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Title: A Vice-Captain's Tale - Suggestion #10
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 1,164
Summary: The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their jobs would differ so vastly from their expectations. Tyler has really been missing out.
Notes: Yay, writing~~.

Suggestion #9: Prepare Small Gifts

Suggestion #10: Take Daily Baths

I brushed sweat out of my eyes. It was a rather warm day, and I had been swinging my sword for a good hour already, on top of regular training with the rest of the platoon. All in all, it had been a satisfying bout of training. I put away my sword, about to depart.

Of course, that was when I bumped right into a short bundle of black—Vice-Captain Judgment, and jostled what he held in his hands, but thankfully not so hard that anything fell. He quickly righted himself, and I received an eyeful of just what he held.

It was a basin with a towel in it, as well as soap and a jar of what was likely shampoo. Over his shoulder, he even had a change of clothes. He looked every bit like he was about to head for a bath, even though it was the middle of the day.

"Perfect," he said. "Vice-Captain Hell, I take it you have just finished your training for the day?"

"Yes," I replied.

He gave me an appraising look. Though he had a youthful face, I trusted his judgment. After all, he was the vice-captain of the Judgment Knight Platoon, and it was no easy position to hold without the strength to back it up.

But, I began questioning my judgment when he started sniffing the air and shaking his head at me. A grimace even came over his face, and I was reminded of Vice-Captain Moon's disdain at my clothes. What is it now? All of a sudden, he shoved the basin at me—these vice-captains are really shoving too many things at me—and said, "Come, Tyler, it's time to bathe."


That was how I found myself in the public baths of the Holy Temple in the middle of the day.

It wasn't that I didn't frequent the public baths. All of the holy knights do. It was just that I usually reserved the morning or the night for such matters. Daylight hours were better spent on training.

I placed the basin down, still unsure of what was going on. As I stood there, many holy knights actually walked in after us and naturally greeted Vice-Captain Judgment. None of them seemed bewildered over why we were here at the baths while the sun was hanging high up in the sky at the height of its glory. Then again, they were here to bathe as well, so neither Vice-Captain Judgment nor I was an anomaly.

Do so many people really bathe in the middle of the day?

They moved to the side and began undressing for their bath. Dark robes and garments were folded meticulously and placed to the side. Based on what they had been wearing and how they had greeted Vice-Captain Judgment, it was clear that they were all from the Judgment Knight Platoon.

Why are they all taking baths right now?

I tried to recall if I ever saw judgment knights during this time of day, going about their business, or if they had always been hidden away in the bathhouses during daylight hours, with everyone else in the dark. It did not match the image of the Judgment Knight Platoon.

"Come, Tyler, daylight waits for no one," Vice-Captain Judgment chided me.

Exactly. That's why we should be out training instead of taking a bath!

Unfortunately, I was here instead of outside on the training grounds. It was true that I had already completed my training for the day, but there were plenty of other things I could be doing instead of taking a midday bath.

Vice-Captain Judgment began taking off his garments and folded them with great care before placing them off to the side. Then, he slid into the water and waved for me to join him.

Although he had a young face, he could pull off a leotard, no problem.

Since standing around wouldn't make the situation any better, and I was indeed smelling of sweat, I took off my clothes as well and got ready for a strange, midday bath. Such an event definitely hadn't been on my agenda this morning.

As I scrubbed myself, Vice-Captain Judgment washed his hair and conversed with his platoon members about several criminals they were to interrogate that evening.

So they actually use bathing time to talk about work as well?

Perhaps bathing was a communal, bonding experience for the judgment knights, and much more useful for them than it was for me. It certainly seemed like they often bathed together with how no one was making a fuss over it right now.

"Is it your turn to douse the criminals?" one of them asked.

"Yes, I'll make sure there's not an ounce of dirt on him!" another said.

Although I knew they were still talking about work, their conversation lost me.

After some time, Vice-Captain Judgment suddenly asked me, "Do you feel cleansed now?"

I had thought that perhaps he had forgotten he had invited me and that I was even there at all, so focused was he with the affairs of the Judgment Knight Platoon. It was good that he hadn't, or else coming here would have been fairly meaningless. I was certain he had words of wisdom to impart, just like all the others before him.

I was definitely cleaner and fresher than earlier with this sudden bath, so I answered, "Yes."

He nodded, pleased, and explained, "It's very important to maintain a clean body and spirit. I highly recommend baths right after training."

I suppose that's a fair point... though impractical.

He then went on to show me all of his different bath salts, which could be used for relaxation, healing, and all sorts of other benefits. If I wanted to try, he would be happy to give me suggestions. I watched on, speechless. I never knew Vice-Captain Judgment was such a fanatic over baths. I really did not know my fellow vice-captains very well.

By now, it was past time to leave. I had been soaking for much longer than I normally would have by myself, and my skin was wrinkling as a result. But Vice-Captain Judgment showed no intention of leaving the warm water.

Just as I thought I might excuse myself first, the door opened, and I froze.

In walked Knight-Captain Judgment with his usual frown. He had a basin as well. Upon seeing us, he gave us a nod.


It seemed that the entire Judgment Knight Platoon was a great lover of baths. Even Knight-Captain Judgment.

His undergarments, it turned out, were just as black as his robes, but I had no need to know that. "Taking a bath with Knight-Captain Judgment" definitely hadn't been on my agenda for the day.

I felt exactly like a criminal being judged as I got out of the water.

The Tenth Suggestion for Serving Your Captain: Take Daily Baths (For the Sake of Your Captain's Peace of Mind)

to be continued

Finally, I've wanted to write Vidar's chapter for a long time already. XD You know who's next!

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