Hm, I've been trying to post That Day Back Then on, but the story is not going through. I dearly hope the story won't end up showing up on the site five times. :'D But if it does, er, now you know why.

So, back in February, I felt that I wouldn't be playing Fire Emblem Heroes long if there wasn't new content. But there was, so here I still am. XD Also, the LSK cell phone game sadly stopped working pretty soon after I reached Rank 1 back in February... so I played more FEH instead. (I think they just stopped maintaining that game...)

I autobattled my way from 40,000 points to 100,240 points. :'D I was going to stop at 50,000... but then I pulled an Alm, and he worked pretty well with an autobattle team, haha... (This team actually managed to finish Hard 5 once all by themselves through autobattle without all dying~. Go team~). Alm also came at a great time to test out the Phantom Speed seal to go along with his Windsweep skill. It does actually work pretty well with poking at Hectors. Before Alm, 4 ★ Mae was my bonus unit, but she was too squishy for autobattling. If the next Tempest Trials is any time soon though, I'm not sure I'll try for 99,999 again. XD;

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Fanime is around the corner! I have no new cosplays planned. After making Sun, I already have my ultimate cosplay dream fulfilled. XD Nothing has really caught my attention since then to make. Instead, I've actually bought pre-made cosplays, hoping I could focus on other aspects of cosplaying more, like styling the wig and actually doing some cosplay make up, which I'm terrible at. Current line up will likely be Kayano from Assassination Classroom, Emilia from Re:Zero, and Sun. I bought some new paint to paint my Sun boots~ (gotta replace the tape I used, haha. It kept falling off at Anime Revolution.)

But because of Fire Emblem Heroes, I'm considering wearing Soren again, though my hairstyle is no longer like his, and I can't wear colored contacts anymore. It has been 9 years since I cosplayed him. So long... Back then, I tried to find English lyrics to the Fire Emblem theme with little luck, and now it's right there, sung to us in Fire Emblem Heroes.

As for Anime Expo, I bought tickets to Anisong World Matsuri ~Japan Super Live~, featuring ALI PROJECT, angela, GARNiDELiA, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, and Minori Chihara! I'm a little sad that it's probably on the same day as the AMV contest, since I almost always watch that (Day 1 tradition!), and it makes me wonder what main events there will be after Day 1. I should... throw together some post about Anime Expo 2016 before I forget. That Suwabe panel. Definitely want to immortalize it. XD

In Fire Emblem Heroes news, Ike and Soren were finally released! I've been saving up my orbs since the start, never letting it drop below 100 orbs, hoping to see Soren in the game. I was super excited to see Soren on a focus banner. I thought he might be left out in favor of other PoR/RD characters, but thankfully not.

When the banner went live, I started pulling right away.

the journey, lol )
My diligence has paid off. Rank 1! :D

It's mostly because a lot of people have stopped playing. But at least I can claim to be the #1 diligent LSK fan, yes?

Overall achievement ranking, based on completed tasks. The latest task I completed was having 10 legendary heroes. I finally evolved Grisia into a legendary hero. The order I evolved them: Aldrizzt, Georgo, Laica, Roland, Valica, Chasel, Pope, Neo, Pink, and finally Grisia. Aldrizzt and Laica deal the most damage. Georgo and Neo are good for defense. Roland is pretty good with group damage as well. Valica is so-so. Good for dealing damage to single enemies. Pope isn't very different from not being evolved. I haven't upped Pink or Grisia's skills yet to see how their legendary versions compare to their normal versions. But legendary versions can equip their divine weapons, so that does make them stronger in that aspect at least. I only have a few characters left that I can evolve. Ceo, Elmairy, Queen of Moon Orchid, and Ecilan. Even though I already have Chikus's Divine Blaze Sword, the character himself is still elusive, as is Lesus. ): I think I need around 2~3 more of each of them before I can evolve them. And sadly, Aivis and Vival don't have legendary versions, despite already being maxed out. Even the Queen of Moon Orchid has a legendary version, yet the two of you Twelve Holy Knights don't!!

