Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

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Human Doll Contract and Kill No More stuff )

LSK stuff )

GOD stuff )

misc )
Pic heavy post~. First up is merchandise that I recently bought, and then scans of them and of previous stuff I hadn't scanned.

Possible spoilers for LSK v7/v8 and 39 LSK.

I bought a lot of stuff. :'D Close ups inside~. I also bought some stuff of Kill No More, No Hero, and 1/2 Prince, but there wasn't a lot available, unlike LSK.

stuff I bought )

LSK scans )

GOD scans )

Human Doll Contract scans )

Kill No More scans )

No Hero scans )

Half Prince scans )

I also scanned LSK Rule 19 and Rule 20 of the manhua. I'll be cleaning that up sometime this week and hopefully tossing up my thoughts about it here~. Hopefully...

Spoilers for Kill No More? (I'm not sure how far translations are.)

Just read Liola's side story that was bundled with manhua V2. (The side story is the one on the right) The name of the story is SuiYin, which is the name of the weapon Gele (Gle) gives Liola. Broken Silver/Fragmented Silver/however you want to translate it. The story details events just as Gle is about to throw Liola to the wolves at age 10. Gle takes away Liola's weapon and makes Liola fend for himself without a weapon. (Yasha was jealous that Gle gave Liola the weapon, so she whined and made Gle take it away. She suggests giving it back after Liola "earns" it by accomplishing his mission. Except, Yasha thought it was just a simple mission. Not going up against a few dozen wolves).

Gle....!!!! OTL

From Kill No More, I always came away with the feeling that Gle is like an out of control Neo with no Chasel to reprimand him. See, Neo, this is how you would have turned out if you didn't have a trustworthy Judgment Knight taking care of you! If Chasel rolls his eyes at eight out of ten of Neo's teaching methods and angrily reprimands Neo for the ninth one, calling it maltreatment, then... Well, I think Gle's teaching methods would probably all count as maltreatment. Then again, he is the leader of an assassination organization. Compared to Gle, Neo is actually quite mild... Grisia, you really lucked out! Mizerui too. A bored Gle is one you definitely want to avoid...

I was quite amused at how many times Gle kept thinking that Yin Yue (Silver Moon/Liola) might be a demon or a heavenly being because of how strong he is at such a young age, and how he might be bringing doom to the world (and himself) from training Yin Yue. Hey Gle, you're the one who brought up such a child! It really breaks my heart, because all throughout the side story, Yin Yue just wants to get closer to Gle and will do pretty much anything to gain his approval. D: Imprinting, I say... Anyway, we get a lot of focus on Yin Yue's ethereal pale skin and silver eyes, hahahaha.

Liola needs a nice long talk with Grisia about their teachers, seriously.

(It seems that we'll be getting a short story with each volume of the manhua. <3333 So, we'll probably see more of young!Liola, kind of like seeing the 38th gen Twelve Holy Knights in training, huh? The side stories for LSK also focus on their training days.)
Some new books and manhua of Yu Wo's I recently bought~. Photos with terrible lighting up ahead, like usual.

Human Doll Contract V2, GOD (new edition) V1, Kill no More manhua V2, Legend of Sun Knight (new edition) V2, 1/2 Prince manhua V15, 1/2 Prince artbook V2.

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Apparently, today was a day of updating translations for me. ;) Finally posted the monthly update post over at Prince Revolution and LSK V6C8 (Boy, do I love the chapter title and where the title comes from in the chapter~). I also finished QC for Kimi to Boku V7C29 for Chocobanana Scanlations. It involved a lot of re-cleaning of scans... Some of the pages were too blurry, or the gutter was still visible. I almost gave up. :'D

Read more... )

Welp, there goes my one day vacation. :'D

I really wanted to scanlate Kill No More, but it looks like it has been picked up by EasyGoingScans! Ahhhh, both the novel and the manhua now have takers. Well, probably a good thing, and they're in good hands. (Even though I moped around for quite some time after I found out, and my motivation for my current translations really plummeted, whoops...) Less work for me, haha... but now I don't know what to do with my two copies of volume 1. (Thankfully, I haven't damaged my extra copy to scan it yet.) I can just play in the writing side instead of the translation side then, as I would like to write a KNM fic or two sometime. Maybe. XD;; Truthfully, the reason I joined PR was for fic purposes because I really wanted more people to know later events so I could have more content to work with. :'D (It has also helped me with characterization and detail. Never have I studied a series as closely as I have LSK, haha. Side benefit from having to read chapters at least 3~4 times and pouring over every single sentence.)

