So, not only was there a prequel OVA, there's also an OVA by Production I.G. that adapts most of Season 1. :O A 30 minute OVA that adapts 78 chapters. :'D Well, to sum it up, it was very pretty and fast paced. Lots of stuff cut out, lots of characters all at once, but since everything's done in hindsight, M-21 and M-24 are sympathetic characters from the start and not 2 dimensional villains. XD

I hope this means that doors will be open to adapting more manhwa and webtoons to anime. :D Still, very strange to hear Noblesse in Japanese. Hearing Shinwoo get called by -chan and -kun is very weird. And Frankenstein with his "Yes, Master" in his Japanese accent made me think of Fate/Stay Night.

M-21. :DDDDD So pretty~~~

many screencaps )

Fanime Day 3

May. 26th, 2014 02:06 am
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A WILD NOBLESSE PRINT APPEARS, omg. (djfa;sdjfa;dfad) I went through artist alley again, and this time I saw this. I didn't notice it yesterday. XD (It's by Hasuyawn! Here's the print on Storenvy. I bought her Fire Emblem Awakening print last year~)

(I saw Frankenstein first before everyone else. I can't help my eyes being drawn to blonds ahhhhh). I didn't take a good look at the print until I came home, and boy did it make me laugh. The things everyone is holding... RAI. THAT'S A BANANA. Frankenstein is totally posing with his glasses. Regis is all serious business with his duster. Takeo and M-21 are all ready with their pink gloves (and of course Tao is in the middle). Seira is busy with her frying pan. I'm super amused that only Tao and Frankenstein are smiling (or well, grinning/smirking). And it's really cool that Frankenstein and Rai are surrounded by all this white~~~

Dropped by Lavrentty's table again today (She was cosplaying Kaidou~~~) and she gave me some freebies. akljdfl;sadjf;sa; SO SWEET OF HER. Really cute bookmarks of Free! and Kuroko no Basuke. (Yay for sports!!! She was cosplaying Haikyuu the first day, hahaha). She also had these cell phone wiper cell phone straps... So nice! I haven't seen very many people make those here.

a few more pics )
Another round of [community profile] no_true_pair has started! Prompts are out (you can see them over here and sign up here). Like my goal for [community profile] trope_bingo, I hope to write at least one fic. I don't believe I can manage any more than that. ^^;;

That reminds me that I never did finish writing Behind Closed Doors and crosspost it to No True Pair... Lots on my to-write list, gaaaah.

Legend of Sun Knight )

Half Prince )

Noblesse )

Fire Emblem: Awakening )

Update for [ profile] colors_tcg done. Check.
September update posted for Prince Revolution. Check.
Set up Chocobanana Scanlations. Check. (Help, we need more cleaners! I just want to see Kimi to Boku to the end. ♥)

Finally, free time to write some fic... Sometimes I wish I only wrote fic! :3;; Not enough time to do everything! Also, why aren't people responding... /worries at progress. I'm not good at managing so how did I end up managing all these different places... ORZ. Too many fandom responsibilities. XD I feel like I've probably forgotten to do some things too. If I don't answer or do something right away, I tend to forget... but what have I forgotten...

I can't believe [ profile] yuletide has started! There's a fandom brainstorming post and a nominations planning post up. Nominations start September 24! I'm not sure what I'll be nominating yet (SKET Dance for sure, but I don't know about my two other fandoms. Perhaps a book fandom? Though recently I've only been reading Taiwanese light novels XD. Hm, I wonder how popular Sword Art Online or Moonlight Sculptor are, as the only non Taiwanese light novels I've been reading, haha. Or perhaps a TW drama...but I doubt anyone has seen the one I'm currently watching, since it hasn't been subbed). I've been browsing the fandom brainstorming post, afraid I wouldn't be able to find a fourth fandom for my requests, or that I wouldn't be able to offer enough fandoms to write, but I think I'll be fine! There have been a few suggestions I wouldn't mind writing or requesting. Magi for one. :D I'll possibly be requesting Magi as my fourth if that nomination does happen! Also considering Fate/Zero if Waver and Rider are the ones that end up being nominated like the person said since they're my favorites too. \o\

short squealing over Noblesse 249 )

