Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

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New books

Dec. 20th, 2015 01:56 pm
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Didn't participate in [ profile] yuletide again this year. I'm still on the pinch hit list though, and the pinch hits are flooding in. XD; I've saved a few letters that interested me, but I'm still busy catching up on stuff. So, likely no writing on that front.

Got some new books last month. Finally some time to post pics~

Legend of Sun Knight new edition V6, GOD new edition V3 (the artist changed, so it came with covers for V1 and V2 as well), and Key of the Sunken Moon season 2 V1-V2. Finished rereading GOD V3. Saimi's character is changed a bit so that he's more responsible as a king, and there's a bit more on 剋星(bane).

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By the way, Shui Quan's new doujin novel to be sold in February's CWT. A bodyswap story between Ie and Naerxi. I still can't get over the fact that Shui Quan writes doujinshi of her own stuff, and the official artist (who is a guy) is even drawing the art for it. And the stuff he's being asked to draw, lol. Those last two drawings on that page...


Oct. 4th, 2015 03:23 pm
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There are even more differences between the old version and the new version than I thought. I thought I'd be able to translate from the online texts floating around, at least for the beginning chapters before the major revisions, and then compare with the new version for any discrepancies and added text. But seeing how many revisions Yu Wo made, I think I'll just translate straight from the new version.

Yu Wo wasn't kidding when she said she revised GOD. This isn't even dealing with the revised scenes yet.

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GOD v3

Jul. 22nd, 2015 02:00 pm
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New edition of GOD v3 is coming out August 13. It'll first be sold at 漫博, Comic Exhibition, which takes place August 6-11.

The cover features Dan and Bing Chesi. Dan, since when have you become so ikemen??? I always imagined him to look fairly plain. Maybe because he's very much a secondary character. Though he did turn out fairly important. I hope we get a character intro pic of him inside~~

The artist changed. =x The new artist is 艾利卡 instead of Bee. To make up for the inconsistency, V3 will come with book covers by the new artist for V1 and V2 as well. Wow, that must have been a lot of work for the new artist!

I placed my order for No Hero V9 a few days ago. My copy should come with a poster of Charles. People who bought V9 at Yu Wo's autograph session received a poster of Dark Sun instead. There were only 20 or so copies left of the poster of Charles when I was placing my order, and there were some hiccups as I was placing my order... Noooo, Charles! But... safe, in the end!

Yu Wo's write up on her autograph sessions:
No Hero (I laughed really hard at seeing the Ah Ye cosplayer doing a kabedon to Ji Luo Chu).
Malaysia (There was a cosplayer of Jiang Shujun~~)

There are some contests being held over at Yu Wo's forums.
Original fiction: The Day Before the Apocalypse (The contest should be wrapping up soon. Winners will be announced August 7. Grand prize wins Yu Wo's Ri Xiang Yan x Bai Lian Yue book set, a set of decorative tape featuring Yu Wo's series, any set of Yu Wo's published books, and a compact mirror made especially for this contest. Wow, for Yu Wo's books, you can even choose a series that's still being published, and when a new book comes out, they'll send it to you. =x. Second place, third place and onwards receive some of the same stuff, but less. The design of the mirror features No Hero... plushies?).
Original art: Meeting God/Meeting the Gods (This contest should be wrapping up soon too. Winners will be announced August 7. Similar prizes as the fiction one.)
No Hero impressions (Ends August 16. Yu Wo wants everyone's thoughts on No Hero~~. There'll be 3 winners chosen. The prize is the Ri Xiang Yan x Bai Lian Yue book set + a set of decorative tape.)
Dominion's End impressions (Same deal as above, but on Dominion's End.)
Pic heavy post~. First up is merchandise that I recently bought, and then scans of them and of previous stuff I hadn't scanned.

Possible spoilers for LSK v7/v8 and 39 LSK.

I bought a lot of stuff. :'D Close ups inside~. I also bought some stuff of Kill No More, No Hero, and 1/2 Prince, but there wasn't a lot available, unlike LSK.

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I also scanned LSK Rule 19 and Rule 20 of the manhua. I'll be cleaning that up sometime this week and hopefully tossing up my thoughts about it here~. Hopefully...
Some new books and manhua of Yu Wo's I recently bought~. Photos with terrible lighting up ahead, like usual.

Human Doll Contract V2, GOD (new edition) V1, Kill no More manhua V2, Legend of Sun Knight (new edition) V2, 1/2 Prince manhua V15, 1/2 Prince artbook V2.

