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May. 25th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Fanime is here~. Badge pick up was beautiful. Walked in and walked out. It was so quick that I didn't even get a good look at what the registration area looked like. There were several scanning stations for us to scan our QR codes, and then our badges were printed out to the side. Done. I hope it's like this next year too!

I swung by Swap Meet after that and found bought stuff~. Never thought I'd see the Hikaru no Go PS Heian game. I watched a play through of that many years ago. It's an amusing game. XD Also got myself clearfiles of Kimi to Boku (I'm loving the one with the twins and Kaname all with glasses) and Seiyuu Ka, a poster of Sai from Naruto, a Gyakuten Saiban fanbook with CD, and a Gyakuten Saiban postcard book. Never thought I'd see something of Seiyuu Ka around.

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Jan. 19th, 2012 05:00 pm
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Started reading Kurogane from Weekly Shounen Jump. 19 chapters out so far!

I read somewhere that Kurogane is reminiscent of Hikaru no Go, which made me curious. I took a look myself, and it does share a lot of similarities. Kurogane Hiroto has never touched kendo before (and actually has a very weak body that makes him terrible at sports) but he meets Toujou Sayuri, a ghost who wishes to pass down the Sakura style that has been forgotten by history. She chooses him as his disciple when he manages to parry her strike thanks to his extremely good eye sight. In the very second chapter, Hiroto bumps into Hazakura Shidou, someone known for his kendo back in middle school. They get into a match that spurs Hiroto into wanting to learn kendo. Shidou is impressed by Hiroto (and even bested - instant rivalry!) and later is completely surprised that Hiroto is a complete beginner.

Unlike Hikaru no Go, Sayuri can be seen by what seems to be everyone, and she even possesses a little puppet to follow Hiroto around. Secrecy doesn't seem like it'll be a big part of this series. (I wonder why people aren't more surprised by Sayuri.) I'm still waiting to see where the story will go from here! (Also, I hope there will be less cleavage and panty shots of Shiratori... so unnecessary for the series!)

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Whoot, Kingstone is doing pre-orders for the LSK merchandise I linked to in this post. *preorders everything* Too bad they only ship within Taiwan for this, and darn, the first two items (posters) are already sold out, or else I would have gotten those instead since that'd cover all the different designs (there are six designs). Orders ship out on February 1. Looks like I'm going to have more merchandise lying about in my relatives' house, haha...

Shin Tenipuri episode 1
Oh gosh, I was grinning so hard through this. I've really missed watching Tenipuri weekly. This makes me all sorts of nostalgic (the bgmmmm!), and damn, the animation looks pretty and the characters look pretty too when the first anime was not even close to this quality. I so hope the quality continues with future episodes! The opening is weird and the ending is quite weird too. XD; I don't know if they'll grow on me. Haha, the characters were so posing all over the place. This scene <- I'm reminded of Eyeshield. XD;

I bought Kanzenban season 2 volume 10 (features Sanada on the cover) but damn, my bookstore still doesn't have volume 9! (the one with Niou and Yagyuu on the cover). I've gone three times already, so I doubt they'll ever have it since they already have volume 10... *orders volume 9*

I also picked up Houkago v2! Yay, volume 2! I didn't know it was already out! (It is sooo much fun). I've only flipped through it, but one of the comics has Shiraishi visiting Seigaku and trying to solve a murder mystery (he claims Tezuka is dead after drinking Inui Juice). Yagyuu pops out of nowhere to join in as a detective. XDDD

Hikaru no Go
I like to play anime/dramas/drama CDs in the background while I make decks for [ profile] colors_tcg. (Something I've watched before is usually best, or else I end up not understanding everything). This time, after catching up with Rajipuri (oh gosh, they're going to be labeled as Shin Tennis no Oujisama on the Radio now! Shin Rajipuri?), my choice was Hikaru no Go! This series. Oh, this series. I'm reminded all over again why I like this series so much. (And now I cannot. stop. rewatching.). Sai has always been likable to me, but other characters have always interested me more. This time, I've paid Sai more attention. He is very endearing. (his flailing over modern things is so cute) ♥ Mitani is still my favorite though. That episode where Sai hears Mitani resign (but no one else does) still hits me hard. If I'm not careful, I'll probably end up watching the whole thing all over again... (I found it really funny when my family started going, "huh? phone!??" because my ringtone is from Hikaru no Go, so watching the series kept making all of us think my cell phone was going off. A lot.).

Recorder to Randoseru
LOL. I did not know this was only a 3 minute per episode show. I wonder if future episodes will all be so short. The episode did make me LOL though, and hearing Okiayu Ryoutarou play this role is even funnier.

2011 in fic

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:22 pm
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A ridiculous long reflection about my 2011 writing! Here's last year's reflection.

I told myself last year I would not start new multi-parters this year without finishing my previous WIPs, but apparently I forgot all about that in the face of my LSK obsession, hah...

