WHAT!? This notice is too late. XD; This is being sold at the book fair between 2/2 and 2/6... I can't get any agents to buy this for me with such short notice. ):

Legend of Sun Knight 7th bundle

1. manhua chapter (first section of volume 4. cover illustration is the yukata one...I wish it were a new illustration)
2. short story about Cloud titled "Doing a Small Favor" (manhua Cloud looks cute!)
3. a PVC folder (illustration of Sun...? No wait, that short hair... it should be Adair. ADAIR! I just wish it wasn't a chibi version. XD;;;)

Cannot wait to see volume 2 of the novels in manhua form...


For some reason, my fic The Impressive Adair Fanclub, has been getting tons of spam. I wonder if it's been linked somewhere. 0___0;

Aw, today I received a very touching review for Hoshi ga Hoshii desu (Shaman King). It's been forever, but people are still reading the fic. ♥ I kind of wish I was that inspired to write longfic again, except my writing speed now is quite terrible. Twin Stars, I feel bad about never finishing. It's been more than 3 years *coughs*. It's my only genderbending fic though... you would think with how much I like the genre that I would have finished this fic a long time ago.

Anyway, more writing. Hopefully I'll finish something today.
I just skimmed through the chapter, not paying attention to much except...

Recent anime and manga I've been following:

La Corda d'Oro secondo passo special - Eee, I haven't thought about Corda much lately. This...only 2 episodes? I wanted to screencap a lot of scenes, but I was eating dinner while watching. :'D I can't get used to the summer uniforms and kept staring at Fuyuumi's to see how the music and normal department ones were different. First episode featured Kira a lot. He sure moves fast. Read more... )

One Outs episode 24 - Only one more episode until the end. ): The series can get a little repetitive, but I'll still miss it. I laughed a lot watching this episode. Usually, Toua's antics make me smirk or snort, but today I was laughing so hard. Read more... )

Bokurano 58-60 - Machiii. Ushiroooo. I think scanlations have mostly caught up with the Japanese releases? I only have raws up to ch.60. Read more... )

SHAMAN KING KANGZENG BANG - Okay, first, the Marco fight? Totally gives Marco the spotlight he deserves. Little Marco is cute and Lyserg in glasses is just lajdkl;fa;. And now, the "true" ending. It makes me rethink my old SK fanfics (oh how wrong I was with the Shaman King theory). And Horo Horo. Read more... )

Lately, I've also been rewatching and rereading parts of PoT to gather material for [livejournal.com profile] twistserve_tcg. I finally finished reading the series last week. I couldn't bring myself to read the last few chapters for the longest time. Part of it had to do with who had to sit out for the final match. X3;; And the other part was just feeling weird that the series actually ended (after following it for so long). All these cool new moves and new characters make me wish Konami would make a new Prince of Tennis tennis game like Form the Strongest Team. I absolutely love that game.
...my mind has been really far from fic-writing these days. I pulled myself back to this fic after reading the manga Charisma Doll though. Now I finally know why the heck I started an AU fic like this. Seems like I really love the crossdressing idol cliche in manga. Give Charisma Doll a try people. =P SALA is so cool.

I've been reading a bunch of lighthearted completed shoujo series. Do any of you have any completed shoujo series to recommend? Something that's nice and simple and doesn't have frustrating triangles...like Toukage Ouji if you guys know it. It's short and sweet.

Twin Stars chapter 13 )
Since my last post, I dived into some new anime. 8D I'll probably follow these series for a few more weeks, but I'm not all that excited about any yet. =/

Itazura na Kiss: Ah, the Taiwanese drama followed this pretty well. I only caught a glimpse of the TW drama, but their casting was pretty good. Oh dear, this reminds me of the bizarre situations that shoujo series can come up with...I mean, houses collapsing overnight? ^^;

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Next Season: Was the previous series this pointless? >_> Everyone was crying their eyes out three minutes into the show. I remember liking Haruka in the previous series...but now everyone's just making things too complicated for each other.

Soul Eater: The animation for this is so pretty. Not too sure about the story. I liked Black Star's character design right away, but er, I don't like his personality. I'm not too fond of characters like Maka either. ^^;

Amatsuki: I was very curious about this series from the summary, but the first episode was a little "eh??" for me. Still, it's an intriguing setup.

Vampire Knight: *sees Kaname-senpai* Ahaha, hi there, Yunoki-senpai! Meh, I don't like vampires all that much, hence why I never read this manga. I really like the opening song though.

Still plan to try out: Nabari no Ou, Special A, Toshokan Sensou. Anything else I should watch?

I caught up with the Naruto anime too, and ended up taking a whole bunch of screencaps of Kabuto. 8D Does anyone like Kabuto? I haven't been able to find much good fics about him.

fic: Twin Stars ch.12 (Shaman King, idol AU) )

Oh, and happy Hikago Day everyone. *____* I entirely missed the bg deadline. *stares miserably at her half-finished fic.* I'll probably never get around to posting it. Congrats to everyone who finished!
I need more time. Gah. I cannot believe that April is almost over. I still feel like it was just yesterday that it turned 2008. *sigh*

Does anyone have any Spring anime to recommend? ;___; I haven't been able to follow anything. Not too sure what's out there. I've only been watching Chi's Sweet Home because that comes out every day and it's only around 3 minutes long. And Chi is ridiculously cute.

