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Jan. 1st, 2014 04:06 pm
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My yearly fic round up post! (Previous years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)

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I've been working on this story for much too long (since last year after the manga ended... It's not even a long story or all that impressive of one). Finally finished it, and now I can move on. :)

Title: And They Lived Happily Ever After
Fandom: Bakuman
Words: 4954
Summary: An epilogue to the series. Just because their dreams have come true doesn't mean they'll stop dreaming. Details events leading up to the wedding.
Notes: Thank you, Bakuman, for being an amazing series. ♥

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This is what I do when I get stuck on writing.

First line meme snagged from [livejournal.com profile] seta_suzume! The idea is to list out the last 21 first lines I've written in fic, but I don't have that many fics. XD; So, have 12 first lines from me, the ones I've written this year. Most are from the beginning of new chapters instead of the very beginning of the fic. There are some unpublished lines as well, ones for fics that I should be posting soon. *keeps fingers crossed*

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Anime round-up

Apr. 6th, 2013 06:45 pm
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Um wow, this post has just turned into a monster. =___= This is what happens when I haven't written a round-up for the longest time. XD;

Now that the spring anime season has started, here's my round-up for stuff I finished watching before the new season. Though some shows aren't even from the winter or fall seasons, haha. I planned on following a few more series but never did. I've been pretty lax with writing my impressions... This was last season's. This season, I basically only finished series I was already watching from the fall season!

recently ended: Ginga e Kickoff, Bakuman season 3, Zetsuen no Tempest, Senyuu )

older series: Ano Hana, Toradora, Wagaya no Oinari-sama )

still following: Uchuu Kyoudai, Chihayafuru season 2 )

behind on: Kotoura-san, Magi, Maoyuu, Tamako Market )

spring season: OreImo, Hataraku Maou-sama, Karneval, Arata Kangatari )
Vietnamese translation of Tension, a Bakuman fic, thanks to Hyouton Inuki! I love fic translations. :)

Here's the link!

Speaking of Bakuman, I caught up with the 3rd season of the anime! \o\ Although the pacing is a lot faster now, it doesn't feel too rushed. I'm actually glad the 2nd Nanamine arc was cut out, since it didn't build on his character much at all. I hope I'll find the ending satisfactory! Will be a little sad to see the series conclude though.

Fire Emblem, ah, Fire Emblem. Awakening has been out of stock and delayed everywhere!!! I pre-ordered Fire Emblem Awakening at GameStop because I wanted the artbook that came with pre-orders, and I wanted to get the game on the day of the release. That was supposed to be Monday, and now it's Friday. -__-; I've been calling GameStop a lot to check if they'd gotten the game yet. (The answer was always no, check back tomorrow! We're getting it tomorrow! And then, of course, the next day, the answer was "no" again...) On Tuesday, I went to buy something at my local electronics store, saw FE:A on the shelf (there were only two available, I picked one up, started checking GameStop's cancellation policy for pre-orders and put the game down, and then this guy came over... I thought it'd be best to grab the game again, and lo and behold, he grabbed the last copy. And then started checking his phone too. =P ) I ended up buying the game and was so conflicted over my pre-order. -___-; I haven't canceled my pre-order, so I guess... I'll end up with two copies, one for my brother. ^^;; I'd planned on lending the game to him after I finished, but now I'll get to keep my copy, haha. I didn't think I'd be one of those who bought multiple copies. I still haven't gotten my pre-order yet though. Hope I can pick it up today after I wake up. (Thankfully, my work day isn't as long this Friday) Am really loving the game. <3 Went with a female avatar named Ruka for this playthrough.

Yu Wo sounds like she's starting to write part 2 of When Teacher Wasn't Yet Teacher. Trying to make it for Chinese New Year, I think. XD In it, Chasel mentions a person he was hoping to have in his platoon. However, that person ended up in the Sun Knight Platoon. Might this person be the vice-captain Chasel appointed for Neo? XDDDD (I'm bouncing all over the place. Vice-captains!!! :DDDD For some reason, I really like the vice-captains...) I do wonder who this character will turn out to be, even if not the vice-captain.