But yeah, go read Kill No More. :D Liola is amaaaaazing, and the plot is crazy. XD I need to reread it, as I don't nearly know it as well as LSK.

Review Responses
Some review responses for anon/non-signed in reviews for Long Live the Sun Knight! I'm not too sure if these will be seen, but from what people have been saying, many people seem to check both here and also at ffnet!

Aria: I'm so, so tempted to write more of this verse, but... probably not a smart idea! Too many projects going on already, so best to leave this "complete." But, if this were to continue, it'd be a series of Grisia visiting dream!Lesus each night, not understanding why it's happening, and it doesn't stop until Grisia helps dream!Lesus connect with the rest. We'd see more of Judgment!Roland and how he turned out, and the fic would probably end with Grisia managing to get Lesus, Roland, and Ceo to bond over hair-dyeing in the Judge's Complex. XD; Along the way, we'd see the "good, warm-hearted" faction's response to their Grisia's death, and their reaction to having Lesus become their Sun Knight instead of Grisia. Well damn, now I'm even more tempted to write this. -____-;
someone: Well, there's always the other two candidates! Especially the third candidate!
Feng: What, short? XD; I thought it was quite long for such a weird idea... XD;;; I was aiming for 1k or so, but it turned out to be more than 3k, and I had to wrestle it into a oneshot. Haha, thanks for speaking up! It's always great to hear from people who have been following my works and/or my blog! Talking with me is probably the best way to get me writing because it makes me excited, and when I'm excited, I'm more motivated, aaand the ideas come more easily. XD;; Oh gosh, you're right. With Lesus as the leader of the Holy Temple, it must be sparkling clean! Ceo would have less paperwork... But if he never learned how to wink... Oh dear. And now you've made me want to explore all this, ahhhhh.
GOD new edition and 1/2 Prince 2nd artbook
I already have the old edition of GOD... but the new edition art is tempting. And the content will be revised! The new 1/2 Prince artbook has illustrations from the new illustrator edition of the novels, which I've purchased the full set... So I already have all of the illustrations. XD;; But it'd be nice to have that picture of Cold Fox without any creases...

Human Doll Contract V2
Will definitely purchase this. XD But probably just the normal edition. I don't need the bag that comes along with the special edition. (If it were a poster, that'd be a different matter, haha). This concludes the Human Doll Contract part of the story in the series. Each part of the story is like a separate case. Yu Shu and Butler are featured on the cover of v2, while Lu Yang is on the bag that comes with the special edition. I hope there'll be a pull out poster of him in the novel! That's a really pretty illustration, too pretty to just put on a cloth bag where the ink will bleed!!!

LSK manhua bundle 10
Ahhhhhhhh. This concludes v2 of the novels! Three way death match! Probably concludes v6 of the manhua! (But where is v5!!!) Also contains Knife Blade part 2 (second half of Metal's side story)... The cover of the side story features Lesus with a whip, hahaha. The poster is of the same pic, Lesus with a whip...

LSK new edition volume 2
Is everything coming out in February or what. XD; Haha, the insert art sample! It's of Storm taking his teacher's advice of talking to handsome guys (and the Sun Knight is always guaranteed to be a good candidate) so that he doesn't have to wink as much. XDD

I bought v2 of the Kill No More manhua, but it is currently stuck at my relative's house. XD; I won't be getting all of these things until probably late March/early April. Hopefully the new volume of Gong Hua will be published in the same time frame... So I can get everything at the same time. =P

*counts* I have 9 ongoing LSK fics now, pfffft. (Don't worry, Lucathia! You'll be done with Bittersweet Sweetness soon! That'll make it 8 LSK fics! Don't even think of the spin-off/sequel to BS right now... You've written enough BS already...) Anyway, I'm attempting to update these LSK fics one at a time. I just revived two of the ones I hadn't updated in months, so I guess next is Invincible? (And then Grace...) I dug out the Invincible chapter I was writing when I stopped, and it was about Cold Fox and Ugly Wolf. Was going to scrap the chapter... but I guess I'll stick with it after all.