I did watch Avatar The Boiling Rock. It was awesome. Loved who they chose to focus on. And now I want moooore. ):

...it's already been a month since I last updated this fic? Drats. I was hoping to be more timely. D:

fic: Twin Stars ch11 (Shaman King, idol AU) )
...more Shaman King fic. Apparently, my muse for this series hasn't died yet. It revived at the strangest time. when I should have been writing my essay for my philosophy class. Going through my fics over at ffnet and adding the dividers back in has really rekindled a lot of my old plotbunnies.

After writing this, I couldn't help but compare Asakura Hao with Yagami Light. Both wanted to cleanse the world, thinking that they knew better. At first, they did mean the best for everyone, but it slowly became all about their own power and not the good of the world.

...I was also thinking to myself, "Wait, doesn't the Shaman King get a Blank Zai that let's them wish for anything and that was it? It wasn't some job to watch over the world or anything..." And then I remembered that Blank Zai = Law of Ueki. *headdesks*

Anyway...this is a short companion piece for Hoshi ga Hoshii desu. Entirely written on a whim. I hope I'm not unleashing a bunch of rabid plotbunnies since I have no time to tend to them.

fic: Birth of a Shaman King (SK, a companion piece to HgHd) )
Oh hey, look, I wrote a piece for a fic I haven't touched in...a year and a half. Gosh, I feel bad even trying to return to this fic. It's still giving me the same problems...it's entirely AU for starters. I discovered since writing this that I personally don't like reading AUs that are completely different from canon. I adore AUs that explore things that might have happened differently...but AUs that plop the characters in entirely new roles are just not for me (ie: high school AUs). Hah, so I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking when I started this fic!

My characterization for Hao in this fic really makes me cringe. Everyone seems to be a bit...flat. I think I'm a bit too far out of touch with the series. I haven't read it in ages (and I only ever read it once 0____0;). But anyway, I decided that I'm not going to stress too much about that or else it'll end up not being fun writing this silly thing.

Hm, I heard that Shaman King is getting released again? Though, it won't be until 2009 until we see the real ending, yeah? Well, I'll be glad to finally see the end of the fight. Haha, I kept getting sidetracked while writing this...I ended up listening to a bunch of manga dramas, one of them being the drama for Kimi to Boku. I hadn't known about the manga, but the drama was very cute.

Twin Stars chapter 10 )
I mentioned a Japanese speech contest in the last post. I wasn't part of the top five or anything (saaaaad) but I was very lucky. I won the lucky raffle. (I was joking before the event that I'd never win anything like a raffle...but I guess I was wrong!) ^^;; Round-trip ticket from SF to Tokyo!!! Though, I'd never go by myself or anything. Hopefully I can convince someone to go with me next summer.

Also, anyone going to Fanime and want to pay together? My friend is looking for people to do group registration with so that they'd get a group discount. I've already paid though...so I couldn't help out with that.

My goal of writing miscellaneous stuff to total 50k this month isn't going so well at the moment. Only 4%... ^^;; But anyway, today's update is for Twin Stars, a Shaman King AU, idol universe. For au100.

Twin Stars (chapter 8)

fandom: Shaman King
word count: 1728
notes: for [livejournal.com profile] au100, prompt #15, blue (table here)
archive: livejournal / ffnet
summary: AU, idol universe. ch.8: in which Horo Horo makes his appearance, and lines from Ouran are borrowed

blue like the sky )
Title: First Meeting
Fandom: Shaman King
Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King.
Words: 841
Summary: (Hoshi ga Hoshii desu side story) When Macchi, Kanna, and Mari first meet, they couldn't speak the same language.

Note: just  something that I had laying around my computer (since last year >_> ). I've never finished it...it just sort of stops. I had a few side-fic ideas to Hoshi ga Hoshii desu floating around (since last year, once again), but I've procrastinated so much that the timing isn't at all right anymore. It's a dying (fic) universe, after all. Oh, and those two lines (Italian&German) were done through Babelfish, so they're probably extremely off. ^_^;;
I've been meaning to do something like this for Mother's Day, but at that time I was taking finals, celebrating my birthday, and in general, being busy. This is for Father's Day, though I'm a bit late. My own father's finally back after a half-year absence, and I'm happy that he's back. This is late because I was at the airport. ^_^

I present, 14 drabbles relating to dads from 14 different fandoms. I had plans to include more (*cough* Raito), but I ran out of time.

Enjoy. And Happy Father's Day! (which, for some reason, doesn't feel as celebrated as Mother's Day...)

