Creators for Parallels have now been revealed. It's no surprise (or well, not a big surprise?) that I wrote so we can get to know you, an LSK fic. :'D

I got matched with [ profile] kiyutsuna! XD;; When I got my assignment, I was pretty amused... since, like I thought, it was very easy for us to end up assigned to each other. What I didn't expect was that I'd end up writing a 10 chapter fic???? 15k words???? I only actually finished 4 chapters by the Aug 1 deadline, and then on August 11, I finished another 5 chapters, and I didn't post the final chapter until Aug 14... :'D But I made it before fics were revealed! Haha, I had a hard time not revealing anything. To avoid talking about my fic, I just... ended up not speaking about Parallels much at all. XD;

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I'll be crossposting the fic over several weeks, but it's all already available on AO3, so... XD;; But I might make some more edits.


Aug. 16th, 2014 03:23 am
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Works for [ profile] parallelsfic are live! /excited

You can view them here

guess what I wrote :'D Haha Kiyu is so obvious ♥

I received a lovely 1/2 Prince fic about Cold Fox. :D

Boredom (726 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: 1/2 Wangzi | 1/2 Prince
Summary: In a tavern at the end of the day, Cold Fox makes an important decision. A life changing one? Maybe not. But important none the less.
(Takes place before Cold Fox ever even came to Central Continent.)

Cold Fox. <333333

Prince of Book

Aug. 2nd, 2014 06:51 pm
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Kingstone voting for your favorite prince! (You have to log in, the pink button is for voting while the green button is for writing your confession) Event main page.

Grisia is currently 4th while Lesus is 6th. Charles is 17th. Jiang Ziya is 36th while Lu Yang is 38th.

First and second place are both from Unique Legend! UL is totally dominating both the prince and princess polls. :3;; (There's not a single character of Yu Wo's in the princess poll, hahaha. Hm... It does seem like most of her main characters are male...)

(Hm, there isn't a lot of new LSK merchandise this year in the August convention. Only... decorative tape? And a battery... )

New side story for Illusions-Lies-Truth featuring Lu Yang. Maybe we'll get to see his past? /will definitely try to buy this. I really like that illustration of young Lu Yang~~

First deadline for Parallels has passed. There are 7 pinch hits in need of writers/artists!

Off to AX

Jul. 2nd, 2014 03:17 am
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I'm off to Anime Expo in a few hours! (See you there if you're going!) I will be helping [ profile] gem2niki out at her table in the Artist Alley at E10 whenever I'm not off buying stuff or attending panels. I'll be cosplaying Tsukito from Kamigami no Asobi and Sugawara from Haikyuu!! I'll still be contactable via email, plurk, or twitter if you need me!

I'm dooooone (just barely) with my new cosplays. They didn't turn out so great, but... at least it's something. |D; My recent cosplays have basically been "buy something that could possibly be used as the base and then alter the heck out of it!!!" It's really nice that I have a cheap clothing store just a few streets away. Only reason I was able to finish in time, hahaha. (I didn't buy any cloth for these two cosplays, just clothes that I cut apart!) But I'm really not fond of how my Haikyuu!! cosplay turned out, so I might possibly wear Tsukito more... Unless the boots get too uncomfortable. |D;;

I also received my Parallels assignment~~. I love it! Gonna bring along some notebooks to scribble in (and be in character for Tsukito, hehe, seriously, he is always writing stuff down). Will try to plan out my assignment~ (and hopefully not be last minute with always).

