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May. 25th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Fanime is here~. Badge pick up was beautiful. Walked in and walked out. It was so quick that I didn't even get a good look at what the registration area looked like. There were several scanning stations for us to scan our QR codes, and then our badges were printed out to the side. Done. I hope it's like this next year too!

I swung by Swap Meet after that and found bought stuff~. Never thought I'd see the Hikaru no Go PS Heian game. I watched a play through of that many years ago. It's an amusing game. XD Also got myself clearfiles of Kimi to Boku (I'm loving the one with the twins and Kaname all with glasses) and Seiyuu Ka, a poster of Sai from Naruto, a Gyakuten Saiban fanbook with CD, and a Gyakuten Saiban postcard book. Never thought I'd see something of Seiyuu Ka around.

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A belated post about all the stuff I bought in Japan. I bought... a lot. XD;;; (How did all of this fit in my luggage? Good question...)

All the Prince of Tennis stuff I bought. Really amazing how Prince of Tennis is still popular with so much merchandise. I guess the merchandise will keep the series going. Even though I'm not currently following Shin Tenipuri, I'm still buying the merchandise. :'D;; I won the huge towel from a UFO catcher. :3;; (It is now hanging on my wall.)

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Apparently, today was a day of updating translations for me. ;) Finally posted the monthly update post over at Prince Revolution and LSK V6C8 (Boy, do I love the chapter title and where the title comes from in the chapter~). I also finished QC for Kimi to Boku V7C29 for Chocobanana Scanlations. It involved a lot of re-cleaning of scans... Some of the pages were too blurry, or the gutter was still visible. I almost gave up. :'D

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Welp, there goes my one day vacation. :'D

I really wanted to scanlate Kill No More, but it looks like it has been picked up by EasyGoingScans! Ahhhh, both the novel and the manhua now have takers. Well, probably a good thing, and they're in good hands. (Even though I moped around for quite some time after I found out, and my motivation for my current translations really plummeted, whoops...) Less work for me, haha... but now I don't know what to do with my two copies of volume 1. (Thankfully, I haven't damaged my extra copy to scan it yet.) I can just play in the writing side instead of the translation side then, as I would like to write a KNM fic or two sometime. Maybe. XD;; Truthfully, the reason I joined PR was for fic purposes because I really wanted more people to know later events so I could have more content to work with. :'D (It has also helped me with characterization and detail. Never have I studied a series as closely as I have LSK, haha. Side benefit from having to read chapters at least 3~4 times and pouring over every single sentence.)

But yeah, go read Kill No More. :D Liola is amaaaaazing, and the plot is crazy. XD I need to reread it, as I don't nearly know it as well as LSK.

Review Responses
Some review responses for anon/non-signed in reviews for Long Live the Sun Knight! I'm not too sure if these will be seen, but from what people have been saying, many people seem to check both here and also at ffnet!

Aria: I'm so, so tempted to write more of this verse, but... probably not a smart idea! Too many projects going on already, so best to leave this "complete." But, if this were to continue, it'd be a series of Grisia visiting dream!Lesus each night, not understanding why it's happening, and it doesn't stop until Grisia helps dream!Lesus connect with the rest. We'd see more of Judgment!Roland and how he turned out, and the fic would probably end with Grisia managing to get Lesus, Roland, and Ceo to bond over hair-dyeing in the Judge's Complex. XD; Along the way, we'd see the "good, warm-hearted" faction's response to their Grisia's death, and their reaction to having Lesus become their Sun Knight instead of Grisia. Well damn, now I'm even more tempted to write this. -____-;
someone: Well, there's always the other two candidates! Especially the third candidate!
Feng: What, short? XD; I thought it was quite long for such a weird idea... XD;;; I was aiming for 1k or so, but it turned out to be more than 3k, and I had to wrestle it into a oneshot. Haha, thanks for speaking up! It's always great to hear from people who have been following my works and/or my blog! Talking with me is probably the best way to get me writing because it makes me excited, and when I'm excited, I'm more motivated, aaand the ideas come more easily. XD;; Oh gosh, you're right. With Lesus as the leader of the Holy Temple, it must be sparkling clean! Ceo would have less paperwork... But if he never learned how to wink... Oh dear. And now you've made me want to explore all this, ahhhhh.

