More on Fanime, starting with the rest of the stuff I bought~. Quite a shopping trip this year. XD

Arslan Senki poster was from Friday's swap meet~

close ups )

I find it very cool that Fanime has official photographers. :D They've also already uploaded photos! Here are some that I was in.

Re:Zero gathering on Friday
All I can say is that the photographers pretty much asked the cosplayers to do the dab at every gathering I went to. I was the Emilia on the right.

Shounen Jump Sunday Gathering
I was Kayano on Sunday, and I was very much hoping there would be a Koro-sensei around. There was! *____*

Shounen Jump girls beating Mineta from My Hero Academia. A specific request. XD;;

The albums have a ton of pictures from all the gatherings, if anyone's interested in what cosplays there were at Fanime this year. o/

some other pics of lucathia )

I might do another post with cosplay pics of other people and some thoughts on events I went to. If I get around to it.

BTW, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy v2 yesterday, and let me tell you, I cried buckets. ;__; (I'm quite pleased to see many Yondu fics crop up in the fandom though. All my feels.)

I've changed my layout on livejournal because I can no longer make changes to what the comment links look like with my account level, so I ended up with a lot of broken images with that layout. This one is clean enough, I suppose, though it also means that commenting will bring you to livejournal's default pages. Boo. Oh well, it's functional, if not pretty.


Jan. 6th, 2017 10:50 pm
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Movies I watched in 2016. Vague spoilers.

Nick and Judy are both great~ (and such cuties). Really enjoyed their banter and how they worked together. I was surprised by how willing the movie was to touch upon serious topics like prejudice and stereotypes. Thought it handled those topics well.

Captain America: Civil War
Heh, lots of funny Civil War memes came out of this movie. Captain America vs Iron Man does make for quite a scene, though I hadn't thought they would choose the sides they did. Also, so many characters. So many. I kind of miss it when the crew was smaller. But I do look forward to the individual movies of the new characters. Wonder where the Avengers will head after this break up.

The Jungle Book
I haven't watched the original animation. So this was new to me. Liked the wolves. Felt really bad about the fire. I was glad Mowgli made the choice he made at the end. Families of choice are just as important! Turns out the ending is different from the animated movie's, but I didn't know that.

Finding Dory
Dory is such a sweetheart, and Hank is an awesome octopus. I loved Marlin and Nemo working together. It's so great to be able to see them on the screen together after the ordeal they went through in Finding Nemo. I remember crying multiple times during the movie. :') Really happy for Dory!

Doctor Strange
I've been reading Avenger fic for years, and Doctor Strange sometimes shows up in them. Now I finally know who he is. XD Didn't really expect Benedict Cumberbatch to join the MCU. I look forward to Doctor Strange becoming more involved with the rest of the cast. His brand of magic is sure unique, and the Cloak of Levitation is the best. The teaser at the end of the movie made me look forward to Thor: Ragnarok. (and got me back into reading Loki fic, ahaha)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The movie was really more about losing the fantastic beasts, hahaha, and getting caught up in a conspiracy while the creatures ran amok. But it was great seeing the Harry Potter world being expanded and getting to see the adult community use magic when the original series mostly focused on schoolkids. Jacob was such a fun character and probably meant somewhat as a stand-in for the audience observing the world of magic. Got a bit teary-eyed for him at the end. Newt Scamander was a charming protagonist. His biography says that his wife is Tina, so looks like this movie showed their first meeting. :D This probably means we'll be seeing more of both characters in the next movie? I hope so.

I cried many times. :') Movie was touching and beautiful. The songs as well. They were super poignant and really showed Moana's struggles and growth. I didn't feel Maui's song was all that catchy, but now whenever I hear people say "You're welcome," I hear that song...

Rogue One
K-2SO was the best! As for the rest... I came out of the movie feeling, "What." I guess I just don't care for these kinds of endings. They make me wonder what the point was... But eh, I know it was a prequel and had to fit into the rest of the story. *shrugs* It was cool having the universe expanded like this though.