I'm contemplating if I should try to conclude some of my non LSK fics that I probably won't be returning to... They need a lot more development before they'd reach the ending I had planned... But I can probably write a different ending... An ending might be better than no ending? Then again, the problem with updating those fics is that I'm a bit out of touch with the fandoms, so I don't have a good grasp of characterization. I'd have to review canon first. Mostly, I considering this for Twin Stars and Go no Oujisama. I still plan on finishing Memories of the Future...
OMG, I have gone full on spaz mode from seeing all this. I was just thinking to myself, "There hasn't been a lot of LSK merch lately..." And then, wham. (I guess I just haven't been paying close enough attention haha. Actually, Yu Wo has just posted about some of the stuff!)

Currently in stock stuff: (Might be out of stock now... I haven't checked again. They were in stock when I wrote this post two days ago. XD;;)

already released stuff )

yet to be released stuff )
I came back from AX to this lovely package. Another late birthday present! XD; I received a late birthday present from [ profile] absolutehymn007 just last week or so in the mail, and now another one has come, haha. ♥ This is a gift from Eilinel, Raylight, Dahlys, and Azakura from Prince Revolution. I feel appreciated. *bows*

Kill No More package~. Includes the special edition of the manhua (which comes with a short novel story about Liaula getting found as a baby), a poster of Liaula, a poster of Kaise, stickers of the school emblems, and a signed poster board with both Yu Wo's signature and A Wei's! <33333

close up pics! )

So, AX. AX was very tiring! I got to do a lot of stuff and meet a lot of people, though I didn't do most of the stuff I'd planned on doing. I just ended up doing... other stuff. Report to come, but I need to get the pictures from [ profile] gem2niki first since I used her camera throughout the con. Super awesome camera~. Also, the previous anime season ended, which means I'll be writing my thoughts about the series I finished watching!

Last of all, SKET Dance. ;___; Oh man, all my feels for that last chapter. I'm so sad the manga ended, but it did end quite well.
Oh man, I had such a good laugh over this series of "scientific" analyses of Shin Tenipuri. If you know any Japanese, I highly recommend this. XD; These videos analyze things like how Tezuka zone works, how fast you'd have to move to hit 8 balls at once, what Atobe's eyes must be like for him to use Atobe Kingdom, how much Tanishi needs to exercise to lose that much weight in that little time, the speed Kenya needs to use to walk across water, and such. Can't say I understood everything, but I couldn't stop laughing. XD There are videos of other series as well, like an analysis of Midorima's full court three pointer from Kuroko no Basket.

I received my books today! \o\ No Hero v8, Human Doll Contract, and Kill No More manhua v1, which also comes with a short story. All Yu Wo stuff. XD; Haven't touched the two novels yet, but I read the Kill No More manhua. I wonder if anyone will be scanlating this? I'm somewhat tempted... but have enough on my plate. The adaptation is so-so at the moment, but I'm always in favor of more Kill No More. ;)

a few more pics and lots of rambling )
Bleh, been sick for the past two weeks. It's kind of just...lingering and hasn't gone away. I was at my worst on Tuesday and was even snapping at people. =___= I managed to survive through work though, and now I have some time off. I immediately crashed yesterday. I slept for 11 hours. XD;;

Fire Emblem Awakening talk )

LSK/No Hero/Kill No More stuff/Other Yu Wo stuff
J.U. plurked some character designs for the insert art she'll be drawing for volume 2 of the new Legend of Sun Knight editions. First pic is her version of the princess of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. Looks very elegant and high class. :D Second pic is her version of Elijah. He is quite handsome. I like this design. Looks princely! Third pic is Adair!!!!!!! (Yes, this requires several exclamation marks). I'm super excited to see Adair drawn since this means he will be part of the insert art, even if not part of the colored art. This design though... XD; He looks very nonchalant? Like he couldn't care less about what you think of him. =P It's those eyes... He doesn't make me want to trust him, yet supposedly lots of people do. XD; The uniform he's wearing looks a lot like what Sun wears. :D

Here's the manhua version of the princess by Neko Kreuz! Looks like this is the cover for the next bundle.

