Prompts for [community profile] no_true_pair are up! To play, you toss in lists of eight characters. They get matched up in random prompts. Here's what I got out of my lists. (I tossed in a bunch. XD;;; )

Going to italicize the ones I'm thinking about writing. Though I might end up writing different stuff, or not writing as many as I highlight. XD

Legend of Sun Knight list )

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Noblesse list )

Prince of Tennis list )

Oresama Teacher list )

Bakuman list )

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Original list )

Colors Universe list )

Posting starts on March 1. I hope to at least write a few of these~.
7 questions meme, part 2! If you haven't gotten questions from me and want some, let me know~

Answers to questions from [ profile] ashkahchan and [personal profile] darkicedragon.

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Went to Kinokuniya today and picked up volume 09 of the Tenipuri Kanzenban s2. Yagyuu and Niou on the cover. <3333 My store never had this in stock! Or if they did, they sold out, so I had to special order it. =/ I ended up getting v10 before I got volume 9. The three page comic at the end of volume 9 is a continuation of the beetle match between Atobe and Shiraishi, haha. Yagyuu in casual clothes on the inside~ ♥ This volume is so worth it.

I also picked up
-Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to v1 (there are more volumes out, but I wanted to see if I liked this series. It's about a prince who's reincarnated as a girl, and a bunch of princesses who are reincarnated as guys. They were all cursed by a witch)
-Otomen v14
-Yukarism v1-2 (also about reincarnation. girl reincarnated as a guy XD;; )
-Shiawase Shokutaku (a collection of short manga by Minami Maki who draws Seiyuu Ka + Special A)
-Magic Kaito special edition volume 4 (Whoot, looks like there'll also be a volume 5 of Magic Kaito!)
-Gyakuten Kenji artbook (finally I get to see what Ema Skye's shoes look like! =P I so needed this when I was cosplaying her)

Usotsuki Lily v6 should be out, but my store doesn't have it in stock. =/ A good chunk of what I buy lately... are genderbenders.
*crawls over the finish line*

NEVER AGAIN. Headache. Huge headache. Why do I always do this to myself? Procrastination sucks. Slow and steady is good. Last minute sprints are bad. Especially when I've been sick this past week.

(And right after I will once again leave my writing to the last minute. *eyes Yuletide* I better not do that.)

I stuck to mostly one POV this time. I find it very restrictive. I sure like switching POVs like crazy...

Now, time to catch up with a lot of things. And hope that I can finish the story (because it is still not finished) before June of next year. There's a lot of scenes that aren't connected with any other scenes since I just ended up writing parts that I was more interested in. I doubt they'll even end up connecting together... will be tossing out a lot of scenes too. ^^;; This was supposed to be Part 3 of last year's story and was so not meant to be a stand alone story... I sure draaaaagged things out.

Congratulations to everyone who finished. You all did it much earlier than I did. XD; And congratulations to everyone who set a new personal record too, as well as to those of you who got some writing done for the first time! ♥
Ahhh, people can already validate and win NaNoWriMo! I'm still far from that. Definitely waaaay behind this year. Still attempting to finish but uh, it's looking quite impossible at the moment. I tried writing on my tablet when I wasn't home. It was super hard. I spent way too much time wrestling with the writing app since whenever I started a new paragraph, the app made it so that I could no longer edit anything in the previous paragraph! Trying to write on a tablet was even harder than writing on paper. At least I can cross things out on paper and add arrows when I want to insert stuff. I ended up thinking maybe that was a good thing. That I couldn't go back to previous paragraphs. Since that meant I wouldn't be able to waste time on editing. Still, I don't write that way. I had lines I wanted to add in right away! Now I've forgotten them...

I'm doing terrible writing.

Me: I need him to use his magic somehow!! He hates using his magic! Grrrr. How long is it going to take him to finally use his magic? It's only been 20k words since magic was even mentioned...
*randomly exploding table*
Me: Okay, that works...