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Got myself some happy dittos! Such a hard time deciding which ones to get. The three original starters are all pretty cute, as were all the eevees. Bulbasaur all the way though! I've been wanting a transformed ditto, but they were very expensive, so I'm happy that the International Pokemon Center got these now. :D Much more affordable~

I hand wrote 20 pages of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) in my Penultimate notebook, and it turned out to be 2.7k when I typed it up. Now I know what it equals to, haha. My handwriting is quite big on these 20 pages. With my smaller, ant-like writing on actual paper, it's about 1k over 2~3 pages. What a big difference. I'm liking handwriting first and then typing things up. It allows me to edit and revise as I'm typing it up and forces me to stop changing things while I'm writing the first draft. o/

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So, lots of Fire Emblem on the horizon, and Heroes just came out. My favorite magic users aren't around (Erk! Lugh!) but even if they were, they'd be low star ranked. XD;; So far, my team is Lilina (5★), Camilla (5★), f!Corrin (4★), and Fae (4★), with Cherche (4★) or Laslow (4★) switched in from time to time. I got lucky on one orb pull and got both Lilina and Camilla from it, my only five stars at the moment. I want some guys on my team though!! The maps seem fairly limited right now. I hope there'll be expansions in the future, including Tellius (come on Soren). With the current maps, I don't think I'll be playing long, and orb availability is limited. I might just keep the orbs I have right now and wait to see if Soren will get released in the future. Too bad, I wanted Merric, Takumi, Lyn, Serra, and Navarre. I have some other 4★ characters too, but I'm reluctant to use them because I would like to level them up to 5★, but it takes so many feathers that it feels impossible. It feels like a waste to keep leveling them past level 20 though, since if I ever upgrade their star level, they go back to level 1.

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Random thoughts. o/

SoJ case 5 )
I'm considering signing up for [ profile] yuletide this year. I first started participating in 2006 as a pinch hitter (I believe this was the fic, and I've participated every year since then until 2013. I didn't participate in 2014 because of traveling to Japan during December, and then I skipped 2015 as well. Would be lovely to participate again (and exercise my oneshot writing muscles). :) I made a list of what I might request and offer, but I'll have to give it some more thought.

Recently, I've been playing Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. Bought it the day after it was released. It's awesome to see all the characters again, and I love that we're getting more about Apollo. I was hoping Dual Destinies would cover his background more, but it didn't, really. SoJ seems to remedy that. Whether I'll like his new background remains to be seen, but at least we're getting it!

I wouldn't mind if Phoenix wasn't in the game, haha. Whenever I'm faced with Phoenix's sections, I find myself wanting the game to head back to Apollo. :') So, I am pleasantly surprised that Apollo does indeed have quite the focus in this game.

thoughts on the first 4 cases )
Oh, it's been so long since I posted that I didn't even realize Picasa Web Albums is no longer around. Guess it's back to Photobucket for me... or some other image host as an alternative. Hope these pics work. Maybe I should take another look at LJ's albums. Maybe they've been improved since I last used them. Here's hoping~.

But anyway. I'm posting because I made it to Rank 11 in the LSK game~~. :D That's in the upper 98% range for accomplishments. I'm tied with tenth. If I keep this up, maybe I can even make it into the top ten? XD;; Top box is overall ranking, while the bottom box is the ranking among my buddies. There's a lot of overlap between the two lists, since I think all the regular players are buddies with each other.

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It's FE:Fates time~ ♪

I'm going to start with Hoshido.

a few close up pics )

Fire Emblem

Feb. 19th, 2016 09:05 pm
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Fire Emblem Fates is out~. My brother pre-ordered it for both of us. I don't have it yet but should get it soon. I hadn't actually finished playing Awakening because I was stuck on recruiting all of the kids. So, I went and finished the main game, which didn't even take very long. :'D *should've done it three years ago* My characters were all over leveled for the sake of forming Streetpass teams with good skills and stats, so the main game was very easy even though I don't at all remember what I was trying to do with the characters. I just made sure to keep building supports. But I never decided on S supports for any of the kids, so I didn't get anyone S support. Oops. It meant that most of them went wandering by themselves in the ending. :'D

In the very end, the character I used the most was myunit (named Ruka), with 561 battles, 470 victories, followed by Morgan with 490 battles, 388 victories, and third was Inigo with 428 battles, 377 victories. Inigo was unexpected for me. I thought I'd used Severa or Lucina more.

Final team was Chrom, myunit, Morgan, Lucina, Owain, Inigo, Severa, Yarne, Libra, Olivia, Henry, Donnel, Ricken, Maribelle, Gaius, and Cherche. The children were a lot stronger than the characters I was using at the start. Sad. I liked a lot of the parents, but I always had to keep them protected.

