SilverMajusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with chapter 6~. You can read it here. Chikus POV~.

I joined April's Camp NaNoWriMo with 25k as the goal. I like how flexible Camp NaNo is! There are many different types of goals to choose from, such as word count, hours written, pages, etc, and there are writing cabins too. I requested to be in a fanfic cabin with a similar word count goal. :) Time to go camping~

Next chapter that I finish should be A Vice-Captain's Tale, chapter 11. It's finally the Adair chapter!

Now, there was only one person left who hadn't approached me—Vice-Captain Sun, the unofficial leader of the vice-captains. There was no actual leader among us, but everyone knew Adair was it.

By this time, I had already left the training grounds. He was still nowhere in sight.

Where in the world is he?
SilverMajusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with Part 5. You can read it over here.

The translations are also now on AO3!
太陽騎士萬歲 (translation of Long Live the Sun Knight)
我的好友——(實習)教皇陛下 (translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training))

They are being posted on 冒險者天堂 as well.

I tossed a random intro to a magical boy reincarnation fic I wrote up on ffnet just for the sake of updating. Here's the teaser. No idea what to name it. :'D I wrote it last year while watching Sailor Moon Crystal and thought I could totally work with the seals in V8 as a shared symbol among all of them that would help them recognize each other. Anyway, I didn't write much of the fic because... too many WIPs.

Here's another snippet for anyone interested though.
Even after a few weeks, the news of the "magical boy" who had stopped the goo monster was still trending. It was all over the media and had wormed its way into dorm gossip too.

"Weren't you there at the time?" My roommate asked from his desk. He was diligently doing his homework. Somehow, he always seemed to have homework to do. Never-ending homework. He must be taking a crazy amount of classes.

"Yeah, I was."

"So? Did you see anything?"

Hah, did I see anything? I was part of it! But no way was I going to let my roommate know. He was a total gossiper.

"Nothing," I said.

But after I spoke, I couldn't help but touch my chest. That burning feeling...

As for actual, new writing, I've been writing a oneshot that comes between A Slice of Wedding Cake and My Very Own Creature of Darkness. Currently at 3.5k words, and still not completed yet. I hope it's under 5k!
I started a Chinese translation of the fic~


What was funny was that I ended up elaborating a bit more (hey, hey, this isn't a translation anymore), so I was sort of editing the story again. Anyway, I went back to the English version and made some revisions to reflect the changes I made in the Chinese version. The Chinese and the English don't match very well, whoops.

And then I received a comment from weixin saying they haven't even gotten V3 yet. XD;; Ahhhh, even in Chinese fandom, V3 is elusive!!

By the way, here's a gorgeous Legend of Sun Knight fan comic drawn by 12HolyKnights called "The sound of piano - A tender feeling." I highly recommend it!
Silver Majusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with Chapter 4, Elijah's POV. :)

Cai Hong Zhong mentioned on his Facebook that you can read the Dragon Youth Comic magazine for free on Tongli's ebook website over here, for three months. I've tried it out with some of their current magazines. It seems that the magazines with Taiwan comics are region free while the magazines that publish Japanese manga (translated into Chinese) are limited to Taiwan only. I haven't seen the issue that has Human Doll Contract yet. *keeps refreshing* It seems that there are multiple issues per month... The issue with Human Doll Contract is one of the June issues, and Human Doll Contract is on the cover! The cover looks like this. House Keeper (Guan Jia) and Ziya are on the cover. Ziya enjoying his milk tea. XD

I see "Human Doll Contract" written in huge words and not Illusions, Lies, Truth on the cover. I wonder if this means only the first two volumes will be drawn (since starting from V3, it's called "In the Name of God"), or if it will just be published under Human Doll Contract?
SilverManjusaka translated Part 3 of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) into Chinese. It's the chapter featuring Ceo's POV!

Here's the update.

I love it. :D It's such an odd but cool feeling reading your own work as interpreted by someone else. I found Ceo quite endearing here, and I actually smiled at some parts??? Like, "oh, I liked what happened here!" but wait, wasn't I the original author It's cool. It's like reading a whole new story and getting to enjoy a storyline I've wanted to see. That's part of the reason why I write in the first place, wanting to see certain stories! Since other people haven't written it, I end up writing it myself. Now I get the best of both worlds! XD

This reminds me though that it's been some time since I've updated the story. Eeeep. I'm probably going to try to finish this oneshot about Adair (I've been stuck on it for 2 years... Not that I've spent 2 years writing it, but it's been sitting in my folder for that long... Can I finally finish it?) and then I might see if I can poke either Invincible or My Friend, the Pope back into life. why so many unfinished stories At least, Drink Me Under was a short fic. Thank the God of Light! Yay for completed fics!