No Hero volume 8 is coming out next week on 4/2. The artist has changed! I'm not sure what happened to the previous artist, but then, No Hero was only slated to be 7 volumes, yet now it'll be 9 volumes in all, so maybe something was up with the contract? The previous artist was 山鬼 (Shan Gui) and the new artist is 綠川明 (Lü Chuan Ming). It feels kind of weird to have the artist changed in the middle of the series. @__@

Kill No More manhua v1 has been out since February, but I completely overlooked it! I'll be buying this. I hope it turns out good, though I'm a little apprehensive about this adaptation. Will keep my fingers crossed. (I find it strange that the cover features old art from the artist of the novels. I'm pretty sure someone different is drawing the actual manhua... This is deceptive...)

Human Doll Contract. Yu Wo's new series! A supernatural/horror series where the man character can see supernatural stuff through his left eye. I love the art. <3
Jenny Flint has translated the first 10 chapters of Bittersweet Sweetness into Spanish~. :D I read the first chapter and the reviews with my broken Spanish. (This will be good practice for me, heh)

Dulzura Agridulce
En lugar de recibir un broche que lo disfrace de asesino, Sol recibe un dije que hace que intercambie cuerpos con Juicio. Ahora, Juicio debe descifrar el misterio tras el Caballero de la Muerte en lugar de Sol. El problema es que imitar la pobre esgrima de Sol no es nada fácil, ¿y quién podría decir lo que estaba haciendo Sol con el cuerpo de Juicio, mientras tanto?

I received my new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1 last week, along with other stuff. The book is truly gorgeous. Have some belated squealing over all the stuff. XD;

An artbook of Taiwanese artists (I bought it for Kill no More), new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1, 1/2 Prince manhua v13, and Zelda Hyrule Historia (only English thing out of all of these). Bought it because of the lovely pics [ profile] kedi_kedi posted of it. :)

pics of LSK v1 new edition )

pics of Half Prince manhua v13 )

pics of Kill no More from the artbook of Taiwanese artists )

I'm still in the middle of playing Fire Emblem Awakening, which is taking up any spare time I have outside of work. |D; I feel like I've reverted into being even more of a lurker than I usually am, OTL, since I haven't been around much or very responsive...

more babbling about Fire Emblem Awakening )
I started playing Pokemon Black 2! \o\ I've only gotten my first badge so far (Cheren stopped wearing his glasses, omg), and my pokemon are all very weak. My starter is Oshawott. Was very tempted to pick Snivy again, but I already used Snivy in Black. I find all the connections with Black & White to be pretty cool. :D

Fire Emblem Awakening is coming out next month. I can't wait. I already have it pre-ordered, and I played through the demo a few times. |D;;

more Fire Emblem talk )

Writing-wise, I decided to edit Bittersweet Sweetness. I started rereading from Part 1. |D;; I'm mostly just editing for grammar (and not for content, unless something feels off). I'm probably not going to reupload anything through. I'm thinking of maybe creating a pdf of the story once I finish it if anyone wants a copy. I don't know, haha. But yeah. Don't really feel like going through all three places where I've posted the fic and making replacements. Thinking of doing the same for Memories of the Future too, especially since I don't have copies of all the separate chapters for that fic in one place.

I was going to write a post about anime I'm currently following, but I never did write the post. -__-; Well, here's a short summary.

Yu Wo news to end this post. XD; Kill No More is being adapted into a manhua (heck yeah! dragons! 8D ) that can be ordered online starting 2/1 and Yu Wo will be publishing a new book soon which is scheduled for March. I would translate the title tentatively as "Contract of the Human Doll" or Doll Contract, I guess. It seems to be a horror story that involves ball-jointed dolls coming to life, from what I've read of the story that she's posted online. |D;; Yu Wo likes collecting ball-jointed dolls herself, so I guess that was her inspiration. One of the characters in this (possibly the protagonist) has a left eye that can see the paranormal. :3
Jenny Flint finished translating Behind Closed Doors Part 1~ (...I really need to finish writing Part 2, haha...)

