkf;adf This season was so good for Tsukishima fans like me! He really got to shine. :D I'm not following the manga weekly, but I did end up reading ahead of the anime in the middle of this season. And then I went off looking for Tsukishima fic.

Yuri!!! on Ice
The first episode was beautifully animated. The skating in the rest of the series couldn't compare to the first episode, but each episode sure was packed with emotion, and I almost can't believe how many different skating routines we got to see. All the research that must've gone into creating this series! Although there were tons of characters, I found them all pretty memorable and likable. Even JJ grew on me, haha. My favorite was Yurio though~. Gotta love how he can skate so well while pissed off. XD I especially loved the flashback in the last episode, finally showing his POV of what happened in episode 1. So much happened in just 12 episodes. Also, I absolutely love Victor with long hair. XD

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star
I liked this season more than season 3, and I liked that we got more of the dancing in 2D, with the 3D looking a bit more natural than the previous season's. I didn't like Ren much before, but I gotta say, I loved his outfit this time. A suit plus a ponytail! The duet project was fun, though even after it, I don't feel I know the Heaven's members very well. But it did give more development to STARISH. And dang, Otoya's episodes were dark. Haruka has pretty much faded into the background, with only a cursory thought given to her in the 1st and last episodes. As for the final songs in the concert, I did actually like STARISH's the best. I liked Heaven's previous song better than their new one.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance
Even after watching the entire series, I still don't get it. What exactly is a magical art, and what use does it have??? Is it just for showing how good you are at your art? More sparkles = you're really good at your chosen field? It doesn't seem worth it for Kohana to risk her life over it. The pacing of the series was weird. I thought the festival thing would be the final goal, but nah. And the staircase. All that buildup about the staircase, but they don't even really go on it. Weird little series. :'D Aoi was cool though. Voiced by KENN even~. Also, Minagawa Junko voiced Kohana's very handsome roommate Juri. XD

This was so fast paced, with couples everywhere, but the pacing was actually pretty refreshing because things were definitely not dragged out. I really liked Adachi's character design. XD (It's the ponytail, hahaha) Higashida was a funny protagonist with how deadpan he was. The skits with Saiki (who doesn't know much Japanese) were great fun. Hosoya did such a great job with Saiki, and his English wasn't bad. :D Nagata was cute, and good for her for scolding both Higashida and Miyakoshi. XD

Hibike! Euphonium
I have one episode left of this, though episode 12 already covered the final performance. The animation is beautiful~. This season seems to be more about other people than Kumiko, yet she's in the middle of everything. What a meddler. XD;;; Or, what convenient timing she always has, to be in the middle of everything so we get to see what's happening. XD I didn't care much for Asuka in s1, but this season changed that, and I loved how Mamiko's story connected with hers. Also, Kumiko was such a cute kid, so excited about music, wanting to be just like her sister. Looking forward to the last episode.

Detective Conan: Episode One - Chiisaku Natta Meitantei
Conan special~. I definitely didn't feel we needed a remake of episode 1, but it was still kind of nice to see episode 1 with updated animation, and to have it fleshed out more. It's cool seeing more of Shinichi before he shrank, though he actually felt younger to me. XD I guess he kind of is, since he hasn't had to become more mature because of danger. It was cute seeing Shinichi and Ran interact so naturally without any worries. Also, it was really funny seeing Shinichi in those clothes again. No matter how many times we're shown the amusement park date, it's always that green jacket. By now, it must be a traumatizing outfit for him. I also still can't get over how bloody the roller coaster case is.

I watched 2 episodes of Trickster. Don't know if I'll continue. I still might give Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, Sangatsu no Lion, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda, Girlish Number, and Fune wo Amu a watch.
I've been scarce on LJ! OTL Trying to play some catch up with everything this week. I can't believe March is almost over.

I came across a fishbone hairclip the other day though. Much awesomeness! That immediately went into my collection.

Random snippets about various series below.