Anyway, here's the discarded introduction to the Adair fic. The new version is around 1.5k so far. I'm hoping I can finish it sometime. =x

Read more... )
Yu Wo's forums got an upgrade! I love it! It seems much more streamlined, and it works really well with mobile now. Except... the sad thing is, all of the author comments have disappeared... DDD: All those years of author comments! But other than that, I'm really liking the upgrade. There's always been this system of leveling up depending on how much you reply and post. The levels seem to be something like holy-knight-in-training -> holy knight -> ?? -> ??. With vice-captain being there somewhere. I don't know which level is where, since I'm at the lowest level. XD;; I've been commenting more though, and I even made my first post, so maybe one day I'll become a holy knight??? (I want to be a vice-captain!!) Hopefully before the titles are changed, if they're ever changed. (Please don't change them anytime soon, ahhhhh I love the current titles! But I have a feeling they could be changed to something from Dominion's End)

I translated the prologue of A Vice-Captain's Tale into Chinese! This will be good Chinese practice. I hope I made sense, ahahaha, and don't have too many wrong words... (I can't really tell, OTL, how do I Chinese???) I was able to translate a little more while being stuck in jury duty today. :'D;;;


Debating if I should crosspost on LJ/ffnet/AO3. Maybe just on AO3...
SilverManjusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with chapter 2! You can read it below.


I really need to update this fic. :'D;

Recent stuff I bought! Well, not so recent anymore, but I finally got around to taking pics~. LSK fanfic doujinshi "Second Life", Key of the Sunken Moon artbook, several Japanese manga, and LSK V3 (new version).

There's this really popular crossover fanfic between Legend of Sun Knight and Unique Legend called "Second Life." There's even fanfics of this fanfic about! I bought the first 5 volumes. They're super thick. (So so epic. I wish I could write like this). You can find the fanfic over here. The basic premise is that Grisia and all the others died and reincarnated in the Unique Legend world. The first part of the story has them finding each other, while later parts of the story incorporate more of the Unique Legend world.

more pics of Second Life )

recent manga )

Key of the Sunken Moon artbook )

LSK v3 )
SilverManjusaka started translating My Friend, the Pope (in-training) into Chinese~


One chapter translated so far. :)
SilverManjusaka translated Long Live the Sun Knight into Chinese! :D

太阳骑士万岁 —雷瑟是太阳骑士?


So I always thought of this fic as light Lesus/Grisia, but wow is the translation shippy. XD; Grisia's voice sounds better than in the original fic, me feels, haha. I adored it. SilverManjusaka took some liberties with the translation to make it sound more natural. I thought the result was pretty neat.

I've been wanting to translate some of my fics myself, but my attempts have not gotten far at all (because what is composing in Chinese even). I certainly wouldn't be able to make it sound like this. :3

So, today was the ending to Kamigami no Asobi! I adored the ending! I really didn't expect to like this anime so much heading in, but ahhhh, I really adored it. (...I guess the parallels to Legend of Sun Knight helped. XD;; I'll take it anywhere I can get, haha)

more rambling )

I wish I had more time. I would totally cosplay Kamigami hahahaha (but Anime Expo is only just around the corner).


Jun. 20th, 2013 11:59 pm
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Oh wow, Jenny Flint already translated Part 31 of Bittersweet Sweetness. That was faaast. XD;

Dulzura Agridulce!

I started reading this manga called Again!! about a high school student who is just about to graduate. He hasn't accomplished anything during his three years of high school and has been a loner throughout. He wonders how life would have been different if he had made different choices, especially if he had answered yes when the girl from the ouendan asked him to join. He would always remember her for performing the school song during the entrance ceremony all alone. The ouendan later disbanded because of a lack of members. He visits the abandoned club room of the ouendan for one last look and ends up in a misunderstanding with a girl who is waiting for her boyfriend. He chases her to clear up the misunderstanding but both end up falling down the stairs, ending up three years in the past.

