Another not very well drawn 4-koma~ (this one doesn't even have a story or punch line!). This already looks completely different from my previous one... *saves it at a slightly larger size* I replaced the previous one with a larger size too since it was hard to read the text.

Our Sun Knight )
Hur hur, I drew something. XD It took me all day, yet this was all I could manage (I find this very sad), and now my hand hurts. I could have written a drabble saying much the same in much less time. :'D I decided to base Sun's appearance on Ya Sha's character designs instead of Mao Shi Zi's character designs from the manhua... since I'm incapable of drawing ruffles and luxurious hair... XDDD Uh... please don't look too closely at the fail!drawings. Sun looks different in each panel, and I still couldn't figure out his clothes by the end...

May the God of Light... )
So I saw [ profile] oriaon's post for Hiyoshi's birthday and thought, oh man, this is so time to finish that sketch of Hiyoshi that I was doing for Ori for the art trade! Yes art trade, me? What was I thinking? XD;

I still ended up being a day late. I was hoping this could also pass off as something for Hiyoshi's birthday.

horrible drawing below )
More of my fail art. XD; I was purposely trying to make everyone look younger (that was the theme I was going for first, but I kind of failed with that.) I ended up not being able to do 20 characters like I had planned.

Here, I made Prince of Tennis characters dress up in clothes from other series, haha! Can you recognize what those series are? I couldn't think of all that many series I'm into with recognizable clothes that would sort-of-fit the characters I was drawing.

Read more... )

For some reason, my photoshop is crashing today. Every time I click the color palette, it crashes! I deleted the preferences file hoping that might help (and it did) but photoshop crashed again when I duplicated a layer. =/
I thought I'd do fanart for a special deck over at [ profile] twistserve_tcg, but problem is, I haven't done any Tenipuri fanart. Well, nothing presentable. XD; So yeah, I tried doodling today after giving up on translating stuff. Got frustrated with erasing, so I went digital. That was frustrating too. OTL.

ew, my ugly art )

Haha, fandom to-do list. December is always my super busy fandom month because of all these exchanges. I think I signed up for too many this year.

-[ profile] yuletide (Dec 21) (oh man, I have to review the canon)
-TWEWY Secret Santa (Dec 25)
-[ profile] fe_exchange (Dec 25)
-[ profile] drive_a (February 2010) (this has kind of gotten nowhere yet...)
-[ profile] yaoi_challenge (February 2010)

Other ongoing stuff:
-[ profile] iconfiend100 for Hikago
-[ profile] 30_kisses for Mekakushi no Kuni (I want to finish this soon. It's been 3 years.)
-fics on this list. I will not start anything other than the fics for the exchanges until I finish some of these. >_>

And of course, translations and TCG. December will be busy just from fandom stuff already. ^^;;
So, while reading Bakuman ch.56, I was very impressed with Takagi's drawings. They seriously tell you all you need. I can't even do that! This was an idea (which I won't be doing and never really considered very far because I can't draw well) I had for drive_a. It took me forever just to do this. The idea was a bunch of 4koma, not the actual content I drew in this one. XD;

This 4koma is totally inspired by the Tenipuri game, Form the Strongest Team. Because Atobe speaks these lines in there.

Happy birthday, Atobe! He's far from my favorite character, but without him, Tenipuri would be a lot less fun. Sorry if this isn't all that amusing. XD

world domination, anyone? )
I feel like drawing more. I drew a Kirihara...but he was looking more and more like Marui as I was drawing him.

cut for the full pic! )

While I was supposed to be researching for my thesis project, I had the sudden urge to do a lot of fandom stuff.

- I read all the [ profile] blind_go fics. I particularly adored Five Reasons Why Sai Coming Back in the Flesh Really Isn't as Great as Everyone Makes it Sound. I wish I had joined in on such a fun round.
- I kept browsing the decks at [ profile] brotcg. ORZ, what am I doing?
- I started watching Hetalia. Yeah.
- I kept going through [ profile] fanbook, disappointed in how little I actually translated over there. I definitely want to start translating again! Probably starting with Prince of Tennis 10.5 and the Hikaru no Go Gorgeous Character Guide.
- I wrote some more of the next chapter of Memories of the Future. The deadline for [ profile] 30_kisses is rolling around again! Readers of this story are all pretty awesome. They're so patient and everything. I don't know how they stand my slowness with this fic.

Ahhh, I want to write more fic, draw more, translate more, and just do more things than lurk like I always do. *flails*
Kaichou wa Maid-sama chapter 32 is quite cute. :D The previous chapter was great fun too. I prefer Misaki over Hikari from Special A. She is...not as oblivious.

I'm starting to dislike Honey Hunt after reading chapter 19. I feel bad for Nanase. =/

another doodle of Prince )

I want to cosplay Prince's first outfit (not the one I drew! his beginner outfit) but I have no idea what the color scheme is. From the mini picture of him on the back cover of volume one, the sleeves and pants might be green, but it's not a very good reference. =/ If not this, I want to at least make Meat Bun~ (she should be easy...)

The list of plushies I want to make is growing larger...
- Kiseki from Shugo Chara
- Musashi from Shugo Chara
- Meat Bun from 1/2 Prince
- Blue Badger (I bought fleece last year to make this but I haven't even touched my sewing machine)

Wah, I look forward to having more free time! D: I bought a bunch of manga last week, but I've only gotten around to Otomen and La Corda d'Oro...
Man, I am obsessed with 1/2 Prince. (I've read too much of the novels this weekend) I've been eying my wig for Tadase again and thinking of the red contacts I'm getting for Tadase and how I can totally use that for Prince too. I'm even looking at elf ears. I can possibly do his first outfit. Only one weekend after this left until Fanime...I don't think I'll be able to get any new cosplay done. D:

If you have not read 1/2 Prince, you can read it here! I recommend it to people who like MMORPGs and series with a dash of gender bender, keeping secrets, comedy, making fun of other series, and romance~. This is a series where characters even have online names like Legolas and Kenshin. There are lots of Chinese cultural references too.

