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I received a gift and a treat! Both are lovely and have such beautiful prose and characterization.

A Breeze, Through Bars (1037 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Aldnoah.Zero (Anime & Manga)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kaizuka Inaho, Slaine Troyard
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Depression

Slaine may believe he deserves to die, but six months ago Inaho promised Asseylum they would save Slaine from himself.

self confidence and trust (514 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: orange - 高野苺 | Takano Ichigo
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Suwa Hiroto
Additional Tags: Epistolary

Naho is the orange warmth of the sun.
Kakeru is the cool, dappled shade.
Hiroto wants to be the branches that connect them, but isn't sure he has the strength.

I also thoroughly enjoyed this Akatsuki no Yona fic. It definitely gave a canon feel, with such a good mix of heartrending and lighthearted moments. I wish I could write such a well developed story like this!

Not All Chains are Forged of Iron (let me go ~ don't let me go) (31231 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 4/4
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Yona (Akatsuki no Yona), Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona), Zeno (Akatsuki no Yona), Ensemble, and some special appearances I'd rather not spoil
Additional Tags: Ghosts, Past Child Abuse, Canonical Character Death, Possession, Hand injury, Spoilers (through manga chapter 108), going for canon feel, no ships are sunk, supports Yona/Soo-won, supports Yona/Hak, Healing is Messy, Healing is Awesome, Green Dragon Village, Original Dragons memories

A search for an ancient relic leads Yona and her friends to Green Dragon Village. Jae-ha refuses to go with them — it’s enough for him to have broken his chains and moved on — but ghosts from the past have other ideas, and they will force Yona to confront the chains binding her own heart.

I have one fic in the collection that I'll be posting here after author reveals on January 1st. o/

fic recs

Mar. 2nd, 2015 10:03 pm
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These are the levels over at Yu Lun, Yu Wo's forums. XD

Holy Knight-in-training (0 points)
Holy Knight (100 points)
Holy Knight Platoon Member (1000 points)
Vice-Captain of the Twelve Holy Knights (2000 points)
Twelve Holy Knights (5000 points)
Judgment Knight (10000)
Sun Knight (30000)
God of War (50000)
Shadow God (70000)
God of Light (99999)

I think I will be forever stuck as a holy knight. XD;;; I see a few Judgment Knights...! That's already really impressive. I guess they must be aiming to become the God of Light, lol. I want to be a vice-captain. If not that, then the God of Light, lolol. But sadly, I'm not nearly that wordy.

Some Chinese LSK and Gong Hua fic recs!

fic recs )

And some other news. In February, I saw someone ask Neko Kreuz on Facebook about the state of the LSK manhua. Her reply was, "The manhua edition of the Legend of Sun Knight is currently on hiatus. Right now, I don't know when it will continue. Sorry about that."

Taiwan still hasn't gotten V5 of the manhua yet. I bought V4 in December of 2012, and it's already 2015. I wonder what's going on? I hope the manhua doesn't go the way of some other novel-to-manhua adaptions that end up unfinished. D: (I don't know about the situation with Unique Legend, but it seems like the manhua adaption is only 5~6 volumes long, and unfinished? I tried buying the manhua but couldn't find it in stock...)

In happier news, I'm getting my copy of Illusions-Lies-Truth V3 tomorrow. :3;;


Dec. 25th, 2013 03:08 am
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Happy holidays! ♥ I hope you are all having a great time. Hopefully relaxing and enjoyable. :)

[livejournal.com profile] yuletide fics are live! Here's the collection. I received an amaaaaaazing Chihayafuru fic focused on Taichi coming to terms with Arata and Chihaya wanting him to be part of their relationship. I had a silly grin on my face the entire time I was reading because, omg, Taaaichi. XD;;

What friends have I who know my heart (5098 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chihayafuru
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ayase Chihaya/Mashima Taichi/Wataya Arata
Characters: Mashima Taichi, Wataya Arata, Ayase Chihaya
Additional Tags: Love, Love Confessions, Polyamory, Polyamory Negotiations, First Kiss, Introspection, Future Fic

When Arata and Chihaya play karuta, it's like they're connected not just to the cards but to each other, and when you watch them you're connected too. At least that's how it feels to Taichi. So he reads for them every chance he gets, like right now, and every time he does he knows there's no way for him ever to quit.