Second chances. <333 Time traveling! And a cynical protagonist who is easily misunderstood. XD

Read more... )
Jenny Flint has translated Stuck on a Carpet to Spanish! \o\

Atrapado sobre una alfombra
Estar atrapado en una alfombra con Lolidragon (descontando el hecho de que Sunshine también estaba ahí) hacía que Yang Ming pensara cosas muy raras. Yang Ming/Lolidragon

Also, I edited the ending of Bittersweet Sweetness Part 31 a bit. Now I'm happier with it! I hope not a lot of people have read the chapter yet. |D;;

I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately. Not as lot as some other people, but still a lot! My brother has been playing the stalk market and making me check my turnip prices, hahahaha. I had a huge spike today! Turnips were going for 624 bells!!! But I personally didn't buy all that many turnips. OTL Other people benefited from my shop. |D;;
[ profile] parallelsfic has started once again! \o\ It's a rare Asian fandoms fanwork exchange. Nominations end on June 15. Sign-ups are between June 16-June 29, and assignments go out on July 1 and are due in a month on August 1. Here's the A03 collection, nominations for series/characters go here, and series that have already been nominated can be viewed here.

I'm super excited. :DDDD Many series have already been nominated! Assassination Classroom, Haikyuu, Hataraku Maou-sama, Fire Emblem (several of them!!! Rekka no Ken, Fuuin no Tsurugi, Path of Radiance, Awakening... ahhhh), just to name a few series I'm currently into... So many other awesome nominations too, like Suikoden I, III, Tierkreis (none of which I can write, but I would love fic), Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuragehime, Oresama Teacher... Last year, I wrote a Kuroko no Basket fic for Parallels. I wonder what I'll end up writing this year? :3 I certainly don't feel KnB can be considered a "rare" fandom anymore, haha. Awakening and Shingeki no Kyojin are both fairly popular at the moment, but fics are only just starting out, so hopefully people don't feel they're too popular to be rare. (Also, for Awakening... there don't seem to be many fics about Libra yet. I should request fic about him...) I can't really participate in the SnK fandom though, since I'm trying to avoid manga spoilers. :3;;

SO YEAH. Parallels is starting! If you like Asian fandoms, check it out! It's an exchange that includes three types of fanworks: fics, fanart, and videos! So if you fic, art, or vid, this is a great exchange to check out. :)

(*nudge nudge* If you enjoy Legend of Sun Knight, consider participating in the exchange and making it one of your requests! I would love writing for you! XD;;;;) LSK hasn't been nominated yet, but I will definitely nominate it if no one else does before I do. =P

That aside, Jenny Flint has translated another two of my fics into Spanish~. This time, it's an Ace Attorney fic and a Death Note fic! \o/ Now that AA5 has been announced, I really should... post the AA fics I have in the works... before new canon completely trounces them... I haven't touched them in years though. :'D Perhaps I'll just post up what I have... just in my journal. Since they don't really end. OTL

Sólo se necesita un terremoto
Gumshoe piensa que Edgeworth no es tan frío como todos creen. El detective está determinado a hacer que Mr. Edgeworth sonría. is not as cold as people think he is. The detective is determined to make Mr. Edgeworth smile. Historia dulce.

Por Light
En donde Misa idea un plan que involucra unas llaves perdidas. Por el bien de Light, por supuesto.
Translations for both Bittersweet Sweetness and Behind Closed Doors are now up to date! I better get back to finishing Bittersweet

Dulzura Agridulce
En lugar de recibir un broche que lo disfrace de asesino, Sol recibe un dije que hace que intercambie cuerpos con Juicio. Ahora, Juicio debe descifrar el misterio tras el Caballero de la Muerte en lugar de Sol. El problema es que imitar la pobre esgrima de Sol no es nada fácil, ¿y quién podría decir lo que estaba haciendo Sol con el cuerpo de Juicio, mientras tanto?

A Puerta Cerrada
Cuando Sol pasó frente al cuarto de oración, escuchó unos sonidos muy... sospechosos. (Sol x Adair x Juicio)

Also, levy120 did a podfic of Enemy Territory~. Such a cute voice! :)

Enemy Territory
Nine year old Phoenix clutched his teacher's hand tightly as she led him down the hallway. Coming here was like entering enemy territory! Phoenix tries to make an ally out of his classmate Edgeworth. These are Phoenix's first impressions of Edgeworth.

I've been trying to write a Bakuman oneshot, but I'm getting really stuck with it even though it should just be a simple thing... I think I'll return to Bittersweet for now and poke at it later... (And of course when I get stuck with one fic, I get bombarded with ideas for new fics... OTL. Go away, plunnies, I can't take care of you right now!)
Jenny Flint has translated the first 10 chapters of Bittersweet Sweetness into Spanish~. :D I read the first chapter and the reviews with my broken Spanish. (This will be good practice for me, heh)

Dulzura Agridulce
En lugar de recibir un broche que lo disfrace de asesino, Sol recibe un dije que hace que intercambie cuerpos con Juicio. Ahora, Juicio debe descifrar el misterio tras el Caballero de la Muerte en lugar de Sol. El problema es que imitar la pobre esgrima de Sol no es nada fácil, ¿y quién podría decir lo que estaba haciendo Sol con el cuerpo de Juicio, mientras tanto?