Strange writing is strange.


As there were no quacking birds in the vicinity, Tekatme took that to mean "kneel down!" so he immediately squatted down. Just in time too, because there went a flying banana.

A flying banana?

"Did you throw that?" asked Tekatme incredulously.

Because I wrote this strange tidbit, I was dreaming about ducks at night. The quacking kind. Hahaha...

Random, but I tried out Skyrim a bit (not my game, I don't own it) while stranded away from home. I very gleefully picked out an appearance for Ikatchi, the elf from my previous NaNoWriMo attempt. But I didn't even get to finish escaping before the game crashed. D: (Just my luck, since it's never done that before!)
I have completely dropped the ball with NaNoWriMo, writing anywhere between 0 to 1500 words a day, but not even meeting the minimum. I think I'm behind by 11k or so? Hm. I'm hoping I can continuously write 5k for the next two days, haha (except I haven't even written over 2k for any single day yet). Let's see if I can do it. But is this story even worth continuing... hmmmmm... this story needs to pick up the pace. Also, despite this being young adult fantasy, there hasn't been very many fantastical elements yet. This needs to be fixed.

Here's chapter 2. Despite how long it is, this still reads like an introductory chapter to me, setting up the scene... :'D But at least Nokara finally introduces herself. It's been Tekatme, Tekatme, Tekatme the entire time. I tossed my words into wordle (it makes a graphic out of your most frequently used words) and Tekatme was right smack across the entire thing in huge letters. No one else even compared. XD; That's one of my problems with this year's NaNo... it's such a monologue. (What was funny with my wordle was that it kind of looked fish shaped, hehe).

Chapter 1

Lhordata Chapter 2 )
Oh dear. I think I'm doing worse than last year! I started 5 days late last year and was 8000 words or so behind because of that, so I tried my hardest to catch up every single day by writing at least 1,667 words a day and almost always more than that to shrink the gap. This year though, even though I haven't missed 5 days in a row, I haven't pushed myself to write 1,667 words a day either since I don't feel as pressured. Yet now... *watches the par line grow farther and farther away* It's not a good sign when the gap is slowly and steadily growing... and my calendar is littered with yellow boxes!

Story-wise, I find this year's a little harder to write because there's actually more of a plot that I'm trying to make work while I just rambled with whatever came to mind last year (making it so that even though I reached 50k last year, the story didn't really go anywhere, and nothing concluded in 50k...). I was so happy when one of the characters started saying stuff that I can so use later on. I poked at the epilogue for this year's NaNo a bit more yesterday too. The epilogue kind of makes me gleeful. I wonder if it counts as a cliffhanger, haha... Now, if only I could write all the in-between stuff and get around to the epilogue! (But watch, I end up writing stuff that contradicts the epilogue...)

I kind of realized that so far, there hasn't been a lot of fantastical elements in this story... it sure doesn't read like a fantasy story this year, even though this should also be counted as fantasy in addition to being young adult. o____o;;

Non Nano-related stuff
-new layout! OMG! After how many years? Five? I nuked my old layout since it wasn't working correctly anymore for some reason. I've been tweaking this layout for quite a bit, thought I wouldn't change my layout after all, but then decided to switch because the old layout stopped working. This one can still use some tweaking. I feel the font is too light for me, especially the bold. I can stare at the Twelve Holy Knights all day though. |D If anything doesn't display correctly for anyone, let me know! I've only used my own browser and computer to view this...

