Stuff I bought from Anime Expo!

Day 1, I spent a good chunk of my time lining up for Yamamato Sayo and Kubo Mitsurou's autograph, while Days 2-3 were spent on trying to attend panels (and often failing). Day 4 was my shopping day! I wrote up some notes on the panels that I did get to attend, so I'll at least be posting about those.

Got myself another Arslan Senki poster. o/ My favorite one is the one shown on the box though. Haven't come across that one yet. Arslan looks gentler there~.

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Hm, I've been trying to post That Day Back Then on, but the story is not going through. I dearly hope the story won't end up showing up on the site five times. :'D But if it does, er, now you know why.

So, back in February, I felt that I wouldn't be playing Fire Emblem Heroes long if there wasn't new content. But there was, so here I still am. XD Also, the LSK cell phone game sadly stopped working pretty soon after I reached Rank 1 back in February... so I played more FEH instead. (I think they just stopped maintaining that game...)

I autobattled my way from 40,000 points to 100,240 points. :'D I was going to stop at 50,000... but then I pulled an Alm, and he worked pretty well with an autobattle team, haha... (This team actually managed to finish Hard 5 once all by themselves through autobattle without all dying~. Go team~). Alm also came at a great time to test out the Phantom Speed seal to go along with his Windsweep skill. It does actually work pretty well with poking at Hectors. Before Alm, 4 ★ Mae was my bonus unit, but she was too squishy for autobattling. If the next Tempest Trials is any time soon though, I'm not sure I'll try for 99,999 again. XD;

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Fanime 2017

Jul. 17th, 2017 04:57 pm
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An addendum to my previous Fanime post. XD Fanime for me was mostly buying stuff, going to gatherings to take photos of cosplayers, and going to the two main events, Music Fest & Masquerade.

Photo heavy post!

Re:ZERO gathering )

Miraculous Ladybug gathering )

Fire Emblem gathering )

Shounen Jump gathering )

other random cosplay )

Game Shows )

Music Fest )

Masquerade )
More on Fanime, starting with the rest of the stuff I bought~. Quite a shopping trip this year. XD

Arslan Senki poster was from Friday's swap meet~

close ups )

I find it very cool that Fanime has official photographers. :D They've also already uploaded photos! Here are some that I was in.

Re:Zero gathering on Friday
All I can say is that the photographers pretty much asked the cosplayers to do the dab at every gathering I went to. I was the Emilia on the right.

Shounen Jump Sunday Gathering
I was Kayano on Sunday, and I was very much hoping there would be a Koro-sensei around. There was! *____*

Shounen Jump girls beating Mineta from My Hero Academia. A specific request. XD;;

The albums have a ton of pictures from all the gatherings, if anyone's interested in what cosplays there were at Fanime this year. o/

some other pics of lucathia )

I might do another post with cosplay pics of other people and some thoughts on events I went to. If I get around to it.

BTW, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy v2 yesterday, and let me tell you, I cried buckets. ;__; (I'm quite pleased to see many Yondu fics crop up in the fandom though. All my feels.)

I've changed my layout on livejournal because I can no longer make changes to what the comment links look like with my account level, so I ended up with a lot of broken images with that layout. This one is clean enough, I suppose, though it also means that commenting will bring you to livejournal's default pages. Boo. Oh well, it's functional, if not pretty.
Fanime is around the corner! I have no new cosplays planned. After making Sun, I already have my ultimate cosplay dream fulfilled. XD Nothing has really caught my attention since then to make. Instead, I've actually bought pre-made cosplays, hoping I could focus on other aspects of cosplaying more, like styling the wig and actually doing some cosplay make up, which I'm terrible at. Current line up will likely be Kayano from Assassination Classroom, Emilia from Re:Zero, and Sun. I bought some new paint to paint my Sun boots~ (gotta replace the tape I used, haha. It kept falling off at Anime Revolution.)

But because of Fire Emblem Heroes, I'm considering wearing Soren again, though my hairstyle is no longer like his, and I can't wear colored contacts anymore. It has been 9 years since I cosplayed him. So long... Back then, I tried to find English lyrics to the Fire Emblem theme with little luck, and now it's right there, sung to us in Fire Emblem Heroes.