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Dusting off a WIP I had since round 4 (or was it round 3...) of [ profile] blind_go in hopes that having a deadline for [ profile] 31days_exchange will actually get me to finish this! (It's been, what, 2, 3 years?) I don't think I've managed anything for [ profile] blind_go since then after not being able to finish this. I'm also very out of touch with both HnG and YYH. It really shows. I hope I don't blunder too much with this. I very much want to finish this.

Title: Before I Leave Part 1
Day/Theme: 18. The first cool breeze in what seemed an eternity
Series: Hikaru no Go/Yu Yu Hakusho
Character/Pairing: Sai, Hikaru, Botan (in this part)
Rating: PG
Words: 2,230
Notes: for [ profile] 31days_exchange, 31_days masterlist

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Finished [ profile] iconfiend100 for Hikago! There are 50 icons in this update for the challenge, plus 60 extra icons. This time, I used art from the new covers from the complete edition of Hikaru no Go.


The art sure is pretty. The cover for volume 20 looks a lot like the art Obata does for Bakuman though, doesn't it? Hikaru looks like Saiko. :'D And Yashiro looks a little like Takagi.

Oops, and here's the link to the post:
I don't even remember claiming Hikago over at [ profile] iconfiend100 anymore, but apparently I did. I think I was flailing over the new Hikago covers at that time. XD; This batch is all artist choice because I was too lazy to consider the themes. Images are from the Heian Hikago PS1 game. Hopefully I can finish this in two batches~. I want to work with the new cover art next. :3

Pairing/Character: Hikaru no Go general series
Theme set: Gamma
New Theme(s): 1-50
# of icons in update: 50
# of icons completed total: 100/100


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While browsing today, I came across someone's playthrough of this game. The entire game! All the voiced scenes! This game is way too's like an official fanfic where everyone's living in the Heian era. There are youkai running about. Youkai who want to play GO. Everyone plays go for some reason. Hikaru is Sai's guard. Akira is an onmyouji. Waya and Tsutsui and a bunch of other people are nobles. And so forth. Mind breaking stuff. I wish I had this game. The voices and images were great.

I took a bunch of screencaps because some of these are so pretty. <3

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Randomly browsing the Jump website for Tenipuri images and came across Hikaru no Go complete edition. The covers are gorgeous and the mini color page that comes with it is so cute!! The color pages from the original magazine chapters are in tact too. Goodness, I want this even though I already have the complete series. Eeee, and the top image for the site changes every time you reload. T-The site has quite an innovative design too with the rolling scroll and the go stones that change every time you reload! The clickable ones shine for a bit to indicate that they're clickable. These covers and inserts need to be made into icons. :O

edit: The current Hikago headers!!! So pretty!!! Here's one example:

Aside from Hikago, anyone following 1/2 Prince? Prince is so funny and truly a bishounen. I wanted more after I read 4 volumes of this, so I went and found the original Chinese novels and am procrastinating from my paper by reading it. This is one of the few manhua I enjoy. It's about a girl playing in a realistic online game as a guy to prove to her brother that she can be strong (she was the only one allowed to change her gender. This wasn't explained very well in the manga, but in the original novels, she was allowed to do so because she was the very first person to log into the game when it started). It turns out that she makes a very hot guy. There are so many other cool looking bishounens in this too. |D
Title: Free
Day/Theme: 10 I will be free and follow my love
Series: Hikaru no Go
Character/Pairing: Yashiro
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Notes: for [ profile] 31_days_exchnge.

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...I signed up after all. XD;; All of you poor people have to suffer from my mediocre art. I haven't missed signing up for any rounds yet, though I didn't submit my fic for the last round. It's still unfinished. >_> Only [ profile] darkicedragon has read the intro...I don't think it's worth continuing.

ANYWAY, [ profile] blind_go is having a fanart round this time! The deadline to sign up is January 15. Do join in if you draw Hikago fanart. *___*

All past rounds of [ profile] blind_go have been "guess-the-writer" challenge rounds where writers submit fics anonymously and readers try to guess the writer behind the fic through style and whatever else they base their guesses on. We've had rounds for short fic, long fic, AU and crossovers, collabs...all quite exciting! This time it's even more different. It's "guess-the-artist"! Same concept, just with fanart instead of fic. :D

You can find out more and sign up here. *pokes f-list*

Oh yeah. I have a new layout. Sort of. I was logged into another LJ account and never closed to window before logging into this account (I was testing if I liked some other layout on the other account) and somehow I accidentally saved that layout I was testing over my previous one of THIS account. Don't really know how it happened, but oh well. I was getting tired of my previous layout anyway. D: I just stuck a random header for this layout from [ profile] refuted. Will probably change it later when I find something else I like better.
Check out the shiny podfics at [ profile] ihikago! I was the reader for [ profile] aishuu's fic "Lessons in How to make a Bishounen Snap". It's a really fun fic, though my voice doesn't do it justice at all. The podfic over at this post if you're interested in how it turned out. My voice died. It really did. All the other podfics are much more energetic than mine. X3;

Now, I have an urge to podfic my own fic. ._.
I very randomly went and watched the episodes of the hikago dub they have up at toonami jetstream. (episodes 15-17). Those are the episodes where sai first shows up on the net. *_* I was only going to watch one episode, but I ended up watching all three. And now I want to rewatch the entire series. Gah!! It's so captivating, that part of the series especially. And, Waya's entrance into the series is just. so. much. love.