A Puerta Cerrada
Cuando Sol pasó frente al cuarto de oración, escuchó unos sonidos muy... sospechosos. (Sol x Adair x Juicio)

I should read all of these to brush up on my fail!Spanish. |D;; I've been reading Leeris' reviews and can mostly understand them! \o\

Also of interest to Yu Wo fans:
LSK, 1/2 Prince, and Kill No More styled hotel rooms - I cannot stop giggling over this. There are even cosplayers in the room too. I wonder if they're always there or not. One of the pics show a set of novels. Maybe the rooms come with the novels so you can enjoy the novels while you're there? XD;
New merchandise for LSK, 1/2 Prince, Kill No More, and No Hero (also at Kingstone)

But most of all, I find this, this, and this to be hilarious. LSK brand facial cleanser, hand moisturizer, and lip balm. XDDD Oh Grisia. You are indeed very good advertisement for beauty products. A career he can consider after he retires. Then he will never have to worry about money ever again.
OMG, Kill No More is getting a manhua?! (Yu Wo plurked a few pages of it) I hope it is! It doesn't sound like it's been set in stone yet, but goodness am I excited. I didn't like the beginning of Kill No More, and it gets a little messy, but I love the main character. <333 Besides, dragon mounts and dragons in general. It turned into my second favorite of Yu Wo's series (first being Legend of Sun Knight).

Linked these in comments but not in a post:

J.U./Rippleless LSK art:
Elaro and Hungri (Hungri telling Elaro that he'll grow taller in the future)
Lesus and Hungri

Neko Kreuz art:
Promotion art of Grisia from Neko Kreuz (there'll be a life-sized prop of Grisia in Hong Kong as advertisement)
a panel of Sun and Adair (I want this volume already so I can see Adair!!!)

Caught up with Pinocchio (webtoon) and was in the mood for series involving ghosts, so I started watching Natsuyuki Rendezvous. I'm liking it so far~. I scavenged around for the manga and read up to volume 3. Huh, this is quite a short series! Guess I'll find out what the ending is from the anime, since it should cover all 4 volumes. But now I have to wait for the episodes to air each week, boo.

Also plan on checking out: Moyashimon season 2, Sword Art Online
Behind on: Hunter x Hunter, Eureka Seven AO, Sakamichi no Apollon, Uchuu Kyoudai, Ginga e Kickoff!, Area no Kishi, Hiiro no Kakera
Still following: SKET Dance, Kuroko no Basket

I'm behind on so many series. -___-; Perhaps I should just watch series only after they finish since I fall behind anyway.

Trying to reorganize this journal a bit (separating fics from all the other junk better)... goodness are there some embarrassing entries. OTL I gave up after going through my 2006 entries.

I've been feeling very lethargic. No motivation at all, and I'm currently hating my writing. *stabs it* Also, the time stamps of some of my fics depress me, and I keep wondering why I've let these fics stagnate when I should have been able to finish them quickly. I'm pretty sure I'll feel better once I actually finish a few more of these fics. So here's to fic revival in the near future of some of my back-burner WIPs...

Noblesse 242 )

Yu Wo merch

Mar. 29th, 2012 02:53 am
lucathia: (fishbones: red)
Bought a whole bunch of merchandise from various Yu Wo series. :'D A whoooooole bunch. I totally splurged. General pics for now of new stuff I bought. Previously bought stuff isn't included. I think I'll do separate posts for each of these series in detail...when I get around to doing that.

Super bad quality pics ahead.

Ughhh, blurry. LSK first~. Posters, mousepad, playing cards, clearfiles, cards, etc... includes volume 3 of the manhua, Cloud's side story, and the new manhua chapter that covers the beginning of the 2nd novel~

more LSK, Half Prince, No Hero and Eclipse Hunter, Kill no More, GOD, Female Warrior, Gong Hua )
Kill No More bundle at CWT30. Designed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Very fitting, since there are cute dragons in Kill No More. The bundle includes two large illustrations... with stories printed on the back. First story is about 清清&白天 (Chastity and Daylight). Second story is about Blood Wolf and Lancelot.