November stuff

Dec. 1st, 2013 12:17 am
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Congratulations, [ profile] absolutehymn007, [personal profile] darkicedragon, [ profile] slashed_dream, [ profile] nitaspitas, [ profile] seta_suzume, [ profile] yoshikochan, [ profile] oriaon, and [ profile] flonnebonne (did I miss anyone?? so many of you finished ♥) for surviving through November and reaching over 50k! Amazing!! *____* And for everyone who attempted NaNo, give yourself a pat on the back. ;) I am just super impressed. ^____^

November really went by in a flash for me. I haven't gotten much writing done. I was quite late with translations this month too (I finally managed to plow through all of PR's chapters for the month last weekend, phew). I also released two chapters of Kimi to Boku over at Chocobanana Scanlations this month, but things are still going at quite a slow pace. Hopefully it'll be picking up now that I've roped someone else into being our task manager. ;) (I am really no good at keeping track of more than one translation group, haha...)

On the game front, I finished Ace Attorney 5! (But not the DLC case yet). I'll blab more about the game after I finish the DLC. :3;; But for now, my thoughts are mostly that it felt really short! I also already knew who the main culprit was going to be (spoiled myself with the artbook), so that took a little of the excitement out of the last case. ^^;; Blackquill really grew on me. I ended up liking him quite a lot. So far, the DLC case has been fun, but I wish I could've played it before Case 4. It would've made more sense chronologically.

On the movie front, I watched Catching Fire and Frozen this month. Both made me cry. Yeah, both of them. T___T Read more... )

On the writing front, I don't think I'm going to get any writing done for my WIPs until I exorcise this plunny I have for the Pope (LSK, yet again). So, yeah. Hopefully I can actually finish writing this "oneshot" (please let it stay a nice, short, oneshot) about the Pope's younger years. It'll be named Fifteen Going on Sixty. Or maybe... Sixty Going on Fifteen... I haven't decided the order yet. XD Or maybe I'll just mush it together and say, "Fifteen Going on Sixty Going on Fifteen." XD;; That'll solve my naming problems...
A ridiculous number of lists for [community profile] no_true_pair. I'm hoping something bites! :3 Posting starts October 1. I didn't manage anything for the previous round. ):

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Hm, my paid LJ account is expiring soon. I should change my layout before that. I wonder what my fics will look like after this... should look cleaner and easier on the eyes, actually! Since my current layout makes the bold font hard to see. x___x But the h1 and hr tags will look quite ugly. I'd just started using them in my fics too, darn.
Four things! :D

♥ Looks like author names have now been revealed! Here's the fic I wrote. I hesitated over offering Kuroko no Basket, and of course that was the fandom I matched on. XD; Will be posting this here too!

Ten minutes is all I ask for (3901 words) by faviconlucathia
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
Relationships: Aida Riko/Hyuuga Junpei, Aida Riko/Kiyoshi Teppei
Summary: Riko's life isn't a basketball match, but sometimes it might as well be one.

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♥ The author of my giftfic You and I, are alike but different and was [ profile] qem_chibati like I had thought. XD; You had me guessing for a bit! Sneaky, sneaky Qem! Thank you for the fic. I wish I could snuggle with it. ♥

♥ Bwahaha, I managed to identify all of [personal profile] darkicedragon's fics! I was pretty sure after reading the fics. XD

♥ Some recs! \o/

Liability (2519 words) by faviconKantayra
Fandom: Nabari no Ou
Relationships: Meguro Gau/Shimizu Raikou
Summary: In the world of Nabari, Gau was a liability. Fortunately, that was exactly what Raikou needed.

