Latest manga I bought!

Dear Boys Overtime V2: I have V1 and V3 already, so this should complete my collection of Dear Boys. Never did I think the story would end up so long. XD I might be missing a volume from Season 3 though (not sure). I started collecting Dear Boys around 2003 when the anime (that was pretty badly animated, hahaha) aired. At first, I checked out the Dear Boys manga from the library (the library had all of Season 1), while I bought Season 2 as it was released. But then I went back and bought the bunkobon version of Season 1, because a collection that's missing an entire season isn't a collection! Even though I now have the entire series, I actually haven't read Season 3 yet. Season 2 was the one that had an arc that focused on Ayumi Fuse, my favorite character. I don't know if he shows up much in Season 3. XD I should finish reading the series sometime.

Oresama Teacher V24: I'm quite behind on reading this series too! Still hoping it'll get an anime~. Though, where I stopped reading, it was getting confusing with all of the new characters. I'll have to play catch up with this series too. I mean, a review on one of the fics I wrote in this fandom kind of told me that something happened in canon regarding a certain character's background. XD (I'm thankful they didn't spoil what it actually was~)

Buddy Go V8: The latest crossdressing manga I've been reading. XD It has all the usual cliches, haha. Girl crossdresses as a guy and forms a dancing unit with the guy she idolizes as a dancer.

Hattori Heiji x Tooyama Kazuha Fanbook: Whoa, a fanbook all about Heiji and Kazuha! I saw Kazuha first and was thinking that she looked a lot like Kazuha, and what do you know, it really is Kazuha. A fanbook all about her and her relationship with Heiji. Wow. (Conan is just there on the cover so we all know this is still Detective Conan, lol) I guess they're really being marketed now because of the 21st movie, The Crimson Love Letter, that focuses on them. The fanbook includes tidbits about them throughout the series, each chapter/episode they appear in, their character designs, their outfits, scenes from the movie drawn by Aoyama Gosho, and interviews. I like the interviews the best~. I read through two interviews so far, the one from Aoyama Gosho and the one from Heiji's and Kazuha's seiyuus. There's also an interview from Takayama Minami, several other seiyuus, and the director of the movie. Lots more to read. :3
Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

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Days, Akayona

Jan. 25th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Finished marathoning Days~. The beginning was a bit tiring, but the ending was quite intense. :D I started liking Kimishita near the middle of the series, and goodness was he amazing in the last few episodes. XD I quite liked a lot of the characters and just how friendly the team is with each other. Mizuki is such a funny captain and so out of it (a pure soccer idiot), Usui is scarily calm and reliable, Kimishita is just so angry yet diligent, and Kazama is a true friend. Kazama and Tsukushi, seriously. The girls were great too. Tsukushi's mom is the best. Sayuri too, though she didn't show up much. Ubukata was a great addition as well. She's tough. The rivals weren't very memorable though. And the team uniforms are all quite plain, haha.

The first years have made quite a lot of growth. I like that there's quite a batch of first years. Looking forward to what kind of team they'll make, Kurusu especially~ (they're all so inspired by Tsukushi hahaha). Will miss Mizuki though.

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 135


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Winter Anime

Currently following Yowamushi Pedal New Generation and Masamune-kun no Revenge. Yowamushi has been great! Especially with how much of the spotlight Teshima is getting at the moment. :DDDDDDDDD /swoons

Masamune-kun no Revenge has been pretty silly and seems like it'll be a pretty amusing romcom. Not sure what else to watch. Might end up marathoning some more series I haven't kept up with if there's nothing else of interest.
So, not only was there a prequel OVA, there's also an OVA by Production I.G. that adapts most of Season 1. :O A 30 minute OVA that adapts 78 chapters. :'D Well, to sum it up, it was very pretty and fast paced. Lots of stuff cut out, lots of characters all at once, but since everything's done in hindsight, M-21 and M-24 are sympathetic characters from the start and not 2 dimensional villains. XD

I hope this means that doors will be open to adapting more manhwa and webtoons to anime. :D Still, very strange to hear Noblesse in Japanese. Hearing Shinwoo get called by -chan and -kun is very weird. And Frankenstein with his "Yes, Master" in his Japanese accent made me think of Fate/Stay Night.

M-21. :DDDDD So pretty~~~

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I bought and finished reading all 9 volumes of 異願洛恩斯... /rolls around. No one to talk to with about the series. ):

Back to stuff I bought. There was finally enough sunlight for me to take pics! I've always been home too late, or it's been raining. -__-;

Human Doll Contract manhua V1 and Dominion's End V4.

