Fanime Day 0

May. 25th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Fanime is here~. Badge pick up was beautiful. Walked in and walked out. It was so quick that I didn't even get a good look at what the registration area looked like. There were several scanning stations for us to scan our QR codes, and then our badges were printed out to the side. Done. I hope it's like this next year too!

I swung by Swap Meet after that and found bought stuff~. Never thought I'd see the Hikaru no Go PS Heian game. I watched a play through of that many years ago. It's an amusing game. XD Also got myself clearfiles of Kimi to Boku (I'm loving the one with the twins and Kaname all with glasses) and Seiyuu Ka, a poster of Sai from Naruto, a Gyakuten Saiban fanbook with CD, and a Gyakuten Saiban postcard book. Never thought I'd see something of Seiyuu Ka around.

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Signups for [ profile] parallelsfic has started! \o\ Here's my letter detailing some background on the series I've requested and why I like these series~. Hopefully this will get more people to give these series a try too. :D

To my Parallels creator, my requests are detailed in my signup. This letter is merely extra info in case you are the type of person who likes to know more. Feel free to skip this if it's not helpful for you! The important thing is to have fun. ♥

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Oh dear. I think I'm doing worse than last year! I started 5 days late last year and was 8000 words or so behind because of that, so I tried my hardest to catch up every single day by writing at least 1,667 words a day and almost always more than that to shrink the gap. This year though, even though I haven't missed 5 days in a row, I haven't pushed myself to write 1,667 words a day either since I don't feel as pressured. Yet now... *watches the par line grow farther and farther away* It's not a good sign when the gap is slowly and steadily growing... and my calendar is littered with yellow boxes!

Story-wise, I find this year's a little harder to write because there's actually more of a plot that I'm trying to make work while I just rambled with whatever came to mind last year (making it so that even though I reached 50k last year, the story didn't really go anywhere, and nothing concluded in 50k...). I was so happy when one of the characters started saying stuff that I can so use later on. I poked at the epilogue for this year's NaNo a bit more yesterday too. The epilogue kind of makes me gleeful. I wonder if it counts as a cliffhanger, haha... Now, if only I could write all the in-between stuff and get around to the epilogue! (But watch, I end up writing stuff that contradicts the epilogue...)

I kind of realized that so far, there hasn't been a lot of fantastical elements in this story... it sure doesn't read like a fantasy story this year, even though this should also be counted as fantasy in addition to being young adult. o____o;;

Non Nano-related stuff
-new layout! OMG! After how many years? Five? I nuked my old layout since it wasn't working correctly anymore for some reason. I've been tweaking this layout for quite a bit, thought I wouldn't change my layout after all, but then decided to switch because the old layout stopped working. This one can still use some tweaking. I feel the font is too light for me, especially the bold. I can stare at the Twelve Holy Knights all day though. |D If anything doesn't display correctly for anyone, let me know! I've only used my own browser and computer to view this...

-[ profile] yuletide nominations have closed! I can't wait until sign-ups open~. *refreshes the community* There are at least 5 fandoms nominated by other people that I'm interested in requesting myself. So hard to decide which one to pick from those as my fourth fandom! Maybe I need to resort to tossing the names in a hat. Or maybe I should choose two out of those five fandoms and drop one of the fandoms I nominated myself... /indecisive

-I tagged two of my fics on AO3 yesterday with Legend of Sun Knight - Yu Wo and 1/2 Prince - Yu Wo since I feel these two series should also show up in the books & literature section of AO3, especially since the light novels are the main (and more detailed) source while the manhua versions are based on that source. My LSK fics are also largely based on the novels instead of the manhua since the manhua isn't very far yet. I see that both fandoms now also show up in the books & literature section. This makes me happy! (perhaps I should've just contacted support about this to clarify that LSK and 1/2P are both novels as well as manhua)

-bought Prince of Tennis Kanzenban s2 v8 (Marui & Jackal on the cover, Momo & Kaidou on the inside flap, Marui inside, more Marui [private clothes], and preciouuuus Yanagi and Inui age 10, followed by Kaidou age 3, and Ryoma age 0. [with Nanjirou next to him] Still waiting for my store to stock v9 which features Yagyuu and Niou!!). Also bought GFantasy Nov (Kimi to Boku on the cover! KtB pencil and poster!), Magic Kaito Treasured Edition v2, PairPuri v10 (last volume!), Dear Boys v8, and Seiyuu Ka-! v7. I considered nominating Seiyuu Ka-! for Yuletide, but decided not to since scanlations aren't as far as what I'd like to request.
Kimi to Boku anime!
Kimi to Boku is getting an anime. ♥ I saw this before going to sleep and immediately posted about it to [ profile] kimitoboku_fan. I should probably organize the tags of that community before next year. XD; And possibly continue or finish translating the drama CDs before they become moot.