The manga!! This is like, the moment everyone has been waiting for from the start, right? All the characters have come so far! ♥ The anime - Season 2 ended! I've yet to watch the last four episodes. I won't be too sad though, since season 3 will start in the fall. Tanto kind of brought a lull to the series, but PCP really brought the momentum back~

Natsume Yuujinchou
Ahhhhh, watched the finale of season 4 today! One of my favorite endings yet with how Natsume confronted the past and moved forward. I really appreciated the exploration of Natsume's past in this season. Like I said before, I feel I've learned so much more about Natsume in this season.

I started reading Magi last week~. I'm on ch.93. Favorite character is Alibaba. :D He's not all powerful or all that confident, but he feels so much and tries so hard. He's totally the type to rise up to the challenge. I always thought Aladdin was more grown up than this. I think I was mistaking Sinbad for the main character then. XD; The idea of dungeons and magoi and djinns is quite fascinating~. I'm just being introduced to Hakuryuu at the moment. I wonder what he'll bring to the story~.

Another manga series I started reading. I've wanted to check it out since last year (it was one of the fandoms I could have written for [ profile] parallelsfic. Now that I know who the characters are, I want to dig up [ profile] dropsofviolet's requests again...). The artwork in this series is stunning. The content revolves around young brides' stories, starting off with Amir, who is 20, and her husband Karluk, who is 12. I thought they would be the main focus (and that the age difference might be a main point) but the story instead moves on from Amir and Karluk and touches upon other brides (and brides-to-be), branching off from Amir and Karluk's story, though maybe the story will eventually return to them. The age difference isn't a very large factor, and Amir and Karluk truly appreciate each other. There's a linguist called Henry Smith who stays with Karluk's tribe to study the culture and language. He later moves on from the tribe, and the story moves on with him! Though he's not the main character (at least I don't assume he is...), it's pretty interesting how the scene changed with him. I wonder if the manga will continue borrowing Smith's presence to show us various tribes and their brides-to-be. Perhaps we were with Amir and Karluk in the beginning because Smith was there!

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches)
A body-swap series by Yoshikawa Miki, mangaka of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan! Yesssss. I'm so there. XD; I love her humor~. It's set in high school yet again, though this time with some more supernatural elements, it feels like!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Watched the premiere yesterday. SO AWESOME. I can't wait for more. I already like Korra, and I like Tenzin a whole lot too. I was getting strangely emotional during the two episodes because wow, their world has changed but it's still so very easily recognizable as the same world. Loved seeing the influences of the previous cast on this new world. It's so sad to think that most of them have already passed on. Pro-bending has been pretty cool so far too!

Let's see, anything I'm forgetting... I've been borrowing manga from [ profile] gem2niki. First up was Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God) about a guy who must correctly identify 13 wines left behind by his father (a famous wine critic) in his will in order to inherit his legacy. Only two volumes are out in English so far~. I look forward to seeing Shizuku learn more and more about wine! :D (I still can't believe this is written by the same person who wrote Kindaichi, Tantei Gakuen Q, Area no Kishi... so many different series!) I borrowed Pluto and Ooku next from g2n, but I haven't started on them. *cough* it was Magi's fault

Oh, and A Game of Thrones. I had to return my library copy, so I ended up buying the book after all. XD; It's going to take me a while to read!
Only Natsume s4 has started so far, but I plan on checking these out this season~

-Natsume Yuujinchou season 4 - 4 seasons! That's amazing. (I keep hoping some of these other series I followed will magically receive further anime adaptions, though it's so rare that it happens...). I've followed Natsume for 3 seasons already and loved it. No reason I wouldn't watch this. ;)

-New Prince of Tennis - Prince of Tennis is starting again! :DDDDD Aiba Hiroki is voicing Irie Kanata. The Shin Tenipuri manga is even more ridiculous than its predecessor... so I'm looking forward to how that'll get adapted, haha... I'm hoping that the matches will be more developed (and slowed down a bit) as they were kind of glossed over in the manga. And yay for more Tenipuri music~, because there is so going to be tons of new songs released because of this. I'm also going to be stalking the seiyuu because I see they're already talking about Tenipuri again. :)

-Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou / The Daily Lives of High School Boys - I watched the PV released before the season started and thought it was pretty hilarious. I think this will be good for lifting my mood. XD;

-Recorder to Randoseru - Another comedy/gag show. I don't know much about this, but apparently the brother is 11 and the sister is 17, but they do not look like their ages at all (the brother looks much older and the sister looks super young). Probably a lot of age-related mishaps and misunderstandings will result from this, which could turn out pretty amusing!