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Bought myself some new novels! Yu Wo is really coming out with a lot of stuff this summer. More is being released in August. I believe what's on the schedule so far is the YanxYue book (Eclipse Hunter/No Hero), a side story for Illusions-Lies-Truth (might be about the history behind Lu Yang's sword), and the new edition of GOD V3. YanxYue will be available for buying online as well, but the set (novel + art + decorative tape) will only be sold at the CWT convention. Only the novel will be sold online.

ETA: Haha, the Illusions-Lies-Truth side story just got announced! Pretty art. *___* The short story features the bookstore owner, while the comic features naming Lu Yang's sword. Includes a short story, a short comic, a notebook, an accessory, and a bag.

No Hero V9 (end!!!), LSK new edition V5, LSK manhua V5 (end as well...). I visited the LSK manhua's editor's Facebook page to see if I could find out more about the LSK manhua and what happened to it. She said that they stopped publishing the LSK manhua because the Hong Kong publisher got bought out.

Really too bad. The teaser at the end of this volume about the next arc (V5 was published in Hong Kong much earlier, so this volume was pretty much put together before they decided to stop) is really teasing us too much.

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Also, Human Doll Contract manhua chapter 2 & 3 are now available on Tongli's ebook site. It'll be available for three months. Chapter 2 covers Xiao Xue Part 2 – Yu Shu, Xiao Xue Part 3 – Twins, and part of Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Can’t be Remembered from the novel. Chapter 3 covers Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Can’t be Remembered and part of Jiang Jiang Part 2 – Those Things that Can’t be Seen. Pacing slows down a little.


Jun. 30th, 2015 12:25 am
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LSK manhua V5 is listed as the last volume. ): (Here's the cover.)

Yu Wo also answered a question on her plurk saying that the manhua will stop here. The content finishes up V2 of the novels. That's really too bad. So many great scenes unadapted. Well, at least I got a lot of Adair with the chapters that were adapted. =x Can I hope that one day this collaboration will be restarted again? I'll also miss the LSK side stories that came with each release. We never did get a short story about Stone. D: Poor Aivis. I also want one of Roland!

Ordering LSK V4 (new edition of the novel) online comes with a poster of everyone fighting the dragon. Ordering in convenience stores comes with a cute poster of Ice and Blaze (Ice is holding a book that says "Dragon Dishes." Don't cook the dragon, Ecilan! Though I suppose that's a good use of the dragon.)

(Grisia cosplay is still in pieces on my floor, ahahaha. One day left! I don't think I'll finish... and now I'm feeling sad because this version of Grisia won't get any more new official art)
Okay, I asked Tongli, the publisher. XD; The issue of the ebook magazine that will have Human Doll Contract is the June 25th version, 龍少年 人之卷. Can't wait~. There are three ebooks for Dragon Youth Comic per month, released on the 5th, 15th, and 25th. 人之卷 is the one that comes out on the 25th. Here's the page for it.

I guess the physical magazine and the ebook versions aren't actually the same. XD;;

I also asked Cai Hong Zhong how much the manhua will cover. It will only cover the first two volumes! It's actually named Human Doll Contract (which is the title for the first two volumes), and not Illusion, Lies, Truth, the name for the entire series.
Silver Majusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with Chapter 4, Elijah's POV. :)

Cai Hong Zhong mentioned on his Facebook that you can read the Dragon Youth Comic magazine for free on Tongli's ebook website over here, for three months. I've tried it out with some of their current magazines. It seems that the magazines with Taiwan comics are region free while the magazines that publish Japanese manga (translated into Chinese) are limited to Taiwan only. I haven't seen the issue that has Human Doll Contract yet. *keeps refreshing* It seems that there are multiple issues per month... The issue with Human Doll Contract is one of the June issues, and Human Doll Contract is on the cover! The cover looks like this. House Keeper (Guan Jia) and Ziya are on the cover. Ziya enjoying his milk tea. XD

I see "Human Doll Contract" written in huge words and not Illusions, Lies, Truth on the cover. I wonder if this means only the first two volumes will be drawn (since starting from V3, it's called "In the Name of God"), or if it will just be published under Human Doll Contract?
Ilusions, Lies, Truth (Human Doll Contract) is getting a manhua!!!! And even better, it's going to be drawn by 1/2 Prince's artist, Cai Hong Zhong! This is super exciting ahhhh. Cai Hong Zhong's track record is very reassuring. He's awesome at finishing his series, and his action scenes are great. The only thing I'm worried about is that ILT is only three volumes long so far. Once the manhua catches up (I believe it will), what will happen then? Or maybe only the first 2 volumes will be adapted... Since the first two volumes is a completed story. Sort of. I wonder how he'll capture the creepy atmosphere. XDD

The manhua starts this month! It will be released chapter by chapter in the monthly manhua magazine, 龍少年 (Long Shaonian, Dragon Youth Comic), and when there are enough chapters, they'll be collected in volumes, much like the format 1/2 Prince was printed in. I can't wait~~. (manhua Charles ahhhh. But awww, Lu Yang isn't as much of a bishounen anymore, unlike the novel covers XDDD)

You can see a preview here~.
Cai Hong Zhong has more pics on his facebook!