I was hoping to receive my proof of Bittersweet Sweetness before I left (the estimation is that I'll get it next week, but I recall I was surprised by how fast the book got to me the previous time I used the service). Too bad! I would've liked to show it to people at AX. :3;; Alright, I better sleep.
Belatedly signing up for [ profile] parallelsfic! :D

To my parallels creator, I hope this letter is helpful. But if you work better without a letter, feel free to skip! My requests are detailed in my sign-up, so this is just extra stuff. The important thing is to have fun~

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Jun. 16th, 2014 07:42 pm
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Sign-ups for [ profile] parallelsfic just opened! It's a fanwork exchange (fic, art, videos/amvs) for rare Asian fandoms. I kind of forgot about it this year, but I nominated a few fandoms at the last minute. |D;; (No need to guess what I nominated... It was a handful of Yu Wo series + Noblesse... Those series being 1/2 Prince, Legend of Sun Knight, Kill No More, and No Hero... wait, why didn't I nominate Female Warrior... darn...). A lot of anime/manga/video games I'm currently interested in have already been nominated by other people. (Kamigami no Asobi! \o\ Log Horizon! /o/)

In this exchange, you choose 4 to 8 fandoms you'd like people to write or draw or make videos for you of. You get matched with a random person who only has to tackle 1 fandom of yours. You are also matched with 1 recipient you have to make 1 thing for. You are guaranteed to have at least one fandom in common.

Here's a list of all the fandoms people nominated!
Here's where to sign up! (You need an AO3 account)
Here's more info if you need it!

June 1-15th: Nominations
June 16-29th: Signups
July 1st: Assignments go out
August 1st: Assignments due
August 1st-14th: Pinch hitting
August 15th: Works go live
August 22nd: Creator names are revealed

I'm currently unsure whether or not to sign up this year. I have strangely turned into a single fandom writer lately, haha, when that definitely wasn't the case two years ago. And I've just been terrible with deadlines.

Past stories I wrote for Parallels! (Whoot, I participated all three years it was around!)
Magical (Kuragehime)
Ten minutes is all I ask for (Kuroko no Basket)
A Taste of More (Legend of Sun Knight) (see, I even ended up writing LSK last year for Parallels...)

I guess it's not like I need to write a super long fic or anything... The requirement is only 500 words... (But I end up writing 7k fics. *head desks* At least my word count shrank each year... Becoming less and less unwieldy...)
Purchased some stuff yesterday. Now to wait for them to come to me. *rubs hands gleefully* Bought myself the the 9th LSK bundle, the extra volume of the Human Doll Contract verse (Kiyutsuna pointed out that the golden haired guy is most likely Grisia klajsdfla;sdjf;a; I didn't even notice), 1/2 Prince manhua volume 14 (I couldn't tell who the characters on the cover were, but most likely Winter Triumph and Nan Gong Zui? ...You know what, I still have no clue), and more volumes of Detective Conan, haha... Only Japanese manga I buy the Taiwanese version of now, since my parents also read it! Otherwise, all my other manga, I usually buy in Japanese now.

I'm really curious about the Detective Conan light novels. I wonder if they're any good. :3; Tempting...

Parallelsfic works are live! \o\ I have a total of one fic in the collection this time, and I am not very anonymous, hahaha. I received a lovely Haikyuu fic~. Reveals are on the 22nd!

Next weekend is Japan Expo! It's the first time the convention will be held around here. I'm super excited because there are some great guests attending. I'm especially interested in Kozaki Yusuke who did character designs for Fire Emblem Awakening and Iwadare Noriyuki who did music for Ace Attorney, Lunar, and Grandia~. I'm so going to bust out my FE:A Henry cosplay and my Maya cosplay. XD; Hopefully the gatherings for the two series are on different days! Must bring some stuff to get signed~
New manhua bundle! Finally! It feels like it's been a long time... Bundle 8 was directly sold online (that was awesome, so easy to get a hold of) but it looks like it won't be the case for this one. I wonder how I'll manage to buy this one. T__T; Short story focuses on Metal, and it's only Part 1, hahaha... What, a short story split in two... The postcard is of Storm!