Chinese New Year this weekend! I will be off at my relatives' for the weekend but am hoping to be able to find some time to write. :) It is more likely that I'll be playing FE:A though, haha. |D;; (I haven't finished FE12...)

2012 in fic

Jan. 2nd, 2013 12:55 am
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Fic meme! (Basically me going, whyyy am I not done with this fic yet, and whyyy did I start a new fic...Nothing all that intelligent. OTL)

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A ridiculous number of lists for [community profile] no_true_pair. I'm hoping something bites! :3 Posting starts October 1. I didn't manage anything for the previous round. ):

thieves, SKET Dance, Legend of Sun Knight, Half Prince, Noblesse, Oresama Teacher, Bakuman, Kimi to Boku )

Hm, my paid LJ account is expiring soon. I should change my layout before that. I wonder what my fics will look like after this... should look cleaner and easier on the eyes, actually! Since my current layout makes the bold font hard to see. x___x But the h1 and hr tags will look quite ugly. I'd just started using them in my fics too, darn.
I received an awesome fic for [livejournal.com profile] funpotexchange! :D Thank you for the lovely fic! Fic about Liladent Krauser, humorous misunderstandings, and language barriers! :DDD

The not-so dream of getting scouted by [livejournal.com profile] satsu_basu
The frustration of finding out someone is getting scouted... And how quickly it changes when they realize it's not for pro. Characters include Kirihara Akaya, Liliadent Krauser, Echizen Ryoma~

I finished writing part 21 of Bittersweet Sweetness! \o/ I'm going to try for...somewhat regular updates, so I tossed the next part into my scheduled LJ posts. The post will magically appear next Tuesday (hopefully with the right formatting). XD;; My goal is to continue writing and hopefully stock up on a lot more chapters so we don't have ridiculous dry-spells... and meanwhile, I'll be working on some other fics too. I'm hoping I can at least finish something before Tuesday, but we'll see...

After reading chapter 176 of Bakuman, the last chapter, I'm in dire need of an epilogue. The ending was touching (Dreams and Reality! 10 years later!), but I really missed the rest of the cast. So I think I will write an epilogue that includes the rest of the cast. My next fic project. ;) It better be a oneshot, and I better finish it in one go. Man, I was so off with my version of "10 years later" when I wrote these two fics around the time chapter 24~25 was out. But gosh, I didn't think the series would actually cover 10 years! For 750words yesterday, I slapped down words in a frenzy, mostly just ideas for the Bakuman fic. 750 words of random snippets and ideas... OTL. How is all this going to come together?
I've been trying to write with 750words, a site where the goal is to write 750 words a day. You earn points and badges for writing daily, with points going back to 0 if you break your streak. I've been failing pretty hard, only writing a day here and there. My longest streak so far is two days. >__> The problem with my use of the site is that I write and need to go back and fill in details and description, but once a day ends, the words are then frozen... so I can't go back and add in details. I haven't been able to log most of my words because I end up needing to finish the rest in my own word documents. I suppose the site will be nice to use for slapping down ideas... it's supposed to be like free writing.

750words is pretty cool in that it keeps track of how long it takes you to reach 750 words, how long you spent actually typing, your words per minute, how many times you get distracted... it also gives a rating for the writing (so far, the next part of Bittersweet Sweetness is rated G! XDDD) and 750words tells me that it mostly concerns Religion (haha, it's really not, but I can see why...), with the mood being "upset". XDD The most frequently used word is "his" (orz), followed by "he" and "Adair"... I'm pretty amused because when I wrote Lessons in Demeanor, 750words told me it mostly concerned Religion and Food. XD; I suppose Legend of Sun Knight fics would mostly be analyzed as concerning Religion with how much I throw around the phrase "God of Light"...

I'm not done with part 21 of Bittersweet Sweetness yet, but the words are going to be frozen in less than twenty minutes. =/

I've been skimming over some of my old fics... I really should finish some of my older WIPs... leaving them hanging is such a bad feeling. I might try to poke at one of them along with Bittersweet Sweetness. Need to review canon though...

