Jan. 6th, 2017


Jan. 6th, 2017 10:50 pm
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Movies I watched in 2016. Vague spoilers.

Nick and Judy are both great~ (and such cuties). Really enjoyed their banter and how they worked together. I was surprised by how willing the movie was to touch upon serious topics like prejudice and stereotypes. Thought it handled those topics well.

Captain America: Civil War
Heh, lots of funny Civil War memes came out of this movie. Captain America vs Iron Man does make for quite a scene, though I hadn't thought they would choose the sides they did. Also, so many characters. So many. I kind of miss it when the crew was smaller. But I do look forward to the individual movies of the new characters. Wonder where the Avengers will head after this break up.

The Jungle Book
I haven't watched the original animation. So this was new to me. Liked the wolves. Felt really bad about the fire. I was glad Mowgli made the choice he made at the end. Families of choice are just as important! Turns out the ending is different from the animated movie's, but I didn't know that.

Finding Dory
Dory is such a sweetheart, and Hank is an awesome octopus. I loved Marlin and Nemo working together. It's so great to be able to see them on the screen together after the ordeal they went through in Finding Nemo. I remember crying multiple times during the movie. :') Really happy for Dory!

Doctor Strange
I've been reading Avenger fic for years, and Doctor Strange sometimes shows up in them. Now I finally know who he is. XD Didn't really expect Benedict Cumberbatch to join the MCU. I look forward to Doctor Strange becoming more involved with the rest of the cast. His brand of magic is sure unique, and the Cloak of Levitation is the best. The teaser at the end of the movie made me look forward to Thor: Ragnarok. (and got me back into reading Loki fic, ahaha)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The movie was really more about losing the fantastic beasts, hahaha, and getting caught up in a conspiracy while the creatures ran amok. But it was great seeing the Harry Potter world being expanded and getting to see the adult community use magic when the original series mostly focused on schoolkids. Jacob was such a fun character and probably meant somewhat as a stand-in for the audience observing the world of magic. Got a bit teary-eyed for him at the end. Newt Scamander was a charming protagonist. His biography says that his wife is Tina, so looks like this movie showed their first meeting. :D This probably means we'll be seeing more of both characters in the next movie? I hope so.

I cried many times. :') Movie was touching and beautiful. The songs as well. They were super poignant and really showed Moana's struggles and growth. I didn't feel Maui's song was all that catchy, but now whenever I hear people say "You're welcome," I hear that song...

Rogue One
K-2SO was the best! As for the rest... I came out of the movie feeling, "What." I guess I just don't care for these kinds of endings. They make me wonder what the point was... But eh, I know it was a prequel and had to fit into the rest of the story. *shrugs* It was cool having the universe expanded like this though.