Jan. 5th, 2017

Fall anime 2

Jan. 5th, 2017 09:31 pm
lucathia: (fishbones: flower background 2)
Finished watching a few more Fall 2016 series.

Gi(a)rlish Number
This was a more cynical take on seiyuu and anime than Sore ga Seiyuu and Shirabako, as expected of a series penned by the author of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. But not too cynical. I liked Chitose's growth and just how unrepentant she usually is. I was very curious about her brother, and it seems that the light novel is actually about what happens before the anime? Maybe the light novel tells more about Gojou.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Poco's Udon World)
This was sweet. Souta and Poco are such a great family together, and Poco helped Souta remember all the good things about Kagawa and all the good times he had with his family. I learned a bit about the Kagawa prefecture, which I didn't know much about before this. :3 There actually wasn't much udon in the show, but I suppose that's what the prefecture is known for. I wonder if these series about single men in their 20s/30s finding a kid and raising the kid is becoming a trend. The anime gives the series a solid ending, though the manga is still ongoing. I'm curious how the manga goes.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)
I'd been following the manga, and it's hilarious. Kae is a true fujoshi. :') The part were they go to Comiket is so true to life. The anime was pretty funny too, though I don't like the voice used for Kae when she's fat. I don't feel her voice should have changed much. I didn't really root for any of the boys while reading the manga, but Mutsumi-senpai is a total standout in the anime. (He has the best responses too) The anime also deliberately rearranged some of the stories to put Mutsumi's last as an ending to the anime. Interesting place chosen for an ending! (I suppose the scene that follows his story is a good ending place for all of them) Interestingly enough, some of the other characters' stories got cut or simplified, such as Igarashi and Nanashima's past together in the soccer club (probably because it had little to do with the romance with Kae), all the other characters' jobs at the amusement park, and Shinomiya's stalker. But well, after the anime, I am totally rooting for Mutsumi-senpai. (Haha, I found it funny that Kae even listed Miyuki as one of her anime loves. She must be referring to Diamond no Ace.)

Still have Sangatsu no Lion and Fune wo Amu on my to watch list from Fall 2016. As for the upcoming winter season, I'm only interested in Yowamushi Pedal New Generation so far.