The art has really improved! I like that angle of Lesus in the third pic. *____* And wow, that second pic must be of the Son of the God of War? He looks pretty handsome. XD;; I never really thought of him as handsome... XDDD

My summer lethargy has hit me viciously. I don't seem to have written much at all lately... and now summer is almost over. Nooooo, I don't want summer to be over. ): Well, at least I did write two things for two fic exchanges, but I can't reveal what I wrote for either yet. I can't wait until I see what gift I'm getting for Parallels~. Probably Haikyuu. XD;; I don't know how many times I've reread my own submission. I hope it lives up to scrutiny. Sometimes, I feel, "Wow, this is pretty good!" Other times... "Ehhhhh, what did I write..."

Going to poke at A Vice-Captain's Tale, hopefully. I already wrote an epilogue, hahahaha... Now to get there!

Also, Human Doll Contract extra. To buy or not to buy... :3;;
Signups for [ profile] parallelsfic has started! \o\ Here's my letter detailing some background on the series I've requested and why I like these series~. Hopefully this will get more people to give these series a try too. :D

To my Parallels creator, my requests are detailed in my signup. This letter is merely extra info in case you are the type of person who likes to know more. Feel free to skip this if it's not helpful for you! The important thing is to have fun. ♥

Kara no Teikoku, Haikyuu, Seiyuu ka, SKET Dance, Usotsuki Lily, Fire Emblem Awakening )
[ profile] parallelsfic has started once again! \o\ It's a rare Asian fandoms fanwork exchange. Nominations end on June 15. Sign-ups are between June 16-June 29, and assignments go out on July 1 and are due in a month on August 1. Here's the A03 collection, nominations for series/characters go here, and series that have already been nominated can be viewed here.

I'm super excited. :DDDD Many series have already been nominated! Assassination Classroom, Haikyuu, Hataraku Maou-sama, Fire Emblem (several of them!!! Rekka no Ken, Fuuin no Tsurugi, Path of Radiance, Awakening... ahhhh), just to name a few series I'm currently into... So many other awesome nominations too, like Suikoden I, III, Tierkreis (none of which I can write, but I would love fic), Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuragehime, Oresama Teacher... Last year, I wrote a Kuroko no Basket fic for Parallels. I wonder what I'll end up writing this year? :3 I certainly don't feel KnB can be considered a "rare" fandom anymore, haha. Awakening and Shingeki no Kyojin are both fairly popular at the moment, but fics are only just starting out, so hopefully people don't feel they're too popular to be rare. (Also, for Awakening... there don't seem to be many fics about Libra yet. I should request fic about him...) I can't really participate in the SnK fandom though, since I'm trying to avoid manga spoilers. :3;;

SO YEAH. Parallels is starting! If you like Asian fandoms, check it out! It's an exchange that includes three types of fanworks: fics, fanart, and videos! So if you fic, art, or vid, this is a great exchange to check out. :)

(*nudge nudge* If you enjoy Legend of Sun Knight, consider participating in the exchange and making it one of your requests! I would love writing for you! XD;;;;) LSK hasn't been nominated yet, but I will definitely nominate it if no one else does before I do. =P

That aside, Jenny Flint has translated another two of my fics into Spanish~. This time, it's an Ace Attorney fic and a Death Note fic! \o/ Now that AA5 has been announced, I really should... post the AA fics I have in the works... before new canon completely trounces them... I haven't touched them in years though. :'D Perhaps I'll just post up what I have... just in my journal. Since they don't really end. OTL

Sólo se necesita un terremoto
Gumshoe piensa que Edgeworth no es tan frío como todos creen. El detective está determinado a hacer que Mr. Edgeworth sonría. is not as cold as people think he is. The detective is determined to make Mr. Edgeworth smile. Historia dulce.

Por Light
En donde Misa idea un plan que involucra unas llaves perdidas. Por el bien de Light, por supuesto.
Four things! :D

♥ Looks like author names have now been revealed! Here's the fic I wrote. I hesitated over offering Kuroko no Basket, and of course that was the fandom I matched on. XD; Will be posting this here too!

