I came back from AX to this lovely package. Another late birthday present! XD; I received a late birthday present from [livejournal.com profile] absolutehymn007 just last week or so in the mail, and now another one has come, haha. ♥ This is a gift from Eilinel, Raylight, Dahlys, and Azakura from Prince Revolution. I feel appreciated. *bows*

Kill No More package~. Includes the special edition of the manhua (which comes with a short novel story about Liaula getting found as a baby), a poster of Liaula, a poster of Kaise, stickers of the school emblems, and a signed poster board with both Yu Wo's signature and A Wei's! <33333

close up pics! )

So, AX. AX was very tiring! I got to do a lot of stuff and meet a lot of people, though I didn't do most of the stuff I'd planned on doing. I just ended up doing... other stuff. Report to come, but I need to get the pictures from [livejournal.com profile] gem2niki first since I used her camera throughout the con. Super awesome camera~. Also, the previous anime season ended, which means I'll be writing my thoughts about the series I finished watching!

Last of all, SKET Dance. ;___; Oh man, all my feels for that last chapter. I'm so sad the manga ended, but it did end quite well.
Signups for [livejournal.com profile] parallelsfic has started! \o\ Here's my letter detailing some background on the series I've requested and why I like these series~. Hopefully this will get more people to give these series a try too. :D

To my Parallels creator, my requests are detailed in my signup. This letter is merely extra info in case you are the type of person who likes to know more. Feel free to skip this if it's not helpful for you! The important thing is to have fun. ♥

Kara no Teikoku, Haikyuu, Seiyuu ka, SKET Dance, Usotsuki Lily, Fire Emblem Awakening )
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo is getting a drama! :O Yankee-kun to Megane-chan was also made into a live action series. I guess something about Yoshikawa Miki's works must appeal to drama producers? High school setting. Romance. Delinquents. Humor? XD; My first thought was that Yamada-kun would be harder than Yankee-kun to make into a drama... but on second thought, the powers won't require special effects since they mostly just cause people to act differently. How well each person acts will be quite important! I guess this is doable! Everyone will just have to do a lot of kissing... haha...

The manga itself seems to be heading for a climax. I wonder if the series will keep going on after we meet all 7 witches or if it'll end.

Speaking of climaxes, SKET Dance is said to be entering the "climax" in volume 32. Whether this means volume 32 will be the last volume or not, I don't know, but I'm thinking it won't be. Climax doesn't equal ending (haha, I was tricked by Gakuen Alice! For several volumes, I thought we were at the end, but nope. We were just in the end arc). In any case, SKET Dance's ending is still near since a lot of chapters have already been spent on wrapping the story up. Passing the club down, talk about careers, almost confession... The story feels like it's wrapping up, so I'm not surprised by the announcement. I will be sad when the series ends though! :'( I hope we get a good, solid ending.
I've been reading as many Yuletide fics as possible, but I've only reached L in the alphabet... (I started alphabetically, though I did skip around for fandoms I looked forward to a lot). This is probably all I'll get around to reading before reveals. ): Time to return to writing!

I adored the following stories a ton. <3

a few fic recs )
Watched Wreck-It Ralph with friends today. It was cute! And touching. As well as hilarious.

I also adored the animated short Paperman at the beginning. Very poignant.

The credits at the end of Wreck-it Ralph were also quite fun. There were also many cameos in the movie (I think I'd need a rewatch to find what I missed!) but they didn't steal the spotlight or anything. I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up liking the four main characters quite a lot. Felix as well. I didn't actually think he was going to have a large role. XD

Sket Dance 256! Oh this chapter. So much Tsubaki. ♥

Sket Dance chapter 256 | Summary

Tsubaki and Rumi. YESSSS. I love that they're both wondering how they should treat each other. Are they family or what? They're not exactly strangers considering they share a brother, but they also don't know much about each other, don't share any blood, and don't have any childhood memories with each other.