I received my new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1 last week, along with other stuff. The book is truly gorgeous. Have some belated squealing over all the stuff. XD;

An artbook of Taiwanese artists (I bought it for Kill no More), new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1, 1/2 Prince manhua v13, and Zelda Hyrule Historia (only English thing out of all of these). Bought it because of the lovely pics [ profile] kedi_kedi posted of it. :)

pics of LSK v1 new edition )

pics of Half Prince manhua v13 )

pics of Kill no More from the artbook of Taiwanese artists )

I'm still in the middle of playing Fire Emblem Awakening, which is taking up any spare time I have outside of work. |D; I feel like I've reverted into being even more of a lurker than I usually am, OTL, since I haven't been around much or very responsive...

more babbling about Fire Emblem Awakening )
Vietnamese translation of Tension, a Bakuman fic, thanks to Hyouton Inuki! I love fic translations. :)

Here's the link!

Speaking of Bakuman, I caught up with the 3rd season of the anime! \o\ Although the pacing is a lot faster now, it doesn't feel too rushed. I'm actually glad the 2nd Nanamine arc was cut out, since it didn't build on his character much at all. I hope I'll find the ending satisfactory! Will be a little sad to see the series conclude though.

Fire Emblem, ah, Fire Emblem. Awakening has been out of stock and delayed everywhere!!! I pre-ordered Fire Emblem Awakening at GameStop because I wanted the artbook that came with pre-orders, and I wanted to get the game on the day of the release. That was supposed to be Monday, and now it's Friday. -__-; I've been calling GameStop a lot to check if they'd gotten the game yet. (The answer was always no, check back tomorrow! We're getting it tomorrow! And then, of course, the next day, the answer was "no" again...) On Tuesday, I went to buy something at my local electronics store, saw FE:A on the shelf (there were only two available, I picked one up, started checking GameStop's cancellation policy for pre-orders and put the game down, and then this guy came over... I thought it'd be best to grab the game again, and lo and behold, he grabbed the last copy. And then started checking his phone too. =P ) I ended up buying the game and was so conflicted over my pre-order. -___-; I haven't canceled my pre-order, so I guess... I'll end up with two copies, one for my brother. ^^;; I'd planned on lending the game to him after I finished, but now I'll get to keep my copy, haha. I didn't think I'd be one of those who bought multiple copies. I still haven't gotten my pre-order yet though. Hope I can pick it up today after I wake up. (Thankfully, my work day isn't as long this Friday) Am really loving the game. <3 Went with a female avatar named Ruka for this playthrough.

Yu Wo sounds like she's starting to write part 2 of When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher. Trying to make it for Chinese New Year, I think. XD In it, Chasel mentions a person he was hoping to have in his platoon. However, that person ended up in the Sun Knight Platoon. Might this person be the vice-captain Chasel appointed for Neo? XDDDD (I'm bouncing all over the place. Vice-captains!!! :DDDD For some reason, I really like the vice-captains...) I do wonder who this character will turn out to be, even if not the vice-captain.

Chinese New Year this weekend! I will be off at my relatives' for the weekend but am hoping to be able to find some time to write. :) It is more likely that I'll be playing FE:A though, haha. |D;; (I haven't finished FE12...)
Jenny Flint finished translating Behind Closed Doors Part 1~ (...I really need to finish writing Part 2, haha...)

A Puerta Cerrada
Cuando Sol pasó frente al cuarto de oración, escuchó unos sonidos muy... sospechosos. (Sol x Adair x Juicio)

I should read all of these to brush up on my fail!Spanish. |D;; I've been reading Leeris' reviews and can mostly understand them! \o\

Also of interest to Yu Wo fans:
LSK, 1/2 Prince, and Kill No More styled hotel rooms - I cannot stop giggling over this. There are even cosplayers in the room too. I wonder if they're always there or not. One of the pics show a set of novels. Maybe the rooms come with the novels so you can enjoy the novels while you're there? XD;
New merchandise for LSK, 1/2 Prince, Kill No More, and No Hero (also at Kingstone)

But most of all, I find this, this, and this to be hilarious. LSK brand facial cleanser, hand moisturizer, and lip balm. XDDD Oh Grisia. You are indeed very good advertisement for beauty products. A career he can consider after he retires. Then he will never have to worry about money ever again.
Another fic translation!
Apuntes del Diario de un Caballero Sagrado
¿Creen conocer a la 38ª Generación de Caballeros Sagrados? Sí, claro. Primer Apunte: "Para Mantener Feliz al Caballero Sol, Atibórralo de Dulces". Segundo Apunte: "Para Salvar la Vista del Caballero Tormenta, Róbale sus Mujeres". Cada capítulo gira alrededor de dos caballeros diferentes.