"No, we—" Still standing, Arata cuts himself off with an inhale. Taichi looks up at him but he doesn't continue.

It's Chihaya who says, "We have something to talk to you about."

There are a total of 6!!! Chihayafuru fics. I haven't even looked at what else is in the archive yet. *___* (But now I kind of want to read Chihayafuru again...)

I don't have any fic to post today in celebration, though now that Legend of Sun Knight V6C4 has been released over at Prince Revolution, the English fandom now knows about Metal's secret! (As well as Sun's and Judgment's secrets, wow, this is certainly a chapter of secrets... But haha, Metal's definitely left the biggest impression on me) I guess I can crosspost A Taste of More over at ffnet now. XD; Even though it is definitely not a fic that's very suitable for the holidays, pffft.
I've been reading as many Yuletide fics as possible, but I've only reached L in the alphabet... (I started alphabetically, though I did skip around for fandoms I looked forward to a lot). This is probably all I'll get around to reading before reveals. ): Time to return to writing!

I adored the following stories a ton. <3

a few fic recs )
It is 5 AM but I haven't gone to sleep yet because OMG Yuletide.

I received an amazing fic!

walking in babylon (8446 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Waver Velvet, Rider (Fate/Zero), Tohsaka Rin
Summary: In which Waver Velvet goes on vacation, pays his so-called debts, and forms an unlikely alliance.

ajkl;sdfjk;a I love longfic, and this one is a perfect length. Waver is so, so awesome in this, and I feel special that this fic is exactly the type of fic I love to read. Thank you author for catering to my likes so much. <333

That's pretty much all I've got around to reading so far! I hope to read lots of Yuletide fic after I sleep. <33 I am also super gleeful over the fact that my recipient is super sweet. I love writing for enthusiastic people! (And I'm so relieved that my recipient seemed to like the fic!) Also, Yuletide isn't complete without me trying to identify [personal profile] darkicedragon's fic, since I've managed to do so for the past two Yuletides, and for Parallels as well. XDDD I believe I've found it! That is, if there isn't more than one. XD

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, f-list! I hope you're having a great day! :D
Yu Wo's Holiday Fic Poll
Yu Wo's Poll for the short stories she'll write for the holidays! She gathered a few prompts from the readers and came up with these options.

translation of the entry )

Legend of Sun Knight x No Hero fic rec
After I voted, I caught up with a Chinese fic for a crossover between the Legend of Sun Knight and No Hero called Bonds. It's super fun. XD;; I mean, look, it's a crossover between LSK and NH!! Lots of tropes at play here too that make me ridiculously happy. XD

spoilers for the fic )

LSK x Reborn Fusion fic musings
While going over the different flames for Reborn, I thought about how cool it would be to toss Legend of Sun Knight characters into Reborn's canon. XD;; Except I can't quite make everything match, hmmm.

musings for an LSK x Reborn fusion fic )
Four things! :D

♥ Looks like author names have now been revealed! Here's the fic I wrote. I hesitated over offering Kuroko no Basket, and of course that was the fandom I matched on. XD; Will be posting this here too!

Ten minutes is all I ask for (3901 words) by faviconlucathia
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
Relationships: Aida Riko/Hyuuga Junpei, Aida Riko/Kiyoshi Teppei
Summary: Riko's life isn't a basketball match, but sometimes it might as well be one.

fic commentary )

♥ The author of my giftfic You and I, are alike but different and was [livejournal.com profile] qem_chibati like I had thought. XD; You had me guessing for a bit! Sneaky, sneaky Qem! Thank you for the fic. I wish I could snuggle with it. ♥

♥ Bwahaha, I managed to identify all of [personal profile] darkicedragon's fics! I was pretty sure after reading the fics. XD

♥ Some recs! \o/

Liability (2519 words) by faviconKantayra
Fandom: Nabari no Ou
Relationships: Meguro Gau/Shimizu Raikou
Summary: In the world of Nabari, Gau was a liability. Fortunately, that was exactly what Raikou needed.