It was really cute, their awkwardness and how Bossun came up with a way for them to get to know each other. <33 I love chapters that explore their family relationships. Now that Rumi is in the picture too, I have high hopes that we'll get to see more of their awesome interactions like this. :D

(Tsubaki using Bossun's ID to qualify for the brother-sister discount with Rumi)
Rumi: Just look stupid.
This is the expression Tsubaki makes to pretend to be Bossun. XDD

As for NaNo, it's coming along at a snaaaail's pace. I also didn't manage to finish writing Dishonest Honesty for [livejournal.com profile] journeystory, but it's coming along. Still plan on finishing it before December. So much different things to write! *flails*
(this is my letter for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, a fic exchange for obscure fandoms)

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! The following is meant to help you if you're the type who likes extra information, such as knowing more about my general likes regarding fic and what I like about the fandoms and characters I'm requesting. In case you feel adventurous, I've provided short blurbs about each of the series as well.

This letter is meant to be helpful. Optional details are optional, so please don't feel pressured by the letter! Take whatever is helpful from the letter and feel free to ignore the rest. I've requested my favorite character from each fandom, so as long as the fic is about that character, I'll be happy!

My general likes )

request 1: SKET Dance )

request 2: Havemercy Series - Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett )

request 3: Fate/Zero )

request 4: Basara (Anime & Manga) )

Update for [livejournal.com profile] colors_tcg done. Check.
September update posted for Prince Revolution. Check.
Set up Chocobanana Scanlations. Check. (Help, we need more cleaners! I just want to see Kimi to Boku to the end. ♥)

Finally, free time to write some fic... Sometimes I wish I only wrote fic! :3;; Not enough time to do everything! Also, why aren't people responding... /worries at progress. I'm not good at managing so how did I end up managing all these different places... ORZ. Too many fandom responsibilities. XD I feel like I've probably forgotten to do some things too. If I don't answer or do something right away, I tend to forget... but what have I forgotten...

I can't believe [livejournal.com profile] yuletide has started! There's a fandom brainstorming post and a nominations planning post up. Nominations start September 24! I'm not sure what I'll be nominating yet (SKET Dance for sure, but I don't know about my two other fandoms. Perhaps a book fandom? Though recently I've only been reading Taiwanese light novels XD. Hm, I wonder how popular Sword Art Online or Moonlight Sculptor are, as the only non Taiwanese light novels I've been reading, haha. Or perhaps a TW drama...but I doubt anyone has seen the one I'm currently watching, since it hasn't been subbed). I've been browsing the fandom brainstorming post, afraid I wouldn't be able to find a fourth fandom for my requests, or that I wouldn't be able to offer enough fandoms to write, but I think I'll be fine! There have been a few suggestions I wouldn't mind writing or requesting. Magi for one. :D I'll possibly be requesting Magi as my fourth if that nomination does happen! Also considering Fate/Zero if Waver and Rider are the ones that end up being nominated like the person said since they're my favorites too. \o\

short squealing over Noblesse 249 )

I've been thinking I need to write an appreciation post for Arctic Fox. :D Though it would contain spoilers for the remaining 1/2 Prince chapters. Hm. :3
A ridiculous number of lists for [community profile] no_true_pair. I'm hoping something bites! :3 Posting starts October 1. I didn't manage anything for the previous round. ):

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Hm, my paid LJ account is expiring soon. I should change my layout before that. I wonder what my fics will look like after this... should look cleaner and easier on the eyes, actually! Since my current layout makes the bold font hard to see. x___x But the h1 and hr tags will look quite ugly. I'd just started using them in my fics too, darn.
I was going to be leaving in a few hours, but change of plans. I'll be departing on Friday instead (a day later) because I was called for a job interview scheduled for Friday morning, which I want to go to in person. :3;; Will be heading to AX after the interview!

Hahaha, I might have gone overboard with my shirts? How am I going to wear all this in one weekend... (green/yellow one is for my brother... all the rest is mine!)

If you'll be at AX, I hope to run into you! I haven't even looked at the AX schedule yet, but Saturday through Monday I'll be helping [livejournal.com profile] gem2niki sell in the Artist Alley a good majority of the time. (But I'll also be flitting off to attend panels and buy stuff). Her table is C42, so I hope you'll drop by to visit me~. I will sadly not get to AX until very late on Friday. Don't know if I'll even be able to pick up my badge before registration closes! I bought tickets for Yuki Kajiura's concert on Saturday, so that's one event I'll definitely be going to. Everything else is still up in the air!