See With my Own Eyes (5769 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: +Anima
Characters: Cooro, Blanca (+Anima)
Summary: Blanca had been inside the still room for so long, where there had been nothing but darkness until Aaron, and eventually Fly, had come, and it used to be enough. But it wasn’t now, not when she knew it was just a part of what was outside the room, what she could possibly see for herself.

Aftermath (1180 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: +Anima
Characters: Nana (+Anima), Husky (Myrrha), Cooro
Summary: Nana wants to see Cooro’s smile again.

Habit (2768 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: Yoroshiku Master
Characters: Rihito (Yoroshiku Master), Tateyama Daisuke, Sagara Kurumi, Kaito (Yoroshiku Master)
Summary: At a young age, Rihito knew what he had to do to avoid meeting his santa.

Allegro ma non troppo (2550 words) by faviconGramarye
Fandom: Eve no Jikan | Time of Eve
Characters: Sakisaka Rikuo, Sammy (Eve no Jikan), Chie (Eve no Jikan)
Summary: Even if Rikuo still can't fully bring himself to enjoy playing the piano as he once did, there's nothing to stop him from showing someone else how to find enjoyment in playing. (It helps to start at the very beginning.)

Secondary Qualities (1680 words) by faviconjan
Fandom: Eve no Jikan
Characters: Sakisaka Rikuo, Nagi (Eve no Jikan), Sammy (Eve no Jikan), Masaki Masakazu
Parallelsfic works are live! Over here! There are fic, art, and videos involved!

I received a really cute fic about the twins. lakdjsfa;s I love, love, love twins and siblings in fiction. :D

You and I, are alike but different (1115 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Kimi to Boku | You and I
Characters: Asaba Yuuki, Asaba Yuuta
Summary: When you are twins, everyone comments when you are alike and when you are different.

I've requested Kimi to Boku before in Yuletide. Now that this request of mine has been fulfilled during Parallels, I'll probably keep on trying with my other fandoms. :)

I have one fic in the collection. /o\ A week ago, I liked my fic. A few days ago, I didn't. My opinion on it keeps going back and forth. I just hope it's not too disappointing. I was editing all the way up until fics went live. Finally closed my document when fics went live, haha... It actually felt good to finally be able to stop. Now I can finally attend to other stuff! Since, there's nothing more I can do about this fic. :'D

No True Pair sign ups started just in time. :D Coming up with lists of characters for this will be fun~. I didn't manage to write anything for the previous round, but Invincible was inspired by some of the matches I got. Hope I can at least write something this time!
(This is my letter for [ profile] parallelsfic, a rare Asian fandom exchange. Sign-ups close on 6/29 if anyone still wants to join!)

Dear Parallelsfic Writer,

I hope you will find the following letter helpful! I've requested fic for all of the following and have detailed a little about my general likes regarding fic. In case you (or anyone else) would like to be adventurous, I've provided short blurbs about each of the series as well.

Optional details are optional, however, so take what you will from this letter~. Thank you for writing for me! :)

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Finished watching season 2! Ending was awesome! Very touching moment at the end. Great place to stop. I've only just realized that Shizuka Ryu was completely skipped. Makes sense, since he doesn't impact the story much. I wonder if Shiratori's story will be animated? I'm thinking probably, since it throws a wrench into Saiko and Shujin's partnership. Nanamine spotted at the end! Totally looks like a bad guy. XD;

Oh gosh, this series. <33333 Episode 24 didn't feel like it was leading to an ending at all, so I wondered how it would be possible to wrap things up in Episode 25. I dearly hoped we wouldn't get an abrupt ending. The ending was pretty good and made things feel like they've come full circle with how we're starting a new school year. All the characters continue working toward their goals. I really feel like we've only caught a glimpse of their journey. There's still so much more, so I hope one day there will be a season 2 where we can visit these characters again. Especially Taichi. XD;

New Prince of Tennis
13 episodes was seriously too short. Also, all the good matches were cut!! I've heard that they'll be included as specials... but narrative-wise, it would have made much more sense to have them done when they were supposed to happen. Less disappointment too. This series had a ridiculous amount of still screens, but what can you do when there are so many characters... I wished characters on screen were at least all voiced... I thought hitting the shots in the forest was silly. It made no sense to me for tennis balls to come at them while they're running like that. It would take some timing for their opponents to be able to hit balls to them like that! I was hoping the series would expand on scenes, but instead it cut scenes out... the only expanded scene I really liked a lot was the ina-bauer one. Still... I'm hoping we'll get another season some day!