November stuff

Dec. 1st, 2013 12:17 am
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Congratulations, [ profile] absolutehymn007, [personal profile] darkicedragon, [ profile] slashed_dream, [ profile] nitaspitas, [ profile] seta_suzume, [ profile] yoshikochan, [ profile] oriaon, and [ profile] flonnebonne (did I miss anyone?? so many of you finished ♥) for surviving through November and reaching over 50k! Amazing!! *____* And for everyone who attempted NaNo, give yourself a pat on the back. ;) I am just super impressed. ^____^

November really went by in a flash for me. I haven't gotten much writing done. I was quite late with translations this month too (I finally managed to plow through all of PR's chapters for the month last weekend, phew). I also released two chapters of Kimi to Boku over at Chocobanana Scanlations this month, but things are still going at quite a slow pace. Hopefully it'll be picking up now that I've roped someone else into being our task manager. ;) (I am really no good at keeping track of more than one translation group, haha...)

On the game front, I finished Ace Attorney 5! (But not the DLC case yet). I'll blab more about the game after I finish the DLC. :3;; But for now, my thoughts are mostly that it felt really short! I also already knew who the main culprit was going to be (spoiled myself with the artbook), so that took a little of the excitement out of the last case. ^^;; Blackquill really grew on me. I ended up liking him quite a lot. So far, the DLC case has been fun, but I wish I could've played it before Case 4. It would've made more sense chronologically.

On the movie front, I watched Catching Fire and Frozen this month. Both made me cry. Yeah, both of them. T___T Read more... )

On the writing front, I don't think I'm going to get any writing done for my WIPs until I exorcise this plunny I have for the Pope (LSK, yet again). So, yeah. Hopefully I can actually finish writing this "oneshot" (please let it stay a nice, short, oneshot) about the Pope's younger years. It'll be named Fifteen Going on Sixty. Or maybe... Sixty Going on Fifteen... I haven't decided the order yet. XD Or maybe I'll just mush it together and say, "Fifteen Going on Sixty Going on Fifteen." XD;; That'll solve my naming problems...
Lessons in Demeanor has been translated into Spanish and can be found below! \o\

Clases de comportamiento
Si alguien quisiera aprender a ligar mejor, ¿a quién pedir ayuda, si no al mismísimo... próximo Caballero Tierra, que es tan casto y puro? ¿Qué? ¿Que eso no tiene sentido?

Video games I've been playing recently. First is Fire Emblem 12 (Shin Monshou no Shou). I started playing this in 2010 but stopped, thinking that I'd wait for a North American release... but that never happened. Restarting the game now (just in time because now there's an English patch), though I'm doing terrible in the game. Probably the worst I've ever done. |D;; (I also nearly named my character Luke when there's already a Luke in the game, oops, and reading my previous post about the game... I knew about the character back then! Oh what a shoddy memory...) I'm now a bit further than I had gotten last time, but still not too far in the game. I'm probably not training the myunit character the best way. I like mages too much, but they don't have the best defense. |D Let's see if I can finish the game this time and not forget it for another two years...

I'm all ready for the next Fire Emblem. Bought myself a 3DS for it. \o\ Currently playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on it. All the nostalgiaaaa. Though I actually haven't beaten a single Final Fantasy game before, ahaha...

movie talk! Skyfall and Rise of the Guardians )
Watched Wreck-It Ralph with friends today. It was cute! And touching. As well as hilarious.

I also adored the animated short Paperman at the beginning. Very poignant.

The credits at the end of Wreck-it Ralph were also quite fun. There were also many cameos in the movie (I think I'd need a rewatch to find what I missed!) but they didn't steal the spotlight or anything. I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up liking the four main characters quite a lot. Felix as well. I didn't actually think he was going to have a large role. XD

Sket Dance 256! Oh this chapter. So much Tsubaki. ♥

Sket Dance chapter 256 | Summary

Tsubaki and Rumi. YESSSS. I love that they're both wondering how they should treat each other. Are they family or what? They're not exactly strangers considering they share a brother, but they also don't know much about each other, don't share any blood, and don't have any childhood memories with each other.