I've been thinking I need to write an appreciation post for Arctic Fox. :D Though it would contain spoilers for the remaining 1/2 Prince chapters. Hm. :3
A ridiculous number of lists for [community profile] no_true_pair. I'm hoping something bites! :3 Posting starts October 1. I didn't manage anything for the previous round. ):

thieves, SKET Dance, Legend of Sun Knight, Half Prince, Noblesse, Oresama Teacher, Bakuman, Kimi to Boku )

Hm, my paid LJ account is expiring soon. I should change my layout before that. I wonder what my fics will look like after this... should look cleaner and easier on the eyes, actually! Since my current layout makes the bold font hard to see. x___x But the h1 and hr tags will look quite ugly. I'd just started using them in my fics too, darn.
Last and final teaser for the Legend of Sun Knight spin-off has been posted! I grinned so much from this. XDDD The actual book should be released soon. I can't wait!

flailing over the snippet )

some random scans from 1/2 Prince volume 12 of the manhua )

Noblesse 245 )
OMG, Kill No More is getting a manhua?! (Yu Wo plurked a few pages of it) I hope it is! It doesn't sound like it's been set in stone yet, but goodness am I excited. I didn't like the beginning of Kill No More, and it gets a little messy, but I love the main character. <333 Besides, dragon mounts and dragons in general. It turned into my second favorite of Yu Wo's series (first being Legend of Sun Knight).

Linked these in comments but not in a post:

J.U./Rippleless LSK art:
Elaro and Hungri (Hungri telling Elaro that he'll grow taller in the future)
Lesus and Hungri

Neko Kreuz art:
Promotion art of Grisia from Neko Kreuz (there'll be a life-sized prop of Grisia in Hong Kong as advertisement)
a panel of Sun and Adair (I want this volume already so I can see Adair!!!)

Caught up with Pinocchio (webtoon) and was in the mood for series involving ghosts, so I started watching Natsuyuki Rendezvous. I'm liking it so far~. I scavenged around for the manga and read up to volume 3. Huh, this is quite a short series! Guess I'll find out what the ending is from the anime, since it should cover all 4 volumes. But now I have to wait for the episodes to air each week, boo.

Also plan on checking out: Moyashimon season 2, Sword Art Online
Behind on: Hunter x Hunter, Eureka Seven AO, Sakamichi no Apollon, Uchuu Kyoudai, Ginga e Kickoff!, Area no Kishi, Hiiro no Kakera
Still following: SKET Dance, Kuroko no Basket

I'm behind on so many series. -___-; Perhaps I should just watch series only after they finish since I fall behind anyway.

Trying to reorganize this journal a bit (separating fics from all the other junk better)... goodness are there some embarrassing entries. OTL I gave up after going through my 2006 entries.

I've been feeling very lethargic. No motivation at all, and I'm currently hating my writing. *stabs it* Also, the time stamps of some of my fics depress me, and I keep wondering why I've let these fics stagnate when I should have been able to finish them quickly. I'm pretty sure I'll feel better once I actually finish a few more of these fics. So here's to fic revival in the near future of some of my back-burner WIPs...

Noblesse 242 )

back from AX!

Jul. 3rd, 2012 10:33 pm
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I'm back in LJ land and responsive again, but I have a lot to catch up on... good thing my inbox isn't ridiculous this year, because I have been checking it and sorting my email into folders! XD;

I read the latest Detective Conan chapter on my phone (chapter 824) while I was away and could not contain my excitement, ahhhhhh. While I was somewhat not wanting this turn of events, when it happened... I still very much liked the outcome.

Read more... )

AX write up, to come tomorrow! Gotta first finish up some editing for Prince Revolution, and then do [ profile] colors_tcg stuff (which I am so, so behind on).

If I've missed any LJ posts I should know about, kindly point me toward them. I opened up a bunch of tabs to answer when I got home yesterday, but I got too sleepy and closed them all to go to sleep, OTL. But, first let me say, congratulations on getting your NaNo printed, [ profile] absolutehymn007! ♥

Ohhh, new Noblesse chapter is out after the one month break. Will be a treat for myself after I catch up with things. :3;;
Frankenstein chapter, like predicted. :3

Read more... )

This is as good a time as any to make a fic rec!

I am Tao by Fleeting Vapor - I just started reading Fleeting Vapor's fics the other day, and boy are they true to Noblesse~. They are lengthy enough for me to sink my teeth into them, and they bring in a wide cast of characters with witty dialogue. This fic especially makes my heart go out to Tao!

No Hero v7 is coming out on 4/24! Cover! It's subtitled "The End, The Beginning" and was slated to be the last volume, but now there will also be a volume 8. Limited poster from the autograph session is of Ezart and... *peers at the person in glasses* I don't actually remember who he is, whoops. XD; Oh wait, I think he's one of the professors... I think I'll be getting mine in June or so when a family friend visits from Taiwan.
1. Leave a comment to this post, specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I received the letter F from [ profile] cairnsy~. Had a lot of characters to choose from but decided on these five from series I'm currently following. I wonder if I'm missing anyone obvious. XD;;

my answers )

Haven't mentioned this yet, but No Hero, which was slated to be 7 volumes in all, with 6 volumes already published and the 7th and last volume soon to be published, is now going to be 8 volumes long. Legend of Sun Knight almost went the same route, with the last volume being too long for one book. I kind of wish LSK had been expanded!! Yu Wo has started posting teasers of No Hero v7 in her blog~. I wonder when the official release date will be? (And when will she start working on Female Warrior and the next volume of Gong Hua?)

Watched the second Prince of Tennis movie. It was hilarious. Nothing as epic as Tezuka killing the dinosaurs, but still... does this movie want me to ship Fuji and Kite? Shiraishi and Tezuka? XD;; I'm going to post up some screencaps later, haha.
They assembled! XD;

Read more... )

A Game of Thrones
Mm, I checked out a digital version of A Game of Thrones from my library. I was on a waiting list for it! (I thought there would be more copies available than that). I only have the copy for 21 days... I don't think I'll be able to finish the book in 21 days. It's so long! (I haven't started reading yet. I'm already daunted...)

Sket Dance
...I caught up with the anime. /mopes

Tsubaki became my favorite character. :D ♥ And then he became even cuter as the series went on. (I also love that Shimono Hiro voices him). Episode 47 ended on such a cliffie, arrrrgh, so I went and read the manga. -___-;; And then I couldn't stop. Because there was so much about Tsubaki, ahhhhhhh. I've been good with Chihayafuru and Natsume Yuujinchou and haven't gone seeking the manga to find out what happens next, but I think it's because I've been watching them weekly, so I've gotten used to waiting. Sket Dance, on the other hand... since I was marathoning it... -_____-;;

This series makes me laugh and cry. I've fallen hard. XD; (And Tsubaki~ ♥) Expect more fangirling posts from me. XD I bought the fanbook over the weekend. Good thing I didn't read it until after I read some of the manga because the fanbook details a lot of the characters' pasts/family/etc. :3;; The fanbook also has huuuge lists of characters, even super minor characters (even the fictional characters like Liberty Maji), and they all have birthdays set for

I've really liked the opening and ending songs of Sket Dance, and how they change quite often. The Sketchbooks are also awesome! I love that guy's voice~. I mostly only skimmed manga chapters that have already been animated. The anime follows the manga pretty closely, though the order of some chapters is different. I can't wait to see the next few episodes.
Thanks to [personal profile] troisroyaumes, I was able to navigate the aladin site and buy Noblesse! The season 1 box set was already sold out, so I only bought the season 2 box set. I'm hoping they'll have more of season 1 someday, but that probably won't happen since it seems to be a limited thing.

I understand not a single word of Korean, so the inside is all gibberish to me. I can't even read what the subtitle of each volume says! I only know the words below the numbers are subtitles because the words under volume 2 says "DA-5"... XD;; But these are very beautiful, and each volume is so thick and heavy. Full color~.

Read more... )
Prompts for [community profile] no_true_pair are up! To play, you toss in lists of eight characters. They get matched up in random prompts. Here's what I got out of my lists. (I tossed in a bunch. XD;;; )

Going to italicize the ones I'm thinking about writing. Though I might end up writing different stuff, or not writing as many as I highlight. XD

Legend of Sun Knight list )

Legend of Sun Knight x Half Prince list )

Half Prince list )

Noblesse list )

Prince of Tennis list )

Oresama Teacher list )

Bakuman list )

Kimi to Boku list )

Original list )

Colors Universe list )

Posting starts on March 1. I hope to at least write a few of these~.
Trying to write... but am having super duper writer's block, and now I'm so, so sleepy. Bored by my own writing...? I hope to finish Lessons in Demeanor before the month ends though. So that leaves me one day.

Last set of answers to the 7 questions meme! Questions from [ profile] kedi_kedi and [ profile] perkyandproud.

2 more sets of answers to 7 questions )

New No Hero bundle from Yu Wo. Comes with a a bag, a calendar, two cards, and a short story titled "Good kid, bad kid." I...really want that bundle. Oh dear. Now that I've pretty much read everything Yu Wo wrote, I want, like, all of the specials she sells. (Throughout the post, there's mention of LSK stuff - this I ordered already - 1/2 Prince autograph session, some Kill No More merchandise...). x___x I'll need to make use of an agent since I live overseas...

Yu Wo posted a teaser for "Good kid, bad kid." Features Daren as the main character, set during No Hero! :O Very, very fascinating. The setting feels completely different with the 3rd person POV, since No Hero's completely in 1st person normally. The teaser only goes up to the point where Daren goes out for his morning run...

Noblesse 221 )
7 questions meme, part 2! If you haven't gotten questions from me and want some, let me know~

Answers to questions from [ profile] ashkahchan and [personal profile] darkicedragon.

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Went to Kinokuniya today and picked up volume 09 of the Tenipuri Kanzenban s2. Yagyuu and Niou on the cover. <3333 My store never had this in stock! Or if they did, they sold out, so I had to special order it. =/ I ended up getting v10 before I got volume 9. The three page comic at the end of volume 9 is a continuation of the beetle match between Atobe and Shiraishi, haha. Yagyuu in casual clothes on the inside~ ♥ This volume is so worth it.

I also picked up
-Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to v1 (there are more volumes out, but I wanted to see if I liked this series. It's about a prince who's reincarnated as a girl, and a bunch of princesses who are reincarnated as guys. They were all cursed by a witch)
-Otomen v14
-Yukarism v1-2 (also about reincarnation. girl reincarnated as a guy XD;; )
-Shiawase Shokutaku (a collection of short manga by Minami Maki who draws Seiyuu Ka + Special A)
-Magic Kaito special edition volume 4 (Whoot, looks like there'll also be a volume 5 of Magic Kaito!)
-Gyakuten Kenji artbook (finally I get to see what Ema Skye's shoes look like! =P I so needed this when I was cosplaying her)

Usotsuki Lily v6 should be out, but my store doesn't have it in stock. =/ A good chunk of what I buy lately... are genderbenders.
Some random manga talk~

Noblesse 218

some thoughts )

Oresama Teacher

I caught up with volumes 10-12! \o/ (Oh wow, I was behind...) I wasn't very interested in the student council members since they'd only just started showing up where I stopped, but they're a fairly interesting bunch. My favorite out of them is Ayabe Reito. :D I also read on past volume 12 with Chinese scanlations (b-because, Natsuo! Natsuo shows up in those chapters! I cannot resist Natsuo).

some thoughts )

Houkago no Oujisama v2

Houkago never fails to make me laugh. XD; It's rife with jokes though, so I can only read this slowly. :3 I read the two longer comics in the back first (the one where the middle schoolers have a pajama party and the high schoolers plan a welcome party, and the one where Shiraishi pays Seigaku a visit for material for his novel). I'm still slowly making my way through the rest of the volume~ (and have already laughed a whole lot). I so hope this will be animated one day. It's so much fun.

Next best thing is the vomic, I guess. XD; Houkago vomic! This aired in... August of last year? I'm sad they're so short, but it's still entertaining hearing the seiyuu voice some Houkago strips. XD
New Legend of Sun Knight merchandise!! Pics!