As for Anime Expo, I bought tickets to Anisong World Matsuri ~Japan Super Live~, featuring ALI PROJECT, angela, GARNiDELiA, Konomi Suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, and Minori Chihara! I'm a little sad that it's probably on the same day as the AMV contest, since I almost always watch that (Day 1 tradition!), and it makes me wonder what main events there will be after Day 1. I should... throw together some post about Anime Expo 2016 before I forget. That Suwabe panel. Definitely want to immortalize it. XD

In Fire Emblem Heroes news, Ike and Soren were finally released! I've been saving up my orbs since the start, never letting it drop below 100 orbs, hoping to see Soren in the game. I was super excited to see Soren on a focus banner. I thought he might be left out in favor of other PoR/RD characters, but thankfully not.

When the banner went live, I started pulling right away.

the journey, lol )

Got myself some happy dittos! Such a hard time deciding which ones to get. The three original starters are all pretty cute, as were all the eevees. Bulbasaur all the way though! I've been wanting a transformed ditto, but they were very expensive, so I'm happy that the International Pokemon Center got these now. :D Much more affordable~

I hand wrote 20 pages of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) in my Penultimate notebook, and it turned out to be 2.7k when I typed it up. Now I know what it equals to, haha. My handwriting is quite big on these 20 pages. With my smaller, ant-like writing on actual paper, it's about 1k over 2~3 pages. What a big difference. I'm liking handwriting first and then typing things up. It allows me to edit and revise as I'm typing it up and forces me to stop changing things while I'm writing the first draft. o/

Behold, my messy scribbling )

So, lots of Fire Emblem on the horizon, and Heroes just came out. My favorite magic users aren't around (Erk! Lugh!) but even if they were, they'd be low star ranked. XD;; So far, my team is Lilina (5★), Camilla (5★), f!Corrin (4★), and Fae (4★), with Cherche (4★) or Laslow (4★) switched in from time to time. I got lucky on one orb pull and got both Lilina and Camilla from it, my only five stars at the moment. I want some guys on my team though!! The maps seem fairly limited right now. I hope there'll be expansions in the future, including Tellius (come on Soren). With the current maps, I don't think I'll be playing long, and orb availability is limited. I might just keep the orbs I have right now and wait to see if Soren will get released in the future. Too bad, I wanted Merric, Takumi, Lyn, Serra, and Navarre. I have some other 4★ characters too, but I'm reluctant to use them because I would like to level them up to 5★, but it takes so many feathers that it feels impossible. It feels like a waste to keep leveling them past level 20 though, since if I ever upgrade their star level, they go back to level 1.

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It's FE:Fates time~ ♪

I'm going to start with Hoshido.

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Fire Emblem

Feb. 19th, 2016 09:05 pm
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Fire Emblem Fates is out~. My brother pre-ordered it for both of us. I don't have it yet but should get it soon. I hadn't actually finished playing Awakening because I was stuck on recruiting all of the kids. So, I went and finished the main game, which didn't even take very long. :'D *should've done it three years ago* My characters were all over leveled for the sake of forming Streetpass teams with good skills and stats, so the main game was very easy even though I don't at all remember what I was trying to do with the characters. I just made sure to keep building supports. But I never decided on S supports for any of the kids, so I didn't get anyone S support. Oops. It meant that most of them went wandering by themselves in the ending. :'D

In the very end, the character I used the most was myunit (named Ruka), with 561 battles, 470 victories, followed by Morgan with 490 battles, 388 victories, and third was Inigo with 428 battles, 377 victories. Inigo was unexpected for me. I thought I'd used Severa or Lucina more.

Final team was Chrom, myunit, Morgan, Lucina, Owain, Inigo, Severa, Yarne, Libra, Olivia, Henry, Donnel, Ricken, Maribelle, Gaius, and Cherche. The children were a lot stronger than the characters I was using at the start. Sad. I liked a lot of the parents, but I always had to keep them protected.

3 years later, I finally finished the main game. :'D
A belated post about all the stuff I bought in Japan. I bought... a lot. XD;;; (How did all of this fit in my luggage? Good question...)

All the Prince of Tennis stuff I bought. Really amazing how Prince of Tennis is still popular with so much merchandise. I guess the merchandise will keep the series going. Even though I'm not currently following Shin Tenipuri, I'm still buying the merchandise. :'D;; I won the huge towel from a UFO catcher. :3;; (It is now hanging on my wall.)