It was really cute, their awkwardness and how Bossun came up with a way for them to get to know each other. <33 I love chapters that explore their family relationships. Now that Rumi is in the picture too, I have high hopes that we'll get to see more of their awesome interactions like this. :D

(Tsubaki using Bossun's ID to qualify for the brother-sister discount with Rumi)
Rumi: Just look stupid.
This is the expression Tsubaki makes to pretend to be Bossun. XDD

As for NaNo, it's coming along at a snaaaail's pace. I also didn't manage to finish writing Dishonest Honesty for [ profile] journeystory, but it's coming along. Still plan on finishing it before December. So much different things to write! *flails*


Sep. 22nd, 2012 06:00 pm
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Went to watch ParaNorman with [ profile] gem2niki. So many kids ran out of the theater crying! (Has this happened with anyone else's viewing?) First, the book retrieval scene caused a kid to burst into tears, so the adult quickly left with the kid, and another kid ran after them crying. Then it happened again with a later scene... I thought that all the kids would exit the theaters crying by the end of the movie. :'D

I thought this movie should at least be rated PG-13 with all the horror, but nope, it's PG.

more on the movie )

Anyway, now I feel like writing some zombie fic. Maybe more of Dead in the Knight. XD
Hahaha, I'm quite happy I managed to make people laugh with Part 27 of Bittersweet Sweetness! Reactions all seem to be LOL'ing. Success! XD I've been hinting at this (I wonder if anyone guessed), but I'm thinking probably not very many guessed the particulars. Currently, I'm telling myself if I finish Bittersweet, then I can join new writing communities like [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo. Otherwise, I must stay away. Be good. Finish WIPs!! The problem with Bittersweet though, to me at least, is that I've always felt it lacked momentum. There also isn't much of a climax. (...if there is one, this would be it, and it's... hahahaha). Currently hoping to update Invincible next.

Watched the Gyakuten Saiban live action movie with my parents! \o\ I thought I wouldn't like Saitou Takumi as Mitsurugi (I didn't think he fit Edgeworth's image), but he was pretty cool after all. Narimiya Hiroki was quite cute as Naruhodou! I thought the movie worked pretty well as a mystery (that, and I've forgotten the details of the cases, so I was still kept in suspense, hahaha. Also, a few details are different.). Now my parents finally know what the games are about and what the character I cosplayed as (Maya) is like. My dad was asking me when she wears her waitress outfit. (Not in this movie, since that wasn't part of the first game!) :3

Read more... )

Can I have Ace Attorney 5 now? XD; (I will miss Apollo though. ;___;) I really hope Apollo is in AA5! And Klavier... I haven't a clue where AA5 will lead, since Phoenix was such a collected person in AA4... no longer a newbie...

I changed my header image! Wanted something with better scan quality. I cleaned up and pieced together my scans of this epic No Hero poster I have. So now my header features the four heroes from No Hero by Yu Wo~. I just love how epic the scene looks. :D we'll see how long this header satisfies me
Oh look it's not a fic post for once. I've been really bad at blogging and leaving comments. I actually don't have the next part of Bittersweet Sweetness done for this week because I haven't had too much alone time to write... D: So for anyone who's waiting for it... the wait will be a bit longer than usual.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I got flooded by so many, both in person and online. ♥ Haha, it makes turning older feel marginally better (I don't want to turn older!!) As for gifts, Arc send me a really cool bone necklace that arrived with perfect timing. I also received cute art from gem2niki and Elphie. Rykatu in the first one, and Sun in the second one~ :D (Rykatu is so cute!). My brother bought me Minecraft and is bent on stealing what little free time I have. I bought myself a smartphone! Finally saying goodbye to my 4 year old phone! Quite exciting! I just received it today and still need to tinker around a lot more to figure my way around. If anyone has any suggestions for apps I should get, let me know. :D

I've watched quite a few movies with friends in these past few weeks~. Random movie talk under the cut!