Aside from fic writing... BAKUMAN HAS ENDED! ;____; I will be very emotional when I read the last chapter, chapter 176. It's great that the series came to its natural ending though, and the series ended on a high note! ♥ Events in the series mirrored real events quite a lot! Aaaand I am so proud of all the characters, omg. They came so far. I'm also very impressed with how Ohba and Obata saw this story through to the end without losing the focus of the story.

edit: Oh? I think the old LJ-cuts are back! I hope it's permanent. :3
1. Leave a comment to this post, specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I received the letter F from [livejournal.com profile] cairnsy~. Had a lot of characters to choose from but decided on these five from series I'm currently following. I wonder if I'm missing anyone obvious. XD;;

my answers )

Haven't mentioned this yet, but No Hero, which was slated to be 7 volumes in all, with 6 volumes already published and the 7th and last volume soon to be published, is now going to be 8 volumes long. Legend of Sun Knight almost went the same route, with the last volume being too long for one book. I kind of wish LSK had been expanded!! Yu Wo has started posting teasers of No Hero v7 in her blog~. I wonder when the official release date will be? (And when will she start working on Female Warrior and the next volume of Gong Hua?)

Watched the second Prince of Tennis movie. It was hilarious. Nothing as epic as Tezuka killing the dinosaurs, but still... does this movie want me to ship Fuji and Kite? Shiraishi and Tezuka? XD;; I'm going to post up some screencaps later, haha.
Finished watching season 2! Ending was awesome! Very touching moment at the end. Great place to stop. I've only just realized that Shizuka Ryu was completely skipped. Makes sense, since he doesn't impact the story much. I wonder if Shiratori's story will be animated? I'm thinking probably, since it throws a wrench into Saiko and Shujin's partnership. Nanamine spotted at the end! Totally looks like a bad guy. XD;

Oh gosh, this series. <33333 Episode 24 didn't feel like it was leading to an ending at all, so I wondered how it would be possible to wrap things up in Episode 25. I dearly hoped we wouldn't get an abrupt ending. The ending was pretty good and made things feel like they've come full circle with how we're starting a new school year. All the characters continue working toward their goals. I really feel like we've only caught a glimpse of their journey. There's still so much more, so I hope one day there will be a season 2 where we can visit these characters again. Especially Taichi. XD;

New Prince of Tennis
13 episodes was seriously too short. Also, all the good matches were cut!! I've heard that they'll be included as specials... but narrative-wise, it would have made much more sense to have them done when they were supposed to happen. Less disappointment too. This series had a ridiculous amount of still screens, but what can you do when there are so many characters... I wished characters on screen were at least all voiced... I thought hitting the shots in the forest was silly. It made no sense to me for tennis balls to come at them while they're running like that. It would take some timing for their opponents to be able to hit balls to them like that! I was hoping the series would expand on scenes, but instead it cut scenes out... the only expanded scene I really liked a lot was the ina-bauer one. Still... I'm hoping we'll get another season some day!

SKET Dance
...has not ended! \o/ Yay yay! Another year of SKET Dance! But episode 51 seriously felt like an ending episode, and if that had been the last episode, it would have felt perfect (which I think was probably the original plan when SKET Dance was slated for 51 episodes). This episode was all about Tsubaki. <333 He and Bossun write that ridiculous poster together. I can't stop laughing about it. And then, it was the "nice to meet you" part. My teeeaaars. Finally, the first opening came on, with scenes from the entire series in the background. Totally felt like the very end. Good thing it's not. XD I look forward to what the new opening will be~

Hunter x Hunter and Area no Kishi are still ongoing. Those will be the only two ongoing series from previous seasons I'm following now! I fell behind with Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Poyopoyo, and Recorder to Randoseru (how did I manage to fall behind with a 3 minute per episode series...).

New season, I'm definitely following Kimi to Boku season 2, Kuroko no Basuke (sports anime! \o/ I've read a good chunk of the manga, Kuroko is unique~) and will probably follow Eureka Seven AO (no clue if it's an actual sequel or not of E7). Don't know what else I might check out and attempt to follow. Ooooh, but KENN is voicing one of the brothers in Uchuu Kyoudai (the premise sounds interesting too, two brothers wanting to become astronauts) so I might check that out. Other series I might check out: Hiiro no Kakera (I like otome games and reverse harems), Accel World (virtual worlds!), Ginga e Kickoff (sports anime!)... and then I have no idea what else. :3;;
I've been scarce on LJ! OTL Trying to play some catch up with everything this week. I can't believe March is almost over.