Prince of Tennis stuff )

other stuff )

manga and doujinshi )
Purchased some stuff yesterday. Now to wait for them to come to me. *rubs hands gleefully* Bought myself the the 9th LSK bundle, the extra volume of the Human Doll Contract verse (Kiyutsuna pointed out that the golden haired guy is most likely Grisia klajsdfla;sdjf;a; I didn't even notice), 1/2 Prince manhua volume 14 (I couldn't tell who the characters on the cover were, but most likely Winter Triumph and Nan Gong Zui? ...You know what, I still have no clue), and more volumes of Detective Conan, haha... Only Japanese manga I buy the Taiwanese version of now, since my parents also read it! Otherwise, all my other manga, I usually buy in Japanese now.

I'm really curious about the Detective Conan light novels. I wonder if they're any good. :3; Tempting...

Parallelsfic works are live! \o\ I have a total of one fic in the collection this time, and I am not very anonymous, hahaha. I received a lovely Haikyuu fic~. Reveals are on the 22nd!

Next weekend is Japan Expo! It's the first time the convention will be held around here. I'm super excited because there are some great guests attending. I'm especially interested in Kozaki Yusuke who did character designs for Fire Emblem Awakening and Iwadare Noriyuki who did music for Ace Attorney, Lunar, and Grandia~. I'm so going to bust out my FE:A Henry cosplay and my Maya cosplay. XD; Hopefully the gatherings for the two series are on different days! Must bring some stuff to get signed~
Signups for [ profile] parallelsfic has started! \o\ Here's my letter detailing some background on the series I've requested and why I like these series~. Hopefully this will get more people to give these series a try too. :D

To my Parallels creator, my requests are detailed in my signup. This letter is merely extra info in case you are the type of person who likes to know more. Feel free to skip this if it's not helpful for you! The important thing is to have fun. ♥

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Fanime 2013

May. 29th, 2013 01:45 am
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Fanime came and went in the blink of an eye! I'm very behind on a lot of stuff now, haha...

Anyway, Fanime 2013 in a nutshell: Ridiculous registration line. Endless Streetpass. Pics under the lj-cut~. Mostly of K, Magi, and Fire Emblem cosplay. And lines, since there was nothing else to take pics of. Snagged most of the pics from [ profile] gem2niki's camera. The blurry pics are from my camera. =P

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Fire Emblem Awakening, Knights of Iris GET! As well as several other purchases. |D;;

I dropped by my bookstore to buy some manga since there was a 20% sale~. I special ordered Knights of Iris and the Ginga e Kickoff fanbook last month, but they never contacted me to tell me whether they were processing my order or not (and I never followed up on it). I went to the store and asked, and what do you know, the books had already arrived. XD; (I didn't even know they processed my order!!)

Knights of Iris has been out of stock everywhere, so I'm really happy I finally have a copy now. XD; I was hoping for an English release since this artbook includes all of the support conversations and endings (and I'd love to have an English version of that) but then I read the Japanese supports and really adored those too (especially the original Henry x Olivia conversations) so I guess having the Japanese version isn't bad either!

Along with the artbook, I picked up Horimiya v1-2 and Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama. My* (masculine) and My* (feminine) boyfriend. So happy to see Horimiya on the shelf!! I also saw the original Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, the 4-koma version by HERO, but I like the art in the Horimiya version more. |D;; Miyamura is just really adorable in this version. As for Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama, it is a genderbender, body-swap manga. XD;; I just love this trope too much.

some pics~ )
Bleh, been sick for the past two weeks. It's kind of just...lingering and hasn't gone away. I was at my worst on Tuesday and was even snapping at people. =___= I managed to survive through work though, and now I have some time off. I immediately crashed yesterday. I slept for 11 hours. XD;;

Fire Emblem Awakening talk )

LSK/No Hero/Kill No More stuff/Other Yu Wo stuff
J.U. plurked some character designs for the insert art she'll be drawing for volume 2 of the new Legend of Sun Knight editions. First pic is her version of the princess of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. Looks very elegant and high class. :D Second pic is her version of Elijah. He is quite handsome. I like this design. Looks princely! Third pic is Adair!!!!!!! (Yes, this requires several exclamation marks). I'm super excited to see Adair drawn since this means he will be part of the insert art, even if not part of the colored art. This design though... XD; He looks very nonchalant? Like he couldn't care less about what you think of him. =P It's those eyes... He doesn't make me want to trust him, yet supposedly lots of people do. XD; The uniform he's wearing looks a lot like what Sun wears. :D

Here's the manhua version of the princess by Neko Kreuz! Looks like this is the cover for the next bundle.