SKET Dance
...has not ended! \o/ Yay yay! Another year of SKET Dance! But episode 51 seriously felt like an ending episode, and if that had been the last episode, it would have felt perfect (which I think was probably the original plan when SKET Dance was slated for 51 episodes). This episode was all about Tsubaki. <333 He and Bossun write that ridiculous poster together. I can't stop laughing about it. And then, it was the "nice to meet you" part. My teeeaaars. Finally, the first opening came on, with scenes from the entire series in the background. Totally felt like the very end. Good thing it's not. XD I look forward to what the new opening will be~

Hunter x Hunter and Area no Kishi are still ongoing. Those will be the only two ongoing series from previous seasons I'm following now! I fell behind with Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Poyopoyo, and Recorder to Randoseru (how did I manage to fall behind with a 3 minute per episode series...).

New season, I'm definitely following Kimi to Boku season 2, Kuroko no Basuke (sports anime! \o/ I've read a good chunk of the manga, Kuroko is unique~) and will probably follow Eureka Seven AO (no clue if it's an actual sequel or not of E7). Don't know what else I might check out and attempt to follow. Ooooh, but KENN is voicing one of the brothers in Uchuu Kyoudai (the premise sounds interesting too, two brothers wanting to become astronauts) so I might check that out. Other series I might check out: Hiiro no Kakera (I like otome games and reverse harems), Accel World (virtual worlds!), Ginga e Kickoff (sports anime!)... and then I have no idea what else. :3;;
Prompts for [community profile] no_true_pair are up! To play, you toss in lists of eight characters. They get matched up in random prompts. Here's what I got out of my lists. (I tossed in a bunch. XD;;; )

Going to italicize the ones I'm thinking about writing. Though I might end up writing different stuff, or not writing as many as I highlight. XD

Legend of Sun Knight list )

Legend of Sun Knight x Half Prince list )

Half Prince list )

Noblesse list )

Prince of Tennis list )

Oresama Teacher list )

Bakuman list )

Kimi to Boku list )

Original list )

Colors Universe list )

Posting starts on March 1. I hope to at least write a few of these~.
Only Natsume s4 has started so far, but I plan on checking these out this season~

-Natsume Yuujinchou season 4 - 4 seasons! That's amazing. (I keep hoping some of these other series I followed will magically receive further anime adaptions, though it's so rare that it happens...). I've followed Natsume for 3 seasons already and loved it. No reason I wouldn't watch this. ;)

-New Prince of Tennis - Prince of Tennis is starting again! :DDDDD Aiba Hiroki is voicing Irie Kanata. The Shin Tenipuri manga is even more ridiculous than its predecessor... so I'm looking forward to how that'll get adapted, haha... I'm hoping that the matches will be more developed (and slowed down a bit) as they were kind of glossed over in the manga. And yay for more Tenipuri music~, because there is so going to be tons of new songs released because of this. I'm also going to be stalking the seiyuu because I see they're already talking about Tenipuri again. :)

-Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou / The Daily Lives of High School Boys - I watched the PV released before the season started and thought it was pretty hilarious. I think this will be good for lifting my mood. XD;

-Recorder to Randoseru - Another comedy/gag show. I don't know much about this, but apparently the brother is 11 and the sister is 17, but they do not look like their ages at all (the brother looks much older and the sister looks super young). Probably a lot of age-related mishaps and misunderstandings will result from this, which could turn out pretty amusing!