Hunger Games, Avengers, Dark Shadows )

I've been meaning to ramble off about current anime I'm following this season, but I've mostly fallen 1~2 weeks behind every series. But here's what I'm following. No blurbs. I've been slapping random screencaps of stuff I'm watching all over tumblr if anyone's interested. :3;;

New this season: Eureka seveN AO, Kimi to Boku s2, Ginga e Kickoff!, Hiiro no Kakera, Kuroko no Basket, Uchuu Kyoudai

Started watching but haven't gotten far (maybe watching?): Shirokuma Cafe, Sakamichi no Apollon

Plan on checking out: Accel World

Continuing from previous season: Hunter x Hunter, SKET Dance

Maybe dropping: Area no Kishi (it hasn't been animated in a very interesting way...I'm super behind with the anime now.)

My need to finish list is still the same as previous season's. When will I ever finish watching those series...

Out of the new series, my favorite is Ginga e Kickoff at the moment! It's so cute and I look forward to new episodes a whole lot.
Went to watch The Hunger Games last weekend. My heaaaart. Now I want to read the books, except I have A Game of Thrones to finish first. (I haven't gotten far with it yet). I ended up browsing Wikipedia about The Hunger Games. I didn't read too closely, but I still spoiled myself quite a bit.

I've also been slowly reading Ooku, a manga series I borrowed from [ profile] gem2niki. It's fairly different from what I usually read. Series is about an alternate Japan where a disease killed off most of the men, so women ended up taking over men's positions. Ooku, which is a harem of women serving the shogun, is a harem of men serving a female shogun in this series. The story-telling is interesting... it doesn't focus on any single character but rather follows relevant people through history, so certain characters get the spotlight for a volume or so before a new character is featured.

[ profile] funpotexchange has started posting! \o/ The fic I wrote completely slayed me. I was aiming to write one pairing, but the result turned out to be a completely different pairing because to get to the pairing I planned to write would have taken three times the length of the current fic. I'm not completely pleased with how the fic turned out (it feels very awkward to me, and more telling than showing...) but I hope it still has its redeeming points. :3;; I liked the idea a lot, so I might even flesh it out some more in the future with a focus on different characters in the same universe. I can't wait to see what other people have written, and what my gift will be! :D

Mm, Sket Dance~. I was looking forward to a new opening this week, but there was no opening! Did they not make it in time? XD;; I'm excited that there'll be another year of Sket Dance~. Housuke (an owl) was so cute in episode 52! As for new anime, I watched the first episode of Uchuu Kyoudai and Hiiro no Kakera. Haven't watched the first episode of Kimi to Boku season 2 yet. Gonna watch more stuff before I report back about them!

I'm still playing catch up with [ profile] colors_tcg. Next will be [ profile] fanbook. :x And then writing more of Bittersweet Sweetness!

But before that, have some scans! My previous photos of these were terrible, so I scanned them all instead. First up is Legend of Sun Knight scans.

SO this was Adair! I laughed so much when I actually saw this in full size because I totally thought he was holding a shield... except he's actually holding blueberry pie. And saying "Captain, I managed to buy your blueberry pie!"

ridiculous amount of LSK scans )
Death Note
I was following the Death Note anime when it was airing but stopped somewhere near the middle (as I often do with anime). I'd read the manga, so it wasn't like I didn't know what was going to happen. Felt a sudden whim to watch the series last week... after reading Code Geass fic (my mind works in strange ways, but I think I was wanting for more of tragic villian? anti-hero? heroic sociopath? anti-villain? type...). Ended up marathoning the show. (Could. Not. Stop) I'd forgotten a lot of things but was reminded of how much I liked Matsuda, and I still feel his part in the story was clever. Wish I could write like that (because his actions were silly yet somehow those actions became important). I was reminded of what Saiko and Shujin tried to do in Bakuman (rereading their previous chapters and finding bits they could use as foreshadowing). Makes me wonder how much was planned beforehand and how much wasn't!

