For the first two weeks of August, I went off to Taiwan~. Been back from the trip for around a week (busy busy trying to settle in with work and catch up with stuff). It's been 17 years since I've traveled there. Boy, do I remember very little of Taiwan. Some things haven't changed though, while some stuff has changed a lot. But what's different about this trip is that I had places and events I wanted to cram in, with a shorter stay than any of my previous trips to Taiwan, so it was a trip with a super full itinerary. Went out bright and early every day and didn't get home until around 11 pm every night. Walked my feet off. XD There was no rest at all. I became very familiar with the public transit. I also got to see my relatives who I haven't seen in just as long as I haven't been back to Taiwan. 17 years!! (I was so tiny back then.)

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Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

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I've rewatched the Christmas special for Miraculous Ladybug too many times, heh, both in French and in English. (It's also pretty interesting to compare what gets changed in the translation) I giggled during this scene. It was a cute special, and the singing was super fun and over the top. I definitely wouldn't say no to more musical specials. Adrien's loneliness was really brought to the forefront here. Adrien!! ;__; While the special didn't tell much about his mom, it did reveal that she's only been missing for a year. I thought it would've been longer than that! I wish Tikki had gotten to sing too. Plagg got a cute little song, after all, that dramatic cat.

Soon, [community profile] yuletide fics are going to go live~. I have a gift and a treat! I shook my presents (I can never resist), so I think I have a pretty good clue what the fandoms will be. XD

Yu Wo is holding a Q&A for her characters on Facebook. Pretty amusing questions and answers. This one is my favorite:

Q: I'd like to ask Grisia—when you're missing out on desserts and have too much work to take care of, if you can only choose one person, Judgment or Ice, who would you choose?

Grisia: Adair.

Even when he's not one of the choices! XD
In the blink of an eye, several years have passed since I wrote summaries for 39. In the meantime, I actually finished translating 39 volume 1 but never finished writing the summaries. Now that the translations of these chapters are being posted at Prince Revolution!, summaries probably aren’t needed anymore. :’D

I had finished the summary of Chapter 4 Part/Section 1, so I guess I’ll post it here. I have just posted the actual translation of the chapter over at Prince Revolution. So, feel free to go over there to read the chapter and then come back to read my thoughts/summary if you’re interested. Don’t know if there’s any interest for summaries/thoughts of the rest of the chapters since translations will be up soon anyway.

Yu Wo has yet to release 39 volume 2 (4 year wait ahhhh), but I hope it’ll happen this year. She’s been working on it and posting teasers, so it might actually happen soon. So far, the teasers are about Elaro and a bandit group. Adair’s involved as well. ;)

Past summaries can be found through this tag.

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Been sick this past week. Still a bit out of it. :') But the fever and cough have finally gone away! \o/ (and now I can take pics of stuff, but my coherency is not guaranteed)

The new Illusions-Lies-Truth bundle that was sold in February was called "Luke Hunter: Wild Imagination of the Future." It came with a 59 page short story about Lu Yang, and a Lu Yang blanket (pictured above). A blanket?! Well, now I have a towel of the Ice Emperor and a Lu Yang blanket, hahahaha. Maybe I should add a pillow to the collection one day. I also bought myself a copy of the 1/2 Prince 10th Anniversary Artbook. It's already been over 10 years since 1/2 Prince was first published.

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I bought and finished reading all 9 volumes of 異願洛恩斯... /rolls around. No one to talk to with about the series. ):

Back to stuff I bought. There was finally enough sunlight for me to take pics! I've always been home too late, or it's been raining. -__-;

Human Doll Contract manhua V1 and Dominion's End V4.

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Jan. 16th, 2016 06:12 pm
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Bought myself Human Doll Contract v1 (manhua version) and Dominion's End V4. I got HDC earlier in the month. DEv4 arrived on Thursday. Will put pics up. I thought they would get shipped together after DE got released, but they shipped HDC to me separately.