I haven't heard much news about the Kill No More manhua after V2. I wonder if it stopped being released... The adaptation was really quick paced and confusing. D: Then again, the source it's based on (the original series itself) is confusing, so... :'D;;

The Legend of Sun Knight manhua is still on hiatus... Sadness! The drafts that Neko Kreuz had been posting looked awesome. Awaitsun, Ann, Austin... I hope we'll see you in manhua form someday.

Also, Yu Wo says that No Hero V9 will be released in July.

ETA: Nominations for [ profile] parallelsfic have opened and will end on June 15th. This is a rare fanwork exchange for Asian fandoms~. If I have time later, I'll probably nominate some of Yu Wo's works. Don't know if I'll sign up this year, considering my current dismal word count for the year. My writing and I aren't on speaking terms. :3;;
(You can see the currently nominated series.)
A belated post about all the stuff I bought in Japan. I bought... a lot. XD;;; (How did all of this fit in my luggage? Good question...)

All the Prince of Tennis stuff I bought. Really amazing how Prince of Tennis is still popular with so much merchandise. I guess the merchandise will keep the series going. Even though I'm not currently following Shin Tenipuri, I'm still buying the merchandise. :'D;; I won the huge towel from a UFO catcher. :3;; (It is now hanging on my wall.)

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SilverManjusaka updated the Chinese translation of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) with chapter 2! You can read it below.


I really need to update this fic. :'D;

Recent stuff I bought! Well, not so recent anymore, but I finally got around to taking pics~. LSK fanfic doujinshi "Second Life", Key of the Sunken Moon artbook, several Japanese manga, and LSK V3 (new version).

There's this really popular crossover fanfic between Legend of Sun Knight and Unique Legend called "Second Life." There's even fanfics of this fanfic about! I bought the first 5 volumes. They're super thick. (So so epic. I wish I could write like this). You can find the fanfic over here. The basic premise is that Grisia and all the others died and reincarnated in the Unique Legend world. The first part of the story has them finding each other, while later parts of the story incorporate more of the Unique Legend world.

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LSK v3 )

Got Yu Wo's new novel, Dominion's End today! It's Yu Wo's version of the end of the world, with a dimensional hopping, time traveling do-over of sorts for the main character.

Also got 1/2 Prince manhua v16, the last volume! Wow, the end. Cai Hong Zhong says on the inside flap, "I finally finished drawing 1/2 Prince. Seven years of my youth..." :'D (Thank you for your hard work!!!) Min Gui Wen cosplaying as his game avatar asjdfla;sjdf;af. Ming Bin's RL appearance. djf;laj; (WHAT IS THAT HAIR)

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Yu Wo plurked today that she got herself addicted to blueberries just like Sun. Somehow, the conversation turned to how Ice must be broke because of Grisia's love for blueberries, and Yu Wo answered:
Ice: I planted a field of blueberries in the corner of the Holy Temple.

(Ahhhhh that is such a cute image... Ice, why are you so cute)

Gong Hua V4 comes out on July 15. It's the last volume! At first, Gong Hua was slated for 3 volumes, but Yu Wo couldn't fit everything she wanted in 3 volumes. She thought each of the volumes would turn into 2 volumes, making it 6 volumes in all. I'm really surprised the end volume count is 4. I hope it's not a rushed ending!
Commentary/Translation of LSK Rule 20. :D

Rule 15/16 commentary
Rule 17, Rule 18, Rule 19 commentary & translation.