See With my Own Eyes (5769 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: +Anima
Characters: Cooro, Blanca (+Anima)
Summary: Blanca had been inside the still room for so long, where there had been nothing but darkness until Aaron, and eventually Fly, had come, and it used to be enough. But it wasn’t now, not when she knew it was just a part of what was outside the room, what she could possibly see for herself.

Aftermath (1180 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: +Anima
Characters: Nana (+Anima), Husky (Myrrha), Cooro
Summary: Nana wants to see Cooro’s smile again.

Habit (2768 words) by faviconDarkicedragon
Fandom: Yoroshiku Master
Characters: Rihito (Yoroshiku Master), Tateyama Daisuke, Sagara Kurumi, Kaito (Yoroshiku Master)
Summary: At a young age, Rihito knew what he had to do to avoid meeting his santa.

Allegro ma non troppo (2550 words) by faviconGramarye
Fandom: Eve no Jikan | Time of Eve
Characters: Sakisaka Rikuo, Sammy (Eve no Jikan), Chie (Eve no Jikan)
Summary: Even if Rikuo still can't fully bring himself to enjoy playing the piano as he once did, there's nothing to stop him from showing someone else how to find enjoyment in playing. (It helps to start at the very beginning.)

Secondary Qualities (1680 words) by faviconjan
Fandom: Eve no Jikan
Characters: Sakisaka Rikuo, Nagi (Eve no Jikan), Sammy (Eve no Jikan), Masaki Masakazu
I received an awesome fic for [livejournal.com profile] funpotexchange! :D Thank you for the lovely fic! Fic about Liladent Krauser, humorous misunderstandings, and language barriers! :DDD

The not-so dream of getting scouted by [livejournal.com profile] satsu_basu
The frustration of finding out someone is getting scouted... And how quickly it changes when they realize it's not for pro. Characters include Kirihara Akaya, Liliadent Krauser, Echizen Ryoma~

I finished writing part 21 of Bittersweet Sweetness! \o/ I'm going to try for...somewhat regular updates, so I tossed the next part into my scheduled LJ posts. The post will magically appear next Tuesday (hopefully with the right formatting). XD;; My goal is to continue writing and hopefully stock up on a lot more chapters so we don't have ridiculous dry-spells... and meanwhile, I'll be working on some other fics too. I'm hoping I can at least finish something before Tuesday, but we'll see...

After reading chapter 176 of Bakuman, the last chapter, I'm in dire need of an epilogue. The ending was touching (Dreams and Reality! 10 years later!), but I really missed the rest of the cast. So I think I will write an epilogue that includes the rest of the cast. My next fic project. ;) It better be a oneshot, and I better finish it in one go. Man, I was so off with my version of "10 years later" when I wrote these two fics around the time chapter 24~25 was out. But gosh, I didn't think the series would actually cover 10 years! For 750words yesterday, I slapped down words in a frenzy, mostly just ideas for the Bakuman fic. 750 words of random snippets and ideas... OTL. How is all this going to come together?
Frankenstein chapter, like predicted. :3

Read more... )

This is as good a time as any to make a fic rec!

I am Tao by Fleeting Vapor - I just started reading Fleeting Vapor's fics the other day, and boy are they true to Noblesse~. They are lengthy enough for me to sink my teeth into them, and they bring in a wide cast of characters with witty dialogue. This fic especially makes my heart go out to Tao!

No Hero v7 is coming out on 4/24! Cover! It's subtitled "The End, The Beginning" and was slated to be the last volume, but now there will also be a volume 8. Limited poster from the autograph session is of Ezart and... *peers at the person in glasses* I don't actually remember who he is, whoops. XD; Oh wait, I think he's one of the professors... I think I'll be getting mine in June or so when a family friend visits from Taiwan.
Last day of the year! I finally got around to reading some Yuletide stories that weren't gifts for me yesterday. Or well, this morning. I pretty much opened all of the fandoms I even passingly knew, but there were a lot that I'm not familiar enough with to appreciate fully. I had to stop halfway though. Saved everything else for later, though I was hoping to leave comments and kudos before reveals (feels more... special to me? and I remember I never did go back after reveals last time...).