Cai Hong Zhong, the artist of HDC, sounds so tired and burned out! He also recently fell sick, so there was no new chapter published in December's magazine. I wish him good health. He has an autograph session during February's convention on Feb 14. Pics of the autograph board. I'm amused that the illustration for the body pillow of Ziya was used for the autograph board as well. :'D

I finished reading Dominion's End V4 in three hours. Oops.

Dominion's End V4 was much more relaxing and lighthearted compared to V3. V3 was all the feels. V3 felt like a conclusion. V4 is pretty much the start of another chapter in their lives, building from the ground up. A very transitional volume too. Yu Wo even says that she wants to attempt to write a long story. She's aiming for 15+ volumes. :OOOO As a result, there can be volumes like V3 and V4 where we spend entire volumes away from characters I thought were main characters. Instead, Shuyu spends the majority of the volumes by himself, with side characters, and new characters. The cast is going to be huge. Like, we met a new character in V2 that I thought would be fairly prominent, and they haven't shown up again yet in 2 volumes. We met a new character in V3 that seems fairly important too, but they didn't have a single scene in V4, except for the side story at the end. We're in for a long, long ride.

Recently, I also finished reading Key of the Sunken Moon season 2 volumes 1-2. The new character, Jin Shi, is pretty cute. There's a huge sidestory printed at the end of v2 that's dedicated to his backstory. It paints him in a very different light. At first, I was disappointed that it was a side story and not a continuation of V2. It was seriously a huge chunk of the novel! But as I read the side story, I grew more and more interested in Jin Shi and also the world he came from.

Apparently, Shui Quan's other novel, 異願洛恩斯, is related to Key of the Sunken Moon. It details a world that is connected to Fan Tong's world but separated and can't be reached. One of the characters is even the younger brother of Puhahaha. I went and read everything of what Shui Quan has posted in her blog. She usually posts the beginning of each volume. So, I read the beginning chapters of all 9 volumes. :'D

...I have the general story, but I'm sure missing all the climaxes. In the end, I bought the series. Hoping to be able to read it next week. Same artist as Sunken Moon's artist. Such pretty art~.
Website for Dominion's End V4.

There are character introductions for Uncle (he has a name, Jiang Lingqing), the military guy from V3 (Chen Yanqing), and Guan Weijun.

Guan Weijun. :OOOOOOO She sounds different from the Guan Weijun we've been reading about. Also, no boyfriend. Sounds more carefree?

New books

Dec. 20th, 2015 01:56 pm
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Didn't participate in [ profile] yuletide again this year. I'm still on the pinch hit list though, and the pinch hits are flooding in. XD; I've saved a few letters that interested me, but I'm still busy catching up on stuff. So, likely no writing on that front.

Got some new books last month. Finally some time to post pics~

Legend of Sun Knight new edition V6, GOD new edition V3 (the artist changed, so it came with covers for V1 and V2 as well), and Key of the Sunken Moon season 2 V1-V2. Finished rereading GOD V3. Saimi's character is changed a bit so that he's more responsible as a king, and there's a bit more on 剋星(bane).

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By the way, Shui Quan's new doujin novel to be sold in February's CWT. A bodyswap story between Ie and Naerxi. I still can't get over the fact that Shui Quan writes doujinshi of her own stuff, and the official artist (who is a guy) is even drawing the art for it. And the stuff he's being asked to draw, lol. Those last two drawings on that page...
Remember that contest held on Yu Wo's forums that I won? I received the prizes~~. Since I won two separate contests, a No Hero and a Dominion's End one, Yu Wo asked if I wanted one of the prizes changed. Otherwise, I'd get two of the same prize. XD; I said that I liked posters. She managed to dig one up for me, and she also included some other miscellaneous items! It was quite fun opening up the package and wondering what I might get. I did feel a bit bad that she had to spend time replacing one of the prizes, and that she had to send it overseas.

The prizes. The original prize was the Bai Lian Yue bundle, which comes with a bag, the novel, the comic "Cafe & Tea," three postcards, a small card, and 4 rolls of decorative tape. (You can see more photos over here from my own purchase). I like having more of the decorative tape. Now, I have enough to use them on cards~~.