I quite liked Near as a character in the manga, so I looked forward to seeing him in the anime. It was strange hearing his voice though. It's very... monotone? Didn't know it was Hidaka Noriko who voiced him (seiyuu for Tendou Akane and Seta Soujiro). She didn't sound monotone in those roles. |D;;

(And then after I finished watching the anime, I went off to read fic about Loki from the movie Thor. Because I just seem to be in the mood for anti villains...why don't I have such a character in my own writing, hm...)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Watched this with friends over the weekend. I remember being recced this when I was looking for post apocalypse fiction. I felt the movie didn't get very far yet... felt like it was just setting a stage. We did learn some things, but it's not like things are going to be magically okay now. Which means, I came out feeling like I should read the manga.

Summer Wars
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I loved the family dynamic of this and how a lot of the characters played a part. We replayed the movie a bit to hear what the English voices sounded like, and I picked up a lot of detail I missed from watching the movie the first time. Made me want to rewatch the whole thing again even though I'd just finished watching it.

Still following Bakuman 2, Kimi to Boku, and Hunter x Hunter 2011 (I succumbed and reread the manga up until the York Shin arc). I'm a bit behind on Working'!!. Still have to watch this week's Chihayafuru~.
I looked forward to watching this movie since I went to watch Captain America. I didn't think I'd like superhero movies this much? The movie didn't interest me before, but now it's caught my interest. ;) Anyway, I finally got around to watching Iron Man and quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to watching Iron Man 2, hopefully over the weekend!

Am also looking forward to catching up with some anime. I haven't been watching anything at all. Kind of just fell out of it. I've been trying to watch Natsume Yuujinchou San weekly, but I didn't manage to do that! When Kimi to Boku and Bakuman 2 start airing this fall though, I'm so following those as the episodes come out. Getting an anime really does make a series more popular, and gets the series more advertising too. Already, Kimi to Boku is getting more merchandise, it's been on the cover of G Fantasy quite a lot (which means I've been buying it every month...), has more color pages, etc! And I've been seeing more people talking about the series. I'm excited to see KtB get more popular because when I first got into the series, almost no one had heard about it before! It is lonely to like a series and have no one to talk about it with. [ profile] kimitoboku_fan is also getting a bit more activity now~

(This is why I will be forever sad that 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight and Noblesse might never get an anime since they're not manga from Japan, though I do love that they're not from Japan. But if they did ever get an anime, the popularity boost!! I so wish these series would become more popular in English speaking circles.)

August was quite a Kaitou Kid month (that made me gleeful, the fact that he took over Conan episodes for 4 weeks) but I've only watched the first episode that aired (and took a whole slew of screencaps). I suddenly have this urge to watch Conan from the start, though that'd be a huge undertaking. XD; The new Prince of Tennis ovas must also be super squee-worthy, but I've yet to watch them. Watching them is very high priority for me though. ;)

Today I started reading a webtoon called Pinocchio about a ghost and a girl who can see him. I am in love with the art style. ♥ Also started reading The God of High School. I sense interesting fights up ahead. Sometimes I really wish I can read Korean too... I enjoy reading things in the original language. :3

Fanfiction in Chinese?
Does anyone know of any archive sites for fanfics in Chinese? I'm starving for Legend of Sun Knight fics especially, and I know that they have pretty big followings in Taiwan. I randomly surfed around in baidu and came upon a hilarious fic about rumors regarding Earth and Sun and how Earth was spreading rumors about Sun being gay, so Sun tells his platoon to make Earth appear gay, and somehow it all ends with people believing that Earth and Sun are gay together. Now I want to write some kind of rumor fic too! I think Storm would fit such a fic well...