(Haha, and I figured out why the images weren't as clear in Rule 19. I forgot to make it grayscale... So, Rule 20 should be crisper~)

Rule 20 covers V2C10. Wow, 20 chapters for 2 novels? This is nearly 1 chapter of the manhua for every chapter of the novel then? (Though we do also have prologues and the extra chapters in the novels, so a bit less than 1 chapter of manhua for each chapter of the novel then). Still, maybe this means there will be around 80 chapters in all by the end. Maybe more, if it takes more for V8. V8, unlike the other volumes which all have 10 chapters + prologue + extra, has 12 chapters instead (+ prologue + extra). Thick volume. XD;;

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Hm, what to work on before my spring break is over... Rule 20 or the last part of 39 LSK first? Hopefully both before my spring break ends. |D;; (Maybe I'll even finally write up my reports for my conventions from last year, haha)

I'd like to update some of my fics too, OTL. Maybe it's time to take a dartboard out and see which one to work on first, pfft. I can't choose anymore. (New fics are always too shiny...) Endings are hard. Plot is hard. Writing is hard, hahaha. :'D Sometimes I really wish stories would just write themselves and then I can just read the end product... It seems I don't really write when I'm not stressed, pffft. Why, inspiration. Why do you only hit me when I'm busy? At least I was able to write the collab fic. |D;;

(Kiyutsuna is killing me with her drawings of the dress for A Slice of Wedding Cake. XDDD;)

Oh, I finished reading Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows). ;___; Always sad to see a series end, but the ending made me glad. ♥ It probably didn't make a lot of people happy, and it felt rushed, but I thought it was the most developmentally fulfilling ending there could be.

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Recently, I started reading a manga called Shishunki Bitter Change where a boy and a girl end up swapping bodies when they were in elementary. It's pretty fascinating (though I'm wary of the ending because I browsed the web version this is based off of. Hopefully the ending will be less abrupt for this version). Yuuta and Yui have to pass off as each other. One is exuberant while the other is fairly withdrawn. One has a happy family while the other has a cold one. But the driving force of this manga isn't actually Yuuta and Yui getting used to being each other... Rather it's having to grow up as each other, and missing out on things they thought they'd have been doing, having to change their dreams of the future because of the uncertainty of whether or not things will stay this way, or if they will be able to change back... Most definitely a bitter change...

Oh, and this is all over the place now, but GYAKUTEN SAIBAN SET IN THE MEIJI ERA? Bring it ooooon.
Translation of Rule 19 from the Legend of Sun Knight manhua. Scattered with my commentary! This is not a scanlation, nor is it a replacement for buying the actual manhua. I cleaned the images but not very well. =P

Rule 19 covers V2C8-V2C9 from the novel.

Rule 17 and Rule 18 translations.

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Some scenes and panels from Rule 19 and Rule 20 that I liked. :D

LMAO this is the only time Adair shows up in the chapter proper, but I'LL TAKE IT. (Adair with cat ears, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). The words say "popular." XD Storm explains that Adair is pretty popular.

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Got my LSK manhua bundle 10!

OMG, I thought the person on the manhua cover was Sun, but it's actually Roland!!!! (My mind just wasn't working, haha) So the manhua version of Roland as "Supreme Dragon Hell" actually has him with long hair. This makes a looooot of sense. Otherwise, how could Roland pass off as "Supreme Dragon" and how could Sun pass off as "Hell Knight"? I wondered about that... I'm also wondering if Roland will get a "hair cut" later on or not, or if he will retain this hair style.

I now have a poster of Lesus with a whip. 8D

I'll be scanning this over the weekend (hopefully)! At least the poster and the covers. Rule 19 and Rule 20 wrap up volume 2 of the novels. There were some beautiful panels in these two chapters. *___*

The side story included was part 2 of Knife Blade, Metal's side story. Wow, I really got to know Laica a lot better after this. Demos' and Laica's character quirks are generally played for laughs from Grisia's POV in the main story, but their back stories behind their quirks are actually quite sad.
Some new books and manhua of Yu Wo's I recently bought~. Photos with terrible lighting up ahead, like usual.

Human Doll Contract V2, GOD (new edition) V1, Kill no More manhua V2, Legend of Sun Knight (new edition) V2, 1/2 Prince manhua V15, 1/2 Prince artbook V2.

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Oh, 1/2 Prince manhua volume 15 has been out. Cover features the kids. :3;; *adds to cart* My shipment is getting larger... I'm hoping the 10th LSK manhua bundle will be added to Kingstone or soon so I can purchase it in the same shipment. Only one volume of the 1/2 Prince manhua left! These last two volumes (v15 and v16) detail the sequel of 1/2 Prince, I believe. (Yessss, Kenshin POV please. With a large helping of Fox. *nods*)

I've been quite confused about who was on the cover of volume 14. The blog entry says they're Zhuo Ling Bin and Feng Yang Ming. XD I was totally wrong...

I have around half of the next chapter of Invincible written... I might rewrite it... Hopefully an update will happen soon. Really depends on if I end up scrapping the chapter or not, haha...

*Sigh* I'm sick again... Was only well for what, a week? Two weeks? 2014 is not turning out very well. The stress is getting to me. Have not been sleeping enough.


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