Ten minutes is all I ask for (3901 words) by faviconlucathia
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
Relationships: Aida Riko/Hyuuga Junpei, Aida Riko/Kiyoshi Teppei
Summary: Riko's life isn't a basketball match, but sometimes it might as well be one.

fic commentary )

♥ The author of my giftfic You and I, are alike but different and was [ profile] qem_chibati like I had thought. XD; You had me guessing for a bit! Sneaky, sneaky Qem! Thank you for the fic. I wish I could snuggle with it. ♥

♥ Bwahaha, I managed to identify all of [personal profile] darkicedragon's fics! I was pretty sure after reading the fics. XD

♥ Some recs! \o/

Liability (2519 words) by faviconKantayra
Fandom: Nabari no Ou
Relationships: Meguro Gau/Shimizu Raikou
Summary: In the world of Nabari, Gau was a liability. Fortunately, that was exactly what Raikou needed.

See With my Own Eyes (5769 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: +Anima
Characters: Cooro, Blanca (+Anima)
Summary: Blanca had been inside the still room for so long, where there had been nothing but darkness until Aaron, and eventually Fly, had come, and it used to be enough. But it wasn’t now, not when she knew it was just a part of what was outside the room, what she could possibly see for herself.

Aftermath (1180 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: +Anima
Characters: Nana (+Anima), Husky (Myrrha), Cooro
Summary: Nana wants to see Cooro’s smile again.

Habit (2768 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: Yoroshiku Master
Characters: Rihito (Yoroshiku Master), Tateyama Daisuke, Sagara Kurumi, Kaito (Yoroshiku Master)
Summary: At a young age, Rihito knew what he had to do to avoid meeting his santa.

Allegro ma non troppo (2550 words) by faviconGramarye
Fandom: Eve no Jikan | Time of Eve
Characters: Sakisaka Rikuo, Sammy (Eve no Jikan), Chie (Eve no Jikan)
Summary: Even if Rikuo still can't fully bring himself to enjoy playing the piano as he once did, there's nothing to stop him from showing someone else how to find enjoyment in playing. (It helps to start at the very beginning.)

Secondary Qualities (1680 words) by faviconjan
Fandom: Eve no Jikan
Characters: Sakisaka Rikuo, Nagi (Eve no Jikan), Sammy (Eve no Jikan), Masaki Masakazu
Parallelsfic works are live! Over here! There are fic, art, and videos involved!

I received a really cute fic about the twins. lakdjsfa;s I love, love, love twins and siblings in fiction. :D

You and I, are alike but different (1115 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Kimi to Boku | You and I
Characters: Asaba Yuuki, Asaba Yuuta
Summary: When you are twins, everyone comments when you are alike and when you are different.

I've requested Kimi to Boku before in Yuletide. Now that this request of mine has been fulfilled during Parallels, I'll probably keep on trying with my other fandoms. :)

I have one fic in the collection. /o\ A week ago, I liked my fic. A few days ago, I didn't. My opinion on it keeps going back and forth. I just hope it's not too disappointing. I was editing all the way up until fics went live. Finally closed my document when fics went live, haha... It actually felt good to finally be able to stop. Now I can finally attend to other stuff! Since, there's nothing more I can do about this fic. :'D

No True Pair sign ups started just in time. :D Coming up with lists of characters for this will be fun~. I didn't manage to write anything for the previous round, but Invincible was inspired by some of the matches I got. Hope I can at least write something this time!
Yeaaaaaah, I've just gone completely spaztastic over the new teaser for Legend of Sun Knight. Follow-up from part 1. It's actually in Adair's POV. LUCATHIA IS SUPER HAPPY. Adair reminisces about the time Grisia chose him, and then it's followed by the cliff incident. Adair starts pretty much in the state of mind we see him in during the prologue of volume 2 (super in awe of Grisia). Hahahahaha. XD

ETA: now a very quick translation because ADAIR KLADSJFA;DFA; (no spoilers here for the 39th gen, this is a flashback to Adair and the cliff incident.)

translation! )

The spin-off will be tentatively released around August 21. I can't wait! Especially to find out what other stories will be included.

ajsd;a I didn't know volume 12 of the 1/2 Prince manhua is already out. *buys it* I should get it around the 10th. Here's the new cover! THAT looks like a very uncomfortable position for Prince, ouch! (the other drafts for the cover)

I've turned in my Parallelsfic assignment, but goodness does it still need more editing... I'll still be editing the heck out of that fic before reveals. -__-;; Also on today's menu, [ profile] colors_tcg decks. I'm so behind on all of my mod duties...