-Area no Kishi - OMG OMG Area no Kishi, I did not see an adaptation coming (I'm so many volumes behind on the manga... maybe I should start collecting it again), but oh gosh, this will be good if the anime follows the manga in any way! It's a very dramatic soccer series, with a punch to the gut in the very beginning of the series, though I don't know if the twist will be included in the first episode or not. If I remember correctly, it happens near the end of volume 1 (or was it volume 2...). But it completely knocked the wind out of me. This is no ordinary soccer series! (When I was reading it, I was enjoying the cute bond between brothers "let's play soccer together! :D" and then BAM. OMG.)

Zero no Tsukaima is getting a fourth (and final) season, but I'm so behind with it (I don't think I finished watching season 1). I did like Louise and Saito and the premise of a normal guy getting pulled into a fantasy world as a familiar, so I think I'll be catching up one day~

From last season, I only finished watching Kimi to Boku. Bakuman s2, Hunter x Hunter, and Chihayafuru are all still ongoing. I fell behind with Working s2 and only watched the beginning of UN-GO as well. Gotta catch up with both! Sad that they're both short.

If anyone has any recs, let me know. :D
Last day of the year! I finally got around to reading some Yuletide stories that weren't gifts for me yesterday. Or well, this morning. I pretty much opened all of the fandoms I even passingly knew, but there were a lot that I'm not familiar enough with to appreciate fully. I had to stop halfway though. Saved everything else for later, though I was hoping to leave comments and kudos before reveals (feels more... special to me? and I remember I never did go back after reveals last time...).

This Kimi to Boku fic absolutely broke my heart. It is a thing of beauty, and the characterization is so much love. My heart goes out to Yuuta.

not where it starts, but where it ends (3510 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Kimi to Boku | You and I
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Asaba Yuuta, Asaba Yuuki, Tsukahara Kaname
Summary: Even twins grow apart.

I've yet to answer most of the Advent Calendar posts over at [ profile] colors_tcg. Gotta do that before the year ends!

Utena Marathon
I had a holiday marathon of Utena with [ profile] gem2niki. Finally watched this classic. :) I expected it to be mind-breaking, but it was not as mind-breaking as I was expecting, though there were parts I didn't understand, and whoa, themes galore. Sometimes I felt the show was cryptic just for the sake of being cryptic, and some parts were truly repetitive (yet I did look forward to the repetitiveness of the duel openings and the elevator scenes because they offered familiarity to me, and the duel of the week set-up does appeal to the part of me that appreciates battle and sports manga, which also have similar set-ups to have fights happening. The repetitiveness also allowed us to fast-forward through those parts, haha, otherwise the marathon would have taken even longer). I came out of the show with "zettai unmei mokushiroku" stuck in my head. And gosh, just how many times did people get slapped in this show? (I also had moments when I finally understood the naming behind decks submitted for [ profile] colors_tcg. Truly fitting names like cowbell for Nanami and onion for Wakaba, hehe). I couldn't help but hear Hikaru in Utena's voice, though I guess it was probably the opposite for others.

more babbling on the show )
Oh dear. I think I'm doing worse than last year! I started 5 days late last year and was 8000 words or so behind because of that, so I tried my hardest to catch up every single day by writing at least 1,667 words a day and almost always more than that to shrink the gap. This year though, even though I haven't missed 5 days in a row, I haven't pushed myself to write 1,667 words a day either since I don't feel as pressured. Yet now... *watches the par line grow farther and farther away* It's not a good sign when the gap is slowly and steadily growing... and my calendar is littered with yellow boxes!

Story-wise, I find this year's a little harder to write because there's actually more of a plot that I'm trying to make work while I just rambled with whatever came to mind last year (making it so that even though I reached 50k last year, the story didn't really go anywhere, and nothing concluded in 50k...). I was so happy when one of the characters started saying stuff that I can so use later on. I poked at the epilogue for this year's NaNo a bit more yesterday too. The epilogue kind of makes me gleeful. I wonder if it counts as a cliffhanger, haha... Now, if only I could write all the in-between stuff and get around to the epilogue! (But watch, I end up writing stuff that contradicts the epilogue...)