-Area no Kishi - OMG OMG Area no Kishi, I did not see an adaptation coming (I'm so many volumes behind on the manga... maybe I should start collecting it again), but oh gosh, this will be good if the anime follows the manga in any way! It's a very dramatic soccer series, with a punch to the gut in the very beginning of the series, though I don't know if the twist will be included in the first episode or not. If I remember correctly, it happens near the end of volume 1 (or was it volume 2...). But it completely knocked the wind out of me. This is no ordinary soccer series! (When I was reading it, I was enjoying the cute bond between brothers "let's play soccer together! :D" and then BAM. OMG.)

Zero no Tsukaima is getting a fourth (and final) season, but I'm so behind with it (I don't think I finished watching season 1). I did like Louise and Saito and the premise of a normal guy getting pulled into a fantasy world as a familiar, so I think I'll be catching up one day~

From last season, I only finished watching Kimi to Boku. Bakuman s2, Hunter x Hunter, and Chihayafuru are all still ongoing. I fell behind with Working s2 and only watched the beginning of UN-GO as well. Gotta catch up with both! Sad that they're both short.

If anyone has any recs, let me know. :D
The only anime I managed to sort of follow this season! While watching this, the eyecatch with Nyanko-sensei in each episode was calling for animated icons. And so I did that, plus quite a lot more animated Nyanko-sensei icons on top of that. Most of these are Nyanko-sensei icons. I also made 4 icons of Natsume just for the heck of it, except his name returning sequence was too long to animate nicely... I look forward to season 4!


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Natsume Yuujinchou San
I have fallen so behind with anime watching that I haven't been watching anything lately. I've tried to keep up with Natsume, but I fell behind with that too! I played catch up this week though, and now I'm just two episodes behind. The episodes quite relax me.

Matobe Matoba! Voiced by Suwabe Junichi, who voices Atobe from Prince of Tennis. Because of this, I keep typing Matoba's name as Matobe, haha... this is the Atobe syndrome. I read a little of the manga but didn't keep up with it. Nice to see this arc animated!

Taki pic~ )

The World God Only Knows OVA
A one episode OVA came out for Kami Nomi! Was great seeing Keima in action again, though this episode was merely a bridge to something more. It sure hints at a lot of things though.

some pics )

New games announced!
So recently, I've heard that Fire Emblem is coming out with a new game on the 3DS (now I really need to get a 3DS sometime, huh? Especially since it now seems very likely that the Professor Layton vs Gyakuten Saiban game is going to be released in English too. But 3D is lost on me since I like it best when I turn the 3D all the way down).

Just yesterday, there was also news that there'll be a new Suikoden game on the PSP. This made me very happy since I heard that the Suikoden team had been disbanded. While this isn't a continuation of the main storyline, I'm just happy that the series is continuing. I enjoyed Tierkreis. Hopefully I'll enjoy the new game too.
I looked forward to watching this movie since I went to watch Captain America. I didn't think I'd like superhero movies this much? The movie didn't interest me before, but now it's caught my interest. ;) Anyway, I finally got around to watching Iron Man and quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to watching Iron Man 2, hopefully over the weekend!