There are three assignments from [ profile] parallelsfic that need pinch hitters! They may or may not have been claimed yet, but if you feel up to some writing, take a look? :D

I've been watching the Olympics every single day during any free time I have. Yup, not going to get much done like this.
Yu Wo has started posting the beginning of the Legend of Sun Knight spin-off here. There will most likely be two volumes, with the first volume being published in the near future. My heart was just about to burst as I read this teaser, ahhhhhhh. This spin-off uses third person, so we get to see Grisia from other people's POVs. ♥ And oh, what a teaser. The ending of this teaser ends right when Adair is about to start recounting how Grisia chose him as the vice-captain! KLJDF;ASJD;FJA;SJFDKA;JFA ADAIR??? ADAIR BACKSTORY? KJ;DFA;LA My heart can't take this, ahhhhhh.

Ah, Olympics. I remember the previous Olympics when I was trying to write daily for [ profile] 31_days with Bokurano drabbles. (I was doing well until the Olympics started. Then I was glued to my TV!) I am always completely distracted by the Olympics, so I know I'm not going to get much writing done for the next two weeks. My current priority is my [ profile] parallelsfic assignment that is due very, very soon (August 1), and then Bittersweet Sweetness. A Bittersweet update might actually happen before I finish my Parallels assignment, since I'm always more motivated in doing what I shouldn't be doing when I feel the need to procrastinate on something else, haha...

Anime-wise, I caught up with Moyashimon season 2~. Cute microbes return! More of Kei! \o/ I love Mitsuki Saiga's voice~.
(This is my letter for [ profile] parallelsfic, a rare Asian fandom exchange. Sign-ups close on 6/29 if anyone still wants to join!)

Dear Parallelsfic Writer,

I hope you will find the following letter helpful! I've requested fic for all of the following and have detailed a little about my general likes regarding fic. In case you (or anyone else) would like to be adventurous, I've provided short blurbs about each of the series as well.

Optional details are optional, however, so take what you will from this letter~. Thank you for writing for me! :)

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[ profile] parallelsfic nominations are currently happening! :D Nominations run until June 15th. You can see what's already been nominated and approved here! Parallels is a rare fanwork exchange for Asian sources. Assignments are due on August 1. Fanwork includes fanfic (min is 500 words), fanart (must be at least 500x500px), and vids (must be at least 30 seconds). I'm mostly here for the fic though. :3;; If you love rarer Asian fandoms, I urge you to nominate fandoms and maybe even participate as a writer/artist/creator!

[ profile] colors_tcg has just made it to its second year! \o/ \o/ \o/ My interest piques and wanes at times depending on motivation and other commitments, but currently my interest is at an all time high. ^___^ There is still a bunch of stuff I need to update, but first let me squeal over how cute the anniversary celebration has been so far! (I'm currently making some Kuroko no Basket decks. :D ...and then maybe I'll finally get around to updating my own very outdated card post OTL) I can't believe it's been two years already!

V6 of the new illustrator of 1/2 Prince is going to be released on 6/11! Features the Dictator of Life on the cover, and he is indeed the keychain as well. :3 I wonder if this is the last volume, or if there's another one after this? Each volume is much larger than the first edition after all, so the end result should be fewer volumes.

