Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

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Been sick this past week. Still a bit out of it. :') But the fever and cough have finally gone away! \o/ (and now I can take pics of stuff, but my coherency is not guaranteed)

The new Illusions-Lies-Truth bundle that was sold in February was called "Luke Hunter: Wild Imagination of the Future." It came with a 59 page short story about Lu Yang, and a Lu Yang blanket (pictured above). A blanket?! Well, now I have a towel of the Ice Emperor and a Lu Yang blanket, hahahaha. Maybe I should add a pillow to the collection one day. I also bought myself a copy of the 1/2 Prince 10th Anniversary Artbook. It's already been over 10 years since 1/2 Prince was first published.

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I bought and finished reading all 9 volumes of 異願洛恩斯... /rolls around. No one to talk to with about the series. ):

Back to stuff I bought. There was finally enough sunlight for me to take pics! I've always been home too late, or it's been raining. -__-;

Human Doll Contract manhua V1 and Dominion's End V4.

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Jan. 16th, 2016 06:12 pm
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Bought myself Human Doll Contract v1 (manhua version) and Dominion's End V4. I got HDC earlier in the month. DEv4 arrived on Thursday. Will put pics up. I thought they would get shipped together after DE got released, but they shipped HDC to me separately.

Cai Hong Zhong, the artist of HDC, sounds so tired and burned out! He also recently fell sick, so there was no new chapter published in December's magazine. I wish him good health. He has an autograph session during February's convention on Feb 14. Pics of the autograph board. I'm amused that the illustration for the body pillow of Ziya was used for the autograph board as well. :'D

I finished reading Dominion's End V4 in three hours. Oops.

Dominion's End V4 was much more relaxing and lighthearted compared to V3. V3 was all the feels. V3 felt like a conclusion. V4 is pretty much the start of another chapter in their lives, building from the ground up. A very transitional volume too. Yu Wo even says that she wants to attempt to write a long story. She's aiming for 15+ volumes. :OOOO As a result, there can be volumes like V3 and V4 where we spend entire volumes away from characters I thought were main characters. Instead, Shuyu spends the majority of the volumes by himself, with side characters, and new characters. The cast is going to be huge. Like, we met a new character in V2 that I thought would be fairly prominent, and they haven't shown up again yet in 2 volumes. We met a new character in V3 that seems fairly important too, but they didn't have a single scene in V4, except for the side story at the end. We're in for a long, long ride.

Recently, I also finished reading Key of the Sunken Moon season 2 volumes 1-2. The new character, Jin Shi, is pretty cute. There's a huge sidestory printed at the end of v2 that's dedicated to his backstory. It paints him in a very different light. At first, I was disappointed that it was a side story and not a continuation of V2. It was seriously a huge chunk of the novel! But as I read the side story, I grew more and more interested in Jin Shi and also the world he came from.

Apparently, Shui Quan's other novel, 異願洛恩斯, is related to Key of the Sunken Moon. It details a world that is connected to Fan Tong's world but separated and can't be reached. One of the characters is even the younger brother of Puhahaha. I went and read everything of what Shui Quan has posted in her blog. She usually posts the beginning of each volume. So, I read the beginning chapters of all 9 volumes. :'D

...I have the general story, but I'm sure missing all the climaxes. In the end, I bought the series. Hoping to be able to read it next week. Same artist as Sunken Moon's artist. Such pretty art~.

Cute LSK pins

Dec. 22nd, 2015 05:24 pm
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I bought some cute pins from kyuutan. They arrived yesterday, and ahhhhhh, kyuutan even included a drawing of Sun Santa! /swoons. This truly puts me in a holiday mood. :DDD

Dominion's End V4 is going to be published on January 11, 2016. Pre-orders open on December 28. This is what the cover will look like. Xiao Sha is on the cover this time. Extras for buying the book right away include a clearfile of the girls, and the special edition includes a bag featuring Shuyu and Xiao Tian, as well as the clearfile. Even Xiao Rong (the banyan tree sapling) is featured on the picture of the bag. :DDD Too bad that it's a bag... it'll really affect the image quality. I'll probably order it along with volume 1 of the Human Doll Contract manhua. (BTW, amazingly enough, Ziya has been featured on a body pillow! He's on the very right. I never thought Jiang Ziya would be the first to be featured on a body pillow, out of all of Yu Wo's characters, lol.)