Now that I've actually read Kill No More, the 1/2 Prince x Kill No More crossover that Yu Wo wrote finally makes sense to me. XD; It's just a short story, and is set after the end of 1/2 Prince and in the middle of Kill No More. Alternate dimensions exist in Kill No More, so that's how Kaiser and Liaula got themselves into the 1/2 Prince world. XD (Liaula meeting Arctic Fox! *flails* Arctic Fox staring after Liaula, wanting to challenge him! Oh Arctic Fox, never change...) Yu Wo also wrote a short Kill No More x GOD crossover, set after Kill No More ends and near the beginning of GOD. Supposedly Liaula is the reincarnation of Bai Saiya... huh. I find it fun that Yu Wo actually writes crossovers of her stories. XD I hope she does that with Legend of Sun Knight too. I would love seeing Sun meet some of Yu Wo's other characters.

I also read the two ongoing side stories Yu Wo's currently posting. One of them is pretty much a direct continuation from where the ending leaves off! \o/ It's framed as people from the other world looking in on them to see how they're faring. The other one is about Blood Wolf, Lancelot, and a new character who's tricked into eating a special medicine that allows him to achieve superb fighting abilities at the expense of slowly turning into a girl as he trains.

and now, Bakuman 162 )

Kill No More

Jan. 13th, 2012 05:40 am
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Eep, reading novels is so dangerous. I start reading and then I just don't stop (or if I do... then I never finish). I finished reading all 13 volumes of Kill No More (不殺) in less than a week. Kill No More was Yu Wo's second series, and she's been posting it in her blog. I tried reading it before but couldn't get very far with it as a lot of things feel very arbitrary and somewhat forced (I again got bored with volume 1), but after getting past a certain point, the characters grew on me, and the plot started coming together. I ended up liking the main character a lot.

Kill No More is about an assassin who swears never to kill again because of a promise. (Kenshin, anyone? XD;; ) In the midst of a fight with another assassin, he falls into an alternate dimension into the apartment of a lazy young man. This suits his needs, as he was attempting to run away from the assassin organization of his world. Where better to run than to an entirely different world? Except in this world, his promise never to kill is tested over and over again.

Translation of official summary:
"Killing is for survival; not killing is for a promise."

An assassin who promised never to kill - Liaula, falls into a different world while he's being chased for his life. In this chaotic and lawless world, can Liaula truly keep his promise?
The world's laziest guy - Kaiser, who knows if its misfortune or fortune, picks up an assassin who doesn't kill. A lazy guy plus an assassin who doesn't kill - what kind of muddled story will result from this?
The world's last hero? The courageous, evil-slaying Silver Mask? What the heck is that? Isn't our protagonist the cool and handsome assassin who doesn't kill, Liaula? Hey, hey, my god, don't tell me, Silver Mask, that righteous do-gooder with such a lame name is actually...
Anyway, this is the story of a downhearted assassin + a lazy guy who wouldn't move a finger more than he has to to make money as long as he is able to survive. This is the first page of their story.

What neither summary covers is that there are dragons. XD; Dragon mounts! The powers in this world are divided into three types - knights, mobile suits (mecha), and warlocks. Magic has fallen to technology and is often looked down on. There are three strong powers - the empire of the Dragon Emperor, the Aklan Empire, and the Commerce Alliance. The main character of course gets himself involved with something that sweeps across the world, pfft. Even though this is a futuristic world where trees are rare and valuable, I often get a medieval vibe from the setting with all the knights and dragons and magic. It's like Yu Wo took guns and machines and magic and dragons and smushed them all together. I don't think anyone rode a vehicle after the first volume...

more talk on the series, and mostly non-spoilerish character introductions (with pictures!) )

Might blab about more spoilerish stuff in another post~. And expand the character list. But anyway, whoot, I caught up with Kill No More. Now I can read the side stories for it that's being updated right now. :D

Ahhh, it's already 13 days into 2012 and I've yet to post any fic... looks like 150k as my word count goal this year will be...very hard. (I jotted down 6 new ideas for Legend of Sun Knight fics this week, but nooo, I'm not going to start a new story! Must finish Bittersweet Sweetness first!) Reading Kill No More makes me want to work on my original stories some more... maybe I can make something out of my messy beginnings too? XD;


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