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Oct. 4th, 2015 03:23 pm
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There are even more differences between the old version and the new version than I thought. I thought I'd be able to translate from the online texts floating around, at least for the beginning chapters before the major revisions, and then compare with the new version for any discrepancies and added text. But seeing how many revisions Yu Wo made, I think I'll just translate straight from the new version.

Yu Wo wasn't kidding when she said she revised GOD. This isn't even dealing with the revised scenes yet.

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J.U. has a new batch of LSK key chains. Featuring the 39th gen. Too bad they're only available in capsule machines. There's one secret key chain, which is blurred out. I think Lesus mixed himself in together with the kids? XD

J.U. has also been posting some of her progress pics for V6.
Charlotte's design
Grisia giving Charlotte a lollipop (aw, they were such cute kids. Grisia actually looks kind of charming here? Maybe he won't be mistaken for a girl like this!)
Charlotte hiding behind Stephen
The wrong choice/right choice scene! (!!!!)

Whenever J.U. gets stuck, she doodles Neo/Adrizzt pics, haha. She ships them very strongly.
Pic 1 / Pic 2

Yu Wo made a fun post for the Mid Autumn Festival featuring most of her main characters. (link)

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Last of all, an update on the LSK cell phone game. A screenshot of it was posted here near the bottom of the post. The game was premiered at the Tokyo Game Show from September 17 to September 20, with a playable demo. (Which is why the banner has Japanese on it) Sounds like there are plans for the oversea market. The game will likely be made available in Japan.

So strange to see Legend of Sun Knight spelled out in katakana. XD The tagline says, "Fate smiles down on the hero." Supposedly, the game will involve the plot from V1-8 and 39 LSK. The art is done by a Korean artist.

(Also, new Human Doll Contract manhua chapter~~. Check out Tongli's ebook site HDC is on chapter 5 now. New chapter on the 25th of each month)
Aaaahhhhhh. *flails*

So, Yu Wo held some contests over the summer. There was one for writing impressions/commentary about No Hero, and one for writing impressions/commentary about Dominion's End. I entered both! I started writing the No Hero one very early on but almost decided to scrap it. When I saw the deadline approach, I finally decided to finish and enter it. (Writing in Chinese is so hard ahhhhhh. It's so difficult to express myself... and my writing is so stiff!) After I posted it, I took a look at my reaction post to Dominion's End V3 I'd written in English and thought, "Why not?" So, I translated my post into Chinese and fixed it up a bit, making it a bit more formal and more focused on my reactions and thoughts instead of summarizing events. I entered that too.


It took a bit, but results have finally been announced, and omg, omg, my name is there! For both contests! Are my eyes deceiving me??? Ahhhhhhhh. Yu Wo even wrote, "There's actually someone who won twice, haha. Too amazing! Congratulations~" (I saw that sentence first and thought... can't be me, right...? But... omg... XDD;; /still in disbelief)

There are three winners for each contest, and not that many entries this time, but I didn't think I'd get chosen for both. :O *flails*

/continues to be giddy for the rest of the day

The prize is the Bai Lian Yue bundle + 4 rolls of decorative tape. I guess I'll have extras now. XD

I'm very glad my Chinese was comprehensible. :'D;; There was so much I couldn't express though... T___T;; But I guess I'll translate my No Hero entry into English sometime. XD They were my overall thoughts on No Hero and its themes. I never did write a reaction to No Hero's ending in English. =x I'll probably add more to it since writing in English is much easier...

Eclipse Hunter

Sep. 6th, 2015 02:23 pm
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What I managed to buy of Eclipse Hunter~. I received these in April! They're all second hand because these were only sold in conventions back in 2007-2009 or so. The novels had book covers on them. I haven't taken them off in these photos, so the covers are a little hard to see in the pics.

Illustrations were by Ya Sha.

some more pics )
Yu Wo released a side story featuring Bai Lian Yue as the POV this summer. It details several Eclipse Hunter events from Bai Lian Yue's POV, with a focus on his love for Ri Xiang Yan, and it ends some time after No Hero's ending. (but before the epilogue of No Hero) This is considered a side story to Eclipse Hunter, but it's probably best read after reading all of No Hero. At least, chapter 5 is best read after reading all of NH.