I did search around Yu Wo's site and saw that quite a lot of people post their fanfics for her series there. It seems to me that many people post their fics in forums. I wonder if that's the practice most follow? Long, long time ago, I used to read Chinese Yu Yu Hakusho fics whenever I ran out of YYH fics from the English fandom to read, though I've forgotten the site I frequented back then. I wonder if it's even still around. It was a YYH specific site though. :3
(To [ profile] colors_tcg members and mods, thank you for still sticking around even during LJ's outage. I've decided to take a break while LJ is being wonky (since I can't even make any comments or posts the majority of the time) and will be back to updating things when it's less difficult to do so. August release will still be happening. Hopefully by then LJ will have survived through this latest bout of DDos attacks).

I shouldn't even be trying, but let's see if this goes through. I typed up a long post (this I have saved) and then a shorter post on my tablet hoping that might work better (that I don't have saved), and neither posted. I just hope there doesn't end up being a million posts from me later if it so happens that those entries did post correctly! The short post was about whether or not I should consider haunting microblogging sites like tumblr.

While I love the blog format and am sad that we've taken to microblogging so much (and I am the type to stick to one thing to the bitter end), perhaps it's time to join the crowd. I go where the content is, and where there are friends to meet and keep in touch with. Lj still seems to be the go to place for fics though. Dreamwidth is still a fairly quiet in comparison, and I don't think people truly consider tumblr a place to post fic. Do people post fic on tumblr? I've been considering for a long time if I want to move my fic elsewhere, since this journal of mine has become quite messy with random fandom junk, but then I started this journal for it to be a fic journal (and look how that ended up). Probably if I started a fic journal, the same thing would happen again. I guess I'll wait until DW goes through with the option of importing by tags, as that will make separating my posts a lot easier. In any case, this will be my main haunt for quite some time yet unless everyone jumps ship.

First with my internet down, and then LJ down, I've been checking ffnet a lot more (goodness...), dreamwidth, and watching stuff.

Anyway, you can find me below, though very inactive for the first two. My tumblr is brand new, and I don't know what to do with it.

And now for some super long babbling about stuff I've watched and am watching.

movies: Harry Potter 7-2, Captain America, Trigun Badlands Rumble )

jdrama: Ikemen desu ne, IS otoko demo onna demo nai sei, Ouran High School Host Club )

anime: Natsume Yuujinchou San, Hanasaku Iroha )
Got myself a tablet. Tried it out by reading all of +Anima on it (that felt awesome). At first, I wasn't able to get into the series since things felt like they happened very quickly, but then I fell in love with Senri. I'm glad he had a lot of scenes! I loved his scenes so much! He's not very talkative, a bit absentminded, doesn't have his memories, can't make new memories, older than the rest but appears very young at times, is very protective, and greatly reminded me of my own OC, Rykatu, ahahahaha, but I think maybe I just like characters like that which is why I wrote such a character in the first place....

more talk about the series )

Nanaco Robin
Shoujo series by the mangaka of Lovely Complex! I haven't actually read all of Love Com, but I do own all of the manga... Nanaco Robin is a shorter series. Only 3 volumes. It has great humor just like Love Com, and I found all the characters likable. Really liked both Konatsu and Nako. Since the series is short, there wasn't any dragging going on with the relationship either. I liked that. Though I would have liked to see more too. XD;

X-Men: First Class
Went to watch this yesterday! I loved it lots! I don't actually know a thing about X-Men, but this movie was good (and I wasn't lost with it, so they sure did a good job for new viewers). I liked how things came together and how much we got to see of Charles and Erik, and boy did I like the relationship they had with each other. So much trust. <3 Charles Francis Xaxier was my favorite and I just loved how he interacted with almost everyone. Telepathic, idealistic, smart, friendly... I was probably grinning whenever he was on screen, and he was pretty much on screen most of the time. XD;

Oh look, maybe I should add a movie tag... I don't actually have one!


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