G2n says I need to finish watching Fate/Zero before AX, so I've been trying to do that... only on episode 6 at the moment though, hahaha... but hey, now I have one extra day...

I will only be cosplaying Fujisaki Yusuke (Bossun) from SKET Dance during AX. Decided not to bring Maya Fey. :3;; Will make things easier for me since Bossun is easy to wear... and [livejournal.com profile] gem2niki and my brother will be cosplaying Himeko and Switch~.

a few closer shots of my cosplay! )

I will only be checking email, twitter, and plurk at AX, so if you need to get in touch with me, those are the ways to contact me! LJ's mobile site sucks, so I don't think I'll be on LJ much at all.
(This is my letter for [livejournal.com profile] parallelsfic, a rare Asian fandom exchange. Sign-ups close on 6/29 if anyone still wants to join!)

Dear Parallelsfic Writer,

I hope you will find the following letter helpful! I've requested fic for all of the following and have detailed a little about my general likes regarding fic. In case you (or anyone else) would like to be adventurous, I've provided short blurbs about each of the series as well.

Optional details are optional, however, so take what you will from this letter~. Thank you for writing for me! :)

Read more... )
1. Leave a comment to this post, specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I received the letter F from [livejournal.com profile] cairnsy~. Had a lot of characters to choose from but decided on these five from series I'm currently following. I wonder if I'm missing anyone obvious. XD;;

my answers )

Haven't mentioned this yet, but No Hero, which was slated to be 7 volumes in all, with 6 volumes already published and the 7th and last volume soon to be published, is now going to be 8 volumes long. Legend of Sun Knight almost went the same route, with the last volume being too long for one book. I kind of wish LSK had been expanded!! Yu Wo has started posting teasers of No Hero v7 in her blog~. I wonder when the official release date will be? (And when will she start working on Female Warrior and the next volume of Gong Hua?)

Watched the second Prince of Tennis movie. It was hilarious. Nothing as epic as Tezuka killing the dinosaurs, but still... does this movie want me to ship Fuji and Kite? Shiraishi and Tezuka? XD;; I'm going to post up some screencaps later, haha.
Went to watch The Hunger Games last weekend. My heaaaart. Now I want to read the books, except I have A Game of Thrones to finish first. (I haven't gotten far with it yet). I ended up browsing Wikipedia about The Hunger Games. I didn't read too closely, but I still spoiled myself quite a bit.

I've also been slowly reading Ooku, a manga series I borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] gem2niki. It's fairly different from what I usually read. Series is about an alternate Japan where a disease killed off most of the men, so women ended up taking over men's positions. Ooku, which is a harem of women serving the shogun, is a harem of men serving a female shogun in this series. The story-telling is interesting... it doesn't focus on any single character but rather follows relevant people through history, so certain characters get the spotlight for a volume or so before a new character is featured.

[livejournal.com profile] funpotexchange has started posting! \o/ The fic I wrote completely slayed me. I was aiming to write one pairing, but the result turned out to be a completely different pairing because to get to the pairing I planned to write would have taken three times the length of the current fic. I'm not completely pleased with how the fic turned out (it feels very awkward to me, and more telling than showing...) but I hope it still has its redeeming points. :3;; I liked the idea a lot, so I might even flesh it out some more in the future with a focus on different characters in the same universe. I can't wait to see what other people have written, and what my gift will be! :D

Mm, Sket Dance~. I was looking forward to a new opening this week, but there was no opening! Did they not make it in time? XD;; I'm excited that there'll be another year of Sket Dance~. Housuke (an owl) was so cute in episode 52! As for new anime, I watched the first episode of Uchuu Kyoudai and Hiiro no Kakera. Haven't watched the first episode of Kimi to Boku season 2 yet. Gonna watch more stuff before I report back about them!

I'm still playing catch up with [livejournal.com profile] colors_tcg. Next will be [livejournal.com profile] fanbook. :x And then writing more of Bittersweet Sweetness!

