Got myself some happy dittos! Such a hard time deciding which ones to get. The three original starters are all pretty cute, as were all the eevees. Bulbasaur all the way though! I've been wanting a transformed ditto, but they were very expensive, so I'm happy that the International Pokemon Center got these now. :D Much more affordable~

I hand wrote 20 pages of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) in my Penultimate notebook, and it turned out to be 2.7k when I typed it up. Now I know what it equals to, haha. My handwriting is quite big on these 20 pages. With my smaller, ant-like writing on actual paper, it's about 1k over 2~3 pages. What a big difference. I'm liking handwriting first and then typing things up. It allows me to edit and revise as I'm typing it up and forces me to stop changing things while I'm writing the first draft. o/

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So, lots of Fire Emblem on the horizon, and Heroes just came out. My favorite magic users aren't around (Erk! Lugh!) but even if they were, they'd be low star ranked. XD;; So far, my team is Lilina (5★), Camilla (5★), f!Corrin (4★), and Fae (4★), with Cherche (4★) or Laslow (4★) switched in from time to time. I got lucky on one orb pull and got both Lilina and Camilla from it, my only five stars at the moment. I want some guys on my team though!! The maps seem fairly limited right now. I hope there'll be expansions in the future, including Tellius (come on Soren). With the current maps, I don't think I'll be playing long, and orb availability is limited. I might just keep the orbs I have right now and wait to see if Soren will get released in the future. Too bad, I wanted Merric, Takumi, Lyn, Serra, and Navarre. I have some other 4★ characters too, but I'm reluctant to use them because I would like to level them up to 5★, but it takes so many feathers that it feels impossible. It feels like a waste to keep leveling them past level 20 though, since if I ever upgrade their star level, they go back to level 1.

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I got myself Pokemon Y (it's really cute), but I haven't gotten very far in the game. Now that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is out, I'll be setting Pokemon aside for a bit, haha.

So far, I've finished the first case. I'm on the second case! Oh gods, the music. <3333 I'm really in love with it, even more so after hearing these tunes live at Japan Expo. The anime cutscenes are really awesome. The voices seem pretty cool.

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Yu Wo has been plurking some sneak peeks at something she's writing! I wonder what this is from?!!! A new side story, maybe? Wait, don't tell me this is one of the promised side stories from the end of the year prompt gathering thing... XD;; (It's only been 10 months, haha!) I will be happy if it is. The second place winner was indeed about Neo and Aldrizzt's adventures, the "We are not the Dark Human Squad" one, hahahaha, so I think these excerpts are from that side story! Third place was... Emperor, I think? About Liaula from Kill No More. *___* Post series. I am reaaally hoping "Flying Daggers" (about Fox from 1/2 Prince) will get written too, but I doubt it will get written... with it being 4th... ;__;

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XDDD!! Oh, I can't wait to read this. (Just reading these excerpts make me want to work on Invincible again...)
I started playing Pokemon Black 2! \o\ I've only gotten my first badge so far (Cheren stopped wearing his glasses, omg), and my pokemon are all very weak. My starter is Oshawott. Was very tempted to pick Snivy again, but I already used Snivy in Black. I find all the connections with Black & White to be pretty cool. :D

Fire Emblem Awakening is coming out next month. I can't wait. I already have it pre-ordered, and I played through the demo a few times. |D;;

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Writing-wise, I decided to edit Bittersweet Sweetness. I started rereading from Part 1. |D;; I'm mostly just editing for grammar (and not for content, unless something feels off). I'm probably not going to reupload anything through. I'm thinking of maybe creating a pdf of the story once I finish it if anyone wants a copy. I don't know, haha. But yeah. Don't really feel like going through all three places where I've posted the fic and making replacements. Thinking of doing the same for Memories of the Future too, especially since I don't have copies of all the separate chapters for that fic in one place.

I was going to write a post about anime I'm currently following, but I never did write the post. -__-; Well, here's a short summary.