No Hero volume 8 is coming out next week on 4/2. The artist has changed! I'm not sure what happened to the previous artist, but then, No Hero was only slated to be 7 volumes, yet now it'll be 9 volumes in all, so maybe something was up with the contract? The previous artist was 山鬼 (Shan Gui) and the new artist is 綠川明 (Lü Chuan Ming). It feels kind of weird to have the artist changed in the middle of the series. @__@

Kill No More manhua v1 has been out since February, but I completely overlooked it! I'll be buying this. I hope it turns out good, though I'm a little apprehensive about this adaptation. Will keep my fingers crossed. (I find it strange that the cover features old art from the artist of the novels. I'm pretty sure someone different is drawing the actual manhua... This is deceptive...)

Human Doll Contract. Yu Wo's new series! A supernatural/horror series where the man character can see supernatural stuff through his left eye. I love the art. <3
Another round of [community profile] no_true_pair has started! Prompts are out (you can see them over here and sign up here). Like my goal for [community profile] trope_bingo, I hope to write at least one fic. I don't believe I can manage any more than that. ^^;;

That reminds me that I never did finish writing Behind Closed Doors and crosspost it to No True Pair... Lots on my to-write list, gaaaah.

Legend of Sun Knight )

Half Prince )

Noblesse )

Fire Emblem: Awakening )
Jenny Flint has translated the first 10 chapters of Bittersweet Sweetness into Spanish~. :D I read the first chapter and the reviews with my broken Spanish. (This will be good practice for me, heh)

Dulzura Agridulce
En lugar de recibir un broche que lo disfrace de asesino, Sol recibe un dije que hace que intercambie cuerpos con Juicio. Ahora, Juicio debe descifrar el misterio tras el Caballero de la Muerte en lugar de Sol. El problema es que imitar la pobre esgrima de Sol no es nada fácil, ¿y quién podría decir lo que estaba haciendo Sol con el cuerpo de Juicio, mientras tanto?

I received my new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1 last week, along with other stuff. The book is truly gorgeous. Have some belated squealing over all the stuff. XD;

An artbook of Taiwanese artists (I bought it for Kill no More), new edition of Legend of Sun Knight v1, 1/2 Prince manhua v13, and Zelda Hyrule Historia (only English thing out of all of these). Bought it because of the lovely pics [ profile] kedi_kedi posted of it. :)

pics of LSK v1 new edition )

pics of Half Prince manhua v13 )

pics of Kill no More from the artbook of Taiwanese artists )

I'm still in the middle of playing Fire Emblem Awakening, which is taking up any spare time I have outside of work. |D; I feel like I've reverted into being even more of a lurker than I usually am, OTL, since I haven't been around much or very responsive...

more babbling about Fire Emblem Awakening )

Look what I came home to! :D (Not the figures, the book!) A copy of [ profile] absolutehymn007's NaNoWriMo book, a fanfic that crosses two of my favorite fandoms, Prince of Tennis and Fire Emblem! \o\ Thank you for giving me a copy, Hymn! ♥

By the way everyone, Hymn's fic can be read over here~.

This book is crazily thick. OMG. I think it's on par with my Narnia book, and that's 7 books in one. XD;; I look forward to when I have time to curl up and read this. :D

I was away for most of the weekend, and it seems that I missed my DHL package from Taiwan (of LSK and 1/2 Prince). I came home right when the mailman delivered Hymn's book though. XD;

Truly good timing with sending me this book, Hymn, since it was all Fire Emblem for me last week! XD;

Fire Emblem Awakening rambling )
Vietnamese translation of Tension, a Bakuman fic, thanks to Hyouton Inuki! I love fic translations. :)

Here's the link!

Speaking of Bakuman, I caught up with the 3rd season of the anime! \o\ Although the pacing is a lot faster now, it doesn't feel too rushed. I'm actually glad the 2nd Nanamine arc was cut out, since it didn't build on his character much at all. I hope I'll find the ending satisfactory! Will be a little sad to see the series conclude though.