But before that, have some scans! My previous photos of these were terrible, so I scanned them all instead. First up is Legend of Sun Knight scans.

SO this was Adair! I laughed so much when I actually saw this in full size because I totally thought he was holding a shield... except he's actually holding blueberry pie. And saying "Captain, I managed to buy your blueberry pie!"

ridiculous amount of LSK scans )
Finished watching season 2! Ending was awesome! Very touching moment at the end. Great place to stop. I've only just realized that Shizuka Ryu was completely skipped. Makes sense, since he doesn't impact the story much. I wonder if Shiratori's story will be animated? I'm thinking probably, since it throws a wrench into Saiko and Shujin's partnership. Nanamine spotted at the end! Totally looks like a bad guy. XD;

Oh gosh, this series. <33333 Episode 24 didn't feel like it was leading to an ending at all, so I wondered how it would be possible to wrap things up in Episode 25. I dearly hoped we wouldn't get an abrupt ending. The ending was pretty good and made things feel like they've come full circle with how we're starting a new school year. All the characters continue working toward their goals. I really feel like we've only caught a glimpse of their journey. There's still so much more, so I hope one day there will be a season 2 where we can visit these characters again. Especially Taichi. XD;

New Prince of Tennis
13 episodes was seriously too short. Also, all the good matches were cut!! I've heard that they'll be included as specials... but narrative-wise, it would have made much more sense to have them done when they were supposed to happen. Less disappointment too. This series had a ridiculous amount of still screens, but what can you do when there are so many characters... I wished characters on screen were at least all voiced... I thought hitting the shots in the forest was silly. It made no sense to me for tennis balls to come at them while they're running like that. It would take some timing for their opponents to be able to hit balls to them like that! I was hoping the series would expand on scenes, but instead it cut scenes out... the only expanded scene I really liked a lot was the ina-bauer one. Still... I'm hoping we'll get another season some day!

SKET Dance
...has not ended! \o/ Yay yay! Another year of SKET Dance! But episode 51 seriously felt like an ending episode, and if that had been the last episode, it would have felt perfect (which I think was probably the original plan when SKET Dance was slated for 51 episodes). This episode was all about Tsubaki. <333 He and Bossun write that ridiculous poster together. I can't stop laughing about it. And then, it was the "nice to meet you" part. My teeeaaars. Finally, the first opening came on, with scenes from the entire series in the background. Totally felt like the very end. Good thing it's not. XD I look forward to what the new opening will be~

Hunter x Hunter and Area no Kishi are still ongoing. Those will be the only two ongoing series from previous seasons I'm following now! I fell behind with Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Poyopoyo, and Recorder to Randoseru (how did I manage to fall behind with a 3 minute per episode series...).

New season, I'm definitely following Kimi to Boku season 2, Kuroko no Basuke (sports anime! \o/ I've read a good chunk of the manga, Kuroko is unique~) and will probably follow Eureka Seven AO (no clue if it's an actual sequel or not of E7). Don't know what else I might check out and attempt to follow. Ooooh, but KENN is voicing one of the brothers in Uchuu Kyoudai (the premise sounds interesting too, two brothers wanting to become astronauts) so I might check that out. Other series I might check out: Hiiro no Kakera (I like otome games and reverse harems), Accel World (virtual worlds!), Ginga e Kickoff (sports anime!)... and then I have no idea what else. :3;;
They assembled! XD;

Read more... )

A Game of Thrones
Mm, I checked out a digital version of A Game of Thrones from my library. I was on a waiting list for it! (I thought there would be more copies available than that). I only have the copy for 21 days... I don't think I'll be able to finish the book in 21 days. It's so long! (I haven't started reading yet. I'm already daunted...)