Today, I doodled a lot of Prince to practice his expressions. I haven't drawn anything original yet...still practicing with Prince's faces from the manhua~. This is with reference up to chapter 7. I'm going to go through the other chapters when I have time. There are some more cool shots of him...

Prince!! )
Phew, done with all my exchanges except for [ profile] 31_days_exchnge (which I really need to get started on). After reveals, I'll be fixing up my TWEWY fics a bit and posting them here. I probably won't post the art I did for [ profile] gyakusai_swap.

...oh well, since the art is posted under my name, it's here if anyone's interested. Pearl + Phoenix, with a Christmas tree. Yes, very late with the Christmas part. It's not very polished, but nothing I draw is very polished ever. I do not know why Phoenix is in a box. He's supposed to be smaller and looking at the tree, but it didn't turn out that way. I decided to draw something instead of write fic since I couldn't come up with a fic scenario at all. Phoenix eludes me, and I don't seem to have a muse for GS1-3 anymore.

I read Houkago no Oujisama (the Prince of Tennis tribute) 2 and 3 today. It is hilarious. ♥ Can't wait for the next one. I hope to see Rikkai soon. Hyotei, St. Rudolph, Fudoumine, and Yamabuki have all made a brief appearance already. The Hyotei ones really got me laughing. especially these ones. )

While I was out on Tuesday, new decks were released over at [ profile] anime_lj_tcg. There's now a Yuuki and Yuuta deck from Kimi to Boku, Elraine from Double Arts, and finally some Prince of Tennis ones. And even one Hetalia deck, but I haven't started on that webcomic yet. I love what people requested this time. :)
Ike and Link with the most random pose ever, for Kinky. :)

here's the sketch, wrong proportions and everything )

Also, [ profile] revenus (kda;sdjfsa That is one cute Dino) and [ profile] ulqui (thank you for the adorable little pouch and bracelet!!) I've received both of your cards. I really need to get cracking on mine.

sketch meme

Dec. 14th, 2008 11:05 pm
lucathia: (fishbones: x'd out eyes)
Because I requested from [ profile] dyaoka, who drew me a lovely Kaitou Kid~

The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their drawing ability level. If you absolutely can't draw, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drabbles or icons or something instead.

It will be very sketchy. Probably something on Tegaki. I don't think a lot of people would want art from me, so I don't really care how many people request. :3

Pst, my holiday card post is over here if you still want a card from me. I haven't...written any yet. I should be getting to them soon since I'm almost done with finals. :) Though I might be a little distracted trying to finish fic exchanges. The due dates are just around the corner!

Also, have all of you put up your holiday wish list? I tried putting everyone's into my memories, but I may have missed yours!
A meme, because I got an awesome drawing from [ profile] dumbimps and I really want to display it. ♥ Besides, this meme is fun. The last time I did it was last I think enough time has passed.

1. Comment and I'll pick two of your LJ interests and draw you a picture, using Paint.
2. You have no say in what I draw you!
3. Put this in your journal, and the pic I drew for you too!

[ profile] dumbimps drew me a Hikago Lucky Star parody. :D
[ profile] darkicedragon drew me Yoh and a Djinn. Hee.
Because [ profile] cynicalism asked for it!!! :O

These are characters I created back when I was well, younger. [WARNING: LONG POST!!!] I drew most of these years ago. Consider yourself warned. X3;; Some of the drawings are newer...I wonder if you can tell. I don't think I improved actually. But since I drew these at different periods of time, the style varies from drawing to drawing. And I keep wavering on how I want to make the characters look.

onto the drawings! )
1. Comment here and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw a picture using the mighty MS Paint.

2. You have no say in what I draw for you, or in how much it will suck!

3. Put this in your journal along with the pictures people drew for you.

[ profile] athena8 drew me Shige from Whistle! ^__^
[ profile] ranier drew me D1 from PoT. ♥
[ profile] esrafil drew me Dalamar w/ death note. XD;;
[ profile] cynicalism drew me Harvest Moon. :DD
[ profile] disutansu drew me L. =)
[ profile] jounetsu_ryu drew me Yagyuu with Fishbones.
Happy Birthday, Ae!!!

An HP doodle for your bday~. :DDD I remembered earlier enough to do something this time. I don't usually remember bdays...until it's too late. ^^;;

Do I get to squeeze the life out of Potter? )
I don't draw well...and not drawing a lot means I'll never improve. -_-;; I wanted to draw dresses...and what better than to have crossdressing Hao from my pointless fic Twin Stars as my model? *must work on fic as well*

the three doodles )

...does anyone have the Honey and Clover special that they can upload for me? I need more hachikuro. ;_; I cried when I watched the ending of the anime. >_>

Also, the rajipuri list has been updated with tons of alternate links with the help of [ profile] crychicken! You can now download to your heart's content because there's no hourly download limit, unlike when I was only using rapidshare. :3

:3 Another Hao doodle, this time a little pic for my fanfic Twin Stars. Yes, I enjoy torturing Hao. XD


Hao in a mini-skirt )

Since I have a few drawings that are more doodles than polished drawings, I thought that lj would be a good place to share them. XD Below is a rough sketch of Hao with star/crescent moon earrings.  X-posted in [ profile] shaman_king

Hao doodle )


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