I came across a fishbone hairclip the other day though. Much awesomeness! That immediately went into my collection.

Random snippets about various series below.

The manga!! This is like, the moment everyone has been waiting for from the start, right? All the characters have come so far! ♥ The anime - Season 2 ended! I've yet to watch the last four episodes. I won't be too sad though, since season 3 will start in the fall. Tanto kind of brought a lull to the series, but PCP really brought the momentum back~

Natsume Yuujinchou
Ahhhhh, watched the finale of season 4 today! One of my favorite endings yet with how Natsume confronted the past and moved forward. I really appreciated the exploration of Natsume's past in this season. Like I said before, I feel I've learned so much more about Natsume in this season.

I started reading Magi last week~. I'm on ch.93. Favorite character is Alibaba. :D He's not all powerful or all that confident, but he feels so much and tries so hard. He's totally the type to rise up to the challenge. I always thought Aladdin was more grown up than this. I think I was mistaking Sinbad for the main character then. XD; The idea of dungeons and magoi and djinns is quite fascinating~. I'm just being introduced to Hakuryuu at the moment. I wonder what he'll bring to the story~.

Another manga series I started reading. I've wanted to check it out since last year (it was one of the fandoms I could have written for [livejournal.com profile] parallelsfic. Now that I know who the characters are, I want to dig up [livejournal.com profile] dropsofviolet's requests again...). The artwork in this series is stunning. The content revolves around young brides' stories, starting off with Amir, who is 20, and her husband Karluk, who is 12. I thought they would be the main focus (and that the age difference might be a main point) but the story instead moves on from Amir and Karluk and touches upon other brides (and brides-to-be), branching off from Amir and Karluk's story, though maybe the story will eventually return to them. The age difference isn't a very large factor, and Amir and Karluk truly appreciate each other. There's a linguist called Henry Smith who stays with Karluk's tribe to study the culture and language. He later moves on from the tribe, and the story moves on with him! Though he's not the main character (at least I don't assume he is...), it's pretty interesting how the scene changed with him. I wonder if the manga will continue borrowing Smith's presence to show us various tribes and their brides-to-be. Perhaps we were with Amir and Karluk in the beginning because Smith was there!

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches)
A body-swap series by Yoshikawa Miki, mangaka of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan! Yesssss. I'm so there. XD; I love her humor~. It's set in high school yet again, though this time with some more supernatural elements, it feels like!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Watched the premiere yesterday. SO AWESOME. I can't wait for more. I already like Korra, and I like Tenzin a whole lot too. I was getting strangely emotional during the two episodes because wow, their world has changed but it's still so very easily recognizable as the same world. Loved seeing the influences of the previous cast on this new world. It's so sad to think that most of them have already passed on. Pro-bending has been pretty cool so far too!

Let's see, anything I'm forgetting... I've been borrowing manga from [livejournal.com profile] gem2niki. First up was Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God) about a guy who must correctly identify 13 wines left behind by his father (a famous wine critic) in his will in order to inherit his legacy. Only two volumes are out in English so far~. I look forward to seeing Shizuku learn more and more about wine! :D (I still can't believe this is written by the same person who wrote Kindaichi, Tantei Gakuen Q, Area no Kishi... so many different series!) I borrowed Pluto and Ooku next from g2n, but I haven't started on them. *cough* it was Magi's fault

Oh, and A Game of Thrones. I had to return my library copy, so I ended up buying the book after all. XD; It's going to take me a while to read!
Sket Dance

I started watching Sket Dance and bawled my eyes at during episode 25. Sket Dance, I thought you were supposed to be a comedy series. =/ (It normally is. The main three characters are part of a school club that helps people. So far the series has mostly been episodic).

Surprisingly, I enjoy the humor in this series quite a lot even though a lot of it is just them talking in their clubroom, and they're often so over-the-top. All the episodes feel so high-strung, haha. I thought it might fall flat for me. I'm surprised at who became recurrent characters too (am enjoying Roman and Shinzou's scenes. They never fail to amuse me). Watching Sket Dance makes me want an Oresama Teacher anime. That series has some pretty random, over-the-top humor too, and the main character is part of a club that goes against the student council. (also, Tsubaki Sasuke from Sket Dance reminds me so much of Ayabe Reito from Oresama Teacher, and both are student council members).

comparison pic and other pics )

*turns this into a summary of recent anime I watched / am watching* I guess this is a random check-in halfway through the winter season. :3

marathoned: Time of Eve )

continued from previous season: Chihayafuru, Bakuman s2, Hunter x Hunter )

newly following: Area no Kishi, New Prince of Tennis, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Poyopoyo, Recorder to Randoseru )

stuff I need to finish: UN-GO, Kaiji, Working season 2, Hanasaku Iroha )
Prompts for [community profile] no_true_pair are up! To play, you toss in lists of eight characters. They get matched up in random prompts. Here's what I got out of my lists. (I tossed in a bunch. XD;;; )

Going to italicize the ones I'm thinking about writing. Though I might end up writing different stuff, or not writing as many as I highlight. XD

Legend of Sun Knight list )

Legend of Sun Knight x Half Prince list )

Half Prince list )

Noblesse list )

Prince of Tennis list )

Oresama Teacher list )

Bakuman list )

Kimi to Boku list )

Original list )

Colors Universe list )

Posting starts on March 1. I hope to at least write a few of these~.
Kill No More bundle at CWT30. Designed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Very fitting, since there are cute dragons in Kill No More. The bundle includes two large illustrations... with stories printed on the back. First story is about 清清&白天 (Chastity and Daylight). Second story is about Blood Wolf and Lancelot.

Now that I've actually read Kill No More, the 1/2 Prince x Kill No More crossover that Yu Wo wrote finally makes sense to me. XD; It's just a short story, and is set after the end of 1/2 Prince and in the middle of Kill No More. Alternate dimensions exist in Kill No More, so that's how Kaiser and Liaula got themselves into the 1/2 Prince world. XD (Liaula meeting Arctic Fox! *flails* Arctic Fox staring after Liaula, wanting to challenge him! Oh Arctic Fox, never change...) Yu Wo also wrote a short Kill No More x GOD crossover, set after Kill No More ends and near the beginning of GOD. Supposedly Liaula is the reincarnation of Bai Saiya... huh. I find it fun that Yu Wo actually writes crossovers of her stories. XD I hope she does that with Legend of Sun Knight too. I would love seeing Sun meet some of Yu Wo's other characters.

I also read the two ongoing side stories Yu Wo's currently posting. One of them is pretty much a direct continuation from where the ending leaves off! \o/ It's framed as people from the other world looking in on them to see how they're faring. The other one is about Blood Wolf, Lancelot, and a new character who's tricked into eating a special medicine that allows him to achieve superb fighting abilities at the expense of slowly turning into a girl as he trains.

and now, Bakuman 162 )
Only Natsume s4 has started so far, but I plan on checking these out this season~

-Natsume Yuujinchou season 4 - 4 seasons! That's amazing. (I keep hoping some of these other series I followed will magically receive further anime adaptions, though it's so rare that it happens...). I've followed Natsume for 3 seasons already and loved it. No reason I wouldn't watch this. ;)

-New Prince of Tennis - Prince of Tennis is starting again! :DDDDD Aiba Hiroki is voicing Irie Kanata. The Shin Tenipuri manga is even more ridiculous than its predecessor... so I'm looking forward to how that'll get adapted, haha... I'm hoping that the matches will be more developed (and slowed down a bit) as they were kind of glossed over in the manga. And yay for more Tenipuri music~, because there is so going to be tons of new songs released because of this. I'm also going to be stalking the seiyuu because I see they're already talking about Tenipuri again. :)

-Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou / The Daily Lives of High School Boys - I watched the PV released before the season started and thought it was pretty hilarious. I think this will be good for lifting my mood. XD;

-Recorder to Randoseru - Another comedy/gag show. I don't know much about this, but apparently the brother is 11 and the sister is 17, but they do not look like their ages at all (the brother looks much older and the sister looks super young). Probably a lot of age-related mishaps and misunderstandings will result from this, which could turn out pretty amusing!

