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Been some time since I rounded up my stuff. ;)

Legend of Sun Knight new edition v7 and v8, GOD new edition v4, Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3, JU artbook, Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE + stickers, Kill No More keychains, and Dominion's End keychains by Wu Ling.

2nd Dominion's End doujinshi by ICICLE. Has 4 panel comics about v3 and stuff after v3. There's also a tiny cloth for wiping glasses, a sticker sheet, and a button. The sticker sheet is adorable. :D

Sample inside page.

Keychains featuring chibi versions of the novel covers by Wu Ling (the artist of DE). She drew an Ice Emperor version of the v3 cover as well since the Ice Emperor doesn't have his own cover.

Back of the keychains.

The keychains featured with the actual novels. Making miniature versions of the covers is a cute idea. XD

Back covers.

Human Doll Contract manhua v2 and v3. V4 is coming out in June. Possibly the last(?) volume. Cai Hong Zhong mentioned finishing the final chapter. V3 comes with a side story featuring Lu Yang when he was younger, with his grandpa's thoughts about him. Lu Yang sure gets a lot of side stories! (Then again, he is kind of a main character, even if not the main main character)

Back covers.

Sample inside page. There are unused drafts scattered throughout that aren't included in the online version of the chapters.

I recently bought myself some Kill No More keychains~. These are by the same artist as the one who drew the covers for the pocket edition of 1/2 Prince. Liola, Kaiser, Meinan, and Mizerui.

Close ups~

Close ups~

V7 and v8. Poster came with v7. Too bad there was no poster with v8!

Close up of the covers.

Back covers.

V7 insert art.

Character introductions included in v7 were Metal and Moon. Fitting, since that's when they were around more in the story.

Metal's profile:

Laica Metal
Title: Metal Knight
Association: Church of the God of Light
Appearance: Daggers and knives are never far from him, more like an assassin than a knight
Height: 180 cm
Quotes: "So sparkly and pretty!"
Fake personality: A dark, assassin knight with a poisonous tongue
Unknown hobby: The M in SM

Laica, why do you have holes in your shirt!!!! By your waist too. What's the point of having straps across the holes in your shirt?

Here's Moon.

Moon's profile:

Vival Moon
Title: Moon Knight (it's typoed as Stone Knight sadly)
Association: Church of the God of Light
Appearance: A prideful noble
Height: 183 cm
Quotes: "Hmph!"
Fake personality: Vain and prideful with a noble air.
Unknown hobby: Getting a girlfriend taller than him.

Vival's clothes are a lot less fancy than I was imagining it. Also, is he wearing... shorts?

In which Grisia loses in every way to Roland. XD; Grandeur, ability, number of followers.

Now to the insert art. OF COURSE J.U. continues to draw every single scene Neo and Aldrizzt are in. XDDDDD

Big sister Grisia~


This is the scene when Grisia goes to visit Neo using farsight.

Ending scene with Demon King Grisia paying Lesus a visit.

V8 insert art featuring everyone crowding Grisia in the chapter 11 scene.

V8's character intros are of Neo and Aldrizzt. I should have guessed, ahhhhhhhh, since it's JU, ahhhhh. But I really was hoping that Adair might get to sneak in here, since he is very important in this volume. Neo and Aldrizzt are only in the prologue, haha. XD (Adair..... ;_______;) I wonder, if I go back and tally it up, just how many insert illustrations there are of Neo over the span of 8 volumes... I'm pretty sure he's in it more than Lesus is! Maybe even more than Roland.

Neo's profile:

Neo Sun
Title: Previous Sun Knight
Association: Church of the God of Light
Appearance: Blond-haired and blue-eyed, with fair skin and a presence as imposing as a ferocious lion's.
Height: 183 cm
Quotes: "Drinking or sparring, choose one."
Fake personality: A strong, elegant Sun Knight
Unknown hobby: Raising kids using strange means

Aldrizzt's profile:

Aldrizzt Do'Urdenska
Title: mage
Association: dark elf
Appearance: A white-haired and red-eyed handsome elf with black skin.
Height: 173 cm
Quotes: "Stop it, Neo!"
Fake personality: A member of the wicked dark elves
Unknown hobby: A willing, hard-working babysitter.

LOL, Aldrizzt even has a last name now, and he is definitely very much named after Drizzt Do'Urden. Even more so now with his last name.

Give Grisia his pie already. XD

Judgment and Neo in the scene from the prologue. This is a full on comic page, lol.

Yeeees, yeesss, other characters! Illu and Awaitsun. That's one slim sword.

Charlotte and Grisia in the scene where Grisia reveals himself.

In which Grisia says he's giving up on all of them. Lesus and Grisia in nearly the same pose Charlotte and Grisia were in, lol.

Ending chapter where Grisia says maybe Elaro was chosen because of his smile. I really like Grisia's expression here!

And that's the entire collection of the new edition of Legend of Sun Knight!

JU's "scribble" book! She collected a bunch of her 39 doodles and printed them here. Also included in the bundle was a fan and a bag, but I'm not too sure where I put them. Oops.

Back cover.

Sample inside page.

Some designs of Shuis and Hungri.

GOD new edition V4. More and more scenes seemed to be fleshed out compared to the old version. :D

Insert art.

Character intros! I haven't decided how his name should be translated.

Haven't decided how his name should be translated either. He looks pretty. :D

Prizes I got from Yu Wo last year for winning her New Years riddle contest! I also got a towel of the Ice Emperor from Dominion's End, but since I already had one, I passed him along~~ XD But for a short moment, I had doubled Ice Emperors, hahahahaha. I took a picture to immortalize the moment of having two Ice Emperors, but I'm not too sure where the photo went. Oops.

Back of the No Hero postcard with Yu Wo's autograph. Cute Charles~
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