I kind of realized that so far, there hasn't been a lot of fantastical elements in this story... it sure doesn't read like a fantasy story this year, even though this should also be counted as fantasy in addition to being young adult. o____o;;

Non Nano-related stuff
-new layout! OMG! After how many years? Five? I nuked my old layout since it wasn't working correctly anymore for some reason. I've been tweaking this layout for quite a bit, thought I wouldn't change my layout after all, but then decided to switch because the old layout stopped working. This one can still use some tweaking. I feel the font is too light for me, especially the bold. I can stare at the Twelve Holy Knights all day though. |D If anything doesn't display correctly for anyone, let me know! I've only used my own browser and computer to view this...

-[ profile] yuletide nominations have closed! I can't wait until sign-ups open~. *refreshes the community* There are at least 5 fandoms nominated by other people that I'm interested in requesting myself. So hard to decide which one to pick from those as my fourth fandom! Maybe I need to resort to tossing the names in a hat. Or maybe I should choose two out of those five fandoms and drop one of the fandoms I nominated myself... /indecisive

-I tagged two of my fics on AO3 yesterday with Legend of Sun Knight - Yu Wo and 1/2 Prince - Yu Wo since I feel these two series should also show up in the books & literature section of AO3, especially since the light novels are the main (and more detailed) source while the manhua versions are based on that source. My LSK fics are also largely based on the novels instead of the manhua since the manhua isn't very far yet. I see that both fandoms now also show up in the books & literature section. This makes me happy! (perhaps I should've just contacted support about this to clarify that LSK and 1/2P are both novels as well as manhua)

-bought Prince of Tennis Kanzenban s2 v8 (Marui & Jackal on the cover, Momo & Kaidou on the inside flap, Marui inside, more Marui [private clothes], and preciouuuus Yanagi and Inui age 10, followed by Kaidou age 3, and Ryoma age 0. [with Nanjirou next to him] Still waiting for my store to stock v9 which features Yagyuu and Niou!!). Also bought GFantasy Nov (Kimi to Boku on the cover! KtB pencil and poster!), Magic Kaito Treasured Edition v2, PairPuri v10 (last volume!), Dear Boys v8, and Seiyuu Ka-! v7. I considered nominating Seiyuu Ka-! for Yuletide, but decided not to since scanlations aren't as far as what I'd like to request.
[ profile] yuletide nominations are up! If any fic writers & readers out there have obscure fandoms that are near and dear to your heart, I encourage you to go out and nominate them. :3

I'm hoping someone will nominate Kimi to Boku. *keeps fingers crossed* I don't plan on requesting it, which is why I haven't nominated it, but I'm hoping a few people will want to request it this year, given the anime and all!

Mm, and back to NaNo talk. My progress is quite dismal (because I seem to want to bury myself in Loki fic instead of writing...I've also watched the beginning of Thor: Tales of Asgard because eeee Loki! Seriously, I'm Loki crazed at the moment).

The second main character in my novel has finally introduced herself though! It sure took her long enough... and now, instead of focusing on the present... I'm going to skip to writing the epilogue. Yeah. I'll figure out what happens in between later. Epilogue's easier to write. XD;
Death Note
I was following the Death Note anime when it was airing but stopped somewhere near the middle (as I often do with anime). I'd read the manga, so it wasn't like I didn't know what was going to happen. Felt a sudden whim to watch the series last week... after reading Code Geass fic (my mind works in strange ways, but I think I was wanting for more of tragic villian? anti-hero? heroic sociopath? anti-villain? type...). Ended up marathoning the show. (Could. Not. Stop) I'd forgotten a lot of things but was reminded of how much I liked Matsuda, and I still feel his part in the story was clever. Wish I could write like that (because his actions were silly yet somehow those actions became important). I was reminded of what Saiko and Shujin tried to do in Bakuman (rereading their previous chapters and finding bits they could use as foreshadowing). Makes me wonder how much was planned beforehand and how much wasn't!

