So, after many years, I've finally taken the plunge and moved my journal to Dreamwidth. *waves* I've always decided against moving because 1) I've gotten my LJ to look exactly like I want it to look 2) having comments and entries in two places drives me nuts 3) all the links will still lead to LJ unless I manually update each one 4) a lot of people won't follow me over.

Well, most of those problems aren't solved, but I've gotten my DW to suit my needs a bit more while still using DW's responsive layouts. I'm hoping to eventually phase out crossposting to LJ to keep everything in one place, once the idea sinks in more that I've moved~. The links will be problematic, as my previous and next chapter links all lead to LJ, and so do all the links on my fic masterlist. =/ Well, that'll be a big undertaking to fix. One day. I might do away with previous and next chapter links and just advise people to use the fic tags. I hope things work out.

Anyway, hello from Dreamwidth! I hope you'll stick around. ;)
I've been browsing Dreamwidth writing communities since LJ has been down quite a lot and I needed places to lurk, or else I'd have felt so stranded. Lots of awesome writing communities!

fic_promptly - prompt posts everyday, with lots of people pitching in prompts. I really want to write something for this. There's one Noblesse prompt that I would love to write, but I can't seem to get started, so I guess I won't be able to do it. :3;; Am still turning it around in my mind. Meanwhile... *tosses prompts at people* I hope someone writes some prompts I tossed in. I am kind of stirring up plunnies myself with these, haha.

hard_mode (video game big bang) is something I'd love to do... since 10k sounds doable for a Big Bang. XD; (10k is like... a very long oneshot!) I currently have no ideas for video game fics though, so... *mulls on this one* If I somehow write a video game fic over 10k before June, I'd join this. Unlikely that it'll happen though, since my writing commitments are now all over the place. (I'm still wondering if I can finish my NaNo by June and print it... maybe if I go back and edit/expand the first section and only print that section as a stand alone...)

no_true_pair looks so fun, but the current round has already started. I think I'll keep on eye on this community for the next round that's run this way. :3

As for my writing commitments... currently, I still have [ profile] 31days_exchange to finish (I asked for an extension! Still, I better finish within this month...) and [ profile] 30_kisses with Namiki/Kaichou (only 9 parts left out of 30, but my inspiration seems to have completely died. I already plotted out the rest last August, er, more than half a year ago. An earthquake was a major part of the plot, but now I feel it's more of a plot device than anything... I don't think I can write it in a meaningful way). I also want to work on my NaNo more and print it for myself, but eh, June deadline? That's just around the corner!

With so much I want to write... I think I'll end up writing nothing. :'D
I have one dreamwidth invite code left. Would anyone like it? Just let me know your email and I'll send one to you. I'm lucathia over there. I have not posted in my dw since I created it... ^^;;

edit: code still available!
I finally, finally watched the yakiniku episode for Prince of Tennis (I thought I watched it before, but I guess I only saw part of it from the 100 song marathon!). It is hilarious. I laughed so much. I still haven't finished watching the newer musicals (I'm only half an hour in for both Hyoutei cast A and the Shitenhouji musical) but oh my gosh, the One More Step song just tugs at my heart. I'm not that big of a Seigaku fan, but it's still so touching that the series got so far (it's impressive! other series stop halfway) and that even the musicals have brought us all the way to Shitenhouji...and very soon, the last match. The new Tenipuri chapters have left everyone gaping...I hope A LOT of chapters are dedicated to the matches and delve inside each person's head. Because those are some seriously interesting match ups even though they're all mind breaking. I've been getting into Tenipuri all over again because of [ profile] twistserve_tcg. Currently playing Boys be Glorious...Yuuta's my partner! He eats sweets like crazy and talks about his aniki all the time. I'm at the part where the tournament's about to start. I want to try out the girl's side too. I will flail about this game in another post.

It seems that everyone's moving to DW! I'm lucathia over at DW. Feel free to friend! I'm very lonely over there. I got an invite code thanks to [ profile] ramble_corner (thanks so much~!). I'm not sure what I will be doing with my DW. Probably not much at the moment, but if I ever use it, it will be for fandom. My personal LJ will be staying here, not that many of you are following it.

Legend of Basara:
I wasted one of my free days during my Spring break reading this manga. Gods, it has so many twists and turns and is just epic. It has lots of touching scenes, a good deal of romance and messed up identities. I couldn't stop after I started! I like Sarasa most of the time, but I'm not too much a fan of the Red King (...I can't believe I already forgot his name!!)

...I am a HUGE fan of Asagi though. |D He reminds me so much of Namiki from Mekakushi no Kuni! Both their looks and their personality!! Any Asagi fans out there???? :O Have a comparison pic!

Gosh, it's already May. Fanime is soon! I started painting the blue strips for Tadase (from Shugo Chara) and I bought my red contacts! I don't think I have enough fabric paint for both the cape and the shorts though. D: I'll have to buy more...shipping is expensive. ;___; I want to make Kiseki to go along with my cosplay. I think...when I get tired of contacts and the wig, I'll take those off and cosplay Kairi instead. <3 I can cosplay him by tying up my hair. I'd look just like him with his character change when he has his hair up (and I already have glasses~). :DDDD

Should I go to AX? D: