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Jul. 11th, 2016 08:31 pm
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Belated Fanime post! Fanime was back in May, during Memorial Day Weekend. Overall, it was a relaxing convention for me. I didn't have any major events planned, just shopping and meeting up with people. The complete opposite of AX, which was hectic, haha.

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Stuff I bought at Fanime.

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Fanime is just around the corner. I'll be cosplaying Yoon from Akatsuki no Yona, Charles from No Hero, and Grisia Sun from The Legend of Sun Knight~. Still trying to finish and fix up my cosplay. I haven't touched the Grisia cosplay since last July (whoops). Had some fixes and finishing touches I needed. I'm adding some gold stripes to the boots and ruffles to the sleeves. I considered what to do about not having the Divine Sun Sword. Less than a week is not enough time to start dreaming about a sword, Lucathia! (Next time...) Combing the wig is taking forever, but I managed to detangle the worst of it.

As for my Charles cosplay, I've yet to add a collar (whoops). Added a gold trim so far to the vest, and I found myself a tray. Am still on the lookout for a glass and a pitcher. XD The trim/bias tape was so much easier to make this time now that I bought myself a bias tape maker. Last year, making all the bias tape for the Grisia cosplay was a paaaain. /learning new things each year about clothes making.

As usual, I'll be hanging around [ profile] gem2niki's table in the Artist Alley whenever I'm not wandering around. So far, plans just include attending the Akatsuki no Yona gathering on Friday, MusicFest on Saturday, Masquerade on Sunday, and getting an autograph. Haven't taken a look at what panels there are yet, but usually I don't seem to attend very many panels at Fanime.
Remember that contest held on Yu Wo's forums that I won? I received the prizes~~. Since I won two separate contests, a No Hero and a Dominion's End one, Yu Wo asked if I wanted one of the prizes changed. Otherwise, I'd get two of the same prize. XD; I said that I liked posters. She managed to dig one up for me, and she also included some other miscellaneous items! It was quite fun opening up the package and wondering what I might get. I did feel a bit bad that she had to spend time replacing one of the prizes, and that she had to send it overseas.

The prizes. The original prize was the Bai Lian Yue bundle, which comes with a bag, the novel, the comic "Cafe & Tea," three postcards, a small card, and 4 rolls of decorative tape. (You can see more photos over here from my own purchase). I like having more of the decorative tape. Now, I have enough to use them on cards~~.

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A translation of what I submitted in Chinese to the No Hero impressions contest. It's basically my general reactions to No Hero and some musings about No Hero's themes. I was pretty off topic in the beginning... :'D;; Spoilers for No Hero's ending. This is not a word to word translation. Writing in Chinese is hard...

(This isn't anything impressive or anything. Please don't get your hopes up. XD;; But since I never did post my thoughts on No Hero's ending here... Here they are!)

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Aaaahhhhhh. *flails*

So, Yu Wo held some contests over the summer. There was one for writing impressions/commentary about No Hero, and one for writing impressions/commentary about Dominion's End. I entered both! I started writing the No Hero one very early on but almost decided to scrap it. When I saw the deadline approach, I finally decided to finish and enter it. (Writing in Chinese is so hard ahhhhhh. It's so difficult to express myself... and my writing is so stiff!) After I posted it, I took a look at my reaction post to Dominion's End V3 I'd written in English and thought, "Why not?" So, I translated my post into Chinese and fixed it up a bit, making it a bit more formal and more focused on my reactions and thoughts instead of summarizing events. I entered that too.


It took a bit, but results have finally been announced, and omg, omg, my name is there! For both contests! Are my eyes deceiving me??? Ahhhhhhhh. Yu Wo even wrote, "There's actually someone who won twice, haha. Too amazing! Congratulations~" (I saw that sentence first and thought... can't be me, right...? But... omg... XDD;; /still in disbelief)

There are three winners for each contest, and not that many entries this time, but I didn't think I'd get chosen for both. :O *flails*

/continues to be giddy for the rest of the day

The prize is the Bai Lian Yue bundle + 4 rolls of decorative tape. I guess I'll have extras now. XD

I'm very glad my Chinese was comprehensible. :'D;; There was so much I couldn't express though... T___T;; But I guess I'll translate my No Hero entry into English sometime. XD They were my overall thoughts on No Hero and its themes. I never did write a reaction to No Hero's ending in English. =x I'll probably add more to it since writing in English is much easier...
Yu Wo released a side story featuring Bai Lian Yue as the POV this summer. It details several Eclipse Hunter events from Bai Lian Yue's POV, with a focus on his love for Ri Xiang Yan, and it ends some time after No Hero's ending. (but before the epilogue of No Hero) This is considered a side story to Eclipse Hunter, but it's probably best read after reading all of No Hero. At least, chapter 5 is best read after reading all of NH.

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Bai Lian Yue~

Jul. 30th, 2015 11:19 pm
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Yan/Yue book has been officially announced. The name of the book is 戮月牙. From the teaser posted, Bai Lian Yue seems to be the main character. The teaser happens when Bai Lian Yue is in high school. The cover is drawn by Wu Ling.

The book is much longer than I thought it'd be. It's 160 pages long~. The set comes with the novel, a 36 page comic, "I am king" decorative tape, a bag, and 3 postcards. The set will only be available at CWT while the novel will be sold online after the event.

Yu Wo's first actual BL book. XD;; But I wonder if it will mostly be unrequited love on Bai Lian Yue's part.

ETA: The comic is called "Cafe & Tea" and the cover features Ri Xiang Yan. :D The two covers match. The cover for the novel features Bai Lian Yue holding a bloody rose. A crescent moon is in the background. The cover for the comic features Ri Xiang Yan holding a crescent moon. Roses are in the background.
Bought myself some new novels! Yu Wo is really coming out with a lot of stuff this summer. More is being released in August. I believe what's on the schedule so far is the YanxYue book (Eclipse Hunter/No Hero), a side story for Illusions-Lies-Truth (might be about the history behind Lu Yang's sword), and the new edition of GOD V3. YanxYue will be available for buying online as well, but the set (novel + art + decorative tape) will only be sold at the CWT convention. Only the novel will be sold online.

ETA: Haha, the Illusions-Lies-Truth side story just got announced! Pretty art. *___* The short story features the bookstore owner, while the comic features naming Lu Yang's sword. Includes a short story, a short comic, a notebook, an accessory, and a bag.

No Hero V9 (end!!!), LSK new edition V5, LSK manhua V5 (end as well...). I visited the LSK manhua's editor's Facebook page to see if I could find out more about the LSK manhua and what happened to it. She said that they stopped publishing the LSK manhua because the Hong Kong publisher got bought out.

Really too bad. The teaser at the end of this volume about the next arc (V5 was published in Hong Kong much earlier, so this volume was pretty much put together before they decided to stop) is really teasing us too much.

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Also, Human Doll Contract manhua chapter 2 & 3 are now available on Tongli's ebook site. It'll be available for three months. Chapter 2 covers Xiao Xue Part 2 – Yu Shu, Xiao Xue Part 3 – Twins, and part of Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Can’t be Remembered from the novel. Chapter 3 covers Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Can’t be Remembered and part of Jiang Jiang Part 2 – Those Things that Can’t be Seen. Pacing slows down a little.
Still so much to do for my cosplay, ahhhh. (Now I feel like writing fic instead hahaha). At this point, my chances of finishing are growing slimmer and slimmer. :'D;;

Yu Wo just made some announcements. Lots of new stuff being released!

-Legend of Sun Knight new edition V4 (the version with J.U.'s art). You can see previews of the artwork included over at J.U.'s facebook page. Actually, the current art she's posting is for V5. XD;; She made some adjustments to the character designs, such as Blaze being taller~~.

-Legend of Sun Knight manhua v5. Ahhh, it's good finally seeing this printed. The chapters have been out... just not collected. Still no new chapters though, since last April. I think Hong Kong already had v5 for quite some time.

-No Hero v9. The last volume! The subtitle is actually not, "The End, the Beginning, Part 3." I thought that that would be the title for the volume based off of the titles of v7 and v8, since v8 and v9 basically resulted because the material for v7 couldn't all fit into a single volume. Anyway, the title looks to be 無盡日夜, which is something along the lines of "Endless Day and Night."

LSK new edition v4 and LSK manhua v5 will be released at the same time. They can be pre-ordered starting July 1 and will be released on July 14. No Hero v9 is stated as "soon to be released." There are autograph sessions for No Hero v9 on July 10 and July 18, so I assume that No Hero will be released before those dates.
Volume 3 of Dominion's End will be released on July 6, 2015. Pre-orders started today on midnight of June 22 in Taiwan. There are 1000 copies that come with a towel of the Ice Emperor. Kingstone has 500 copies, and has 500 copies. It looks like Kingstone is all out while Didn't open the pre-orders! Good, good, since I was asleep and couldn't order then. Time to haunt the website.

Here's a page introducing volume 3. You can also download a wallpaper of the cover.

As for No Hero V9, Yu Wo said that she's waiting to hear back from the publishers and hopes that she'll have news about the release date within the week. Let's hope~. I wonder who will be on the cover this time? I think all the main characters already had their turn, and since the character on the cover also narrates the short snippet at the beginning of each chapter... Hm, who would be an interesting narrator for this last volume? Maybe An Te Qi? Or that guy from the Church. Or maybe that spoilerish character.

ETA: Snatched myself a copy~~
It suddenly hit me (quite randomly while rereading V2C8) why Melody would like First Wind, and why she quite likes Ji Luo Chu even when she doesn't know he's First Wind.

He's a blond. DUH.

It's the same reason why she likes Ah Ye's brother. Again, blondie. They're totally her type. It's even revealed later on why she's drawn to blonds, but somehow I never made the connection that First Wind = blond = of course Melody would like him. This all makes so much more sense to me now. I have seen the light. XD

(Would she like Grisia... I think she would probably like Neo more)

New teaser for Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C1 posted over at Yu Wo's blog Ziya joins a new club. :'D;;; I bet he totally didn't expect it... Marking my calendar so I can buy V3 the moment it gets released this month. XD

Yu Wo's forums are undergoing an upgrade. I hope all the fic and art posted will stay safe with the upgrade! It would suck if anything got deleted. =x (Where am I supposed to haunt right now during the ugrade...)

Made some more progress with A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #8. Somehow, it is refusing to end... What happened to my cute, short, 1k chapters? Hoping I can finish the chapter today or tomorrow. Just the last scene left.
January is over. 0___0;; I haven't been able to write anything lately! Writing muse, please speak to me. I only posted one fic update in January. ): I'm entertaining an idea for an Akatsuki no Yona fic, but I don't have a very good handle on the characters and the world. I've only written LSK for such a long time, ahaha~~. Tried writing A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #8. Stuck at 900 words... Hm, with the next scheduled chapter of LSK v8 over at Prince Revolution, maybe I can finally write Never to Kneel. =x Welp, in the meantime, I guess I'll just keep opening my various documents to see if any of my fics will speak to me~~. They're being so stubborn!

February means a new release of Illusions, Lies, Truth! :D Volume 3, "In the Name of God, Part One" is being released on February 25. The limited edition can be ordered starting February 11 and the regular edition on February 16. The special edition includes this pouch thing. Looks like it can hold pens. There's also another edition that includes an autograph board, but that's only useful for people in Taiwan. The character on the cover this time is Guan Ting! *____* He has black wings??? I wonder if that's hinting at anything. I hope he has a large part this time. :D

Here's the synopsis:
"I saw an angel, but he was killing someone."
If angels don't necessarily equate to kindness, then what about gods?
In the name of god, they speak like humans yet do the work of devils.
In the end, what is the division between humans, gods, and devils?

Even though he burns incense and prays, Jiang Ziya wouldn't claim that he is religious.
The things he sees with his eye always and continuously destroy his understanding of religion.
When an angel is a bodyguard, his good friend wields a spiritual sword, and his boss has the name of a god,
Just what can he believe in?

If even angels carry out massacres,
then do we follow and believe in violence?
Faced with a world where the gods have fallen, would you be able to prevent yourself from--falling?

A cool synopsis. I'm looking forward to reading this book (and getting more of golden-haired, blue-eyed Guan Ting).

Yu Wo posted more of Illusions and No Hero~~

Illusions rambling )

No Hero rambling )
Dominion's End V1C1 translation is up over at Prince Revolution~~. Much love for our protagonist. ♥ I'm amused that this story is set in 2015. It's already 2015~~. Maybe that's why Yu Wo is releasing this series so quickly, hahaha. Any slower, and this story would no longer be set in the future!

Yu Wo posted teasers of the prologue of Illusions, Lies, Truth V3 and chapter 1 of No Hero V9, ahhhhhh. I know that Illusions V3 is soon to be released, but does this mean we're getting v9 of No Hero soon too? V8 was released in 2013, so it's been some time! I hope they're released around the same time so I can buy them together. :3

some rambling on the Illusions prologue )

some rambling on the No Hero chapter )

No Hero

Jan. 26th, 2015 07:53 pm
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*editing V2C7 of No Hero*

*rereads every volume again*

...Lucathia, this is not a productive way to translate.

In other words, I ended up rereading all of No Hero. 0____0;;;

Not sure which volume I like best, but I like it when all of the heroes are involved. And I love when we find out who each of the heroes are~. And why they became heroes! Unfortunately, the heroes are pretty much absent during v7-v8. ): Paid more attention to the short POVs at the beginning of each chapter this time. (They reveal a lot) They're narrated by different characters for each volume. The character on the cover is who the POV belongs to. It's fun just reading all of the beginning parts all at one time!

Poor Dragon Peace never gets enough sleep. :'D;; Ceo, you have a friend.

some notes for myself )
Pic heavy post~. First up is merchandise that I recently bought, and then scans of them and of previous stuff I hadn't scanned.

Possible spoilers for LSK v7/v8 and 39 LSK.

I bought a lot of stuff. :'D Close ups inside~. I also bought some stuff of Kill No More, No Hero, and 1/2 Prince, but there wasn't a lot available, unlike LSK.

stuff I bought )

LSK scans )

GOD scans )

Human Doll Contract scans )

Kill No More scans )

No Hero scans )

Half Prince scans )

I also scanned LSK Rule 19 and Rule 20 of the manhua. I'll be cleaning that up sometime this week and hopefully tossing up my thoughts about it here~. Hopefully...
OMG, I have gone full on spaz mode from seeing all this. I was just thinking to myself, "There hasn't been a lot of LSK merch lately..." And then, wham. (I guess I just haven't been paying close enough attention haha. Actually, Yu Wo has just posted about some of the stuff!)

Currently in stock stuff: (Might be out of stock now... I haven't checked again. They were in stock when I wrote this post two days ago. XD;;)

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Oct. 3rd, 2013 10:30 pm
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It makes me happy when characters I like are well received, hahahaha. (Or at least thought of as very, very awesome)

Yu Wo's Oct 3, 2103 plurk:
Pitting the Omnipotent Against the Even More Omnipotent
If you were currently the boss of a thriving business, who would you hire as your secretary?
1. Adair (He can fight on the battlefield, enter the kitchen, and grace the great halls. Personally approved by the Sun Knight)
2. Kyle (Isn't it Bill? Computer in hand equates to the world in his grasp. Since the Sun Emperor hung up the call and did not accept the interview, his personal approval was not acquired)
3. Charles (He has housework completely covered. After leveling up, he can part-time as a non-professional doctor. Ri Xiang Ye strongly recommends him but also asks you not to steal him away)
4. Bai Saya (Only specializes in taking care of children. Truthfully he is only here to even out the numbers. Compared to the above three, his only advantage and possibly the only thing that matters is that he is young and handsome)

(Adair is from Legend of Sun Knight, Kyle and Charles are from Eclipse Hunter/No Hero, and Bai Saya is from GOD)

The votes were predominantly for #1, Adair (亞戴爾). XDDD;; I would choose him without a second of hesitation too, hahahaha. Because he truly has everything covered. Kyle would be a good choice too for business, but he probably can't serve as a bodyguard. =P Charles is not a good choice for business. Neither is Bai Saya, hahahah. They're both too nice. Though, I think it would be very hard to steal Adair away from Sun. Not that any of the others would be easy to steal away either...

Yuletide nominations have ended. I managed to make my nominations (I have basically been passing out right after work nearly every day, so merely making time for nominations has been hard! :3;;; ). It's a good thing that the deadline for Yuletide is during the holidays when I have time off, so I should be able to participate in Yuletide once more. ♥ I'm completely unsure what I'll be requesting and offering yet. I'll decide once the tags are finalized. I did see lots of people mention series I'm interested in, so even if I hadn't nominated anything, I would have been totally fine!

As for NaNoWriMo next month... It's probably a pass for me this year. I doubt I'll have the energy! Over all of 2013 so far, I've only written around 50k words with everything over the past 9 months added together. No way I'd be able to write 50k in one month on top of my new job. :'D;;;; I hope I'll be able to make some progress on my current WIPs instead. If I can write 25k for my WIPs, I will be very, very happy! (I will be even happier if I can finish at least one of my WIPs!! At the top of this list are Bittersweet Sweetness and A Vice-Captain's Tale.)

Then again, it would be very nice to be able to print one of my stories... XD;;; I looove CreateSpace's offer of printing books. It always tempts me. XD

Good luck to everyone doing Yuletide, NaNoWriMo, or any other writing endeavor! ♥
Finished reading the books I got this week. :3;; I am so in the mood to read more light novels.

Human Doll Contract
Summary: Jiang Ziya comes home one day, only to discover that he has gained an additional niece. With his left eye that can see the supernatural, he realizes that his new niece is a ball-jointed doll. She was brought to life by strong emotions, but no one else in his family realizes she's not human. Luckily, she hasn't turned "real" yet and is still in the first stage of becoming real. Speaking their name once turns them into an illusion, speaking their name twice turns them virtual, speaking their name thrice turns them real. Ziya's initial discovery of his niece not being human is only the start of his supernatural troubles. He's told to burn his niece before she becomes real and uncontrollable, but can he really bring himself to do it?

I wondered what this book would be like! The snippets that Yu Wo posted in her blog made this feel very much like horror (and I really do not deal well with horror and dolls coming to life), but in the end, this was mostly a supernatural story. Kind of felt like a mix of Natsume Yuujinchou and xxxHolic. Poor Jiang Ziya. Always had to deal with people not believing that he can see the supernatural.

and now for my spoilerish thoughts~ )

No Hero v8 spoilerish thoughts )
Oh man, I had such a good laugh over this series of "scientific" analyses of Shin Tenipuri. If you know any Japanese, I highly recommend this. XD; These videos analyze things like how Tezuka zone works, how fast you'd have to move to hit 8 balls at once, what Atobe's eyes must be like for him to use Atobe Kingdom, how much Tanishi needs to exercise to lose that much weight in that little time, the speed Kenya needs to use to walk across water, and such. Can't say I understood everything, but I couldn't stop laughing. XD There are videos of other series as well, like an analysis of Midorima's full court three pointer from Kuroko no Basket.

I received my books today! \o\ No Hero v8, Human Doll Contract, and Kill No More manhua v1, which also comes with a short story. All Yu Wo stuff. XD; Haven't touched the two novels yet, but I read the Kill No More manhua. I wonder if anyone will be scanlating this? I'm somewhat tempted... but have enough on my plate. The adaptation is so-so at the moment, but I'm always in favor of more Kill No More. ;)

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