-Area no Kishi - OMG OMG Area no Kishi, I did not see an adaptation coming (I'm so many volumes behind on the manga... maybe I should start collecting it again), but oh gosh, this will be good if the anime follows the manga in any way! It's a very dramatic soccer series, with a punch to the gut in the very beginning of the series, though I don't know if the twist will be included in the first episode or not. If I remember correctly, it happens near the end of volume 1 (or was it volume 2...). But it completely knocked the wind out of me. This is no ordinary soccer series! (When I was reading it, I was enjoying the cute bond between brothers "let's play soccer together! :D" and then BAM. OMG.)

Zero no Tsukaima is getting a fourth (and final) season, but I'm so behind with it (I don't think I finished watching season 1). I did like Louise and Saito and the premise of a normal guy getting pulled into a fantasy world as a familiar, so I think I'll be catching up one day~

From last season, I only finished watching Kimi to Boku. Bakuman s2, Hunter x Hunter, and Chihayafuru are all still ongoing. I fell behind with Working s2 and only watched the beginning of UN-GO as well. Gotta catch up with both! Sad that they're both short.

If anyone has any recs, let me know. :D

2011 in fic

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:22 pm
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A ridiculous long reflection about my 2011 writing! Here's last year's reflection.

I told myself last year I would not start new multi-parters this year without finishing my previous WIPs, but apparently I forgot all about that in the face of my LSK obsession, hah...

talk about my fics in chronological order )

fic meme )
[community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag is a low-key wishlist-based fanworks exchange for East Asian fandoms of all types (anime, manga/manhua/manhwa, dramas, music, games, etc.).

My wish list is here. I'm mostly looking for people to squeal over these fandoms, and also for recs and for new fanwork~. Post your wish lists up too if you're into East Asian fandoms! :D

And now for some random manga talk. My reactions to this week's Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hunter x Hunter, and Bakuman!

random manga talk )
Death Note
I was following the Death Note anime when it was airing but stopped somewhere near the middle (as I often do with anime). I'd read the manga, so it wasn't like I didn't know what was going to happen. Felt a sudden whim to watch the series last week... after reading Code Geass fic (my mind works in strange ways, but I think I was wanting for more of tragic villian? anti-hero? heroic sociopath? anti-villain? type...). Ended up marathoning the show. (Could. Not. Stop) I'd forgotten a lot of things but was reminded of how much I liked Matsuda, and I still feel his part in the story was clever. Wish I could write like that (because his actions were silly yet somehow those actions became important). I was reminded of what Saiko and Shujin tried to do in Bakuman (rereading their previous chapters and finding bits they could use as foreshadowing). Makes me wonder how much was planned beforehand and how much wasn't!

I quite liked Near as a character in the manga, so I looked forward to seeing him in the anime. It was strange hearing his voice though. It's very... monotone? Didn't know it was Hidaka Noriko who voiced him (seiyuu for Tendou Akane and Seta Soujiro). She didn't sound monotone in those roles. |D;;

(And then after I finished watching the anime, I went off to read fic about Loki from the movie Thor. Because I just seem to be in the mood for anti villains...why don't I have such a character in my own writing, hm...)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Watched this with friends over the weekend. I remember being recced this when I was looking for post apocalypse fiction. I felt the movie didn't get very far yet... felt like it was just setting a stage. We did learn some things, but it's not like things are going to be magically okay now. Which means, I came out feeling like I should read the manga.

Summer Wars
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I loved the family dynamic of this and how a lot of the characters played a part. We replayed the movie a bit to hear what the English voices sounded like, and I picked up a lot of detail I missed from watching the movie the first time. Made me want to rewatch the whole thing again even though I'd just finished watching it.

Still following Bakuman 2, Kimi to Boku, and Hunter x Hunter 2011 (I succumbed and reread the manga up until the York Shin arc). I'm a bit behind on Working'!!. Still have to watch this week's Chihayafuru~.


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