Sket Dance
...I caught up with the anime. /mopes

Tsubaki became my favorite character. :D ♥ And then he became even cuter as the series went on. (I also love that Shimono Hiro voices him). Episode 47 ended on such a cliffie, arrrrgh, so I went and read the manga. -___-;; And then I couldn't stop. Because there was so much about Tsubaki, ahhhhhhh. I've been good with Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou and haven't gone seeking the manga to find out what happens next, but I think it's because I've been watching them weekly, so I've gotten used to waiting. Sket Dance, on the other hand... since I was marathoning it... -_____-;;

This series makes me laugh and cry. I've fallen hard. XD; (And Tsubaki~ ♥) Expect more fangirling posts from me. XD I bought the fanbook over the weekend. Good thing I didn't read it until after I read some of the manga because the fanbook details a lot of the characters' pasts/family/etc. :3;; The fanbook also has huuuge lists of characters, even super minor characters (even the fictional characters like Liberty Maji), and they all have birthdays set for them...wow.

I've really liked the opening and ending songs of Sket Dance, and how they change quite often. The Sketchbooks are also awesome! I love that guy's voice~. I mostly only skimmed manga chapters that have already been animated. The anime follows the manga pretty closely, though the order of some chapters is different. I can't wait to see the next few episodes.
Sket Dance

I started watching Sket Dance and bawled my eyes at during episode 25. Sket Dance, I thought you were supposed to be a comedy series. =/ (It normally is. The main three characters are part of a school club that helps people. So far the series has mostly been episodic).

Surprisingly, I enjoy the humor in this series quite a lot even though a lot of it is just them talking in their clubroom, and they're often so over-the-top. All the episodes feel so high-strung, haha. I thought it might fall flat for me. I'm surprised at who became recurrent characters too (am enjoying Roman and Shinzou's scenes. They never fail to amuse me). Watching Sket Dance makes me want an Oresama Teacher anime. That series has some pretty random, over-the-top humor too, and the main character is part of a club that goes against the student council. (also, Tsubaki Sasuke from Sket Dance reminds me so much of Ayabe Reito from Oresama Teacher, and both are student council members).

comparison pic and other pics )

*turns this into a summary of recent anime I watched / am watching* I guess this is a random check-in halfway through the winter season. :3

marathoned: Time of Eve )

continued from previous season: Chihayafuru, Bakuman s2, Hunter x Hunter )

newly following: Area no Kishi, New Prince of Tennis, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Poyopoyo, Recorder to Randoseru )

stuff I need to finish: UN-GO, Kaiji, Working season 2, Hanasaku Iroha )
The Bakuman anime ended where I thought it would. It was a very slow-paced anime, but I thought it was fine like that. It's kind of nice to see it not rushed at all, and some scenes were even expanded on, especially Miho's parts (she's much more non-existent in the manga is my feeling...). I also got reminded of a lot of details that I've already forgotten. Makes me really want to write fic, but that hasn't happened yet except for two very short drabbles. :'D

more babbling )

Anime, Anime
I've fallen behind with everything else I've been following and haven't even started on others that I wanted to follow. =x But for next season, I've been looking forward to Ao no Exorcist, The World God Only Knows II, Sket Dance, and Kaiji, though I need to watch the first season of Kaiji first... which might not happen any time soon. I have a feeling that Ao no Exorcist and Sket Dance will turn out like Fairy Tail for me (in that I really want to follow it, but I'll only be able to for a few episodes before getting distracted by other things). I wonder how much Ao no Exorcist will cover? The manga hasn't gotten that far yet...

Recently, I'm getting the feeling that I'm much more of a manga reader than an anime watcher... and it seems that most anime I start watching are manga adaptions.

(I really want more decks based on manga at [livejournal.com profile] colors_tcg. *g* Manga fans!!! Please join!! I feel I can pretty much leave decks of new anime up to the other members to be donated. XD;; So...fans of older anime, please join too! XDD)

I plan on marathoning Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood first though, before watching any other anime. So yeah, I'll be busy with that. XD; (Though it is not a good anime to marathon...)

Still working on [livejournal.com profile] help_japan commitments! I've finished all the chibi pixel art and they can all be viewed here in this post. Ryoma + Karupin, cats, Chi, and Tezuka + Fuji.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] arachne13 and [livejournal.com profile] tsubasa_niji for bidding on them. <3 Still working on translations and that FMA:Brotherhood moodtheme (which is why I'm marathoning the series, finally)!


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