This Kimi to Boku fic absolutely broke my heart. It is a thing of beauty, and the characterization is so much love. My heart goes out to Yuuta.

not where it starts, but where it ends (3510 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Kimi to Boku | You and I
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Asaba Yuuta, Asaba Yuuki, Tsukahara Kaname
Summary: Even twins grow apart.

I've yet to answer most of the Advent Calendar posts over at [livejournal.com profile] colors_tcg. Gotta do that before the year ends!

Utena Marathon
I had a holiday marathon of Utena with [livejournal.com profile] gem2niki. Finally watched this classic. :) I expected it to be mind-breaking, but it was not as mind-breaking as I was expecting, though there were parts I didn't understand, and whoa, themes galore. Sometimes I felt the show was cryptic just for the sake of being cryptic, and some parts were truly repetitive (yet I did look forward to the repetitiveness of the duel openings and the elevator scenes because they offered familiarity to me, and the duel of the week set-up does appeal to the part of me that appreciates battle and sports manga, which also have similar set-ups to have fights happening. The repetitiveness also allowed us to fast-forward through those parts, haha, otherwise the marathon would have taken even longer). I came out of the show with "zettai unmei mokushiroku" stuck in my head. And gosh, just how many times did people get slapped in this show? (I also had moments when I finally understood the naming behind decks submitted for [livejournal.com profile] colors_tcg. Truly fitting names like cowbell for Nanami and onion for Wakaba, hehe). I couldn't help but hear Hikaru in Utena's voice, though I guess it was probably the opposite for others.

more babbling on the show )
I received two fun little Madness fics. \o/ Yuletide squee never ends! (Here's the rest of the collection)

Relaxing (405 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Legend of the Sun Knight
Summary: Storm goes out drinking.

If you've ever wondered what Storm is like during his time off, and if you've ever wondered what exactly the friendship is like between Storm and the Sun Knight Platoon, read this fic. (Or, read it anyway even if you've never wondered, hehe)

Prospective Student (579 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Noblesse (Manhwa), Eclipse Hunter
Summary: Frankenstein meets a new prospective student of YeLan High School.

A very believable crossover between Noblesse and Eclipse Hunter. (With the school names pronounced so similarly, this just had to happen, right?) Crossovers are so much fun. :D


Dec. 25th, 2011 07:04 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] yuletide fics are up! They've been up! (Except I've been sleeping! XD;; Well, not that long, but sleep and other things meant I didn't get around to reading until now).

I received three fantastic gifts! Thank you so much. ♥

Think Before You... (1197 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Legend of the Sun Knight, 1/2 Wangzi | 1/2 Prince
Summary: Sun should know better than to poke around Pink's house.
My mind automatically filled in the last word of the title as "Think Before You Leap". XD; This is a super fun crossover between 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight. Sun's voice is so spot on! And the little details are to die for. :D Again, this is so, so fun.

A Strange Life (1347 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: NG Life
Summary: Loleus wakes up from a bad dream.
KL;ASDJF;ADJFLA;SK NG LIFE FIC. NG Life fic is like, super rare. And then, fic focused on Loleus is even rarer since he's not even a "main" character and not even alive as we only ever see him through flashbacks. This fic makes me love Loleus even more than before (I did not think that was possible) and left me feeling wistful but content at the same time.