-[ profile] yuletide nominations have closed! I can't wait until sign-ups open~. *refreshes the community* There are at least 5 fandoms nominated by other people that I'm interested in requesting myself. So hard to decide which one to pick from those as my fourth fandom! Maybe I need to resort to tossing the names in a hat. Or maybe I should choose two out of those five fandoms and drop one of the fandoms I nominated myself... /indecisive

-I tagged two of my fics on AO3 yesterday with Legend of Sun Knight - Yu Wo and 1/2 Prince - Yu Wo since I feel these two series should also show up in the books & literature section of AO3, especially since the light novels are the main (and more detailed) source while the manhua versions are based on that source. My LSK fics are also largely based on the novels instead of the manhua since the manhua isn't very far yet. I see that both fandoms now also show up in the books & literature section. This makes me happy! (perhaps I should've just contacted support about this to clarify that LSK and 1/2P are both novels as well as manhua)

-bought Prince of Tennis Kanzenban s2 v8 (Marui & Jackal on the cover, Momo & Kaidou on the inside flap, Marui inside, more Marui [private clothes], and preciouuuus Yanagi and Inui age 10, followed by Kaidou age 3, and Ryoma age 0. [with Nanjirou next to him] Still waiting for my store to stock v9 which features Yagyuu and Niou!!). Also bought GFantasy Nov (Kimi to Boku on the cover! KtB pencil and poster!), Magic Kaito Treasured Edition v2, PairPuri v10 (last volume!), Dear Boys v8, and Seiyuu Ka-! v7. I considered nominating Seiyuu Ka-! for Yuletide, but decided not to since scanlations aren't as far as what I'd like to request.
Sadly, for both Day 8 and Day 9, I didn't reach 1,667 words but only wrote a little more than 1000 each day. 1k is a nice, comfortable word count for me. 1.6k is apparently not. Of course, I blame Day 9's word count on Legend of Sun Knight volume 8 (and my unwillingness to put it down).

I finished reading it. In a matter of hours. :'D (I am bursting in fondness for Adair, ahhhhh. And well, LSK in general *needs to fangirl, but, no one to talk about the last volume with, omg*)

But I did manage to finally finish writing chapter 1 of Lhordata. And sort of plan the next chapters. Not sure how many chapters I'll need... the pacing of this story is so slow.

(Hm, LJ is doing something funky to my layout...)


Lhordata Chapter 1 )

Chapter 2
Still just barely hanging on, and not caught up yet! Hope to write another 300 words before I sleep to break 10k. :3 That, or finish chapter 1. Somehow, Tekatme is completely surrounded by females in this story, though none are his age... (While my NaNo last year was very dominated by males). I am amused by this. I'm not trying to build him a harem. (someone is so going to comment on that in the story)

I've ordered Legend of Sun Knight volume 8. It's out! \o/ Cannot wait for it to come! Another reason I need to be ahead instead of behind with NaNo. I really don't see myself with the attention span to be writing when LSK v8 comes in the mail because I will so be reading that. Yu Wo already posted a blog entry asking people for their thoughts (she's very excited about the release). I find myself wanting to click on this entry, but then I don't want to be spoiled. XD;
Well, I managed today's word count, but I haven't made up for the past two days yet! Still, there's hope! I'm just floored by my writing buddies who've already written over 20k. I'm looking at you, [ profile] absolutehymn007 and [ profile] nitaspitas. =P

I've been needing to open my NaNo from last year as reference since my main character this time was also featured in last year's NaNo (but not exactly as the main character). Trying to get details about him straight isn't as easy as I thought it'd be! I wonder if his characterization even feels the same. (For one, he's not throwing around the word "lord" as much as he did last year... but maybe he'll do that more later).

Well, here's the very boring prologue that almost made me want to stop writing. XD; It rambled a lot, so I decided to cut it down by 900 words. I feel beginnings should have more momentum, but I've failed hard at that!

Whee, widget! It wasn't showing up for me before, but now it is! I have so many yellow boxes littered through mine... *mopes*

Lhordata Prologue )

Chapter 1

Non NaNo stuff:

-Nisekoi has begun! New manga by Komi Naoshi (mangaka of Double Arts). I'm not too fond of the premise of his new series unlike how I was very interested in Double Arts right off the bat, but I'm excited he has something new running. Now I also kind of wish I'd said that I would nominate Double Arts for [ profile] yuletide. Hm, it's not too late, is it...