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GOD new edition and 1/2 Prince 2nd artbook
I already have the old edition of GOD... but the new edition art is tempting. And the content will be revised! The new 1/2 Prince artbook has illustrations from the new illustrator edition of the novels, which I've purchased the full set... So I already have all of the illustrations. XD;; But it'd be nice to have that picture of Cold Fox without any creases...

Human Doll Contract V2
Will definitely purchase this. XD But probably just the normal edition. I don't need the bag that comes along with the special edition. (If it were a poster, that'd be a different matter, haha). This concludes the Human Doll Contract part of the story in the series. Each part of the story is like a separate case. Yu Shu and Butler are featured on the cover of v2, while Lu Yang is on the bag that comes with the special edition. I hope there'll be a pull out poster of him in the novel! That's a really pretty illustration, too pretty to just put on a cloth bag where the ink will bleed!!!

LSK manhua bundle 10
Ahhhhhhhh. This concludes v2 of the novels! Three way death match! Probably concludes v6 of the manhua! (But where is v5!!!) Also contains Knife Blade part 2 (second half of Metal's side story)... The cover of the side story features Lesus with a whip, hahaha. The poster is of the same pic, Lesus with a whip...

LSK new edition volume 2
Is everything coming out in February or what. XD; Haha, the insert art sample! It's of Storm taking his teacher's advice of talking to handsome guys (and the Sun Knight is always guaranteed to be a good candidate) so that he doesn't have to wink as much. XDD

I bought v2 of the Kill No More manhua, but it is currently stuck at my relative's house. XD; I won't be getting all of these things until probably late March/early April. Hopefully the new volume of Gong Hua will be published in the same time frame... So I can get everything at the same time. =P

*counts* I have 9 ongoing LSK fics now, pfffft. (Don't worry, Lucathia! You'll be done with Bittersweet Sweetness soon! That'll make it 8 LSK fics! Don't even think of the spin-off/sequel to BS right now... You've written enough BS already...) Anyway, I'm attempting to update these LSK fics one at a time. I just revived two of the ones I hadn't updated in months, so I guess next is Invincible? (And then Grace...) I dug out the Invincible chapter I was writing when I stopped, and it was about Cold Fox and Ugly Wolf. Was going to scrap the chapter... but I guess I'll stick with it after all.

I'm contemplating if I should try to conclude some of my non LSK fics that I probably won't be returning to... They need a lot more development before they'd reach the ending I had planned... But I can probably write a different ending... An ending might be better than no ending? Then again, the problem with updating those fics is that I'm a bit out of touch with the fandoms, so I don't have a good grasp of characterization. I'd have to review canon first. Mostly, I considering this for Twin Stars and Go no Oujisama. I still plan on finishing Memories of the Future...


Oct. 3rd, 2013 10:30 pm
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It makes me happy when characters I like are well received, hahahaha. (Or at least thought of as very, very awesome)

Yu Wo's Oct 3, 2103 plurk:
Pitting the Omnipotent Against the Even More Omnipotent
If you were currently the boss of a thriving business, who would you hire as your secretary?
1. Adair (He can fight on the battlefield, enter the kitchen, and grace the great halls. Personally approved by the Sun Knight)
2. Kyle (Isn't it Bill? Computer in hand equates to the world in his grasp. Since the Sun Emperor hung up the call and did not accept the interview, his personal approval was not acquired)
3. Charles (He has housework completely covered. After leveling up, he can part-time as a non-professional doctor. Ri Xiang Ye strongly recommends him but also asks you not to steal him away)
4. Bai Saya (Only specializes in taking care of children. Truthfully he is only here to even out the numbers. Compared to the above three, his only advantage and possibly the only thing that matters is that he is young and handsome)

(Adair is from Legend of Sun Knight, Kyle and Charles are from Eclipse Hunter/No Hero, and Bai Saya is from GOD)

The votes were predominantly for #1, Adair (亞戴爾). XDDD;; I would choose him without a second of hesitation too, hahahaha. Because he truly has everything covered. Kyle would be a good choice too for business, but he probably can't serve as a bodyguard. =P Charles is not a good choice for business. Neither is Bai Saya, hahahah. They're both too nice. Though, I think it would be very hard to steal Adair away from Sun. Not that any of the others would be easy to steal away either...

Yuletide nominations have ended. I managed to make my nominations (I have basically been passing out right after work nearly every day, so merely making time for nominations has been hard! :3;;; ). It's a good thing that the deadline for Yuletide is during the holidays when I have time off, so I should be able to participate in Yuletide once more. ♥ I'm completely unsure what I'll be requesting and offering yet. I'll decide once the tags are finalized. I did see lots of people mention series I'm interested in, so even if I hadn't nominated anything, I would have been totally fine!