The facebook page for the LSK mobile game has been posting pics of characters from the game and having people guess who they are. Adair was just posted! But... why does he have red hair???? :O He looks like a mix of Earth and Blaze. :'D (Are we sure this isn't Earth? Or Ed. Or someone else. Adair... ;___;)

Neo (So dark XD)
Aivis (I like how he looks!)
Got some new books this week. Pics of ILT first!

I guess I should've put a piece of white paper in the bag so Ziya wouldn't look like he has ink on his face. XD; This is a side story bundle about Jiu Ge for Illusion, Lies, Truth. It came in a transparent bag. Included a short side story (it's very short!) about the bookstore owner's past as a kid, and also a short story about how Lu Yang's sword came to be. The short comic that came in the bundle featured the bookstore owner talking with this new character.

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I'll follow up with pics of Bai Lian Yue's side story, LSK V5, and Sunken Moon in different posts. (Still have to take pics of my Eclipse Hunter stuff sometime)
Bought myself some new novels! Yu Wo is really coming out with a lot of stuff this summer. More is being released in August. I believe what's on the schedule so far is the YanxYue book (Eclipse Hunter/No Hero), a side story for Illusions-Lies-Truth (might be about the history behind Lu Yang's sword), and the new edition of GOD V3. YanxYue will be available for buying online as well, but the set (novel + art + decorative tape) will only be sold at the CWT convention. Only the novel will be sold online.

ETA: Haha, the Illusions-Lies-Truth side story just got announced! Pretty art. *___* The short story features the bookstore owner, while the comic features naming Lu Yang's sword. Includes a short story, a short comic, a notebook, an accessory, and a bag.

No Hero V9 (end!!!), LSK new edition V5, LSK manhua V5 (end as well...). I visited the LSK manhua's editor's Facebook page to see if I could find out more about the LSK manhua and what happened to it. She said that they stopped publishing the LSK manhua because the Hong Kong publisher got bought out.

Really too bad. The teaser at the end of this volume about the next arc (V5 was published in Hong Kong much earlier, so this volume was pretty much put together before they decided to stop) is really teasing us too much.

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Also, Human Doll Contract manhua chapter 2 & 3 are now available on Tongli's ebook site. It'll be available for three months. Chapter 2 covers Xiao Xue Part 2 – Yu Shu, Xiao Xue Part 3 – Twins, and part of Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Can’t be Remembered from the novel. Chapter 3 covers Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Can’t be Remembered and part of Jiang Jiang Part 2 – Those Things that Can’t be Seen. Pacing slows down a little.
Okay, I asked Tongli, the publisher. XD; The issue of the ebook magazine that will have Human Doll Contract is the June 25th version, 龍少年 人之卷. Can't wait~. There are three ebooks for Dragon Youth Comic per month, released on the 5th, 15th, and 25th. 人之卷 is the one that comes out on the 25th. Here's the page for it.

I guess the physical magazine and the ebook versions aren't actually the same. XD;;

I also asked Cai Hong Zhong how much the manhua will cover. It will only cover the first two volumes! It's actually named Human Doll Contract (which is the title for the first two volumes), and not Illusion, Lies, Truth, the name for the entire series.
Silver Majusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with Chapter 4, Elijah's POV. :)

Cai Hong Zhong mentioned on his Facebook that you can read the Dragon Youth Comic magazine for free on Tongli's ebook website over here, for three months. I've tried it out with some of their current magazines. It seems that the magazines with Taiwan comics are region free while the magazines that publish Japanese manga (translated into Chinese) are limited to Taiwan only. I haven't seen the issue that has Human Doll Contract yet. *keeps refreshing* It seems that there are multiple issues per month... The issue with Human Doll Contract is one of the June issues, and Human Doll Contract is on the cover! The cover looks like this. House Keeper (Guan Jia) and Ziya are on the cover. Ziya enjoying his milk tea. XD

I see "Human Doll Contract" written in huge words and not Illusions, Lies, Truth on the cover. I wonder if this means only the first two volumes will be drawn (since starting from V3, it's called "In the Name of God"), or if it will just be published under Human Doll Contract?
Ilusions, Lies, Truth (Human Doll Contract) is getting a manhua!!!! And even better, it's going to be drawn by 1/2 Prince's artist, Cai Hong Zhong! This is super exciting ahhhh. Cai Hong Zhong's track record is very reassuring. He's awesome at finishing his series, and his action scenes are great. The only thing I'm worried about is that ILT is only three volumes long so far. Once the manhua catches up (I believe it will), what will happen then? Or maybe only the first 2 volumes will be adapted... Since the first two volumes is a completed story. Sort of. I wonder how he'll capture the creepy atmosphere. XDD

