For the first two weeks of August, I went off to Taiwan~. Been back from the trip for around a week (busy busy trying to settle in with work and catch up with stuff). It's been 17 years since I've traveled there. Boy, do I remember very little of Taiwan. Some things haven't changed though, while some stuff has changed a lot. But what's different about this trip is that I had places and events I wanted to cram in, with a shorter stay than any of my previous trips to Taiwan, so it was a trip with a super full itinerary. Went out bright and early every day and didn't get home until around 11 pm every night. Walked my feet off. XD There was no rest at all. I became very familiar with the public transit. I also got to see my relatives who I haven't seen in just as long as I haven't been back to Taiwan. 17 years!! (I was so tiny back then.)

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Stuff I bought from Anime Expo!

Day 1, I spent a good chunk of my time lining up for Yamamato Sayo and Kubo Mitsurou's autograph, while Days 2-3 were spent on trying to attend panels (and often failing). Day 4 was my shopping day! I wrote up some notes on the panels that I did get to attend, so I'll at least be posting about those.

Got myself another Arslan Senki poster. o/ My favorite one is the one shown on the box though. Haven't come across that one yet. Arslan looks gentler there~.

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More on Fanime, starting with the rest of the stuff I bought~. Quite a shopping trip this year. XD

Arslan Senki poster was from Friday's swap meet~

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I find it very cool that Fanime has official photographers. :D They've also already uploaded photos! Here are some that I was in.

Re:Zero gathering on Friday
All I can say is that the photographers pretty much asked the cosplayers to do the dab at every gathering I went to. I was the Emilia on the right.

Shounen Jump Sunday Gathering
I was Kayano on Sunday, and I was very much hoping there would be a Koro-sensei around. There was! *____*

Shounen Jump girls beating Mineta from My Hero Academia. A specific request. XD;;

The albums have a ton of pictures from all the gatherings, if anyone's interested in what cosplays there were at Fanime this year. o/

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I might do another post with cosplay pics of other people and some thoughts on events I went to. If I get around to it.

BTW, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy v2 yesterday, and let me tell you, I cried buckets. ;__; (I'm quite pleased to see many Yondu fics crop up in the fandom though. All my feels.)

I've changed my layout on livejournal because I can no longer make changes to what the comment links look like with my account level, so I ended up with a lot of broken images with that layout. This one is clean enough, I suppose, though it also means that commenting will bring you to livejournal's default pages. Boo. Oh well, it's functional, if not pretty.
Read the latest 10 manga chapters of Naruto today (up to 570). Chapter 568 made me go "what????" with the Kyuubi's real name. Suddenly, a whole new world for Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers has been opened.

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2011 in fic

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:22 pm
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A ridiculous long reflection about my 2011 writing! Here's last year's reflection.

I told myself last year I would not start new multi-parters this year without finishing my previous WIPs, but apparently I forgot all about that in the face of my LSK obsession, hah...

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And now I resort to drabbles. ;) The next few, if I finish them, will be back-dated so I won't flood my flist... I'll post some sort of masterlist at the end.

Title: My Lips are Sealed...Or Not.
Day/Theme: 3. The itch, the urge, the leaking tongue
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character/Pairing: Hatanaka Shuuichi, Kurama
Rating: PG
Words: 249
Notes: for [ profile] 31days_exchange, 31_days masterlist.

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Dusting off a WIP I had since round 4 (or was it round 3...) of [ profile] blind_go in hopes that having a deadline for [ profile] 31days_exchange will actually get me to finish this! (It's been, what, 2, 3 years?) I don't think I've managed anything for [ profile] blind_go since then after not being able to finish this. I'm also very out of touch with both HnG and YYH. It really shows. I hope I don't blunder too much with this. I very much want to finish this.

Title: Before I Leave Part 1
Day/Theme: 18. The first cool breeze in what seemed an eternity
Series: Hikaru no Go/Yu Yu Hakusho
Character/Pairing: Sai, Hikaru, Botan (in this part)
Rating: PG
Words: 2,230
Notes: for [ profile] 31days_exchange, 31_days masterlist

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I read through almost all of the Yuletide and Yuletide Madness fics I've been meaning to read. It took me a long time, and I had so many tabs open. I also left as many comments as I could even though I was far from profound in all of them. The series near the end of the alphabet got the short end because my comments got shorter and shorter, and I ended up not checking out the fandoms I was less familiar with or fics with characters I cared less about (but I did for the beginning of the alphabet). I might return to them later, but for now, I'm done. ^__^

I am fairly sure I ran into a number of [ profile] darkicedragon's fics with the fandoms I did end up reading, haha, but I was clued in because of the titles and the summary before the actual fic confirmed my guess. But who knows, maybe I'm completely off the mark. XD; Anyway...