As for NaNoWriMo next month... It's probably a pass for me this year. I doubt I'll have the energy! Over all of 2013 so far, I've only written around 50k words with everything over the past 9 months added together. No way I'd be able to write 50k in one month on top of my new job. :'D;;;; I hope I'll be able to make some progress on my current WIPs instead. If I can write 25k for my WIPs, I will be very, very happy! (I will be even happier if I can finish at least one of my WIPs!! At the top of this list are Bittersweet Sweetness and A Vice-Captain's Tale.)

Then again, it would be very nice to be able to print one of my stories... XD;;; I looove CreateSpace's offer of printing books. It always tempts me. XD

Good luck to everyone doing Yuletide, NaNoWriMo, or any other writing endeavor! ♥

Yu Wo merch

Mar. 29th, 2012 02:53 am
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Bought a whole bunch of merchandise from various Yu Wo series. :'D A whoooooole bunch. I totally splurged. General pics for now of new stuff I bought. Previously bought stuff isn't included. I think I'll do separate posts for each of these series in detail...when I get around to doing that.

Super bad quality pics ahead.

Ughhh, blurry. LSK first~. Posters, mousepad, playing cards, clearfiles, cards, etc... includes volume 3 of the manhua, Cloud's side story, and the new manhua chapter that covers the beginning of the 2nd novel~

more LSK, Half Prince, No Hero and Eclipse Hunter, Kill no More, GOD, Female Warrior, Gong Hua )
Christmas event. Complete the tasks, and Yu Wo will post updates or new works. XD; (translation of the tasks here)

*is hoping for Legend of Sun Knight side stories, maybe it'll be Blaze's sidestory that was released in August at CWT28, the one where he goes around kicking down doors* So far, two tasks have been completed. I refreshed and magically, there were two updates to her works! XD; The only one I'm following is Female Warrior though (the other one is a side story to Kill No More, I think, which I've yet to read). Female Warrior part 7! \o/ The half elf is cute~. (And the first Leaf and Metal are relatives /spoils everyone)

EDIT: Oho, while I was typing this post up, Yu Wo has posted the third update for us accomplishing one of the tasks. It is Blaze's sidestory! XD;

Also, GOD. I finished reading all 11 volumes of GOD (...another series by Yu Wo). I tried reading it last year but couldn't get into it. It of course sucked me right in when I should have been writing. XD; It's completely fantasy (feels a bit like the in-game world of 1/2 Prince, with elves and demons and winged people, mages, warriors, and knights, etc). Yu Wo started writing GOD before 1/2 Prince, but then went on to publish 1/2 Prince and another story (Kill No More, I think?) before she returned to GOD and completely rewrote it. The main character, whose name means Shooting Star, is very child-like and bratty. But cute. Completely not the type of character I like. XD; He seems to be out adventuring with the goal of collecting people he meets as pets. The beginning is fairly ordinary, your run-of-the-mill fantasy, and we're kept in the dark for a looong time about the main plot, but spontaneous things that seem like they don't have any importance do gain an importance later on, and pretty much every character becomes involved in some way (even though at first they might seem unimportant). I liked how involved minor characters were. :D I felt they were a bit more prominent and didn't fade into the background as much as 1/2 Prince because GOD uses 3rd person POV instead of 1st person, so the POV was less limited. Many minor characters even had their own POVs, which was interesting. Outsider POVs were especially hilarious when stuff they believed differed so much from the truth. I also loved it when the POVs followed two different groups. :D The seven sins come into play in this story. Lots of fighting and battles and gaining new companions. And crossdressing and mistaken gender, haha. (Yes, that's an easy way to win Lucathia over...) XD The ending's a bit... well, it's not very satisfying, but not a bad ending either. It just made me sad, and also made me feel it was an easy way out. (it's sort of the type of ending that I was fearing LSK would take, but thankfully LSK didn't end in such a way)

There are a lot of parallels between GOD and 1/2 Prince, and GOD and Legend of Sun Knight (I so want to make comparisons, though most of that would be spoilerish). I feel LSK has stronger structure with how each novel is self-contained but lends to a larger plot, while GOD feels more directionless in the beginning (but leads to a fairly wild story that quickly spirals out of hand). Like [personal profile] darkicedragon mentioned, Yu Wo sure loves writing things that aren't as they appear. This theme is very prominent. :3

some more rambling on GOD, some character intros )

My Chinese must be improving with how many Chinese novels I've been reading...(at least my reading speed has improved if nothing else!) I think I need to read more English. XD;; Might check out some other Taiwanese authors too... but I plan on reading Kill No More next. ;3

(Yuletide: One treat down! Hopefully I can write one more tonight. I have five Yuletide letters to choose... XD;;; )