Have been reading Enigma. I keep expecting things to get out of hand and get dark, but so far, this series makes me feel optimistic. :) unlike Doubt

My new favorite genderbenders~. Usotsuki Lily and Seiyuu Ka--! both make me grin so hard. Both are fairly humorous (Usotsuki Lily moreso than Seiyuu Ka--! in that the characters kind of speak to the audience and analyze themselves at times...). Seiyuu Ka--! is also a lot of fun with the situations Hime gets herself into (the latest with the drama CD business made me squeal). My shelves can no longer fit all these genderbenders. XD; I'm also reading CODA. :)

Online TCGs
Hm, I've kind of fallen out of the TCG playing phase in that I don't really go out to look for trades much at all (I just wait for people to come to me??). I don't seem to be capable of playing TCGs run by other people anymore since I can't keep up with them. OTL I just play TCGs owned by myself, haha. XD;

We're nearing our 2nd anniversary over at [ profile] twistserve_tcg! This is very long running for a TCG. I always seem to outlast most TCGs (they usually end up closing on me after a few months or going on hiatus and never coming back), so I'm proud we've been around so long. XD; [ profile] oriaon has been so helpful and giving me the extra push I need this week to get the community back into shape. XD Hopefully I can have the community much more organized by the end of the week, ready to welcome our 2nd anniversary!

[ profile] colors_tcg is still going on strong~. I love trading with people here and I can be lazy and wait for people to trade with me, haha. I'm so giddy that we've been able to have a good turnout for all of our contests for designing original Colors characters. Look! Aren't they all so awesome? *___* When I first started Design Akai-san!, I totally thought the contests might die out someday, but it hasn't happened, thankfully. :D Now we're on our last character before our mascot round(s)!

[ profile] 31days_exchange
Hm, so my goal was to write 31 pieces for this, at least one per day so I'd be able to finish by March 31, but March is turning out busy. Now it's already halfway through the month. I've only finished 5 pieces. D: 26 more to go... quite impossible. :'( I hoped I could at least finish He Never Knew by this week since I have enough WIPs just hanging around, but oh man, I haven't had time to write this week with all this other stuff I've been doing. ^^;;
Interrupting all the Bokurano fic posts for some manga talk!

Kare Kano
Last week, I finished reading Kare Kano after starting it...10 years ago. I borrowed the first eight volumes from my cousin when I last visited Taiwan. I remember the title of Kare Kano in Chinese had the word "Seesaw" in it. Strange name. XD; Anyway, I always hear that Kare Kano is about masks and facades and relationships, but the two main characters weren't even the main characters for several volumes! Each of the side characters have a lot of back story. That part amazed me...I suppose the mangaka did have a lot of time with this series to dedicate such detail for each of the characters. My favorite was the singer Kazuma...I wish his side story had gotten into the anime (but then, even if it did...I guess Ishida Akira wouldn't have sang any of his songs. Darn). I revisited Kare Kano after all these years because of the mangaka's other series, Eensy, Weensy Monster. I found it to be very cute. <3

Seiyuu Ka
I went to Kinokuniya today and picked up the first three volumes of this manga along with the bunko versions of Mekakushi no Kuni (the new covers are so pretty! But I wonder if only Jump series get Perfect Editions while shoujo series only gets pocket size reprints...I want my color pages!) Anyway, Seiyuu Ka is by the mangaka of SA, which I haven't read, though I did watch the anime of that. So far, Seiyuu Ka has been pretty fun. The main character wants to become a seiyuu of a cute, magical girl, but her voice sounds like that of an old man whenever she tries to sound cute. She finds out somewhere along the way that she's actually better at prince like voices. So yup, there's some genderbending coming right along.

Latest two chapters of Shin Tenipuri (chapters 33 & 34) cracked me up. The look on Akaya's face when he was flying in the air like an angel killed me. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be funny, but yeah... XD;

I picked up volume 6 of the Perfect edition today. The short manga where Mizuki went to Rokkaku to recruit Kisarazu Ryou was included in the back. I wonder why they included that again when it was already included in the fanbooks! Oh well...I suppose it doesn't hurt having it again since this is a volume dedicated to St. Rudolph. The cover features Yuuta~ with Mizuki on the inside cover. Halfway done with this collection...6 volumes left! This will still take quite a bit of money. ^^
Kampfer got me thinking of gender bender series I actually enjoy. I'm a huge fan of shoujo gender bender series because I just adore when characters keep secrets or have a secret identity. This secret identity thing extends to non crossdressing situations too, such as Lelouch as Zero and Kaitou as Kaitou Kid and all that. My biggest complaint for most shoujo gender bender series is that the secret generally comes out too quickly, though for manga, it makes sense that the secret is out quickly when you're trying to grab everyone's attention with the first few chapters. If it's not a secret identity thing, I generally...don't like the series even if it's gender bender unless it has something to do with power relationships. Most gender bender I enjoy seem to be manga only instead of anime. Which is sad, because I really want a gender bender series animated so I can hear a seiyuu attempt voices as both a guy and a girl.

(I can't find the corresponding scanlation of this panel, so this will have to do...basically says the school council president = the female idol)

A lot of mangaka seem to like combining crossdressing with the idol world. I'm guilty of doing that too (I've been writing an AU fic with such a situation). I was ecstatic when I came upon Charming Junkie where the idol Umi is crossdressing. He looks hot as a guy and cute as a girl. I like his character design. The series is reasonably long and manages to flesh out the characters more by the end of the series. Naka, the main female protagonist, has a scary face like Sawako. It's interesting seeing her overcome that. Naka and Umi are very adorable together. People who liked Never Give Up will most likely enjoy this one, since Umi ends up wanting to crossdress in order to protect his job with Naka.

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