5 fics I enjoyed a lot (outside of my gifts) (why does this sound like the title of a fic? People have been titling their fics like this way too much *g*) I realize I've never recced any fic from Yuletide outside of squeeing over my gifts each year... so, have some recs.

The Closest Place to Forever (Cat Street, Nako)
This gives Nako wonderful closure as well as a glimpse into everyone's lives and how they're settling into it now that they're all older.

Cake (Honey and Clover, Ayumi/Nomiya)
They're a pair I actually adore a whole lot (I don't adore too many couples), and this fic does it perfectly. The ending really touched me.

Sit. Stay. Beg (Minamishineyo|You're Beautiful)
This is cuteness, really, with enough humor and adorableness to make me smile all night.

Never Lag Behind (Natsume Yuujinchou)
This could be a chapter out of the manga! I really loved how things unfolded here.

She Says It's Not a Love Song (But it Totally Is) (Yu Yu Hakusho, Yukina)
Yukina is awesome in this, and everyone else is written in a way that makes me wish this fic were even longer (but it's a perfect length, with self discovery, realizations, and a whole lot more).

Yuletide aside, I started reading +C: Sword and Cornett, and I like it a lot (with the conspiracies and princes and people saving and crossdressing and loyalty). But now that I've read through everything that's available so quickly, I'll need to wait. *grumbles* Still, this is now also on my to-buy list. :) I've also been reading T.R.A.P. (that I bought last last week) and finished volume 1 so far, and yup, the main character really does have amnesia, and he's probably psychic. *g* I look forward to seeing what kind of soccer will result from this.

Soujiro :3

Sep. 9th, 2010 01:56 am
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I have a sudden urge to read one of my super old fics I never published or finished writing, but since I've only ever put it up on a personal Geocities site and the old computer I used to use no longer works, I've lost all traces of it now! This urge came from realizing I don't write a lot for any one fandom, but I actually had quite a lot in store for Soujiro back then.

That fic was a crossover between Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho, and it featured Kenshin and Soujiro as the main characters from the RK side. (Even now, I still can't believe I haven't written an actual Kurama fic despite him being my other favorite character of all times). I think I had around 16 chapters written, and I even drew fanart for it. XD; Man, I wish I could find it. Last time I touched it, Kenshin was mingling with Kuwabara and Kurama and Soujiro was stranded in Makai with Hiei after a bought of time traveling gone wrong. Although the writing was pretty bad, I feel like my imagination back then was much better since I wasn't as concerned about how things sounded.

I remember I never published it because I wanted to finish writing it first, but that obviously didn't work out. :'D

Right now, I've been trying the Wayback machine, but I wonder if I'm remembering my Geocities user name wrong. I can't even remember it anymore! Maybe I'll have better luck going through an old hard drive in case I backed up stuff before and don't remember doing it (the other day, I found some old photos on some floppy discs! photo per floppy).
Title: A Matter of Time
Day/Theme: 01 a trivial accident precipitated events which time had been holding in suspension for ages
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character/Pairing: Yukina, Shiori, Kurama
Rating: PG
Words: 353
Notes: for [ profile] 31_days_exchnge. Manga canon. Spoilers for the end of the series. One day, I need to write a long YYH fic.

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I've been meaning to do something like this for Mother's Day, but at that time I was taking finals, celebrating my birthday, and in general, being busy. This is for Father's Day, though I'm a bit late. My own father's finally back after a half-year absence, and I'm happy that he's back. This is late because I was at the airport. ^_^

I present, 14 drabbles relating to dads from 14 different fandoms. I had plans to include more (*cough* Raito), but I ran out of time.

Enjoy. And Happy Father's Day! (which, for some reason, doesn't feel as celebrated as Mother's Day...)

And before I forget!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series.

x-posted a lot. Perhaps I should have separated the drabbles. >_> A huge challenge to my memory, this was!

Title: As Far as I Can See

Author: lucathia

Word Count: 100

Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho

Challenge: [ profile] jump100  's body modifications

Note: It’s past the deadline. D:


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