Sadly I haven't been able to write much at all the entire week. OTL. My poor WIPs... Currently, I'm doing a round robin with friends. It's my turn at the moment, but my deadline was last Sunday. /o\
I've been scarce on LJ! OTL Trying to play some catch up with everything this week. I can't believe March is almost over.

I came across a fishbone hairclip the other day though. Much awesomeness! That immediately went into my collection.

Random snippets about various series below.

The manga!! This is like, the moment everyone has been waiting for from the start, right? All the characters have come so far! ♥ The anime - Season 2 ended! I've yet to watch the last four episodes. I won't be too sad though, since season 3 will start in the fall. Tanto kind of brought a lull to the series, but PCP really brought the momentum back~

Natsume Yuujinchou
Ahhhhh, watched the finale of season 4 today! One of my favorite endings yet with how Natsume confronted the past and moved forward. I really appreciated the exploration of Natsume's past in this season. Like I said before, I feel I've learned so much more about Natsume in this season.

I started reading Magi last week~. I'm on ch.93. Favorite character is Alibaba. :D He's not all powerful or all that confident, but he feels so much and tries so hard. He's totally the type to rise up to the challenge. I always thought Aladdin was more grown up than this. I think I was mistaking Sinbad for the main character then. XD; The idea of dungeons and magoi and djinns is quite fascinating~. I'm just being introduced to Hakuryuu at the moment. I wonder what he'll bring to the story~.

Another manga series I started reading. I've wanted to check it out since last year (it was one of the fandoms I could have written for [ profile] parallelsfic. Now that I know who the characters are, I want to dig up [ profile] dropsofviolet's requests again...). The artwork in this series is stunning. The content revolves around young brides' stories, starting off with Amir, who is 20, and her husband Karluk, who is 12. I thought they would be the main focus (and that the age difference might be a main point) but the story instead moves on from Amir and Karluk and touches upon other brides (and brides-to-be), branching off from Amir and Karluk's story, though maybe the story will eventually return to them. The age difference isn't a very large factor, and Amir and Karluk truly appreciate each other. There's a linguist called Henry Smith who stays with Karluk's tribe to study the culture and language. He later moves on from the tribe, and the story moves on with him! Though he's not the main character (at least I don't assume he is...), it's pretty interesting how the scene changed with him. I wonder if the manga will continue borrowing Smith's presence to show us various tribes and their brides-to-be. Perhaps we were with Amir and Karluk in the beginning because Smith was there!

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches)
A body-swap series by Yoshikawa Miki, mangaka of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan! Yesssss. I'm so there. XD; I love her humor~. It's set in high school yet again, though this time with some more supernatural elements, it feels like!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Watched the premiere yesterday. SO AWESOME. I can't wait for more. I already like Korra, and I like Tenzin a whole lot too. I was getting strangely emotional during the two episodes because wow, their world has changed but it's still so very easily recognizable as the same world. Loved seeing the influences of the previous cast on this new world. It's so sad to think that most of them have already passed on. Pro-bending has been pretty cool so far too!

Let's see, anything I'm forgetting... I've been borrowing manga from [ profile] gem2niki. First up was Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God) about a guy who must correctly identify 13 wines left behind by his father (a famous wine critic) in his will in order to inherit his legacy. Only two volumes are out in English so far~. I look forward to seeing Shizuku learn more and more about wine! :D (I still can't believe this is written by the same person who wrote Kindaichi, Tantei Gakuen Q, Area no Kishi... so many different series!) I borrowed Pluto and Ooku next from g2n, but I haven't started on them. *cough* it was Magi's fault

