Small Tenipuri icon post. Made these when I got my figures 3 weeks ago and then promptly forgot I made them. These figures are just so adorable (but that's not why I forgot about the icons). ♥


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The only anime I managed to sort of follow this season! While watching this, the eyecatch with Nyanko-sensei in each episode was calling for animated icons. And so I did that, plus quite a lot more animated Nyanko-sensei icons on top of that. Most of these are Nyanko-sensei icons. I also made 4 icons of Natsume just for the heck of it, except his name returning sequence was too long to animate nicely... I look forward to season 4!


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FMA: Brotherhood moodtheme, specifically made for [ profile] rubber_glue for [ profile] help_japan, but anyone may use. :) (Thank you, [ profile] rubber_glue, for the donation!)

preview entire moodtheme

[ MU ] [ MF ]

This moodtheme mostly features the "good guys" or heroes. Mostly. ;) Ed is featured the most. He has some of the best expressions! There were many choices for anger, but not as many for the happier themes... or for laziness. Everyone is always going places and doing things in this series!

(I thought May kicking Ed in the face was pretty productive. *g*)

♠ Please credit [ profile] lucathia_rykatu if you use this~
♠ Remember to upload images to your own imagehost!

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Finished [ profile] iconfiend100 for Hikago! There are 50 icons in this update for the challenge, plus 60 extra icons. This time, I used art from the new covers from the complete edition of Hikaru no Go.


The art sure is pretty. The cover for volume 20 looks a lot like the art Obata does for Bakuman though, doesn't it? Hikaru looks like Saiko. :'D And Yashiro looks a little like Takagi.

Oops, and here's the link to the post:
I don't even remember claiming Hikago over at [ profile] iconfiend100 anymore, but apparently I did. I think I was flailing over the new Hikago covers at that time. XD; This batch is all artist choice because I was too lazy to consider the themes. Images are from the Heian Hikago PS1 game. Hopefully I can finish this in two batches~. I want to work with the new cover art next. :3

Pairing/Character: Hikaru no Go general series
Theme set: Gamma
New Theme(s): 1-50
# of icons in update: 50
# of icons completed total: 100/100


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I'm done with 100 icons of Kimi to Boku for [ profile] iconfiend100. :D This last batch includes a lot of manga coloring. I also tried animating snow and rain. :3


Post is over this way!

I got an LJ comment a few weeks ago that approved my claim for Hikaru no Go for the icon challenge. I don't even remember making the claim anymore!! Hm, but the new Hikaru no Go covers and the images from the Heian game would make great icons.
I made a new moodtheme for myself. ♥ It's a mix of Rikkai and Hyoutei from the new Tenipuri OVAs, but it's predominantly Rikkai and a bunch of Shishido. Shishido has a lot of different, angry expressions! Unlike other people who are always looking "cool" but never fit under any mood. *eyes Yukimura* You might not agree with me on a lot of these, but well, it's hard with only two episodes to work with. XD; Images are 80x45, so feel free to replace any weird moods with your own. Hyoutei got the short end because I did Rikkai first and used up all the good moods with them.

[ MU ] [ MF ]

[ MU ] [ MF ]


Rikkai x 87
Hyoutei x 42
Kirihara's challenge letter x 1
Kirihara's failed test x 1
Seigaku x 1 (young Tezuka, haha)

Commenting is awesome. Credit [ profile] lucathia_rykatu if you're using this. :) third claim over at [ profile] iconfiend100. I'm passionate enough about this series to finish this, I'm sure. I failed with my two previous two claims...the problem was never starting the claim.

Pairing/Character: Kimi to Boku General Manga
Theme set: Beta
New Theme(s): 06-07, 13-14, 17-18, 21-22, 27, 37, 40, 42, 44-45, 49-50, 92-100
# of icons in update: 25
# of icons completed total: 100/100


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Sorry if you see this more than once.
Kimi to Boku volume 6 is out!! In Japan at least. I can't wait to get my hands on it. The newest Gangan Powered is also out (and I absolutely love the cover) but that's going to be harder to get my hands on. shipping is simply outrageous.

I wanted to wait until I had a larger batch to post these, but in celebration of the 6th volume...


here be the icons )

Also, for those of you watching this journal for rajipuri, the rajipuri post has been updated thanks to [ profile] yejinzai! I think I have some mislabeled rajipuri here and there that I need to listen to more closely, so DL them at your own risk. =P You can find the link to the post on my sidebar.

Oh, and if anyone's interested in Fire Emblem drabbles, there's a new drabble community for that at [ profile] fe_drabble.
I finally made some nendoroido L icons to go along with my Light one. XD; I should have waited for daytime to take pics. The lighting would have been a lot better! And since I rarely make icon posts, I'll slap my Naruto icons here too.

♠ Death Note Nendoroido!L x61
♠ Naruto chibis x7


icons~ )

Still need to post up the rest of the AX pics. Will do that tomorrow!
Well, I don't know who would want to use these, but anyway, I asked [ profile] silver_lined to buy me these adorable Oofuri keychains. They have huge heads. XD Not much of a post since I really should be cramming instead...JPLT test in 2 DAYS. I'm so not going to pass at this rate.

♥ 6 Ookiku Furikabutte icons
♥ 1 Zero no Tsukaima icon


only 6 icons )

Forgive me for the ugly green background. It's my notebook that I'm writing all my Japanese notes in. X3; Oh, and the random Zero no Tsukaima icon? Made it for the Halloween challenge for [ profile] anime_lj_tcg, but I forgot to turn it in when my cousin came over. -_-; I don't remember if I ever finished the icon, but oh well, here it is. I slapped it on with this post since I rarely ever make icon posts.
Oofuri being one of my top favorites at the moment, I made a moodtheme for it. ♥ I still can't let go of my Corda moodtheme though D:

Mihaaaashi~ )
I scrapped my old iconfiend100 post. Starting over, because I decided I like the gamma set better.

♠ For [ profile] iconfiend100
♠ Rikkai Dai Fuzoku (tenipuri) Gamma set
♠ 7/13/07: added 51-57


Rikkai Dai! )
I bring icons made from those cute, chibi figures from Death Note and Tenipuri. :D

♠ Death Note x16 (nendoroido figures)
♠ Prince of Tennis x23 (J-mini figures)


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My icon-making skills are still...meh. These figures were just too cute to not be made into icons. :D
[profile] cynicalism, I DID IT!! I finally finished my very first moodtheme. It literally took me weeks. I holed myself up today to finish this. Seriously, [profile] blahchiharu, I don't see how you do it. Making moodthemes takes forever!!!

I don't think I'm going to make any more moodthemes anytime soon. XD;; It's a good thing I made this for myself. I'm totally using this. (SO IT'S NOT GOING TO WASTE!!) You've probably already seen me using it already (unfinished version though...only had a few of the moods.) Hee, I love a lot of these pics.
After talking with [ profile] aethrin last weekend, I finally decided to make my own fishbones colorbar (before, it had only been a passing thought). ^_^ I changed my lj background to go along with my fishy theme, since I got tired of looking at my shoddy HNG fanart. It's very plain at the first I had repeating images, but that really killed my eyes.  Way too colorful and way too many dead fish floating around.

edit: I added a cute pic of a kitty that [ profile] miichan00 doodled once to my background. It's so utterly cute.

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