The manhua starts this month! It will be released chapter by chapter in the monthly manhua magazine, 龍少年 (Long Shaonian, Dragon Youth Comic), and when there are enough chapters, they'll be collected in volumes, much like the format 1/2 Prince was printed in. I can't wait~~. (manhua Charles ahhhh. But awww, Lu Yang isn't as much of a bishounen anymore, unlike the novel covers XDDD)

You can see a preview here~.
Cai Hong Zhong has more pics on his facebook!

I haven't heard much news about the Kill No More manhua after V2. I wonder if it stopped being released... The adaptation was really quick paced and confusing. D: Then again, the source it's based on (the original series itself) is confusing, so... :'D;;

The Legend of Sun Knight manhua is still on hiatus... Sadness! The drafts that Neko Kreuz had been posting looked awesome. Awaitsun, Ann, Austin... I hope we'll see you in manhua form someday.

Also, Yu Wo says that No Hero V9 will be released in July.

ETA: Nominations for [ profile] parallelsfic have opened and will end on June 15th. This is a rare fanwork exchange for Asian fandoms~. If I have time later, I'll probably nominate some of Yu Wo's works. Don't know if I'll sign up this year, considering my current dismal word count for the year. My writing and I aren't on speaking terms. :3;;
(You can see the currently nominated series.)
I recently received Illusions-Lies-Truth, V3, the start of case 2, which is called "In the Name of God." (Case 1 was called Human Doll Contract.) Yu Wo has really ramped up the horror factor in this volume. I read some comments over at Prince Revolution! about how Dominion's End feels kind of scary. Just wait until you read ILT! XD;; DE is more of a thriller than a horror, in that it really keeps you on the edge and worried for everyone's safety, while ILT is heavy on the supernatural and creepy phenomena. There's also a lot of blood and death and some gore. :'D; Normally, this is not a genre I would read. XD;;; V1 and V2 were quite innocent in the creepy factor, but goodness, V3, just what are you. But because it's Yu Wo, the humorous aspects balance the creepy out, haha.

Here's V3~~. I bought the version that came along with this pen holder thing. Not sure how useful it will be, haha. The cover features Guan Ting! <3 (Lu Yang, when are you going to get to be on the cover? Though, I guess he did already get his own side story with a pretty image to go along with it)

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I have successfully acquired a copy of Unbeatable, but it's over at my relatives' house in Taiwan. |D;; And a copy of Just Like Wind 2, the LanbixFahr doujinshi. I'll get them in April. /continues to buy stuff

I started a No Hero story over at the Round Robin post. Can we get something going...? XD;; There was a comment with some very fun ideas that I'd love to see!
It suddenly hit me (quite randomly while rereading V2C8) why Melody would like First Wind, and why she quite likes Ji Luo Chu even when she doesn't know he's First Wind.

He's a blond. DUH.

It's the same reason why she likes Ah Ye's brother. Again, blondie. They're totally her type. It's even revealed later on why she's drawn to blonds, but somehow I never made the connection that First Wind = blond = of course Melody would like him. This all makes so much more sense to me now. I have seen the light. XD

(Would she like Grisia... I think she would probably like Neo more)

New teaser for Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C1 posted over at Yu Wo's blog Ziya joins a new club. :'D;;; I bet he totally didn't expect it... Marking my calendar so I can buy V3 the moment it gets released this month. XD

Yu Wo's forums are undergoing an upgrade. I hope all the fic and art posted will stay safe with the upgrade! It would suck if anything got deleted. =x (Where am I supposed to haunt right now during the ugrade...)

Made some more progress with A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #8. Somehow, it is refusing to end... What happened to my cute, short, 1k chapters? Hoping I can finish the chapter today or tomorrow. Just the last scene left.
January is over. 0___0;; I haven't been able to write anything lately! Writing muse, please speak to me. I only posted one fic update in January. ): I'm entertaining an idea for an Akatsuki no Yona fic, but I don't have a very good handle on the characters and the world. I've only written LSK for such a long time, ahaha~~. Tried writing A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #8. Stuck at 900 words... Hm, with the next scheduled chapter of LSK v8 over at Prince Revolution, maybe I can finally write Never to Kneel. =x Welp, in the meantime, I guess I'll just keep opening my various documents to see if any of my fics will speak to me~~. They're being so stubborn!