Oh, and A Game of Thrones. I had to return my library copy, so I ended up buying the book after all. XD; It's going to take me a while to read!
Title: Magical
Fandom: Kuragehime
Words: 7,046
Summary: Tsukimi thought her current situation could only be the result of magic, but Kuranosuke believed differently.
Notes: Written for [ profile] dropsofviolet for [ profile] parallelsfic exchange. Vaguely set in the future and uses tidbits from the manga, but this is vague enough that it could be from either canon. Much thanks to [ profile] dropsofviolet for the chance to write in this fandom! I mostly requested series I didn't think I could write very well myself... one of my requests was Kuragehime, and guess what I got matched with? Kuragehime. It was a great challenge though (I even had to research Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and of course, jellyfish, even though I was mostly just dropping names of jellyfish). I'm glad I offered to write for this fandom! I loved the prompt and wanted to focus on Tsukimi and Kuranosuke's business, but somehow this fic turned out more romance-based when I'm usually not much of a romance writer. And then the fic refused to end. I was quite horrified when I wrote and wrote and wrote and still couldn't reach the ending, haha. I thought I pretty much exhausted all my Kuragehime ideas with this fic, but there's still another plotbunny biting me that I might write sometime. Hopefully it'll turn out shorter. ;)
Archive: AO3

Okaasan, Tsukimi thought to herself, what kind of magic spell did he cast on me? )
[ profile] parallelsfic's stories are up! They can be found here or you can browse the fandoms here! I received a super lovely gift that made me grin a whole lot. ^____^ Liu is my favorite character from Suikoden Tierkreis. I adore the way he's written here!

Notes to Self (871 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Suikoden Tierkreis
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Liu (Suikoden Tierkreis), Marica, Sieg (Suikoden Tierkreis), Sisuca

Liu has a lot of things to keep in mind for this new life.

I seriously need to finish playing this game sometime. XD; I finally bought one of the Tierkreis artbooks last month or so (after commenting back and forth with [ profile] nugeyo, making me realize how much I wanted this artbook), and it is a thing of beauty, rich with content and even comics featuring the characters. I wish all artbooks were like this one! (Going on a tangent about artbooks, I also recently bought the 20th anniversary Fire Emblem artbook that I've been looking for everywhere, and it just arrived this week! It is quite a perfect artbook for me since it spans all the games and I don't have a single artbook of any of the games).

Prompt claiming over at [ profile] springkink has also begun! I made a list of prompts I might be able to write, but so far I don't have any plunnies biting yet, and there's no way I can claim everything I jotted down, haha. I think I will try to narrow it down to one prompt that I will definitely write, and I'm going to try to choose something that wasn't prompted by myself. XD;
So the deadline for [ profile] parallelsfic has passed, and I managed to write something in time, but the fic still needs a lot more work, so I'm taking the chance to continue editing the heck out of it before reveals. I better get this fic into better shape! There are a few people who don't have stories yet who are in need of pinch hitters. You can see the pinch hits here. I believe you can offer to pinch hit even if you haven't signed up. You just need an Archive of Our Own account to post!

I haven't managed to finish writing any new fic since May, so I'm glad this got me to write something.

I'm also hoping to participate in [ profile] springkink! Prompt gathering closes on August 5th. I tossed in a ton of prompts... that I think I would even like to write myself, since I started getting ideas as I was brainstorming the prompts. When the prompt list goes up, I hope some of the prompts I tossed in will be claimed, and I hope I'll find stuff that I'll want to claim (and think that I'd finish in time!).

[ profile] blind_go round 12 is also starting! Round 12 focuses on the new wave. Sign-ups close August 30, fics are due September 19. As I haven't managed to finish writing any Hikago fic since round 3, I'll have to sit this out again, but I'm happy to see the community still going strong. ^____^

When my internet wasn't working at the end of July, and then LJ stopped working, I actually started jotting down fic tidbits in a composition book (since they were on sale). I do all my writing on the computer, but there is something about writing with pen that makes the experience different. I wonder if this will get me to write more. :3 (Off the top of my head, I jotted down a list of incomplete fics I still need to complete... the list is quite scary. T____T; I mean, there are fics I thought I'd be able to finish writing within a week, and yet I've let the fics sit for a year already.)

August 2! 82! Yagyuu/Niou day. Steelhands was released today! *dances* I completely forgot about the release date though, so now I'll have to wait for the book to be shipped to me.


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