I quite liked Near as a character in the manga, so I looked forward to seeing him in the anime. It was strange hearing his voice though. It's very... monotone? Didn't know it was Hidaka Noriko who voiced him (seiyuu for Tendou Akane and Seta Soujiro). She didn't sound monotone in those roles. |D;;

(And then after I finished watching the anime, I went off to read fic about Loki from the movie Thor. Because I just seem to be in the mood for anti villains...why don't I have such a character in my own writing, hm...)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Watched this with friends over the weekend. I remember being recced this when I was looking for post apocalypse fiction. I felt the movie didn't get very far yet... felt like it was just setting a stage. We did learn some things, but it's not like things are going to be magically okay now. Which means, I came out feeling like I should read the manga.

Summer Wars
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I loved the family dynamic of this and how a lot of the characters played a part. We replayed the movie a bit to hear what the English voices sounded like, and I picked up a lot of detail I missed from watching the movie the first time. Made me want to rewatch the whole thing again even though I'd just finished watching it.

Still following Bakuman 2, Kimi to Boku, and Hunter x Hunter 2011 (I succumbed and reread the manga up until the York Shin arc). I'm a bit behind on Working'!!. Still have to watch this week's Chihayafuru~.
Bought Kimi to Boku v10, Kimi to Boku After School Fanbook, Prince of Tennis Kanzenban season 2 volume 7, PairPuri volume 9, Akatsuki no Yona v6, GFantasy October, and Animedia Oct today.

Kimi to Boku! \o/ So much Kimi to Boku! The fanbook is awesome. It has 60 pages or so of Hotta Kiichi's watercolor illustrations. I already collected a lot of it from various monthly magazines, but it's so much more convenient having them all in one place (now I can finally consider getting rid of all those phonebooks, gosh). It has profiles for the main characters, some sketch galleries, two interviews with Hotta Kiichi, three short manga specials (I think at least one of them was included in GFantasy), and the scripts for two of the original drama CDs I always hoped to have the Shirayuta one translated. It'll be so much easier to do now that there's a script! I was having trouble translating by ear (but I wonder if this will be animated in the anime. If it will be, then maybe I should just leave it).

Bought Animedia Oct since it included a small pamphlet featuring Kimi to Boku. There's some anime info in it, with an interview with the seiyuu for the twins, and there's a short 4-koma manga featuring Matsushita.

Prince of Tennis Kanzenban season 2 volume 7 features Akaya on the cover, with Ryoma on the inside. A lot of times, the cover has a part that's cut out and uses the picture behind it as part of the cover. This time... Akaya and Ryoma share eyes. XD; And then when you pull the manga out from the slip-on discover that both Akaya and Ryoma's eyes actually come from... Jackal's buttons. LOL. The 3 page manga at the end this time is of Shitenhouji appointing Shiraishi as the captain.

Bittersweet Sweetness has now reached over 20k! Except Part 14 hasn't actually advanced much (I was already very close to 20k before Part 14). I've been updating the story over at ffnet biweekly... but it looks like I won't be able to do that this week. ): Ah, but I started another LSK fic... OTL. And went back to poke at Entries 4 (seriously, it's been four months since I wrote the start of Entries 4...)

Fall Anime!

Oct. 9th, 2011 01:47 am
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Stuff I'm watching this season~. (Hope I don't fall behind, haha...) Planning to watch Kimi to Boku, Bakuman season 2, Chihayafuru, Working!! season 2, and Hunter x Hunter. Except for Hunter x Hunter, all the other series can be said to be slice-of-life series. That says a lot about what I like, huh?