-received an email from Kingstone about the fact that Legend of Sun Knight volume 8 is going to be out very soon. XD; Why thank you, Kingstone. :D *looks forward to the release even more* Opening my email to a huge picture of Grisia? LOVE.
I have hit a wall. Splat. Granted, I'm still in a better shape than I was last year when I was 8000 words behind on the 5th day because of not yet starting...but I quite deflated on Day 4 because I was only able to write 600 words that day. Day 5 went the same because of feeling down from Day 4, and I also decided that I should probably take out 900 words of my aimless writing (I moved it around though and stuck it at the end for deleting during the editing process, so I haven't removed it completely yet). I find my original writing so very boring. I currently can't seem to get myself excited about the story. Maybe a different beginning would help... but gahhh, this is exactly the type of stuff I'm not supposed to be thinking about during NaNoWriMo. Maybe I need a different mindset for this, since I feel like it took so much out of me to write 6k of original story when it doesn't feel like all that much when I write fanfic... I'm probably just stressing myself out. :'D

The plot is making itself a bit clearer to me now though. I just have to... get around to it.

I am happy that it's Daylight Savings this weekend. One extra hour! XD


Yu Wo posted teaser #6 yesterday, the last teaser for LSK. Grisia is so despicable in it, gosh. (Well, when the 8th rolls around, at least I get to happily buy LSK v8 even if my NaNo ends in disaster. XD;).
I can almost see the end of the prologue! *_____* The prologue wasn't meant to be this long. OTL /dislikes the boring prologue. I mean, if the prologue turns out to be 10,000 words, then what does that leave the rest of the chapters...? I plan to wrap this novel up in 50k!

I didn't get much farther with advancing the story today. I just... expanded on scenes. I'm barely at the recommended word count at 5006 words! (I left the last sentence hanging, haha, because I'd passed 5000 words.)

I feel I'm getting a better feel for Tekatme's voice now. But I still need to get a better handle on the plot. And I haven't managed to describe Tekatme's hair at any point in the story yet. *pouts* This needs to be fixed because I find the two tufts of his hair that always fly up very adorable... XD;

distractions for today:
- reading Detective Conan theories and reading recent chapters (ahhhh, mysteries are complicated. no way I can weave something this complicated...)

- reading Noblesse chapter 208, Skip Beat chapter 182, Hunter x Hunter 323 (it is getting exciting again, and yayyy, Killua's family!), Junai Labyrinth v5 (I think I might nominate this for Yuletide...*loves shoujo, which gets very little fic usually* I'm still undecided about what to nominate...)

- deck making (still need to finish)

Will be prioritizing [ profile] colors_tcg stuff now (baaaacklog!), which might mean I won't be able to reach my Day 4 word count. We'll see.
Didn't manage to write 1,667 words for Day 2 (darn) but I wrote around 1,500 words or so. And then wrote another 100 something after midnight. (boooo) Day 2's writing took particularly long because I spent most of my time editing what I wrote on Day 1 and adding on to that. Probably not smart for the sake of my word count, but there was a lot of detail that was missing that I needed to build off of... it's also hard to break out of my habit of rereading =/ (it's how I usually write). I reread and reread what I've written and add details in each reread. The first run is always fairly bare of details.

Today what stumped me was describing smells. My protagonist, Tekatme, has a very good sense of smell, so my focus was on adding details about what he was smelling and what his nose told him about people. My writing from Day 1 didn't have any of that detail, which didn't make sense. After 3336 words, I'm still stuck in the prologue and wonder how many more words it'll take me to end the prologue (watch, the prologue turns into the entire novel, haha...).