On the English voices. Hah. My favorite voice is Mitani's sister's voice. Too bad she's such a minor character. But seriously. Her voice actor actually sounds...not fake.

Like before, I still like Akari's voice. It suits her. Tsutsui's is not bad though I can't get used to people calling him Kimihiro but he sounds somewhat forced.  And uh, I finally heard Yuuki Mitani's voice.  *dies* It's not bad either, except when I first heard it in episode 15, no one was on screen so I was trying to guess who that voice belonged to. I guessed Kaneko. Eep. Entirely off. Besides, Kaneko hadn't even been introduced yet. That voice, to me, sounded like a low female's voice. But it's nice...I got used to his voice really quickly.

I'm more used to Touya's voice now too. Not snorting out of my nose anymore. But I still don't like Hikaru's voice. It's...shaky. Sounds too old. I was very amused by the voices of all those people oversea. They have accents. I think their voices sound pretty good. Better than Hikaru's.

Hee. I like Waya's voice, but I especially like Fuku's. He sounds like what a teenage boy should sound like!! He sounds much more natural than Tsutsui, in my opinion. And he sounded playful too. Was Fuku that playful/mischevious? Hm.
Now that round 2 of [ profile] blind_go is over (the reveal is here), I can safely use this icon without reminding people of anything! Because really, I don't want anyone to think of me and coffee shops or cafes in the same thought. Nope!! Not when my fic is set in one!

initial thoughts after reveal and thoughts on own fic )

And now, here's my [ profile] blind_go fic reposted here, just for the sake of having it here. There's also an added section at the end. It's just something that tickled me but didn't quite fit...and still doesn't fit.

A Break From Solitude (Hikaru no Go x ??, ~900 words) )
[community profile] blind_go fics are up! There are 83 fics total, with 35 authors, so it's a very good thing that authors had to use the same ID for all their fics! Or else, I'd be second guessing myself a lot. I haven't had the time to read any fics yet...but I'm very, very glad it's short!fic this time around.

I feel oddly naked with my fic. *eyes fic and pokes it*

I do wish I had time to write more than one fic. -_-;; Will stop saying anything more in case I give myself away. X3;

And here's an entirely unrelated tenipuri survey thing.
lalala, I'm going to be presenting on Hikaru no Go tomorrow for my Japanese class. *g*

I have my posters ready (from my calendars), I sort of fixed what I wrote (but I might fix it a little more), and now I'm going through the episodes to see which part would be best to show the class. =/ I only have the special without English subs though, so I think I'm probably stuck with that. =x

Darn. Wish I had more time. I only have 5 minutes for my I really can't cover much. I opted against bringing a goban...since well, it's not like I even know how to play. Would've looked nice though.
I updated the rajipuri post (dang, it's been a year already? It's a wonder most of the links are still alive!) with 160-164. Looking for 152-159, and 165 and onwards. Is rajipuri still running? *has no idea*

On a side note, I'm writing about Hikaru no Go for my final project for my Japanese class. The topic's "My favorite_____" as long as it has something to do with Japan. Hehe, I plan on showing a short clip of Go! Go! Igo! to the class during my presentation. Of course, I should print out pics of the characters to put up on the wall too! Oh wait, I can just bring in my hikago calendar. :3 

*goes back to writing the outline*
Title: sai/go ~end
Disclaimer: I do not own Hikaru no Go.
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
word count: 893
Notes: for [ profile] blind_go.

in which the author tries to play on words )
Title: Unfinished Game
Disclaimer: I do not own Hikaru no Go.
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Word count: 3777
Notes: for [ profile] blind_go. Akari finds an unfinished game in Hikaru's room, yet Hikaru is nowhere to be found. (not much of a plot, just me trying to write a go game despite not knowing how to play at all)

I included a screencap of the actual game! :DD The ending is slightly longer than the version I submitted. I still don't like it though.

in which the author tries to describe a go game but perhaps fails to make it accurate and riveting )
Results for [community profile] blind_go are up!

I was very stupid (I thought the deadline was midnight, not noon) so I didn't exactly submit my guesses until after the deadline. But anyway, I only made 5 correct guesses. (aishuu, issen4, zoesque, svz_insanity, readerofasaph...the rest were all wrong ;_;) I clobbered up all my guesses very hastily. ^^;; I'd have made a guess for every fic through elimination, if only I had the time. *still feels stupid*

[personal profile] tarigwaemir was the only one who guessed right on my post. XD;; (I've unscreened the guesses) I wonder what all the other guesses were in the community. :3

Since the only fic I ever wrote for HnG was a crossover, it was probably misleading? *is amused that she was most often guessed for Death's Hands*

And yay, 5th post. I'm done. ;) I won't spam you with more!

edit: the two fics I submitted--

Unfinished Game
sai/go ~ end


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