3 years later, I finally finished the main game. :'D
There's going to be a Legend of Sun Knight cell phone game. I wonder if we can play it outside of Taiwan. :3

Sun Knights' First Rule
Maintain Your Smile at All Times

Characters (in order of appearance in the ad): Lesus Judgment, Elmairy Leaf, Ceo Storm, Pope, Judge Earth (Georgo, you've been kicked out!!), Scarlet, Pink, Jasmine, Roland, Charlotte, Grisia Sun

Author Yu Wo's work is being made into a game for the first time!
2015 gorgeous release

Most of the important females are in the game, it seems. 39th gen will be a part of it too. I hope there will be more characters than the ad shows. Why is Grisia holding a sword in such a cool way?? No actual release date as of yet. The Facebook post just tells us to keep an eye on their Facebook page. It's probably some kind of card game?
Like many others, I am now addicted to 2048.

Here, have a Legend of Sun Knight version.

If you don't know what 2048 is, it's a number game where you try to match 2 numbers together to make the next number, until you reach the last number, which is 2048. But in these image versions, the numbers are replaced with images. |D;; Just combine two of the same to get the next character~

I assure you, by the end of this, you will be tired of seeing Grisia show up, hahahaha.

(I scanned most of my new LSK stuff. Will post up after I edit the images!)
I wish I had more time to write. ;___; Work is slaying me. I'm feeling very unsuccessful and overwhelmed at the moment. Guh.

Heads up to anyone looking into buying LSK - Manhua bundle 9 is now in stock at Kingstone. Bundle 9 includes Rule 17 and Rule 18, a short story about Metal called "Knife Blade," a card of chibi Storm, and a clear orange envelope.

Yu Wo held a Halloween contest where people post pictures of her novels and state who their favorite character is, followed by a short reason (I chose Adair and wasn't the only one~). The winners receive a copy of Book Writer. Unfortunately, I didn't win, haha, but it was really fun seeing all the answers.

Here are translations of two new plurks from the Neo & Aldrizzt side story.

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I finished Case 2 of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. On Case 3 now! The cases feel very disjointed so far, especially since I've played as 3 different characters, a different lawyer per case. Athena actually feels like the main character to me as opposed to either Phoenix or Apollo. I am quite happy to see Klavier again. I was going to turn my game off and rest when he showed up, and of course I had to keep on playing, haha. I'm somewhat amused that he has just become a helpful prosecutor (well, not like he wasn't already helping out in Apollo Justice, but it seems that helping out during investigations might be his only role in this game). I guess we won't be going against him in court. ): Though, I feel that many characters have been reduced to a small role, such as Trucy too... Welp, can't have everything. I'll see what I think after I actually finish the game. Things usually come together later. XD; (I am loving Apollo's hints about a friend of his from school. Yay for possible background on Apollo! And, and, Klavier talking about his mentor in pursuing truth. *___* Also, the genderbending in case 3, hahahaha. Wow)
I got myself Pokemon Y (it's really cute), but I haven't gotten very far in the game. Now that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is out, I'll be setting Pokemon aside for a bit, haha.

So far, I've finished the first case. I'm on the second case! Oh gods, the music. <3333 I'm really in love with it, even more so after hearing these tunes live at Japan Expo. The anime cutscenes are really awesome. The voices seem pretty cool.

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Yu Wo has been plurking some sneak peeks at something she's writing! I wonder what this is from?!!! A new side story, maybe? Wait, don't tell me this is one of the promised side stories from the end of the year prompt gathering thing... XD;; (It's only been 10 months, haha!) I will be happy if it is. The second place winner was indeed about Neo and Aldrizzt's adventures, the "We are not the Dark Human Squad" one, hahahaha, so I think these excerpts are from that side story! Third place was... Emperor, I think? About Liaula from Kill No More. *___* Post series. I am reaaally hoping "Flying Daggers" (about Fox from 1/2 Prince) will get written too, but I doubt it will get written... with it being 4th... ;__;

translation of the plurks )

XDDD!! Oh, I can't wait to read this. (Just reading these excerpts make me want to work on Invincible again...)
Jenny Flint has translated Stuck on a Carpet to Spanish! \o\

Atrapado sobre una alfombra
Estar atrapado en una alfombra con Lolidragon (descontando el hecho de que Sunshine también estaba ahí) hacía que Yang Ming pensara cosas muy raras. Yang Ming/Lolidragon

Also, I edited the ending of Bittersweet Sweetness Part 31 a bit. Now I'm happier with it! I hope not a lot of people have read the chapter yet. |D;;

I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately. Not as lot as some other people, but still a lot! My brother has been playing the stalk market and making me check my turnip prices, hahahaha. I had a huge spike today! Turnips were going for 624 bells!!! But I personally didn't buy all that many turnips. OTL Other people benefited from my shop. |D;;
I tried to borrow the book from the library, but I was one step too late! When I got there, I checked the computers to find out where the book was (it was still available then), but when I got to the shelves, it was no longer there... Checking the computer again showed that it was checked out, ahhhh. What timing! Haha, I guess I should have requested the book after all. Most other libraries in the area are out too.