I seem to be very big on family, Parent-child relationships. Sibling relationships. I started last year's novel with a scene between Rykatu and his mother. This time, it's Tekatme with his family. I want to bring characters from last year's NaNo into this... but the time frame doesn't fit! D:

So far, Tekatme has been complaining a lot. I wonder if he'll come off dislikable. The other characters aren't very charming either. :'D

Stuff I distracted myself with (bad Lucathia!)
- Yu Wo posted part 2 of Female Warrior (I've already read it before, but I still reread it. *wants more*)

- Reading this hilarious, witty, Thor fic that is so much love. I really should have been writing.
The Calculator (38970 words) by faviconkatsu


Nov. 2nd, 2011 12:29 am
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All right, looks like I've settled on my NaNoWriMo project. I will be sticking to "Lhordata" after all, also known as Tekatme's (Not-So) Excellent Adventures. XD; I already do not like my writing. Since I want to make this be able to stand alone without last year's NaNo as background, I'm dedicating the prologue to establishing some of Tekatme's character traits and what he's experienced before he heads to Lhordata. I finally named Ikatchi's home (so if I ever write Part 2 it would now be titled Fendron) but I wonder if that name even sounds like it's from the same 'verse. Probably sounds more like a name of a person... but no one's named with such conventions in this story, so that should be okay... Am now trying to figure out what this entire world is called.

I'm aiming for this to be young adult, with my main focus of this being a coming of age story, so yay self discovery! This will not be a terribly exciting story, but at least Tekatme's voice should be fun. ._____. I'm going to write with logical divisions instead of just spewing words out without a destination like I did last year. (It was very difficult to divide my writing into chapters last year when I was formatting my NaNo for printing because there was no logical division!) I might post by chapters here in my LJ if I manage to finish them, but I'll probably be jumping around with my writing if I get stuck on chapters, so I won't be finishing them in order. :3 I have only managed to plot up to chapter 2 so far though...

I managed to (barely) write over 1667 words yesterday. Now that it's past midnight, it's a whole new day, another 1,667 words to go... But no writing for me until after I sleep and come back from work. I also need to figure out what the heck I wrote yesterday because I'm not sure it makes sense. (building off of something that doesn't make sense? that will only lead to disaster...or at least a huge mess and a plot that trips over itself)

Cannot wait until the NaNo site has widgets for keeping track of word count! Also, this year CreateSpace is offering 5 free copies of our books for winners. How awesome is that? *___* My book from last year's NaNo story! One book was certainly not enough. XD

Good luck to everyone who's participating this year! I will be spamming my flist with a lot of talk about NaNo this November. ^^;;
Hm, I should start planning for NaNo. Not sure what I want to do yet... I thought I'd continue where I left off last year since that story is still hanging and I do want to finish the story, but there are so many flaws in the story and its premise that I wonder if I should even continue it. :'D I truly felt like I was RPing with myself in writing the story with alternating POVs, and I despair that none of the female characters have a prominent role yet.

When I went through with editing what I had last year to print the first part as a book, I tweaked some phrases to have them make more sense in the long run, and I added a scene that should bridge events better so that things don't come out of nowhere (which meant I had to tweak the wording of the scene before and after this since this was an added scene!). I haven't posted the edited chapters and probably won't, so with current wording, this scene doesn't fit at all... but here's the added scene. With blatant foreshadowing. XD; Or maybe I should just go through and post edited versions in the old posts even though I have chapters divided differently... or... nah. I'll just leave it. XD; This is an extra scene added in Part 7. Instead of leaving right away, Rykatu goes on a detour. This is labeled as chapter 10 in the edited version.

2010 NaNoWriMo added scene )

I am veeery tempted to start over from scratch. But the question would be... would the story turn out any better in its execution? Probably not... maybe I should go and edit what I have of Part 2 so far so that I don't meander farther and farther off track...