Sun and Judgment are looking goooood. I'm also flailing at the more spoilerish pics (yes, some of these are spoilerish for later novels... but probably don't make sense if you haven't read the later novels). *saves all the pics* There's also an illustration for volume 3! :D Or wait... hm, I think one of these is for volume 4... yeah, and then the next one is volume 5... I see what they did there... these are all based on various volumes of the series. So yeah. Spoilerish, though they probably don't make sense. XD; They illustrate the novels even better than the covers! (the covers actually don't say much about the content) I really want larger versions of these....

I've also been checking out Neko Kreuz's plurk (artist of the LSK manhua). She mentions that one of her 2012 resolutions is to illustrate up to novels 3~4 of Legend of Sun Knight. :D I hope it happens!

Some of her illustrations from her plurks:
Half-naked Ice.
Judgment waking up a half-asleep Sun.
Christmas/New Years pic.
Just a really pretty pic of Sun.
Angry Judgment.

Yu Wo had a New Years activity where she asked a series of trivia questions about her works. First person to reply to each receives a new years card from her, and some merchandise. I totally missed out on all of them. The event was over by the time I checked! XD; (Though I would not have been able to answer half of the questions because I haven't read those series, but the questions weren't hard. You just had to have read the series. There were questions like...what did Daren name the love simulation lover, and what color hair and eyes did he set? And then there was one question that basically had you listing all the main characters from each novel, all the members of Odd Squad, all Twelve Holy Knights, etc).

and then, Noblesse 217, I just have one thing to say, haha )

2011 in fic

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:22 pm
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A ridiculous long reflection about my 2011 writing! Here's last year's reflection.

I told myself last year I would not start new multi-parters this year without finishing my previous WIPs, but apparently I forgot all about that in the face of my LSK obsession, hah...

talk about my fics in chronological order )

fic meme )
I knew it! [personal profile] darkicedragon was my writer. XD I kind of figured it out from our conversations, and then when fics went live, the writing (and the fandoms) convinced me even more. (Thank you once again for writing me so many fics. I adored all of them! The Double Arts one and the NG Life one were both so beautiful ♥ and the others so much fun.) Heh, I think we'll always have a huge chance of matching each other, though I did match with someone else for my recipient, which was very cool! I love having different recipients and writers each year, as well as matching on fandoms I've never written before. For me, Yuletide is always the time I branch out to fandoms I might not have written on my own either because I hadn't read the series closely enough, or I just don't have plotbunnies for fics for the series. I rely heavily on the optional details provided by my recipient because usually I don't have too many plotbunnies for the series myself... which made this year very hard because the optional details I received were broad and gave me too much free reign! (It led to me considering very strange ideas...I'm so sorry about this!)

I matched on Hunter x Hunter with [ profile] justwolf. I was mostly offering fandoms I was currently into (like Legend of Sun Knight, Noblesse, 1/2 Prince, everything I had nominated) as well as fandoms with short canon I thought I could easily review again (like movies or short manga series). With HxH, I thought, "Hey, Hunter x Hunter, I'm getting into that again now that the hiatus is over and the new anime is showing!" So I added that in my list of offers. And matched on it. And went, "oh dear, there's 30 volumes of the manga out..." I don't feel I could characterize Gon or Killua very well without rereading the manga because it's been a long time since I've read the manga, and then it was on and off with all the hiatuses. I spent quite some time rereading. (and loved it)

Hunter x Hunter reread. I cried )

Fic commentary: The Shape of His Devotion (Hunter x Hunter) )

Fic commentary: Sleeping Beauty, or the Unconscious Man on the Bed (Hunter x Hunter) )

Fic commentary: The Names of His Comrades (Noblesse) )
Title: The Names of His Comrades
Fandom: Noblesse
Words: 3,903
Summary: The first flash of memory hit him in the midst of battle at a very inopportune time, causing him to stumble into the path of an energy blast courtesy of one of Dr. Crombell's new agents. Remembering was inconvenient, but M-21 welcomed it. Maybe, just maybe, he would finally remember his name and the names of his comrades.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] darkicedragon for [ profile] yuletide 2011 as a treat. I was pretty gleeful about writing this because I liked the idea a lot, heh, except my execution isn't so great (I also almost didn't make it in time, as I started this around the time Madness opened). More about that later in my Yuletide summary post! Thanks Dark Ice Dragon, for writing me so many giftfics again this year! Originally posted here.

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