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My diligence has paid off. Rank 1! :D

It's mostly because a lot of people have stopped playing. But at least I can claim to be the #1 diligent LSK fan, yes?

Overall achievement ranking, based on completed tasks. The latest task I completed was having 10 legendary heroes. I finally evolved Grisia into a legendary hero. The order I evolved them: Aldrizzt, Georgo, Laica, Roland, Valica, Chasel, Pope, Neo, Pink, and finally Grisia. Aldrizzt and Laica deal the most damage. Georgo and Neo are good for defense. Roland is pretty good with group damage as well. Valica is so-so. Good for dealing damage to single enemies. Pope isn't very different from not being evolved. I haven't upped Pink or Grisia's skills yet to see how their legendary versions compare to their normal versions. But legendary versions can equip their divine weapons, so that does make them stronger in that aspect at least. I only have a few characters left that I can evolve. Ceo, Elmairy, Queen of Moon Orchid, and Ecilan. Even though I already have Chikus's Divine Blaze Sword, the character himself is still elusive, as is Lesus. ): I think I need around 2~3 more of each of them before I can evolve them. And sadly, Aivis and Vival don't have legendary versions, despite already being maxed out. Even the Queen of Moon Orchid has a legendary version, yet the two of you Twelve Holy Knights don't!!

Ranked 1 means I'm ranked higher than 99% of the players. XD;; Well, it is Rank 1...

In last week's battles against other players, my team won the championship~~~. I usually lose to the person who came in 2nd last week. That person usually knocks me out before we reach the finals. I always hope we don't meet until the finals!

My current title is "third-rated king," lol. I've advanced up through the holy knight rankings, then through royalty, and now I'm king. I wonder if there's anything after king. Maybe... God of Light? XD

My current team. Aldrizzt, Ludia, Georgo, Laica, and Chasel. My leadership points are only enough for me to have 4 legendary heroes on the team, and the last slot has to be someone who hasn't been leveled much at all. So Ludia it was. XD She's a great healer even when not maxed out.

The team in action! The glow around the characters is from the Shield of Earth~.

I finished all the maps on normal. Can't beat all of them on the other difficulties yet. I hope the game gets an update sometime, but I rather doubt it'll receive continuous updates. It feels like there are missing parts of the game though. For one, I'm able to collect shards for Awaitsun's weapon, but I've never seen Awaitsun in the game. Not a peep of him, not even as an enemy or on another player's team. I don't think he exists!! I'm also able to collect shards for the "real" Demon King, Grisia's weapon, but I've never seen him around either. I have a "fake" Demon King, Grisia, though, haha. He... heals. He's a healer. No wonder he's a fake. The demon king shouldn't be able to heal!

Date: 2017-02-20 09:48 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It's really strange that there is no Awaitsun. I've seen him on facebook. Even saved the pic. here https://pp.vk.me/c633923/v633923784/c70d/Eposfa9wn6o.jpg