February means a new release of Illusions, Lies, Truth! :D Volume 3, "In the Name of God, Part One" is being released on February 25. The limited edition can be ordered starting February 11 and the regular edition on February 16. The special edition includes this pouch thing. Looks like it can hold pens. There's also another edition that includes an autograph board, but that's only useful for people in Taiwan. The character on the cover this time is Guan Ting! *____* He has black wings??? I wonder if that's hinting at anything. I hope he has a large part this time. :D

Here's the synopsis:
"I saw an angel, but he was killing someone."
If angels don't necessarily equate to kindness, then what about gods?
In the name of god, they speak like humans yet do the work of devils.
In the end, what is the division between humans, gods, and devils?

Even though he burns incense and prays, Jiang Ziya wouldn't claim that he is religious.
The things he sees with his eye always and continuously destroy his understanding of religion.
When an angel is a bodyguard, his good friend wields a spiritual sword, and his boss has the name of a god,
Just what can he believe in?

If even angels carry out massacres,
then do we follow and believe in violence?
Faced with a world where the gods have fallen, would you be able to prevent yourself from--falling?

A cool synopsis. I'm looking forward to reading this book (and getting more of golden-haired, blue-eyed Guan Ting).

Yu Wo posted more of Illusions and No Hero~~

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Dominion's End V1C1 translation is up over at Prince Revolution~~. Much love for our protagonist. ♥ I'm amused that this story is set in 2015. It's already 2015~~. Maybe that's why Yu Wo is releasing this series so quickly, hahaha. Any slower, and this story would no longer be set in the future!

Yu Wo posted teasers of the prologue of Illusions, Lies, Truth V3 and chapter 1 of No Hero V9, ahhhhhh. I know that Illusions V3 is soon to be released, but does this mean we're getting v9 of No Hero soon too? V8 was released in 2013, so it's been some time! I hope they're released around the same time so I can buy them together. :3

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I received the new side stories to Illusions, Lies, Truth today. :D This time, the side story features Luyang, Ziya's friend. The side stories were a lot shorter than I expected! (Book Writer was longer). These are around the same length as LSK side stories (maybe just slightly longer). Included with the purchase are small metal bookmarks of Luyang and a plastic envelop/sleeve holding the two books.

Disposal (or Elimination might also be a good name...) is about one of Luyang's missions during high school.

short summary )

The other side story is called Luyang's cell phone records and details how Luyang first met Ziya. ♥ It's in comic form by jond-D, a different artist than the one who draws the cover. I don't think I know of anything else they've drawn. A text version of the side story is included in the back of the book.

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Prince of Book

Aug. 2nd, 2014 06:51 pm
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Kingstone voting for your favorite prince! (You have to log in, the pink button is for voting while the green button is for writing your confession) Event main page.

Grisia is currently 4th while Lesus is 6th. Charles is 17th. Jiang Ziya is 36th while Lu Yang is 38th.

First and second place are both from Unique Legend! UL is totally dominating both the prince and princess polls. :3;; (There's not a single character of Yu Wo's in the princess poll, hahaha. Hm... It does seem like most of her main characters are male...)

(Hm, there isn't a lot of new LSK merchandise this year in the August convention. Only... decorative tape? And a battery... )

New side story for Illusions-Lies-Truth featuring Lu Yang. Maybe we'll get to see his past? /will definitely try to buy this. I really like that illustration of young Lu Yang~~

First deadline for Parallels has passed. There are 7 pinch hits in need of writers/artists!
Pic heavy post~. First up is merchandise that I recently bought, and then scans of them and of previous stuff I hadn't scanned.

Possible spoilers for LSK v7/v8 and 39 LSK.

I bought a lot of stuff. :'D Close ups inside~. I also bought some stuff of Kill No More, No Hero, and 1/2 Prince, but there wasn't a lot available, unlike LSK.

stuff I bought )

LSK scans )

GOD scans )

Human Doll Contract scans )

Kill No More scans )

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Half Prince scans )

I also scanned LSK Rule 19 and Rule 20 of the manhua. I'll be cleaning that up sometime this week and hopefully tossing up my thoughts about it here~. Hopefully...
Some new books and manhua of Yu Wo's I recently bought~. Photos with terrible lighting up ahead, like usual.