Darn, I was hoping to read a physical version of the book. In any case, I bought a kindle version and went crazy with highlighting. 8D I'll probably finish reading the book tomorrow~. So far, it's just as funny as the first book, and it almost feels like all of the characters in the first book will get involved somehow. (A ton of characters! I mean, even Reese's mom is involved, and she was only mentioned in the first book) Truly a sequel, since I'm sure people would be pretty lost about these characters without reading the first book, and it feels like this book picked up just where the last one left off.

I was so engrossed in reading that I didn't check up on my Animal Crossing game until just now, which means all of the shops in the game were closed, ahhhhhhh. Nooooo. XD;; Man, I have this feeling that this will happen to me a lot... playing during hours when the stores are closed since I'm such a night owl. -___-;;

1/2 Prince manhua enters finale!!!! What a journey! Only the sequel/side volume is left to be illustrated. Here's a pic of Lolidragon and Yang Ming's son, Long Ming! (I find Long Ming adorable~. Love his personality!)
Signed up for [ profile] tenipuri_xpair and got my assignment! \o\ Due date is July 15. It will be fun writing my once in a blue moon Tenipuri fic. XD I'll need to get my mind back on Tenipuri for this.

I'm currently reading through Yowamushi Pedal (on volume 11) and Orange Chocolate (on volume 10). The art for YP is sometimes quite weird... but I do find several of the characters to be cute even in that style, especially Onoda and Manami. Onoda is a climber~ ♥ Overdrive made me like climbers, hahaha.

I bought several volumes of Orange Chocolate but didn't continue reading the rest of the series until now. Bodyswaaaaaaap. I just wish they're swapped more often, haha. They seem to dislike the original foods they dislike even while swapped (different theory from mine XD;;;), and the body remembers even memories, like lines they've memorized for a play. Interesting. I quite adore how close Chiro and Ritsu are. It's a type of closeness that no one can get between. ;) Ritsu's quite good at pretending to be Chiro since he's studied her for many years, but Chiro... XD;; Well, I feel she's pretty good at it too, and I love when she manages to bring out something different in his acting.

sjdf;asf;d Sequel to The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is already out, and it's called The Hero's Guide to Storming Your Castle. I need to get my hands on this! How did I completely miss that it's already been out for some time... I can't wait. :)

I wasn't going to buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf until later, but my brother called and told me, "If you don't buy it now, it might go out of stock!!!!" And then it'd be like Fire Emblem: Awakening all over again where no store has the game for weeks, ahhhhhhh. (Well, I don't think AC will have quite that bad a shortage... Nintendo already knew AC would be quite popular, yeah?) In any case, I wanted to be sure that I'd have the game in time for Anime Expo so that I could play it with my brother during that trip. XD; So, just to be sure, I picked up a copy for myself today~. Haha, man, this time, we start off in a tent?! Tom Nook, you're not even giving us a house anymore?!!! Welp, I made my down payment, so I better see a house tomorrow! =P This game is really cute. XD;

Also, I'm trying to post daily in my LJ, since my posts have become fairly sporadic. Whether it's fic or other random rambling, I'll be posting something. At least for June, haha.
[ profile] gem2niki and my venture into visual novels for NaNoRenO '13. Well, mostly gem2niki's effort. I was just along for the ride with writing the story. It was great fun though! 8D

For those who don't know what visual novels are, they are games that play like interactive fiction. Kind of like a choose your own adventure book but with pictures and music! We attempted branching storylines but ran out of time, so there is only one completed route. Some choices can't be chosen. The art is also very rough!

Poyo Yo! Demon (download here~, also includes some sample screencaps)

Synopsis: Yuu* holds no love for demons. Because of them, Yuu has always had to crossdress to hide her identity. When she joins GateLight Corp, a supposedly ordinary, renewable energy company, she never thought she would end up having to confront them.