And before I forget!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series.

x-posted a lot. Perhaps I should have separated the drabbles. >_> A huge challenge to my memory, this was!
I'm pretty much out of the SK fandom by now, but I really wanted motivation for finishing that AU I started...my gosh, year '04! This is going to give me incentive to continue it, I hope.

Yes, and I'm cheating and using parts I've written already, but there's still a long ways to go anyway.

So, this is my overall table for Shaman King (general series) for [livejournal.com profile] au100. ^^;;

the big damn table )

Darn. I wish I had this when I was writing mankin fics. It'd have made things a lot more accurate. And detailed.

I tried to scan a few of the pages, but my scanner is so slow! So, I'm only including some translations of a few parts. Have other people scanned or translated any of the fanbook? If so, please point me there~ (And I can give up trying to translate it myself)

First are the character interviews. Bleh, I wish I bought the Japanese version. I don't know why I bought the Chinese version. It makes translations less accurate. And the names don't make sense. But let's see how much of it I can translate. Wish I could find my manjiten to at least get the names right. =x

character interview of Yoh + part of the Yoh&Hao secret talk )
Title: Hanabi
Fandom: Shaman King
Notes: sequel to Ohanami. Second in a series of three oneshots surrounding Yoh, Anna, and Hana. Can be read alone.
Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King.
Word Count: 2094
Summary: Before they leave their normal life behind, Yoh decides to take Anna to the summer festival.

When she woke up, he was already gone from her side. )

Even writing this took me days. Sadness. I'm out of touch with my writing, if I ever were, that is.

edit: made some corrections
I don't draw well...and not drawing a lot means I'll never improve. -_-;; I wanted to draw dresses...and what better than to have crossdressing Hao from my pointless fic Twin Stars as my model? *must work on fic as well*

the three doodles )

...does anyone have the Honey and Clover special that they can upload for me? I need more hachikuro. ;_; I cried when I watched the ending of the anime. >_>

Also, the rajipuri list has been updated with tons of alternate links with the help of [livejournal.com profile] crychicken! You can now download to your heart's content because there's no hourly download limit, unlike when I was only using rapidshare. :3
Title: Twin Stars
Chapter: 7
Author: lucathia_rykatu
Series: Shaman King
Genre: General / Romance
Disclaimer: Shaman King is not mine.
Archive: livejournal / ffnet
Summary: AU world of singers and idols. Now that we've seen crossdressing!Hao, oblivious!Yoh, singer!Anna, radiohost!Jeanne, manager!Faust and manager!Tamao, it's finally time for our two models to appear.

(prompt #97: competition)

chapter 7: the models )
Title: Hoshi no Hikari (Star's Light)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lucathia_rykatu
Series: Shaman King
Character: Hao
Disclaimer: I do not own SK.
Summary: prequel to Hoshi ga Hoshii desu. They say that your life goes before your eyes the moment before death.... but what if it was your next life, instead? full summary inside. for Ryumasa the Ryuhaitou.

fic requests!
/done/ for Ryumasa the Ryuhaito: HgHd prequel
for mankin_rp: how Macchi got her job as a waitress
for _silver_: how Hao killed Hoshi (Tsuki's real older brother)
for love_chibi: something w/ Nichrome...

for myself :3 (maybe)
various scenes during that year spent in America
reading letters of complaint + answering them

He wasn’t afraid of death... )
-I almost fell asleep in Linguistics class (again!), until I saw "Ainu" as one of the examples in our data.  I was like...hey, I've heard of that language! That's a language found in Japan. :) Information thanks to Shaman King, of course.
-I had a dream that I buried a "death note" underneath a tile on a hill.  When I went to dig it up, a whole bunch of other people were there trying to find it as well.  We were all trying to get our hands on it first, though we didn't know which exact tile it was buried under.  Then I saw a tile shine.  I hurried over to dig it up (other ppl were fighting w/ me to get to it)...and when I touched the notebook, I looked around frantically trying to see if a Shinigami was hovering around me.  There wasn't one...I looked down and saw that I was holding a notebook that had Prince of Tennis data in it instead.  Not the Death Note.  ^^;  But either way, it's quite a freaky dream now that I think about  it. 

Okay, I think I'm going insane. Or maybe this is what happens when I get spoilt with too much sleep.

Title: Twin Stars
Chapters: 6/?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lucathia_rykatu
Series: Shaman King
Genre: General / Romance
Characters: (main) Hao, Yoh, Anna, Jeanne, Ren (side) Horo Horo, Tamao, Faust, Pirika, Ryu, Lyserg, Marco, Ryu, Manta, Nichrome, Opacho, and others
Disclaimer: Shaman King is not mine.

livejournal / ffnet
Summary: A child of the streets, Hao is awarded a chance to earn some money.  The catch?  Crossdressing.  AU world of singers and idols.  Throw in Yoh who is oblivious to Hao's existence, Anna and Jeanne who are competing for the top spot in popularity, and Ren who somehow thinks that Hao would be a good edition to his fan-girl base. Eventual romance.

(prompt #22: enemies)

chapter 6: growing suspicion )


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