Human Doll Contract V2, GOD (new edition) V1, Kill no More manhua V2, Legend of Sun Knight (new edition) V2, 1/2 Prince manhua V15, 1/2 Prince artbook V2.

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GOD new edition and 1/2 Prince 2nd artbook
I already have the old edition of GOD... but the new edition art is tempting. And the content will be revised! The new 1/2 Prince artbook has illustrations from the new illustrator edition of the novels, which I've purchased the full set... So I already have all of the illustrations. XD;; But it'd be nice to have that picture of Cold Fox without any creases...

Human Doll Contract V2
Will definitely purchase this. XD But probably just the normal edition. I don't need the bag that comes along with the special edition. (If it were a poster, that'd be a different matter, haha). This concludes the Human Doll Contract part of the story in the series. Each part of the story is like a separate case. Yu Shu and Butler are featured on the cover of v2, while Lu Yang is on the bag that comes with the special edition. I hope there'll be a pull out poster of him in the novel! That's a really pretty illustration, too pretty to just put on a cloth bag where the ink will bleed!!!

LSK manhua bundle 10
Ahhhhhhhh. This concludes v2 of the novels! Three way death match! Probably concludes v6 of the manhua! (But where is v5!!!) Also contains Knife Blade part 2 (second half of Metal's side story)... The cover of the side story features Lesus with a whip, hahaha. The poster is of the same pic, Lesus with a whip...

LSK new edition volume 2
Is everything coming out in February or what. XD; Haha, the insert art sample! It's of Storm taking his teacher's advice of talking to handsome guys (and the Sun Knight is always guaranteed to be a good candidate) so that he doesn't have to wink as much. XDD

I bought v2 of the Kill No More manhua, but it is currently stuck at my relative's house. XD; I won't be getting all of these things until probably late March/early April. Hopefully the new volume of Gong Hua will be published in the same time frame... So I can get everything at the same time. =P

*counts* I have 9 ongoing LSK fics now, pfffft. (Don't worry, Lucathia! You'll be done with Bittersweet Sweetness soon! That'll make it 8 LSK fics! Don't even think of the spin-off/sequel to BS right now... You've written enough BS already...) Anyway, I'm attempting to update these LSK fics one at a time. I just revived two of the ones I hadn't updated in months, so I guess next is Invincible? (And then Grace...) I dug out the Invincible chapter I was writing when I stopped, and it was about Cold Fox and Ugly Wolf. Was going to scrap the chapter... but I guess I'll stick with it after all.

I'm contemplating if I should try to conclude some of my non LSK fics that I probably won't be returning to... They need a lot more development before they'd reach the ending I had planned... But I can probably write a different ending... An ending might be better than no ending? Then again, the problem with updating those fics is that I'm a bit out of touch with the fandoms, so I don't have a good grasp of characterization. I'd have to review canon first. Mostly, I considering this for Twin Stars and Go no Oujisama. I still plan on finishing Memories of the Future... is closing their services at the end of 2013! That means Yu Wo's blog will be moving, since the entire site where she's hosting her blog will be closing down. T___T; (I would hate for that to happen to me, ahhhhh)

Here's her new blog. I hope she'll be able to import her old posts or something... All of those stories and comments...!!!

Also of interest: First teaser for Gong Hua volume 4, Second teaser for Gong Hua volume 4. First one features Yin Qie Zi (Silver Violet)... Present time, I believe. Second one features Kasi, backtracking to right after he parted from Gong Hua during his youth. This novel backtracks a lot! I wonder when this will be released.

Book Writer (Human Doll Contract side story) autograph session. I guess all of these links will stop working at the end of the year. T___T;

Book Writer was a pretty cool side story! It details how Yu Shu from Human Doll Contract came to have two dolls, whose identities are Charles from No Hero and Grisia from the Legend of Sun Knight. I bet Yu Wo is having a blast with mixing her series like this. :3 While not exactly a crossover and not the actual characters from the series, it was still pretty cool seeing Charles and Grisia duke it out. Aaaand, I laughed so hard at the omake. (Translated in full under the LJ-cut~)

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translation of the omake/extra )

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