*player character (You get to name her, hence "Yuu," haha...)

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We'd love to hear commentary~. You can leave a comment here or at gem2niki's tumblr, post in the forums, or email POYOSTUDIO at gmail. ♥
Bleh, been sick for the past two weeks. It's kind of just...lingering and hasn't gone away. I was at my worst on Tuesday and was even snapping at people. =___= I managed to survive through work though, and now I have some time off. I immediately crashed yesterday. I slept for 11 hours. XD;;

Fire Emblem Awakening talk )

LSK/No Hero/Kill No More stuff/Other Yu Wo stuff
J.U. plurked some character designs for the insert art she'll be drawing for volume 2 of the new Legend of Sun Knight editions. First pic is her version of the princess of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. Looks very elegant and high class. :D Second pic is her version of Elijah. He is quite handsome. I like this design. Looks princely! Third pic is Adair!!!!!!! (Yes, this requires several exclamation marks). I'm super excited to see Adair drawn since this means he will be part of the insert art, even if not part of the colored art. This design though... XD; He looks very nonchalant? Like he couldn't care less about what you think of him. =P It's those eyes... He doesn't make me want to trust him, yet supposedly lots of people do. XD; The uniform he's wearing looks a lot like what Sun wears. :D

Here's the manhua version of the princess by Neko Kreuz! Looks like this is the cover for the next bundle.

No Hero volume 8 is coming out next week on 4/2. The artist has changed! I'm not sure what happened to the previous artist, but then, No Hero was only slated to be 7 volumes, yet now it'll be 9 volumes in all, so maybe something was up with the contract? The previous artist was 山鬼 (Shan Gui) and the new artist is 綠川明 (Lü Chuan Ming). It feels kind of weird to have the artist changed in the middle of the series. @__@

Kill No More manhua v1 has been out since February, but I completely overlooked it! I'll be buying this. I hope it turns out good, though I'm a little apprehensive about this adaptation. Will keep my fingers crossed. (I find it strange that the cover features old art from the artist of the novels. I'm pretty sure someone different is drawing the actual manhua... This is deceptive...)

Human Doll Contract. Yu Wo's new series! A supernatural/horror series where the man character can see supernatural stuff through his left eye. I love the art. <3
Jenny Flint has translated the first 10 chapters of Bittersweet Sweetness into Spanish~. :D I read the first chapter and the reviews with my broken Spanish. (This will be good practice for me, heh)

Dulzura Agridulce
En lugar de recibir un broche que lo disfrace de asesino, Sol recibe un dije que hace que intercambie cuerpos con Juicio. Ahora, Juicio debe descifrar el misterio tras el Caballero de la Muerte en lugar de Sol. El problema es que imitar la pobre esgrima de Sol no es nada fácil, ¿y quién podría decir lo que estaba haciendo Sol con el cuerpo de Juicio, mientras tanto?

I received my new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1 last week, along with other stuff. The book is truly gorgeous. Have some belated squealing over all the stuff. XD;

An artbook of Taiwanese artists (I bought it for Kill no More), new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1, 1/2 Prince manhua v13, and Zelda Hyrule Historia (only English thing out of all of these). Bought it because of the lovely pics [ profile] kedi_kedi posted of it. :)

pics of LSK v1 new edition )

pics of Half Prince manhua v13 )

pics of Kill no More from the artbook of Taiwanese artists )

I'm still in the middle of playing Fire Emblem Awakening, which is taking up any spare time I have outside of work. |D; I feel like I've reverted into being even more of a lurker than I usually am, OTL, since I haven't been around much or very responsive...

more babbling about Fire Emblem Awakening )

Look what I came home to! :D (Not the figures, the book!) A copy of [ profile] absolutehymn007's NaNoWriMo book, a fanfic that crosses two of my favorite fandoms, Prince of Tennis and Fire Emblem! \o\ Thank you for giving me a copy, Hymn! ♥

By the way everyone, Hymn's fic can be read over here~.

This book is crazily thick. OMG. I think it's on par with my Narnia book, and that's 7 books in one. XD;; I look forward to when I have time to curl up and read this. :D

I was away for most of the weekend, and it seems that I missed my DHL package from Taiwan (of LSK and 1/2 Prince). I came home right when the mailman delivered Hymn's book though. XD;

Truly good timing with sending me this book, Hymn, since it was all Fire Emblem for me last week! XD;

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