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Pics of LSK new edition v5! The volume with Cloud's updated design. Cloud has eyes now! He's more of a ninja than a samurai now too. XD

I bought v5 two times (ahahaha) because I wanted both posters. The Lesus poster is from buying online, and the good, warm-hearted poster is from the comic exhibition. The poster got all damaged from shipping though. T_______T

T-The poster was the whole point!

more pictures )
Got some new books this week. Pics of ILT first!

I guess I should've put a piece of white paper in the bag so Ziya wouldn't look like he has ink on his face. XD; This is a side story bundle about Jiu Ge for Illusion, Lies, Truth. It came in a transparent bag. Included a short side story (it's very short!) about the bookstore owner's past as a kid, and also a short story about how Lu Yang's sword came to be. The short comic that came in the bundle featured the bookstore owner talking with this new character.

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I'll follow up with pics of Bai Lian Yue's side story, LSK V5, and Sunken Moon in different posts. (Still have to take pics of my Eclipse Hunter stuff sometime)


Aug. 16th, 2015 11:43 pm
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Yu Wo seems to be considering possibly releasing a Neo-centric book containing short stories like When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher and We are Not the Dark Human Squad, plus some others focusing on his adventures and stuff that happened in the past. It would mean she'd finish writing We are Not the Dark Human Squad. But since she already has plans for August (I'm assuming she's talking about CWT), it would mean she'd have to do it for the February CWT. So, it sounds like this might be a self-published thing like Unbeatable.

I hope it happens! I want to read more about Teacher Neo~. I want more LSK side stories~. GJ, Yu Wo's Neo-loving friend who planted this idea in her head. (Now, go convince her some more!)

For those interested, a fanfic and fanart contest was recently held over at Yu Wo's forums. The submission period just ended. I haven't been checking the forums much lately... I didn't even know there was a fanfic and fanart contest! And now they've both already ended. :'D;;
Fanart contest. Theme was "Dreamscape."
Fanfic contest. Theme was "A reversed world."

Submissions were predominantly LSK, but there are some from other Yu Wo series too.

This past week, I've been reading Key of the Sunken Moon. I bought a few volumes a few years ago but didn't really read them until now. V1 was difficult for me to get into, but once I got past that, I found that I quite liked the characters and the world building. I read 11 volumes so far (the main story) and am reading the side stories now. 3 volumes worth of side stories! Shui Quan even writes a lot of AU doujinshi of her own works, but I guess those can be considered not canon. XD; She's posted the start of each one in her blog, but without acquiring the actual physical copies, I'll probably never know the endings. I read a Fan Tong x Yue Tui one she wrote... Her latest one seems to feature Fan Tong x Hui Shi, which made me wonder what was going to happen in Sunken Moon's ending to lead to that, since at the time, I'd only read 5 volumes and didn't know how Hui Shi would come into the picture.

I'll be writing a bit more about Sunken Moon some other time~. Haha, now I finally know the who's who in the Sunken Moon artbook I bought! The art for Sunken Moon is really pretty~
There's going to be a Legend of Sun Knight cell phone game. I wonder if we can play it outside of Taiwan. :3

Sun Knights' First Rule
Maintain Your Smile at All Times

Characters (in order of appearance in the ad): Lesus Judgment, Elmairy Leaf, Ceo Storm, Pope, Judge Earth (Georgo, you've been kicked out!!), Scarlet, Pink, Jasmine, Roland, Charlotte, Grisia Sun

Author Yu Wo's work is being made into a game for the first time!
2015 gorgeous release

Most of the important females are in the game, it seems. 39th gen will be a part of it too. I hope there will be more characters than the ad shows. Why is Grisia holding a sword in such a cool way?? No actual release date as of yet. The Facebook post just tells us to keep an eye on their Facebook page. It's probably some kind of card game?


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