Kimi to Boku

I've been following the manga and got into it in 2008. It was pretty much unknown back then, and I couldn't even find the manga in my bookstore! Back then, KtB was being serialized in GanGan Powered, a bimonthly magazine, and wasn't very well known. It got a bit more recognition after the serialization moved to GFantasy, but it still got very few color pages and furoku. When the anime got announced, GFantasy started advertising the series a lot, and now KtB is on consecutive covers of the magazine, getting furoku almost every month, and lots of people are talking about the series. Ahh, what anime does for the popularity of manga... well, I'm happy, since this means I'll get more merchandise of KtB when merchandise was pretty much non-existent before this!

[ profile] kimitoboku_fan -> KtB community if anyone's interested~. Haha, there was 0 members for the longest time, but now it's grown to a reasonable size.

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No True Pair

Sep. 11th, 2011 03:25 am
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Listing out all my possible prompts for [community profile] no_true_pair and narrowing them down later. :3 This will be fun! Some match-ups are more plausible than others while some are just crack. XD; My comments are in parentheses. Posting starts October. I hope my muse will give me some short oneshots. Not sure if I'll actually get anything written, but I gave each one some passing thought. Was fun just to think about the prompts even if I don't end up writing them.

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1/2 Prince List )

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I looked forward to watching this movie since I went to watch Captain America. I didn't think I'd like superhero movies this much? The movie didn't interest me before, but now it's caught my interest. ;) Anyway, I finally got around to watching Iron Man and quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to watching Iron Man 2, hopefully over the weekend!

Am also looking forward to catching up with some anime. I haven't been watching anything at all. Kind of just fell out of it. I've been trying to watch Natsume Yuujinchou San weekly, but I didn't manage to do that! When Kimi to Boku and Bakuman 2 start airing this fall though, I'm so following those as the episodes come out. Getting an anime really does make a series more popular, and gets the series more advertising too. Already, Kimi to Boku is getting more merchandise, it's been on the cover of G Fantasy quite a lot (which means I've been buying it every month...), has more color pages, etc! And I've been seeing more people talking about the series. I'm excited to see KtB get more popular because when I first got into the series, almost no one had heard about it before! It is lonely to like a series and have no one to talk about it with. [ profile] kimitoboku_fan is also getting a bit more activity now~

(This is why I will be forever sad that 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight and Noblesse might never get an anime since they're not manga from Japan, though I do love that they're not from Japan. But if they did ever get an anime, the popularity boost!! I so wish these series would become more popular in English speaking circles.)

August was quite a Kaitou Kid month (that made me gleeful, the fact that he took over Conan episodes for 4 weeks) but I've only watched the first episode that aired (and took a whole slew of screencaps). I suddenly have this urge to watch Conan from the start, though that'd be a huge undertaking. XD; The new Prince of Tennis ovas must also be super squee-worthy, but I've yet to watch them. Watching them is very high priority for me though. ;)

Today I started reading a webtoon called Pinocchio about a ghost and a girl who can see him. I am in love with the art style. ♥ Also started reading The God of High School. I sense interesting fights up ahead. Sometimes I really wish I can read Korean too... I enjoy reading things in the original language. :3

Fanfiction in Chinese?
Does anyone know of any archive sites for fanfics in Chinese? I'm starving for Legend of Sun Knight fics especially, and I know that they have pretty big followings in Taiwan. I randomly surfed around in baidu and came upon a hilarious fic about rumors regarding Earth and Sun and how Earth was spreading rumors about Sun being gay, so Sun tells his platoon to make Earth appear gay, and somehow it all ends with people believing that Earth and Sun are gay together. Now I want to write some kind of rumor fic too! I think Storm would fit such a fic well...

I did search around Yu Wo's site and saw that quite a lot of people post their fanfics for her series there. It seems to me that many people post their fics in forums. I wonder if that's the practice most follow? Long, long time ago, I used to read Chinese Yu Yu Hakusho fics whenever I ran out of YYH fics from the English fandom to read, though I've forgotten the site I frequented back then. I wonder if it's even still around. It was a YYH specific site though. :3


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