Fire Emblem, ah, Fire Emblem. Awakening has been out of stock and delayed everywhere!!! I pre-ordered Fire Emblem Awakening at GameStop because I wanted the artbook that came with pre-orders, and I wanted to get the game on the day of the release. That was supposed to be Monday, and now it's Friday. -__-; I've been calling GameStop a lot to check if they'd gotten the game yet. (The answer was always no, check back tomorrow! We're getting it tomorrow! And then, of course, the next day, the answer was "no" again...) On Tuesday, I went to buy something at my local electronics store, saw FE:A on the shelf (there were only two available, I picked one up, started checking GameStop's cancellation policy for pre-orders and put the game down, and then this guy came over... I thought it'd be best to grab the game again, and lo and behold, he grabbed the last copy. And then started checking his phone too. =P ) I ended up buying the game and was so conflicted over my pre-order. -___-; I haven't canceled my pre-order, so I guess... I'll end up with two copies, one for my brother. ^^;; I'd planned on lending the game to him after I finished, but now I'll get to keep my copy, haha. I didn't think I'd be one of those who bought multiple copies. I still haven't gotten my pre-order yet though. Hope I can pick it up today after I wake up. (Thankfully, my work day isn't as long this Friday) Am really loving the game. <3 Went with a female avatar named Ruka for this playthrough.

Yu Wo sounds like she's starting to write part 2 of When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher. Trying to make it for Chinese New Year, I think. XD In it, Chasel mentions a person he was hoping to have in his platoon. However, that person ended up in the Sun Knight Platoon. Might this person be the vice-captain Chasel appointed for Neo? XDDDD (I'm bouncing all over the place. Vice-captains!!! :DDDD For some reason, I really like the vice-captains...) I do wonder who this character will turn out to be, even if not the vice-captain.

Chinese New Year this weekend! I will be off at my relatives' for the weekend but am hoping to be able to find some time to write. :) It is more likely that I'll be playing FE:A though, haha. |D;; (I haven't finished FE12...)
I started playing Pokemon Black 2! \o\ I've only gotten my first badge so far (Cheren stopped wearing his glasses, omg), and my pokemon are all very weak. My starter is Oshawott. Was very tempted to pick Snivy again, but I already used Snivy in Black. I find all the connections with Black & White to be pretty cool. :D

Fire Emblem Awakening is coming out next month. I can't wait. I already have it pre-ordered, and I played through the demo a few times. |D;;

more Fire Emblem talk )

Writing-wise, I decided to edit Bittersweet Sweetness. I started rereading from Part 1. |D;; I'm mostly just editing for grammar (and not for content, unless something feels off). I'm probably not going to reupload anything through. I'm thinking of maybe creating a pdf of the story once I finish it if anyone wants a copy. I don't know, haha. But yeah. Don't really feel like going through all three places where I've posted the fic and making replacements. Thinking of doing the same for Memories of the Future too, especially since I don't have copies of all the separate chapters for that fic in one place.

I was going to write a post about anime I'm currently following, but I never did write the post. -__-; Well, here's a short summary.

Yu Wo news to end this post. XD; Kill No More is being adapted into a manhua (heck yeah! dragons! 8D ) that can be ordered online starting 2/1 and Yu Wo will be publishing a new book soon which is scheduled for March. I would translate the title tentatively as "Contract of the Human Doll" or Doll Contract, I guess. It seems to be a horror story that involves ball-jointed dolls coming to life, from what I've read of the story that she's posted online. |D;; Yu Wo likes collecting ball-jointed dolls herself, so I guess that was her inspiration. One of the characters in this (possibly the protagonist) has a left eye that can see the paranormal. :3
Lessons in Demeanor has been translated into Spanish and can be found below! \o\

Clases de comportamiento
Si alguien quisiera aprender a ligar mejor, ¿a quién pedir ayuda, si no al mismísimo... próximo Caballero Tierra, que es tan casto y puro? ¿Qué? ¿Que eso no tiene sentido?

Video games I've been playing recently. First is Fire Emblem 12 (Shin Monshou no Shou). I started playing this in 2010 but stopped, thinking that I'd wait for a North American release... but that never happened. Restarting the game now (just in time because now there's an English patch), though I'm doing terrible in the game. Probably the worst I've ever done. |D;; (I also nearly named my character Luke when there's already a Luke in the game, oops, and reading my previous post about the game... I knew about the character back then! Oh what a shoddy memory...) I'm now a bit further than I had gotten last time, but still not too far in the game. I'm probably not training the myunit character the best way. I like mages too much, but they don't have the best defense. |D Let's see if I can finish the game this time and not forget it for another two years...

I'm all ready for the next Fire Emblem. Bought myself a 3DS for it. \o\ Currently playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on it. All the nostalgiaaaa. Though I actually haven't beaten a single Final Fantasy game before, ahaha...

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