Am also looking forward to catching up with some anime. I haven't been watching anything at all. Kind of just fell out of it. I've been trying to watch Natsume Yuujinchou San weekly, but I didn't manage to do that! When Kimi to Boku and Bakuman 2 start airing this fall though, I'm so following those as the episodes come out. Getting an anime really does make a series more popular, and gets the series more advertising too. Already, Kimi to Boku is getting more merchandise, it's been on the cover of G Fantasy quite a lot (which means I've been buying it every month...), has more color pages, etc! And I've been seeing more people talking about the series. I'm excited to see KtB get more popular because when I first got into the series, almost no one had heard about it before! It is lonely to like a series and have no one to talk about it with. [ profile] kimitoboku_fan is also getting a bit more activity now~

(This is why I will be forever sad that 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight and Noblesse might never get an anime since they're not manga from Japan, though I do love that they're not from Japan. But if they did ever get an anime, the popularity boost!! I so wish these series would become more popular in English speaking circles.)

August was quite a Kaitou Kid month (that made me gleeful, the fact that he took over Conan episodes for 4 weeks) but I've only watched the first episode that aired (and took a whole slew of screencaps). I suddenly have this urge to watch Conan from the start, though that'd be a huge undertaking. XD; The new Prince of Tennis ovas must also be super squee-worthy, but I've yet to watch them. Watching them is very high priority for me though. ;)

Today I started reading a webtoon called Pinocchio about a ghost and a girl who can see him. I am in love with the art style. ♥ Also started reading The God of High School. I sense interesting fights up ahead. Sometimes I really wish I can read Korean too... I enjoy reading things in the original language. :3

Fanfiction in Chinese?
Does anyone know of any archive sites for fanfics in Chinese? I'm starving for Legend of Sun Knight fics especially, and I know that they have pretty big followings in Taiwan. I randomly surfed around in baidu and came upon a hilarious fic about rumors regarding Earth and Sun and how Earth was spreading rumors about Sun being gay, so Sun tells his platoon to make Earth appear gay, and somehow it all ends with people believing that Earth and Sun are gay together. Now I want to write some kind of rumor fic too! I think Storm would fit such a fic well...

I did search around Yu Wo's site and saw that quite a lot of people post their fanfics for her series there. It seems to me that many people post their fics in forums. I wonder if that's the practice most follow? Long, long time ago, I used to read Chinese Yu Yu Hakusho fics whenever I ran out of YYH fics from the English fandom to read, though I've forgotten the site I frequented back then. I wonder if it's even still around. It was a YYH specific site though. :3
(To [ profile] colors_tcg members and mods, thank you for still sticking around even during LJ's outage. I've decided to take a break while LJ is being wonky (since I can't even make any comments or posts the majority of the time) and will be back to updating things when it's less difficult to do so. August release will still be happening. Hopefully by then LJ will have survived through this latest bout of DDos attacks).

I shouldn't even be trying, but let's see if this goes through. I typed up a long post (this I have saved) and then a shorter post on my tablet hoping that might work better (that I don't have saved), and neither posted. I just hope there doesn't end up being a million posts from me later if it so happens that those entries did post correctly! The short post was about whether or not I should consider haunting microblogging sites like tumblr.

While I love the blog format and am sad that we've taken to microblogging so much (and I am the type to stick to one thing to the bitter end), perhaps it's time to join the crowd. I go where the content is, and where there are friends to meet and keep in touch with. Lj still seems to be the go to place for fics though. Dreamwidth is still a fairly quiet in comparison, and I don't think people truly consider tumblr a place to post fic. Do people post fic on tumblr? I've been considering for a long time if I want to move my fic elsewhere, since this journal of mine has become quite messy with random fandom junk, but then I started this journal for it to be a fic journal (and look how that ended up). Probably if I started a fic journal, the same thing would happen again. I guess I'll wait until DW goes through with the option of importing by tags, as that will make separating my posts a lot easier. In any case, this will be my main haunt for quite some time yet unless everyone jumps ship.

First with my internet down, and then LJ down, I've been checking ffnet a lot more (goodness...), dreamwidth, and watching stuff.

Anyway, you can find me below, though very inactive for the first two. My tumblr is brand new, and I don't know what to do with it.