The Continuing Record (5970 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Double Arts
Summary: The record continues.
So, I stated in my Yuletide letter how I would looooove longfic. This fic is deliciously long, filled with little snippets of Elraine and Kiri's journey to headquarters, as well as what happens after they reach headquarters. All I could ever want in a continuation of Double Arts! The fic brings in a great cast, giving the spotlight to Fallan and Sui at parts too. It really felt like I was reading a continuation of the series. :D

*bites fingers about her own fics* Now I wish even more that I've written more, because anonymous fics and general squeeing is so much fun. :) I might attempt to write a bit more (later....?) which might mean whatever I come up with... will end up in the NYR collection. I don't think I'll make Madness in time. XD Or maybe I should just read and review. There is so much to read, and I've only gotten around to my own gifts so far. :)
Didn't manage to write 1,667 words for Day 2 (darn) but I wrote around 1,500 words or so. And then wrote another 100 something after midnight. (boooo) Day 2's writing took particularly long because I spent most of my time editing what I wrote on Day 1 and adding on to that. Probably not smart for the sake of my word count, but there was a lot of detail that was missing that I needed to build off of... it's also hard to break out of my habit of rereading =/ (it's how I usually write). I reread and reread what I've written and add details in each reread. The first run is always fairly bare of details.

Today what stumped me was describing smells. My protagonist, Tekatme, has a very good sense of smell, so my focus was on adding details about what he was smelling and what his nose told him about people. My writing from Day 1 didn't have any of that detail, which didn't make sense. After 3336 words, I'm still stuck in the prologue and wonder how many more words it'll take me to end the prologue (watch, the prologue turns into the entire novel, haha...).

I seem to be very big on family, Parent-child relationships. Sibling relationships. I started last year's novel with a scene between Rykatu and his mother. This time, it's Tekatme with his family. I want to bring characters from last year's NaNo into this... but the time frame doesn't fit! D:

So far, Tekatme has been complaining a lot. I wonder if he'll come off dislikable. The other characters aren't very charming either. :'D

Stuff I distracted myself with (bad Lucathia!)
- Yu Wo posted part 2 of Female Warrior (I've already read it before, but I still reread it. *wants more*)

- Reading this hilarious, witty, Thor fic that is so much love. I really should have been writing.
The Calculator (38970 words) by faviconkatsu
I read through almost all of the Yuletide and Yuletide Madness fics I've been meaning to read. It took me a long time, and I had so many tabs open. I also left as many comments as I could even though I was far from profound in all of them. The series near the end of the alphabet got the short end because my comments got shorter and shorter, and I ended up not checking out the fandoms I was less familiar with or fics with characters I cared less about (but I did for the beginning of the alphabet). I might return to them later, but for now, I'm done. ^__^

I am fairly sure I ran into a number of [livejournal.com profile] darkicedragon's fics with the fandoms I did end up reading, haha, but I was clued in because of the titles and the summary before the actual fic confirmed my guess. But who knows, maybe I'm completely off the mark. XD; Anyway...

5 fics I enjoyed a lot (outside of my gifts) (why does this sound like the title of a fic? People have been titling their fics like this way too much *g*) I realize I've never recced any fic from Yuletide outside of squeeing over my gifts each year... so, have some recs.

The Closest Place to Forever (Cat Street, Nako)
This gives Nako wonderful closure as well as a glimpse into everyone's lives and how they're settling into it now that they're all older.

Cake (Honey and Clover, Ayumi/Nomiya)
They're a pair I actually adore a whole lot (I don't adore too many couples), and this fic does it perfectly. The ending really touched me.

Sit. Stay. Beg (Minamishineyo|You're Beautiful)
This is cuteness, really, with enough humor and adorableness to make me smile all night.

Never Lag Behind (Natsume Yuujinchou)
This could be a chapter out of the manga! I really loved how things unfolded here.

She Says It's Not a Love Song (But it Totally Is) (Yu Yu Hakusho, Yukina)
Yukina is awesome in this, and everyone else is written in a way that makes me wish this fic were even longer (but it's a perfect length, with self discovery, realizations, and a whole lot more).

Yuletide aside, I started reading +C: Sword and Cornett, and I like it a lot (with the conspiracies and princes and people saving and crossdressing and loyalty). But now that I've read through everything that's available so quickly, I'll need to wait. *grumbles* Still, this is now also on my to-buy list. :) I've also been reading T.R.A.P. (that I bought last last week) and finished volume 1 so far, and yup, the main character really does have amnesia, and he's probably psychic. *g* I look forward to seeing what kind of soccer will result from this.
Happy 25th everyone!! I've been eying the counter for Yuletide all day yesterday. I reread a manga so I could write a last minute treat for it, and just now, I got a email with links to three stories for me!! Squee! For three different fandoms! Not just one, but three awesome stories! One more, and all of my requests would have been done. So my previous Santa, don't feel bad for not being able to write/finish your fic. The pinch hitters did a great job. I would still love to see what you come up with if you're still up to it though!