Hm, I really wanted this to be young adult, but I failed right away when my characters weren't even adolescents. A rewrite is looking more and more alluring. With me trying to stick to one POV, or at least not do alternating POVs in such a systematic order. I don't need to show their reactions to every single thing! *thinks about it* Haha...I would fail so hard.
Finally finished formatting my NaNo story. It was so hard! The story was totally incomplete, so I decided to just fix up Part 1, but to make Part 1 good enough to stand alone... I had to add in an extra scene. My writing was so sloppy there... wrote it all yesterday and today. :'D Am totally unable to write these characters now. I bet some parts don't even connect correctly because of this inserted scene. OTL Took out the very last scene of Part 1 (Rykatu's behavior is a bit off there, but I can't seem to fix it) and instead used the first section of Part 2 (Ikatchi's POV) as the ending so that it's not as abrupt... but I don't know how well that works. XD; I'm at least not as dissatisfied with the entire thing. Except I still think the result is not a story, because stories need plot. >__> I'm too used to writing character pieces and single scenes for fanfic... The page numbers and margins also confused me, but I think I have everything formatted correctly now. I consider this young adult. I left my font the same size I was using (arial, size 11). Pretty huge font for print! XD; It makes the entire thing 143 pages (plus blank pages and title pages).

I also tacked this on at the end on the last page as a teaser. Spoiler for the ending. XD;

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I commissioned [ profile] seta_suzume some art of these characters for help_japan. The result is so cute! You can view the full versions over here (top three drawings). I already made an icon of one of the drawings! XD Three of these characters haven't really made much of an appearance in the story yet (or they haven't even appeared). I wonder when I'll ever get around to them. XD;

resized version, with my commentary about the characters )

Hopefully I can send my novel in soon. Still waiting on the cover. XD;
Haha... I've barely touched my NaNo story since November ended. Now it's already February. At this rate, I won't be able to finish by June (I plan to take up CreateSpace's offer of printing a free proof copy. June's the deadline), especially since the end of the story is no where in sight. I wonder if I can at least wrap up this next section. 2011 already doesn't seem like a very writing filled year for me. XD

I wrote... maybe around 400 words of this story since November? XD; Most of this section was part of my 50k word count I wrote back in November. This section is all over the place (I have no idea how much time passes), but it's... cute, I guess. XD; Still haven't figured out how to get to the next section...

I seriously need to rename this story since they're not even in Veline, ahhhhh. I reread some of the previous parts... I like my writing in the beginning better. XD; (It's like, coming apart instead of getting better. Goes to show how long fiction isn't my specialty, ahhhh).

Veline part 16 )

OC meme

Jan. 4th, 2011 12:43 am
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Snagged from [ profile] darkicedragon. :D Because my characters wanted to answer these questions. Or rather, I wanted to hear their answers. They might not want to answer.

1. Choose a few one of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
4. Then tag three people.

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Ikatchi )

Rykatu )

2010 in fic

Jan. 1st, 2011 09:56 pm
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Ahaha, my paid account expired while I wrote this.

My year-in-fic! Like every year, I ended up writing a lot less than I'd have liked. I only managed one of my writing resolutions I made for 2010, and that was writing for [ profile] yuletide. I also realized a few things about my writing (or more like, was reminded of a few things...), and the number one thing is...

- I cannot write without deadlines. The things I wrote this year were almost all for fic exchanges, or they had self-imposed deadlines. (And then there was NaNo with one of the toughest deadlines!)

Maybe I should set more self-imposed deadlines for myself.

fics in chronological order )

actual fic meme, this is probably more interesting than my rambling above )
My NaNo experience, detailed below! With much flailing and panicking! This is mostly for myself since I know I'll want to read back on this in the future. <3 But if anyone's interested... (this is veeery long though)

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This is an archive of my NaNo story posts. I tried writing some more today but only managed 400 words or so. I want to finish before next June so I can print a copy for myself with CreateSpace's offer... but my brain is telling me I'm only halfway through the story.

I will be drawing sucky art of these characters too, haha. I hope I can manage a decent looking cover... I want an illustrated cover.

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