LSK stuff! \o\ These arrived in two shipments. Very happy I received these before the year ended.

Legend of Sun Knight manhua v4 + poster of Cloud, J.U./Rippleless artbook (she draws doujinshi of LSK and is also the artist for some of the official merchandize), 3 LSK doujinshi, and 3 volumes of Key of the Sunken Moon by Shui Quan. These three volumes are part of the spin-off. I've yet to read the main series though. I hope I end up liking the series!

ramblings about the doujinshi )

translation of a cute Q&A from the back of LSK manhua v4 )

Happy new years everyone. ♥

By the way, the translation of the Half Prince novels has finally been completed, wow! If you've never read 1/2 Prince before, or you think you might give it a try, now is a good time since the whole thing has been completed! :D Translations can be found over here. Cold Fox has awesome screen time in the ending chapters. 8D

(As for Lucathia spending money, I also bought Oresama Teacher v15, Kimi to Boku v12, Junai Labyrinth v7, Akatsuki no Yona v10, and Bokura no Kiseki v7 last week. *watches money go down the drain*)
Pseudo-cuento de hadas (Skip Beat!)
Kyouko se ofusca por su papel de Bo, y se ve actuando en el cuanto de hadas más ridículo de la historia con el tipo que odia. Aparición especial de Bridge Rock.

Another translation into Spanish by Jenny Flint! This one is of my only Skip Beat! fic. I'm behind with Skip Beat! canon once again, but I've seen that people have had large reactions to the latest chapter. Chapter 195 or something? Sounds like it's time to catch up again.

I want to write mooore. I've been posting fic translation after fic translation, but I haven't been posting any new fic! ): December is already looking to be not a very good fic writing month.

I also wish that typesetters grew on trees. I could really use the help of a typesetter to actually get Kimi to Boku scanlation releases started again. I'm almost desperate enough to typeset the chapter myself. Anyone know of any typesetters looking for work? |D;; Or is anyone willing to freelance for a chapter...
Lessons in Demeanor has been translated into Spanish and can be found below! \o\

Clases de comportamiento
Si alguien quisiera aprender a ligar mejor, ¿a quién pedir ayuda, si no al mismísimo... próximo Caballero Tierra, que es tan casto y puro? ¿Qué? ¿Que eso no tiene sentido?

Video games I've been playing recently. First is Fire Emblem 12 (Shin Monshou no Shou). I started playing this in 2010 but stopped, thinking that I'd wait for a North American release... but that never happened. Restarting the game now (just in time because now there's an English patch), though I'm doing terrible in the game. Probably the worst I've ever done. |D;; (I also nearly named my character Luke when there's already a Luke in the game, oops, and reading my previous post about the game... I knew about the character back then! Oh what a shoddy memory...) I'm now a bit further than I had gotten last time, but still not too far in the game. I'm probably not training the myunit character the best way. I like mages too much, but they don't have the best defense. |D Let's see if I can finish the game this time and not forget it for another two years...

I'm all ready for the next Fire Emblem. Bought myself a 3DS for it. \o\ Currently playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on it. All the nostalgiaaaa. Though I actually haven't beaten a single Final Fantasy game before, ahaha...

movie talk! Skyfall and Rise of the Guardians )
Dead in the Knight has now been translated as well. \o\ The original (and very nonsensical) pun in the title wasn't exactly translatable, so we worked out a different pun in Spanish on Night of the Living Dead.

La noche de los cadavérlleros vivientes
"Han pasado tres días desde que vi a Ceo por última vez." Universo Alterno Zombi de la Leyenda del Caballero Sol.

I'll slowly be tossing these translations up at lucathia-esp on AO3 as well, though probably not right away. I tested it with one fic though! It was really cool that I was able to fill in that this was a translation, and then I got an email saying that a related work was posted, and the email asked if I wanted to link the original with the related work. *___* Reaally cool.

Adventures with Dragon NaturallySpeaking: I've trained it in a lot of Japanese names, haha. Going to try to dictate an entire oneshot. 8D The style I ended up with has been pretty different from my usual writing. Much more on crack, haha, and less introspective.


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