And now for some super long babbling about stuff I've watched and am watching.

movies: Harry Potter 7-2, Captain America, Trigun Badlands Rumble )

jdrama: Ikemen desu ne, IS otoko demo onna demo nai sei, Ouran High School Host Club )

anime: Natsume Yuujinchou San, Hanasaku Iroha )
I read through almost all of the Yuletide and Yuletide Madness fics I've been meaning to read. It took me a long time, and I had so many tabs open. I also left as many comments as I could even though I was far from profound in all of them. The series near the end of the alphabet got the short end because my comments got shorter and shorter, and I ended up not checking out the fandoms I was less familiar with or fics with characters I cared less about (but I did for the beginning of the alphabet). I might return to them later, but for now, I'm done. ^__^

I am fairly sure I ran into a number of [ profile] darkicedragon's fics with the fandoms I did end up reading, haha, but I was clued in because of the titles and the summary before the actual fic confirmed my guess. But who knows, maybe I'm completely off the mark. XD; Anyway...

5 fics I enjoyed a lot (outside of my gifts) (why does this sound like the title of a fic? People have been titling their fics like this way too much *g*) I realize I've never recced any fic from Yuletide outside of squeeing over my gifts each year... so, have some recs.

The Closest Place to Forever (Cat Street, Nako)
This gives Nako wonderful closure as well as a glimpse into everyone's lives and how they're settling into it now that they're all older.

Cake (Honey and Clover, Ayumi/Nomiya)
They're a pair I actually adore a whole lot (I don't adore too many couples), and this fic does it perfectly. The ending really touched me.

Sit. Stay. Beg (Minamishineyo|You're Beautiful)
This is cuteness, really, with enough humor and adorableness to make me smile all night.

Never Lag Behind (Natsume Yuujinchou)
This could be a chapter out of the manga! I really loved how things unfolded here.

She Says It's Not a Love Song (But it Totally Is) (Yu Yu Hakusho, Yukina)
Yukina is awesome in this, and everyone else is written in a way that makes me wish this fic were even longer (but it's a perfect length, with self discovery, realizations, and a whole lot more).

Yuletide aside, I started reading +C: Sword and Cornett, and I like it a lot (with the conspiracies and princes and people saving and crossdressing and loyalty). But now that I've read through everything that's available so quickly, I'll need to wait. *grumbles* Still, this is now also on my to-buy list. :) I've also been reading T.R.A.P. (that I bought last last week) and finished volume 1 so far, and yup, the main character really does have amnesia, and he's probably psychic. *g* I look forward to seeing what kind of soccer will result from this.
Natsume Yuujinchou

Finally caught up with this. Natsume has the prettiest eyelashes. :O Such a touching series~. spoilerish for first season )

Shugo Chara

Was on chapter 20 or so, but now I started on the anime too. Seeing all those guardian characters (shugo chara? whatever they're called??) makes me want to make plushies of them. <3 I have been too lazy to make anything lately though. =x


asdkljfa; Freaky bunnies. Why did I start reading this series?? The game is very similar to Mafia. My gut instinct about the Wolf was correct.

Detective Conan ch.677-678

Something is finally happening! You have to read these chapters if you haven't yet. =P I'm not quite sure what to think yet. Maybe it's a trap.

Mr. Fullswing

I'm on volume 10 at the moment. The jokes go right over my head. Too much text for me to read, so I usually just skip them. x__x I thought Saruno would be one of those characters who goofs off in the beginning and then gets a lot more serious later on (like Shinozaki from Overdrive), but Saruno never lessens his gags! :O Such a crazy series. My favorite character is Nezu. Hardworking, always shocked at Saruno's jokes...poor guy. Tomaru is crazily skilled with his speed, Shiba never talks but is quite dependable, Inukai feels like he should be a popular character, but surprisingly, the others are more popular. The captain reminds me of Cloud. The hairstyle, I think. XD; Quite an amusing cast of characters.

3 gatsu no Lion

Rei~~~~!!! Okay, last time I stopped around chapter 8. And at that time, Rei was a little aloof, but nothing serious. spoilers )