I haven't been able to leave feedback yet (don't want to crash the database...it spit an error message at me when I tried) but I love all three that I got. These three were all scenarios I was dying to see, and my yuletide santas filled them so well! I also already got a comment from the recipient I wrote for. Sooo happy they liked it. ♥ *goes back to reread the comment*

Links to the Yuletide gifts I got so I can save this in my memories~ (...hopefully all of you aren't already swamped by gushing Yuletide recipients today...)

A Promise Repaid (Eureka seveN) - Dominic visits Renton's grandfather post-series and tries to pass off as a friend.

Like a Bird through the Glass (Tantei Gakuen Q) - Kyuu and Ryuu friendship fic. Kyuu thinks about how Ryuu acts after everything's over.

The Winter of Our Discontent (Fire Emblem 7) - Erk takes on Pent's position and thinks of the people who he used to be and could have been close with.

Also, holiday cards! [livejournal.com profile] just1kinkybitch and Kuro (hilarious that Kinky wrote both messages, hehe), [livejournal.com profile] tarigwaemir (Tsumego problems for the win!), [livejournal.com profile] dyaoka (your writing slants, but it's still so neat! Hope to meet you again~), I received your cards yesterday! ♥ Thanks so much! I'll er, finally be sending mine out after Christmas. They'll be like new years cards.

I'm bursting with happiness right now, what with Yuletide and all these lovely cards. I'm so joining in next year's Yuletide. Hopefully early enough so I can suggest fandoms too.
The reveal for the Obscure Fandom challenge at [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_challenge is up!

Fics I received from the past two challenges that I really adore:

Lost in the Silver Box (Eureka 7, Dominic-centric) by Thimble ([livejournal.com profile] ravenbell). When Dominic boards the Gekko State, how well does he get along with the rest of the crew? (I had just finished watching E7 when I requested this, and it was the fic that I wanted to see written the most. I'm so glad that [livejournal.com profile] ravenbell took on the prompt! ♥ )

Where all Things End (Princess Tutu, Knight/Prince [Fakir/Mytho]) by hyakumonogatari ([livejournal.com profile] nekokoban. A fractured fairy tale for the Knight.

The reveal for [livejournal.com profile] remus_reads was up ages ago too. I've been meaning to rec this fic that I read in the ficathon.

The Alphabet Song (HP, Remus/Harry). The fic goes through the entire alphabet. Really quite adorable.

I shall be posting up the fics I submitted too...after more editing, that is. I've accumulated quite a few fics.
For those who are on Heroes withdrawal since there's no Heroes on tomorrow night...

Heroes: the Hiatus Continuations by [personal profile] sam_storyteller.

Interesting theories. It's written very much the way the episodes feel. (even the preview for the next chapter!) It starts right where episode 18 left off.

Mm, first time I've read Heroes fic. Anyone have any other recs? Though, I'm going to make sure to leave them until after Tuesday, after my midterm!

HP recs

Jul. 7th, 2006 03:10 am
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some HP favorites of mine that have accumulated over time...though it's sad that I don't remember half of my old favorites. Some are older, some are newer. Includes recs for Draco, Remus, Harry, and Neville-centric fics.

Draco )

Remus )

Harry )

Neville )

General )

fic rec

Oct. 18th, 2005 06:04 pm
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cousin D's Long Denied.
A Fruits Basket/Petshop of Horrors crossover~. 

I checked back on cousin D's bio today and saw that the sequel is finally up! I've waited so long for this! :D (Too bad that the first chapter is mostly a recap of the first story)

I don't usually do fic recs (I just save them in memories and favorite lists) but I'm excited that this sequel is up. XD;;


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