Yu Wo news to end this post. XD; Kill No More is being adapted into a manhua (heck yeah! dragons! 8D ) that can be ordered online starting 2/1 and Yu Wo will be publishing a new book soon which is scheduled for March. I would translate the title tentatively as "Contract of the Human Doll" or Doll Contract, I guess. It seems to be a horror story that involves ball-jointed dolls coming to life, from what I've read of the story that she's posted online. |D;; Yu Wo likes collecting ball-jointed dolls herself, so I guess that was her inspiration. One of the characters in this (possibly the protagonist) has a left eye that can see the paranormal. :3
Am trying to write and failing hard. Let's procrastinate a bit. Meme taken from Ori!

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Pokemon Black
I beat the Elite Four, yessss.

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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Finished watching this, finally. Watched the beginning as it was airing, and then I stopped. Finished watching the rest one episode per day while I used my treadmill (watching anime while treadmilling is awesome). I kept snickering while I was using the treadmill... was hard to restrain myself, hahaha. XD I'm not too fond of Kirino, but she is certainly the driving force of the series. Kyousuke is quite amazing. Manami is so cute. I haven't watched the extra episodes... I'm a bit scared to find out what those are about. :'D

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This week:
-must translate! so much translating stuff piling up. At least translating helps me practice my Japanese and Chinese, so it's quite a worthwhile hobby, though time consuming...
-finish blogging about FMA:B :3
-write, oh man. *has not written any fic in all of April*. My break from writing is turning into quite a long break! Chapter 6 of He Never Knew is still in note format, and everything else for all my other fics is still just in my head. XD;;

When May rolls around, I have to start on my cosplay for Fanime!! Whoa, May, already...

[ profile] khrfest has begun posting! :D I submitted quite a few prompts (mostly all involving Dino, hehehe). Can't wait to see if people will end up writing them!
Legend of Sun Knight prequel of sorts
Ahhhh, 女武 (female...warrior or female martial arts... my fail translation of the title) is actually about the first generation of Holy Knights. Before they became knights/legends. How did I not know this?? Have to read it sometime... and so yeah, one of the first generation is actually female. XD; Pics of the 1st generation.

Pokemon Black & White
I've been playing Black. Currently battling the Elite Four and dying very badly, pft. My team is so weak! I've never been terribly good at training my teams though... for SoulSilver, I actually used a pokemon I transferred from a previous game as part of my team (he is like my ultimate Pokemon catching Pokemon, so I've been transferring him from game to game). I would've done the same for this game if I could've. XD;; He's a Kricketune by the name of Poke'Masta, hahaha. I chose Snivy as my starter and so wanted to name him Snivellus. But I named him Snive in the end.

N is probably my favorite villain out of the Pokemon games so far. I also love his appearance. A whole lot.

The gyms are all very strange. Very unique, I guess.

I spent a whole lot of time on SoulSilver and still haven't finished the game. I didn't spend much time on Black, but I'm already at the Pokemon League? It does feel like the League itself is just there for the sake of being there since there's a lot of towns I can't even visit yet. Hopefully I'll beat the Elite Four soon. XD I'm trying to see how far I can get without using items...

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
My marathoning is taking me quite a long time. XD; On episode 41 now! *___* And now I'm going, "just one more episode." After another episode... "Maybe one more." >__>

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*points to icon*

My friend code for Pokemon. Add me? :D And because "Lucathia" wouldn't fit for a name (BOO!) I went with a mangled version of it when I started the game. ^^;

I finally have my wi-fi set up!! I immediately went to the trade center in Jubilife and started trading. XD;; Managed to get myself a Chimchar and a Turtwig from trading. Now I'm looking for some Pearl-only pokemon. Glameow and a whole bunch of others, since I don't have any.

Next on my list of to-do is to learn how to breed pokemon! I don't quite get how it works yet. ^^;

Chatot's move Chatter makes it so that you can record your voice as Chatot's sound when it comes out to battle, when it faints, etc. I recorded "Hello" to test it out and laughed sooo much when Chatot fainted and a "Hello" came out. XD; I tried recording "mada mada dane" but it was too long to fit.

I just got my fifth badge. Still a long way to go~